Can I have a bite – Swaragini (episode 3)

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hi*meekily hehe if u want to kill me u can i mean u can try it;p wanna read a vampire ff? then read na why ur wasting ur time while reading this,what? scroll down budhu why r u still looking at my face, I’m beautiful na, i know u go read and comment.

a girl is standing infront of a small bunglow,which looks like it must have been a beautifull place yearssss agooooo because now the outer paint of this bunglow is falling off and there are spider webs everywhere the banglow is white in colour but now it looks nothing more than a haunted house, an empty space which once must’ve been a garden was now filled noises of dried leaves scalping and clawing on its surface and there was a smell like rotten dead boddies and in some cornors of garden and the banglow u still see deep,dark and horrifing blood patches.alltogether just a small flash of this scene can turn ur blood run cold and u’d be dead in the very next second well… unless ur a darkworld creature.The girl standing on the gate didn’t even twich though she just looked forward trying to keep a blank face and controlling her emotions as if,if she let go of her hold on them whole world will burst,she takes a step forward the rusted gates creak and open widely and she walks in as if she’s checking in in some 5 star hotel,the moment she enters the gates shut close with such a loud creak that it might steal ur life but she didn’t seem to mind it as she continued to move towards the main door of the bunglow

,she took in each and every detail of it remembering what it once used to be and what they made it.The place which was more livlier than any place in this whole world,now is filled with darkness,determined not to let the tears slip through her eyes she turned the door knob which was now all rusty and entered inside but couldn’t hold back the tears now.The scene infront was much more horrifing than any of the horror movies you’ve ever seen.Dried blood smeared in every cornor and 2 skeletons lieng in what was supposed to be an hall and a skeleton infont of an adjacent kitchen,the girl wemt near a skeleton which was lying infront of a huge staircase,she started getting flashback***

like a boy nearly of age 18 running behind a 15 yrs old girl saying that she didn’t did right by misguiding her gf while the girl kept at the thought that how that stupid girl belived that her perfectionist…(well atleast he acted as a perfectionist outside the house)brother was a gay(oh god *hidding my face)hahaha she couldn’t help but laugh which surely didn’t help her big bro to calm down he searched for any weapon kept nearby to teach his baby sis a lesson and he smirked evily when his eyes landed on whiping cream kept on teapoi he took a handfull of it threw on her while she dotched and the cream hit on someone else’s face due to which her brother’s breath got hitched in throat,it hit the devil itself,his own flesh and blood,yup,the cream hit a 8 yrs old boy who was unfortunatly their brother(lol i get the same feeling when i mistakenly make my lil bro angry)while the girl practically rolled on floor while laughing because the lil devil was now making her elder bro bleed by bitting him all over his body and her bro is trying to run for dear life.***hahahaha hahahaha the girl started laughing like hell in reality but soon the reality hit her and her laugh was replaced by a ear peircing sob filled with such pain which makes u go nuts.she bent down and placed a soft peck on the skeleton which looked like it was of a small boy fbetween age 8-10 and repeated the words of comfort and their time together then after a while she went to another skeleton and said”bhai” in a hoarse voice her voice which was already stained because of crying so much cracked at end she threw her arms around it and sobbed while thinking that if he would have been here now he would have made every thing perfect while she’s too weak to do anything,she can fight the world but she’s a emotional wreak when it comes to her family and HER(same pinch me too)she then got up slowly looking like a deadbody went near it whick was of a lady who was in her early 40’s when she died,

again flashback*** same girl running behind a lady calling her mumma and asking almost pleading her to ask a gift for ,mother’s day while her mother tierd of dening thought fof a while and said that she should buy her a pair jeans and beautiful tops which they would wear together and make every female jeleous of them and they hified and the girl shook her head thinking how childish her mom gets at times*** she paced a jeans and top beside the skeleton hoping that she could see the same childish smile on her face and steal a couple of warm comforting hugs which would make her siblings jeleaous and they’d have a tight grp hug at end wishes don’t always come true do they? feeling very sick she ran upstairs and dashed into a room totaly white in colour and evrything else in contrast room looked like it was closed from hell knows when, she went to the drawers and opened them to take out a beautifil photoframe which contained a pic of of 2 beautiful girls who looked like they were 15 one was the same girl ewho’s holding it and was shown in flashbacks and the 2nd girl was HER,yeah her bestie and her elder brother’s girlfriend.eventhough she was hell tired of crying she couldn’t help a lone tear slip out of her left eye.blaming herself for her death,she thought how unlucky she was,never got parents love she moved in with them when her parents died while she was 11 though she never saw them in reality as they were always off to make money,when they died everyone said so much,they tried so much but she wont listen and she ran,leaving everything behind she didn’t wanted to belive them.she kept running and running till she reached her bestfriend’s house till she dashed with the first girl’s elder brother and broke down crying when he asked what happened?people thought she had no emotional attachment with her parents but only her bestie and her brother knew how much she carved for their love.after takeing a long lingering look of the whole bunglow the girl finaly came out of it and stared at it one last time before slidind the gate open and rush out in ther full speed in…a she wolf form but there was a pair of eyes which again was changed in colour,now it was blue in colour.she was the same girl in the photo,she was SWARA.

now the question is,if the girl who was mentioned 1st wasn’t swara who was she? what happen to her? what is her story now? if she was once upon a time a uman they how the freaking hell she changed into a werewolf? now what is swara’s flasback again? why is her eye colour changing so much as if she were a rainbow?

now it can’t be said as a promo i hope i wrote enough.*tired bye bye tata see u fir milenge. Are wait wait why are you running take a precap


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  1. G.Chandu

    Awesome…loved it…!! But what happened after 2nd episode??!! You gave a diff precap in 2nd epi??!!

    1. Shubhangi

      I tried to make it funny and scary at the same time that’s why this happen actually i was going to post it as a promo but skipped my homework to write this and it was long enough to be an episode moreover i was tired so u’ll get what you want maybe in nxt episode hehe but remember the precap.and thank you very much for liking and commenting 🙂

    2. Shubhangi

      Woah ur the writter of my lovely biwi and her love story wow never thought even writters will comment

    3. G.Chandu

      I do comment buddy…!! But not with my account…!! G.Chandu and chandu ae same…if you go through your prev episodes comments…!! 😉 And open secret is most of the readers and commentors are writers only..!!

  2. Hey ..if u don’t mind can u tell in which school u study??btw ur story ka tho jawaab hi nahi..superb..waiting for more episodes..

    1. Shubhangi

      Thankyou very much, and I study in kendriya vidyalaya

  3. Raina_Riz


  4. nice but which pairs is this swalak or swasan

    1. Shubhangi

      Actually I don’t know because I’m just writing it for story not pairs swasan’s always been my favorite so I guess its swasan, and thanks a lot

  5. Nice….

  6. Shifa96

    Nice.. Update next part soon.

    1. Shubhangi

      Actually na I also don’t know when I’ll update ?sorry han and thanks

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