Can I fall in love Episode 1

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Hi guys……..
This is my first ever ff. I am not a good writer, but wanted to write an ff on Yuvani and hence here it is. Please do comment and tell me whether I should continue this ff or not.

Shrivastav house:
Lata enters Suhani’s room and found it really messy.
Lata: Oh God, when will this girl learn to keep things neatly….!!
She arranges everything. Meanwhile Suhani was in kitchen with Bhavna.
Suh: Di, so what is your plan for evening?
Bh: Oh madam, don’t act now, come with me. Anyway I know, you sister and brother want to meet
each other and he just name this meetings as dates with me. Usually sisters get bored
with their sister and her bf, but this is an expection, where I get bored when I am with my bf
and sister.
Suh: Di, he is my brother, what if we talk to each other?
Bh: Yeah, talk, but you both always forget that I am also present there. But fine, even though I
couldn’t take revenge from you I am taking revenge from Sharad, whenever we meet Yuvraj,
I too completely avoid that stupid bf of mine.
Suh: You know di, I really want to meet this brother of yours.
Bh: Yeah, meet him and if possible fall in love with him. At least then you will spare Sharad and he
will have some time for me.
Suh: What….!! Di, me and love? Are you kidding? You know it’s not my thing. Anyway, I am getting
Late, let me get ready.
Bh : Yeah, go.

Suhani enters her room and found her table empty.
Suh: Mummy, not again.
She calls out for Lata.
Suh: Mummy, why did you arrange my room? Now I can’t find a thing in this!!
Lata: What, I arranged everything so that it will be easy for you to find thing, and you are fighting
with me?
Suh: Mummy, maybe for you my room was messy, but I keep these things like that so that I can
find them easily. And now, you messed them.
Lata: I messed things? You alone will say that!!
Suh: Mummy you know I do things in my own way and please don’t interfere.
Lata: Ok fine, I won’t interfere, but what will happen after your marriage? Then that guy will have to
interfere in each and every second of your life. What will you do then?
Suh: (embarrassed) Mummy!! Anyway let me get ready.(thinking) Why do they always speak about
love and marriage!!
Suh: Papa, Mummy, di…. I am leaving.. See you.

At Suhani’s office:
Suhani was working, but was annoyed with something. Kasyap comes to her.
Kasysp:(thinking) What’s up with her today? Hey, what happened to you ?
Suh: Nothing, leave it.
Kasyap: Oh madam, just tell na.
Suh: Usual, marriage.
Kasyap: Marriage? Whose?
Suhani looks angrily at him.
Kasyap: What did I do?
Suh: Please stop irritating me.
Kasyap: You know, I really can’t think of you getting married!!! That’s hilarious!!(starts laughing)
Suh: It is na, but nowadays whatever we talk, Mummy and di always take it to love or marriage!!!
Kasyap: You know, you are never a marriage material. I mean, when I am with you I never feels that
I am with a girl. You are just a buddy. I wonder how can someone love you? And you loving
someone is just impossible.

Suh: I too know that.
Kasyap: That’s why you have only boys as your friends other than Soumya, you get along with boys.
Suh: Thanks!!
Kasyap: What’s your plan for the evening?
Suh: Well, I will be with di.
Kasyap: Ok, call me when you are free. I will drop you later.
Suh: Yeah fine. Get along with work now.
Kasyap: Yeah, see you.
It’s evening.
At Birla house:
Gauri comes back from college.
Gauri: Ma, where is Saurab bhai?
Pratima: What happened now?
Gauri: Ma, I need to buy few things for college project. I want him to take me for shopping.
Pratima: Here he comes.
Saurab: What happened Ma?
Pratima: Saurab, just take Gauri for shopping, she need to buy few things for project.
Saurab: Sorry Gauri, ask Yuvraj, Anuj or Sharad. I am going for a party with Rags.(he leaves)
Anuj comes there.
Gauri: Bhai, please take me to shopping na, I wanna buy few things for project.
Anuj: Aaah Gauri!!! I amgoing out with Menka,ask Saurab bhaiya, Yuvraj bahiya or Sharad please.
He too leaves.
Gauri: (angrily)Ma, why do my brothers got married?
Yuvraj enters with Sharad.
Yuvi: What happened Gauri, don’t you want your brothers to get married?
Gauri: No Viyu, I don’t want my brothers to get married. See, Saurab bhai and Anuj bhai don’t have
time for me. They are always busy with bhabhis!!

