Can I Fall 4 A Goon Like U? (Epi 3)

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Recap: Thakor come to Pandey Niwas, Bihaan is coming India along with Shraddha, Thahaan r thinking about something special and Suraj falls 4 Chakor but she mistakes him 4 Bihaan.

Chakor: Hi! I’m Chakor…and u must be…

Suraj: Su….

Chakor interrupts

Chakor: Bihaan right?

Suraj olv: What the What!? She thinks I’m Bihaan!

Chakor: U know. I want to talk a lot with Bihaan. Papa said a lot of things about him so I really wanted to meet him. He sounds very unique and I love those type of people.

Suraj olv: She wants to talk to Bihaan….A lot!..But I also want to talk to her..

Suraj: Have u heard about Suraj?

Chakor: Suraj?…mmm…No….Who is he?

Suraj olv: She hasn’t even heard about me. ?..She wants to talk to Bihaan and Bihaan isn’t here yet….Chal beta Suraj. Iss ki saath baat karne kilye tu Bihaan hi banja. / Come on Suraj. If u want to talk to her then just become Bihaan. ?

While Suraj was busy thinking, Chakor gets annoyed and puzzled

Chakor olv: What happened to him?

Chakor clicks her fingers in front of Suraj’s eyes which get him back to realisation

Chakor: Kaha? / Where? ?

Suraj: I’m sorry? ?

Chakor: Kahan ko gayi? / Where r u lost? ?

Suraj olv: Tumhari khubsoorati mein / in ur beauty ??

Chakor olv: He’s gone again ?

Suraj stares at Chakor

Chakor: Hello! Excuse me! I’m talking to u! ?

Suraj again comes to realisation ?

Suraj: Yah….yah…What were u saying?

Chakor: 1st I asked if ur Bihaan or not and u keep getting lost in ur thoughts…So.I’m asking again, r u Bihaan?

Suraj: Have u heard about any other young man here?

Chakor: ummm…No.

Suraj: Then of course I’m Bihaan! Who else would I be. ?

Chakor olv: Wow. He had to beat around the bush..Papa’s right. He is unique. ?

Suraj: Uhhh…Do u know Indore?

Chakor shakes her head with a no

Suraj: Come on then. I’ll show u around.

Chakor smiles

Chakor: Wait! Can Di come too?

Suraj olv: Does she have to? I want to spend time with u only ?..But if that brings a smile to ur face then fine.?

Suraj nods and Chakor smiles and hugs him.

Chakor: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou soo much! U r the best!

Chakor realizes and breaks the hug, says sorry, Sukor share an eyelock and then Chakor leaves to get Thapki. In the meantime, Suraj felt like he is on cloud 9. ???

Suraj: She hugged me! AND called me the best! Thankyou Bihaan. Ur name has given me the best moment of my life.


At the airport, Bihaan and Shraddha are coming out

Shraddha: Bihaan! U go to ur house. I want to meet my family too. I’ll come to ur house after OK.

Bihaan: OK then I’ll drop u at ur house

Shraddha: Aww! So sweet of u but don’t worry, I’ll manage.

Bihaan: U sure?

Shraddha: Of course baby!

Shraddha kisses Bihaan on the cheeks

Shraddha: Bye!

Shraddha leaves

Bihaan olv: Wow! The breeze of India feels so good. It’s great to be back! ..Where is my car?…Bauji must have sent someone.

Bihaan gets into a car and leaves.


IN THE AFTERNOON on the inside balcony, thakor and Suraj r having rabdi (Indian sweet)

Thapki: Indore is an amazing place. Thankyou Bihaan.

Suraj: My pleasure.

Thapki: Y did u take the trouble?

Suraj: What trouble?

Thapki: I mean taking us around the whole of Indore.

Suraj: That’s nothing! U r here for the first time so I thought to make it special. That’s all.

Thapki: Really?

Suraj nods

Thapki: Ur a true gentleman. Thanx

Suraj: Mention not

Thapki looks at her watch and gets shocked

Thapki: Oh no!

Chakor: What happened di?

Thapki: Chakku! Where’s Papa?

Chakor: I don’t know….Bihaan do u know?

Suraj: ummm….Maybe he is with Bauji in the garden or in his room?

Thapki: Which way is the garden sorry?

Suraj points behind her

Suraj: that way.

Thapki: Thanx again.

