Can I fall in love, Episode 40

Thank you so much for your support. I am very happy, it is 40th episode today !! Only because of you all. Thank you.

The episode starts with Yuvi coming to room. Suhani looked at him and then the time, it was 11pm.
Suh : It is getting late and you have to sleep na, I am still not done, I will go out.
Saying this she took her laptop, switched off the light and went outside, closing the door.
Yuvi didn’t say anything, he tried to sleep.

12 am:
Yuvi woke up as his phone rang.
Yuvi : (sleepily) Hello.
It was Kavya, his college mate.
Kav: Happy birthday man.
Yuvi : Thanks.
Kav : As usual, I am the first one to wish you na,
Yuvi : Yeah, you are.
Kav : I knew it.

Yuvi : You missed my marriage, when are you gonna come back?
Kav : Not decided, but I will come soon.
Yuvi : Good.
Kav : I will talk to you later, you enjoy the party, bye.
Yuvi: Bye.
He cuts the call.
Yuvi : What party, there is nothing here!!
He was about to sleep when he heard a knock.
Yuvi opened the door and saw Gauri. She got in.
Gau : Viyu, I was working on a project and I got stuck, help me. By the way, happy birthday.
Yuvi : Thank you, and why do you want my help, go to your bhabhi.
Gauri : I would have, but she is busy.
Yuvi : Ok then, I will come.
Yuvi came into the hall and was surprised. The hall was very well decorated, including a banner with his photo and happy birthday written on it. Everyone expect Suhani was there, they all wished him. He smiled. He stares at Sharad angrily.
Sh : I didn’t do anything, it was,
Sharad moved aside, Suhani smiled and went to him.
Suh : Happy birthday Mr. Sadu.
Yuvi : (surprised)Suhani, how….

Suh : Later, now just enjoy.
Yuvi was very happy, he felt like jumping up and down, so it was all her plan, but how and when did she arranged everything?
Yuvi cuts the cake.
Prat : How is the cake, Suhani baked it.
Yuvi looks at her; he was more confused now and happy too.
Gauri : So Viyu, bhabhi has taken off tomorrow and you both will spent time together.
Yuvi : But Suh…
He then realised that she lied to him.
He smiled.

Sau : Guys, it is getting late, let us sleep.
Anuj : Good night everyone.
Everyone leaves, Yuvi follows Suhani.
Yuvi : Suhani, how did you arrange all these, when did you bake the cake, you were working from the time you reached home.
Suh : Relax, I will tell you, but now take this.
She gives him a watch.
Suh : Did you like it?

Yuvi : Yeah, but..
Suh : Ohk, I and Kasyap went for shopping after you dropped me at office, after that we came home and I baked the cake, by evening we went back to office. We were on leave today. But trust me I didn’t lie to you, I had to mail the presentation for tomorrow, which I did, and tomorrow is a important day for me and I would be busy.
Yuvi felt like he was the happiest person in the world, he was very much impressed by her planning. His happiness had no bonds, he hugged her happily.
Yuvi : Thank you, thank you, thank you, this was a wonderful surprise, thank you soooo much.
He broke the hug when he realised it. It was an awkward moment.
Suh : It is getting really late, let us sleep now.

Yuvi : Yeah, good night.

Yuvani got ready.
Yuvi : Where do you want to go?
Suh : Anywhere you take me, it is your day.
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi : What about beach?
Suh : (happily) Perfect.
They leave.

Suhani was very happy, Yuvi smiled seeing her. They walked on the shore for some time.
Suh : Come, let us get in.
Yuvi : No Suhani, the water is salty, I won’t step in.
Suh : Say directly that you are afraid.
Yuvi : I am not.
Suh : Then come in.
Yuvi : No.

Suhani grabs his hands and both of them step into the water. They go in until the water there till their knee. They were losing balance.
Yuvi : Enough now, let us get back.
Suh : No way, it is so much fun here.
Yuvi : Come on don’t be a kid.
Suh : Don’t be a spoil spot.