Yuvi: Chill Gauri, I and Sharad always have time for you. And smile.
Gauri: Only till your marriage.
Yuvi: No Gauri, we promise, don’t we Sharad?
Sh: Of course Gauri. So tell me, do you need something.
Gauri: Yeah bhai, I want to go for shopping now, will you take me?
Sh: Of course dear.
Yuvi: Sharad, did you forget, Bhavna will be waiting for you.
Sh: Oh yeah, I forgot that. But Gauri?
Yuvi: No worries, I will take Gauri, anyway you won’t like it if I come with you right?
Sh: That’s because you both just forget me
Yuvi: Exactly how you and Suhani forget about Bhavna.
Sh: Sister’s brother. Then, bye Yuvi and Gauri. See you.
Yuvi and Gauri: Bye, have fun.
Yuvi: So Gauri, lets leave?
Gauri: Yeah. Viyu, is bhai serious about Bhavna di?
Yuvi: very, he is mad for her. I think it’s time for him to tell Ma and dadi.
Gauri: So, bhai also gonna get married!!!
Yuvi: Don’t worry Gauri. He will always have time for you. Let’s leave.

Suhani and Bhavna meet Sharad at park.
Bh: (seeing Sharad alone) You promised you will bring Yuvi along! Sighs.
Sh: He is busy with Gauri.
Bh: ok, fine.
Sh: Hey sis!!
Suh: Hey.
Bhavna sighs again.
Suh: Guys, I want to tell you something important.
Sh: What, are you getting married?
Suh: You!!! (Punches him.)
Sh: It hurts sis. Anyway, what do you have to say?
Suh: Guys it’s high time, you have to tell about your affair at home. Di, you don’t worry, I will
manage. Bhaiya, tell to your Mausi today itself. I will call at night.
Sh: Yeah, ok.
Suhani and Sharad spent the rest of the evening teasing and cahsing each other and Bhavna just observed them.
Bh: Suhani, let’s go home.
Suh: Di, you leave. I have to meet Kasyap. I will come with him later.
Bh: ok then, Sharad, drop me now.
Sh: Yeah sure.
They leave. Suhani calls Kasyap. He reaches late as usual.
Suh sighs!! This idiot. He always takes me for granted! She smiles seeing him.
Kasyap: How long did it take for me?
Suh: Your usual time. Let’s walk.

At Shrivastav house:
Lata opens the door. Bhavna comes inside.
Lata: Where is Suhani?
Bh: Ma, she is with Kasyap. He will drop her.
Lata: Bhavna, is there something between them?
Bh: Maa!!
Lata: Hey, I did not doubt. I really don’t mind if they love each other. He is a nice boy.
Bh: (laughing) No Ma, nothing like that. They are best friends Ma.
Lata: Ok
Kasyap drops Suhani and leaves.
Suh: Hi Mummy, where is Papa?
Punkaj: What is the matter beta?
Suh: Papa, Mummy, I have tell you something important. Well not me di have to.
Punkaj: What’s it Bhavna?
Suhani gives her thumbs up.
Bh: Papa, that, I………(closing her eyes), Papa, Mummy, I am in love .
Lata: What!!
Punkaj: Calm down Lata ji. Ok beta, tell in detail.
Bh: His name is Sharad and he works with me.
Punkaj: Ask him to bring his family and talk.
Lata: Yeah beta, let us meet him and his family.
Bh: Yes Ma, probably now he would be talking to his Mausi and dadi.(She hugs her parents)

Meanwhile at Birla house
Yuvi goes to Sharad. Sharad sits in tension.
Yuvi: Sharad come with me.
Sh: Where guru?
Yuvi: To dadi and Ma. I want you to tell them about Bhavna.
Sh: Yeah guru, Suhani also told me the same. I am so nervous.
Yuvi: Don’t worry man, I am with you.
They go to Pratima and dadi.
Sh: Dadi, Mausi, I want to tell you something.(he looks at Yuvi, looked down and said in one breath)
I am in love with my colleague and wish to marry her, if you are ok with it!!!