Thapki leaves and Suraj is looking at Chakor mesmerized

Suraj olv: Finally! Just u and me.

Chakor: Did u say anything?

Suraj: uhhh…No….did u hear anything?

Chakor shakes her head

Suraj olv: What’s wrong with u Suraj? All that time, u were dying to talk to her and when she is with u now, u have kept a padlock on ur tongue.

Chakor: Umm…The Rabdi’s great!

Suraj: That’s nothing! Here in Indore, u can get a variety of sweets that will leave u licking ur fingers!

Chakor: Wow! Really?

Suraj: 100%

Sukor laugh

Suraj: would u like to go again?

Chakor: I’d LOVE to! The mall, the sea, the park and this Rabdi is the best of all! I’ve never had a Rabdi this good. Kya Rabdi hain. Hume tho aur chaiyye! / what a Rabdi! I want more!

Suraj: Next time I’ll get u Rabdi and even more from the best shops in Indore.

Chakor smiles which makes Suraj smile too

Chakor: Do u have a Golgappa or Pani Puri stand here?

Suraj: We sure do!

Chakor: Great! Can we have that next time?

Suraj: I don’t see why not

Chakor: Thnx! U know, I always have Pani Puri with Chandu Ji.

Suraj olv: Who is this Chandu Ji? She has been talking about him the whole journey…Does she have a bf?…Nah! I’m probably thinking too much. ??

Chakor: I eat as much as I can while he just stares at me

Suraj olv: She eats and he STARES!!. ?..Sounds like a bf…Is it a bf?

Chakor: I talk to him the whole night! If I don’t speak to him then I feel like I can’t go to sleep.

Suraj olv: Kamine! Meri wali ka neend Bhi chura lee! / Rascal! U stole my girl’s sleep too! ???

Chakor: When I do go to sleep, I only dream about him

Suraj: How will u sleep today? Ur Chandu Ji isn’t here

Chakor: Yes he is! He’s always with me!

Suraj gets really irked ?

Suraj olv: He lives in her heart ?? Beta Suraj..U lost her…?

Chakor: Bihaan! What time is it?

Suraj: around 8pm

Chakor: Are Maiyya Re! It’s already 8!

Suraj: Yes but What happened?

Chakor: It’s time to go and speak to Chandu Ji. Which way is the terrace?

Suraj points in the direction and Chakor runs

Suraj olv: ???? Chandu Ji my foot! What does he think of himself? She has come from Bhopal so far away and he has come to meet her here too! He is stalking her! I need to protect her from him. Don’t know with what intentions he has come with, but I won’t let him succeed. I will tell him that Chakor is mine. Only mine! If he doesn’t understand, then my name is also not Suraj Rajvanshi. Let’s go see who this Chandu Ji is.

Suraj goes to the terrace


Thapki goes into the garden, where Pandey Ji and KC r talking.

Thapki: Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I don’t want to disturb ur best friend wala discussion but Papa, have u had ur medicine on time?

KC bites his tongue and shakes his head

Thapki: Papa! What is this? If u don’t have ur medicine on time then how will u get better?!

KC: Thapki Betiya…

Thapki: No Papa! First medicine then talk. Ballu kaka y don’t u explain to him. He never listens to me or Chakku. Maybe he’ll listen to his close friend.

Pandey Ji: Krishna! Y r u behaving like a kid? Medicine is for your health not ur body. ??

Thapki giggles and Pandey Ji gives her a high five

KC: So u 2 have become a team now?

Pandey Ji: U can think of it like that

KC: I’ll see u later

Thapki: Papa! U can see us later but first….

She hands him over the capsules and a glass of water

Thapki: Medicine. ?

KC takes the medicine. He slowly brings the glass to his mouth

Thapki: Papa!

KC quickly takes the glass to his mouth and drinks the water. After that, he makes a disgusted face

Thapki: Good Boy! Ballu kaka make sure he sleeps on time as well

Pandey Ji: I will ma’am. Do u know where u and Chakor r sleeping?

Thapki nods and leaves ?



Chakor is staring at the moon and Suraj is puzzled

Chakor: Chandu Ji!

Suraj olv: Where is he? Where is this Chandu Ji?

Chakor: 2day I am so happy!

Suraj olv: Who is she talking to? I can’t see anyone except the moon.

Chakor: I explored the whole of Indore 2day and I made a new friend. His name is Bihaan.