Yuvi : There is no use in telling you, I am going back.
Suh : Fine.
Yuvi got back to shore; Suhani stood there, and then started to move forward.
Yuvi : Suhani, stop there. You won’t get balance, come back.
Suh : No problem Yuvi, it is fine here.
Yuvi : Please listen, STOP THERE.
Just then a big tide came and hit Suhani. She was knocked down and was not seen, she was under the water.
Yuvi was shocked.
Yuvi : SUHANI!!!!

He screamed. He felt like earth revolving, his legs were numb, everything was over!
Yuvi was not even able to cry, to shout. He just stood there and watched the tide going back with his Suhani.
To his greatest relief he saw Suhani getting up; somehow she managed to stay back. She smiled at him as if nothing happed, as if she just got up after having a dip in a pool.
(Guys, this was something happened with me on a trip to beach with my bff, every word)

She walked back to him.
Yuvi slapped her had. She expected it.
Suh : I am sorry.
Yuvi : (angrily) Great!! You just took away my life and you are sorry!!
Suh : Yuvi I…
Yuvi : Don’t you dare to speak.

Suhani looked down, she was sorry indeed and was about to cry.
Yuvi looked at her.
Yuvi : Fine leave it, but promise me you do won’t do anything like that in future.
Suh : (relieved) Pakka.
He smiles.

Suh : Thank god, let us leave.
Yuvi : Like this, no way ?
Suh : What do you mean?
Yuvi : Look at you, you are completely socked, that too in salt water. I won’t take you with me like this.
Suh : Then?

Yuvi : First you clean yourself.
Suh : WHAT? But how, we are in beach!!
Yuvi : That I don’t know, but unless you change, I won’t take you with me.
Suh : (angrily)Who want to come with you? I will go alone.
Yuvi : Where will you go?
Suh : That is not your problem, You Sadu!!
Yuvi : Suhani wait…
She leaves in an auto.
He follows her.

Precap : Patch up.

  1. Awesome episode…thankgod ki ur happens sometimes…by the way plz dont repeat such mistake…waiting for next episode

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you for your concern, I promised my bff that

  2. Cute and that slap omg even that too good

    1. Yuvani

      You wanted me to be slapped? I know I deserved one,
      Thank you

  3. Yuvani ur tooooo cute dear.congrats on ompletion of ur 40 episodes.ur really a great writer.todays epi is sooooo nice sis .i am waiting fr ur nxt update dear.

  4. Too nice and interesting… You guys really keeping alive yuvani…. Not able to express in words which CVS failed… Great going… Update ASAP

  5. awesome dear.. love every bit of it.. especially the beach scene.. waiting for next epi..
    plz introduce a new girl if u can.. wana see jealousrani.. just a suggestion..

    1. by the way, I was really scared when I read that u have faced such a situation.. thank god u’r alright.. and congrats for 40 episodes.. do write more than a century of episodes.. 🙂

    2. Yuvani

      I introduced the new girl for the jealousy track….
      Thank you

  6. Yuvani_saraj

    wonderful episode…

  7. very very beautiful n lovely epi beach part was awesome n 1 thng i had to say tat yuvraj never slapped suhani in show or in any of the ffs i read even if he s in peak anger.. bt here she needed tat n was very cute.. pl dont scare ur bff like tis ever..

    1. Yuvani

      Sure, I promised him that.
      Thank you

  8. Cute épisode…..kithna pyar kartha hu yuvi suhani se i hope suhani jaldi use samje..or muje lagtha he yuvi or kavya ka frndshp zaroor hame jelouse suhani ko dehknethethii…

    1. Yuvani

      Yeah, I am thinking of it.
      Thank you

  9. Srilakshmi-Sri

    hi yuvani…i missed u and ur ff soo much…i love every bit.. congrats for compeletion of 40 epis..i like that beach scene and same incident with me too.. with god grace some how i came out otherwise…

    1. Yuvani

      I know how it feels and how difficult it is to get balance.
      Thank you

  10. Wow super cute epi..That beach scene happened to u..U should have been a bit careful di..Hope u r not going to commit the same mistake again..Waiting for the nxt epi..And congratulations oon completing 40 episodes

    1. Yuvani

      I won’t.
      Thank you

  11. wow nice episode and beach scene was awesome omg yuvi slapped suhani. thank god nothing happen to u

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