They were shocked for a sec, then
Dadi: Ok beta, let’s meet the girl.
Pratima: Maji can we meet her tomorrow? Sharad does her family know about this?
Sh: By now, they should be.
Pratima: Ok, give her Mom’s number, I will talk now.
Sh: Now, mausi, that, I….
Dadi: Give her number.
Sh: Yeah dadi.
Pratima dials Lata.
Pratima:Hello, Is this Seetha ji?
Sharad and Yuvi sighs!!
Lata:Aaah, Sorry, no.
Yuvi: Ma its Lata ji, not Seetha ji.
Pratima: Sorry , is this Lata ji?
Lata: Yes, and you are?
Pratima: I am Pratima, Iam Sharad’s Mausi, and I believe that you know him, Bhavna told about him?
Lata: Yes, actually we wanted to meet you all.
Pratima: So, shall we come tomorrow to your house?
Lata: Yeah sure. Thank you.
Pratima: ok, bye.
Lata: Punkaj ji, Bhavna, Suhani….
Suh: Yeah Mummy.
Lata: Sharad’s mausi called me now. They are coming here tomorrow.
Bhavna shies. Suhani hugs her and smile.

Lata: Ma ji if you don’t mind me saying, Suhani and Bhavna have never stayed away from each
each other, If you don’t mind, can we proceed Suhani’s alliance with Yuvraj?
Dadi: I don’t mind if children are ok with it.
Suhani and Yuvraj are stunned!!

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  1. Nithu

    loved it dude..pls send me links of ur ff cuz im not visiting SSEL page for quite a long time……….and cumin to epi its nice convo btw lata and suhani is grt cuz like suhani i also keep my things in a messy way my mom sorts and ill yell on her ……as cant find a single thing……..

    1. Yuvani

      sure, i will send you.actually,that convo between suhani and lata is something which happens between me and my mom

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Hi nithu , where have u been for a long time?

      1. Nithu

        welll just got fed up of this stupid storyline ….so i stopped visiting ssel page but i read updates daily………

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…too good

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  3. Nice start waiting for yuvani scenes

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you…… Yuvani scenes will start from third epi

  4. Superb start di..In love with ur story..Amazing.Seems like u r an expert in writing ff’s..U don’t seem like a beginner

    1. Yuvani

      That’s really nice of you………Thank you

  5. Hi the begining u said ir not agud writer .but ur ff is really opposite to the thing u said.u wrote it very well dear.pls post fff regularly.

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you, it means a lot to me, I will try updating regularly……..

  6. Superb buddy?…u just rocked it..plz plz continue…i will b waiting for ur asap

  7. Yuvani

    Thank you, your comments give me energy to write more., but this won’t be a long one……..i will try posting asap,

  8. dear., what a start! superb.. u have written ur ff fabulously.. pl try ty update regularly..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  9. awsome epsiode .hi yuvani ,nice start .this epi is funny,lovely and very interesting.i love the conversation between lata and suhani.the realationships shared by suhani nd sharad ,yuv nd bavana is something diff than other ffs i think.superb precap.really ur gud writer.waiting for nxt epi.

    1. Yuvani

      I love the relationship, which sharad and suhani share and always wanted a similar bond between BHavna and yuvi…so….

  10. Yuvani

    Thank you sooooooooo much guys……… i will update the next epi asap…..

  11. superb dear yuvi sharad gauri conversation n suhani lata conversation was nice

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  12. Sanaa.khan

    This episode super se bhi uper and its really hard to believe that u r a beginner. I remember when I started my ff, it wasn’t close to urs. Hats off to u man. If u don’t mind , may I know ur name dear?

    1. Yuvani

      My name is Anjaly. I was a silent reader of your ff, and love it to the core. Thank you

  13. Nice start dear plz continue this ff

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  14. Avanikamdar

    Nice start

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

    2. Nithu

      hello how r u dr.

      1. Avanikamdar

        Ohh hii dii i m fine what about you ?

  15. Yuvani

    I am sorry but I didn’t get you

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