Chakor looks at Suraj and points at the moon

Chakor: Bihaan! Say Hi to Chandu Ji.

Suraj also points at the moon and asks if that is Chandu Ji. Chakor nods, Sukor laugh and they have an eyelock.

Chakor: I know. I’m crazy na? But I love doing it. It’s 100× better than writing a diary. Di loves writing in her diary and I just express it all to Chandu Ji. He is like my bff.

Chakor carries on talking and Suraj is mesmerized.

Suraj olv: ? ?? Chandu Ji. The moon. She talks to the moon and I thought….Honestly, she’s really cute and different from everyone.

BGM: Male version Raabta plays…….

Chakor talks and twirls around the whole terrace while Suraj follows her with a big smile on his face. ??



Bihaan enters the Pandey Niwas and heads to his bedroom and into the bathroom. Few minutes later, Thapki comes in and tries to open the bathroom door, but it doesn’t open.

Thapki olv: Who could it be now? Maybe Chakku.

Thapki gets out her diary and starts writing when the bathroom door opens.

Thapki: Chakku! Why did u take so long?

Thapki turns around only to see Bihaan in front of her. Same with Bihaan. They were both like ???

Thapki: Who r u? What r u doing in my bedroom?

Bihaan: Gajab! That’s what I should be asking u!

Thapki: What r u trying to say?

She storms near the door ??

Thapki: Get out!

Bihaan: O madam! This is my bedroom!

Thapki: o really! Is ur name written here anywhere? Prove it that it’s ur bedroom!

Bihaan goes towards Thapki slowly. She gets nervous ?

Thapki: w…what…what r u doing?

Bihaan extends his arms behind her and shuts the door. They both have a 3 second eyelock.

Thapki: W…wh..why…why did u shut the door?

Bihaan: Face the other way!

Thapki: Huh?!

Bihaan: I said Face the other way!

Thapki hesitates but does turn around with her eyes closed. ??? Bihaan points at the banner on the door.

Bihaan: See for urself! It says “BIHAAN PANDEY”

Thapki opens her eyes, looks at the banner and is puzzled

Thapki: And?!

Bihaan: My name is B 4 Bihaan Pandey, so this is my bedroom.

Thapki: Ur Bihaan?!

Bihaan: Or what else?!..U look really smart but ur brain seems to work really slow.

Thapki: Excuse me?!

Bihaan: And this tongue of urs! Woa! it’s extremely fast like a train. Try and keep ur brain and tongue in balance. It will benefit u a lot!

Thapki: What?!

Bihaan then mutters Chugh Chugh Gari! / Slow Train! Quietly but Thapki hears it and gets angry.

Thapki olv: What did he just call me?! I’ll deal with him later. First I need to find out who is with Chakku.

Bihaan: U have got ur answer so plz leave!

Thapki: But if ur Bihaan then who is with my sister?

Bihaan: Is he tall like around 6 foot?

Thapki nods

Bihaan: That’s Suraj! My best friend and he lives here.

Thapki: Suraj! Then y did he say he is Bihaan?

Bihaan shrugs his shoulders

Bihaan olv: What’s up with Suraj? Y is he acting that he is me?

Thapki leaves to call Chakor as Pandey Niwas is huge



Suraj was on his own as Thapki called Chakor downstairs. He was now also staring at the moon.

BGM: Male version Maahiya plays….

Suraj: Chandu Ji! U r Chakor’s best friend right? Y don’t u tell me? Am I a good match for Chakor? Yes, I am abit lazy and abit spoilt but that wont affect her. I’ll always keep her happy. And she is abit crazy and abit childish but that’s what I love about her! First, I didn’t believe in Love or maybe cuz I didn’t want to but now. Now I love the feeing of love cuz I am in love! I love her Chandu Ji! I seriously do! I can do anything to bring a smile on her face! Anything! U just give me one sign that I’m good for her, then you’ll see, I’ll bring the whole world to her feet and that’s a promise! Suraj Rajvanshi’s promise.

Suraj waits and stares at the moon but nothing happens so he becomes abit sad.

Suraj: What happened Chandu Ji? U didn’t give any sign! I know, if Chakor asked u right now then u would have given her an answer straight away. That’s what she told me and u also heard too.

Suraj recalls when chakor said to him that she would close her eyes and a miracle would happen.


Chakor: I would just ask Chandu Ji and the miracle would happen!

