Can I fall in love, Episode 57

Suhani wakes up and got fresh. Suhani switched on her phone. Yuvi was sleeping peacefully. She smiles seeing him and goes to him. She caresses her hair.
Suh : (messing his hair, fondly) My sweet hubby, I love youuuuuuuu…..
She turns to leave and he pulled her towards him. She was shocked.
Suh : You are awake?????
Yuvi smiles naughtily. She beats him.
Yuvi : (winking) I thought you would kiss me!!
Suhani fumes and beats him more.
Yuvi : Ouch!!

Suh : Leave me..
Yuvi : Kiss me.
She sighs smilingly and turns left.
Yuvi : I am waiting….
Her phone rings.
Yuvi : (fumes) Why did you switch it on??
Suhani smiles and takes the phone. Yuvi grabs it from her, it was Sharad.
Yuvi : Why are they disturbing us?
Suhani laughs. Yuvi attends the call, kept in speaker.
From other side they heard a scream.

Sh : Aaaargh……..!!
Suh : (concerned) Are you fine Bhaiya?
Sh : Ouch….sis….your….sister… in …. law…is …. not… letting…. me….SPEAK!!
Suh & Bh : She is my sister!!
Sh : Yeah right….. Stop it now Bhavna!!
Yuvi : (laughing) What now?
Sh : She is pulling my hair!!
Yuvi : Wow Bhavna!! Did Suhani’s soul got into you?

Suhani beats him.
Yuvi : Ouch, I think no.
Sharad laughs.
Suh : Why are you beating him di?
Sh : I was telling her to drink kaada and she is not, now YOU explain her!!
Bh : I WON’T!!
Yuvi : (sternly) Bhavna don’t act now, drink now!!

Suh : Yeah di, stop being childish, it is for your baby.
Sh : Exactly, and she is being adamant. So I had to call you and see, she is fighting me!!
Suh : Di, be a good girl and listen to Bhaiya. Otherwise I will show you when I will be back.
Bhavna fumes at Sharad, but drinks. Sharad smiles.
Sh : Thank you guys, enjoy.
Yuvi & Suh : Bye.
Sh : Bye.
Yuvani smiles.
Suh : Poor di!

Next second she looked shocked.
Yuvi : What?
Suh : I, I was just thinking, Bhaiya is usually quite, di too, still they are fighting….I can’t imagine about our situation!!
Yuvi : (smirking) Oho, so are interested, huh??
Suhani shies.
Suh : I just said.
He smiles naughtily. Her rang again.

Yuvi : Who is now?
Suh : Menka.
She attends the call.
Suh : Hey, what’s up?
Men: (crying funnily) : Jiji!!

Suh : Are you fine?
Menka explains the last day’s incident. Suhani was shocked.
Suh : You, you really did that?
Men : You told me.
Suh : God, girl, I said that in anger. I didn’t mean it.
Men :Really?
Suhani sighs.

Men : Should I say sorry to Anuj ji?
Suh : Please no. Just forget what happened.
Men : Ok.
Suh : I will speak to you later.
Men : Bye jiji.
Suh : Bye.

Suhani holds her head.
Yuvi : Now what?
She tells him everything. Yuvi burst out laughing.
Suh : How will I face Anuj now?
Yuvi laughs more. He hugs her from behind.
Yuvi : Forget it, let us concentrate on us. Shall we go for outing?
Suhani nods. They go to fort. Suhani became hyper reaching there. She was running here and there like a five year old kid. Two kids joined her and three of them started to play. Kids’ parents approached Yuvi.
Lady : Newly wedded?

Yuvi : (after a second) Yes.
Lady : She is full of life.
He nods.

Three of them watch them. Yuvi too left like he was watching his little daughter.
After a while Suhani comes back with the kids. Yuvani spent time with that family. They had a wonderful time together.

Precap :
Beach again.

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