Suraj: How would u ask?

Chakor: I would ask a question like: Is Di angry with me?….Then I would close my eyes and count to 10

While she says this Chakor uses her hands to slowly close Suraj’s eyes

Suraj: Why 10?

Chakor: To give Chandu Ji some time!

Suraj: Then?

Chakor: Then What? If Di is angry with me then it starts raining or Di comes in really angrily. And if she isn’t then I get no sign!

Suraj: Does it work?

Chakor: All the time 4 me!

Sukor laugh and have an eyelock


Suraj smiles

Suraj: Oh yes! I completely forgot! I need to close my eyes and count to 10 don’t I? Chandu Ji! U seriously r very naughty!

Suraj closes his eyes and counts to 10. He waits for something to happen. But nothing happens so he counts to 20. Still nothing. Suraj becomes a little more sad.

Suraj: What games r u playing with me Chandu Ji? Y r u not showing any miracle? Ohh! Now I understand! U know that Chakor loves u that’s y u r not answering right? Kahi aisa tho nehi, k aap bhi chupke chupke humari Chakor se hi pyaar karthi ho? / Could it be that u also secretly love my Chakor too?

He forefingers the moon

Suraj: U wait and watch! One day this Chakor will love THIS Suraj! (Sun). Today I’m jealous of u but there will be a day when u start getting jealous of me! You’ll see then!

Suraj sits on edge and recalls all his moments with Chakor and smiles. He then remembers that she only spent time with him cuz she thought he was Bihaan.

Suraj olv: How will I express my feelings to her? She knows that I’m Bihaan! How will I tell her that I’m Suraj? And if I do tell her…What will her reaction be? I have to be honest with her. I’ll have to tell her that I’m Suraj before she finds out from someone else.

Suraj decides to go downstairs but stops

Suraj: No. Not now! She’s probably sleeping. I’ll tell her first thing tomorrow morning. That’ll be a good idea!

Suraj goes downstairs and a few minutes later, it starts raining.



Thapki called Chakor to come and meet her. As they were getting into bed, Chakor starts the convo.

Chakore: What happened di? Y did u call me?

Thapki: Chakku! Do U know the boy who took us around Indore?

Chakor: haan di! Bihaan…what about him?

Thapki: No Chakku! He isn’t Bihaan!

Chakor: What?!

Thapki: He isn’t Bihaan, he is Suraj Rajvanshi, Bihaan’s best friend!

Chakor: How do u know?

Thapki: The actual Bihaan came home and he told me!

Chakor: But Di! He could be lying!

Thapki: That’s what I thought at 1st, but Preeti Babhi was also calling him Bihaan Dewar Ji so I had to believe it!

Chakor: Preeti Babhi was calling him Bihaan?!

Thapki: Yes!

Chakor: What did u say the boy who took us around Indore is called?

Thapki: Suraj!

Chakor: Suraj?!

Chakor has a flashback of when Suraj took a while to answer that he is Bihaan and asked her if she knew Suraj.

Chakor: So that’s why he asked me if I know Suraj, cuz he himself is Suraj!?

Thapki claps and points out her finger ?➡?

Thapki: Wahi tho! / Exactly!

Chakor: Then why didn’t he just say?

Thapki also shruggs her shoulders like Bihaan

Thapki: What will u do now?

Chakor: Not now Di! In the morning, whatever I’ll do will be done tomorrow morning.

Thapki: What will u do?

Chakor: Just wait and watch Di. Tomorrow morning I’ll make him say that he is Suraj with his own tongue! If I don’t, then u can change my name.

Thapki olv: What is Chakku thinking? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a solid proof plan. Chakku will deal with Suraj and I need to deal with Badtameez Bihaan / Rude Bihaan…..What did he call me?…Chugh Chugh Gari / Slow Train?!….I’ll show him tomorrow what I am made of.

Chakor olv: This is deciet! He deceived me! I trusted him and he?! Ye tho kuli kuli bey maani hain! / This is clearly wrong! I need to teach him a lesson that he will remember for life! Wo tho ek bohot bada Paakandi nikli! / He has turned out to be a huge Hypocrite! And if I don’t teach this Paakandi a lesson then my name isn’t Chakor Chaturvedi! Suraj Rajvanshi u r so gone!

What will Thakor do?…..

Precap: Sukor-Thahaan nok jhoks!

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