A call changed our life (Chapter 7)

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I don’t want to waste the time so let’s start

Morning 3:00am

Sanchi and Kabir reached Munnar it was a four days trip to set the right location

They went to their respective rooms to rest


Kabir thought to call veer and stopped why to disturb the love birds. I will call Bittu(love birds will be revealed afterwards)

Kabir- Bittu I reached

Sanchi- then

Kabir- what then know only I reached I want some advice what  girl’s like most like chocolate, icecream, flowers,teddy ?

Sanchi- this things are very common all girls are not same

Kabir- what to do girl’s like only silly things. Ok give me a suggestion what should I gift her

Sanchi- if your love is true you don’t need to gift anything ,make yourself presentable in front of her and try to protect her from all the troubles, be with her in all ups and downsand don’t forget to love her till the end

Kabir- I think you are watching so much films it’s ok atlest say which colour shirt I should wear

Sanchi- dark blue will be best it is my favourite colour

Kabir- I hate it I won’t wear that

Sanchi- if I said it will be correct choice only then it is your wish.bye

Call ended

Kabir bathed and came out

Kabir- which colour shirt ok let’s try dark blue I hope all will be ok

Kabir came out Sanchi was waiting for him at the entrance

Sanchi was stunned to see Kabir in that attire

Sanchi- you look great Kabir,blue is my favourite colour

Kabir- thank u sanchi.it is my favourite colour also we have same taste

Sanchi- I think there are many things common between us ok let’s go


They reached the client place

In between Kabir went to wash room

Kabir messaged Sanchi (Bittu your idea worked thank u yar) today I am going to ask her for date I hope she will say yes

Sanchi mess back- super I told na she likes blue go ahead

Kabir- I am at the verge of winning my challenge

Sanchi- ok I accept you won but not without my help

Kabir- ok dear thank u bye. I love u so much.

Sanchi- what

Kabir-ok bye I think she is waiting bye.

Sanchi- love u so much. you said it so lately kabirrr

Kabir meet the client and they finalised few places


Kabir- can I ask something did you ever went for a date

Sanchi- no because I am from rich family no one dared to ask me for date.why

Kabir- will you come for a date with me Sanchi

Sanchi- wow you are so brave I am impressed and my answer is yes.

Kabir- I will meet you at ABC hotel @7:00pm

Sanchi-why can’t we go together

Kabir- suprise

Sanchi- ok then I am eager to see

Kabir went to his room and freshen up

Kabir- let’s ask Bittu he called her

No answer

O this girl why she is not picking my call. Ok it’s getting late let her call

Kabir wore a black suit and bow tie

He booked the whole restaurant for Sanchi with cancel light dinner

Sanchi came there with black gown with high heels and matching earrings

She was amazed by the decoration

Kabir welcomed her with a bouquet

Sanchi- you booked whole restaurant for me quite impressive

Kabir- this is just little. there are more surprises waiting for u. Ok let’s start with wine

Kabir poured two glasses of wine

Suddenly his phone started to ring its Bittu

Seeing the caller ID Kabir shouted Bittu

Sanchi- who is Bittu

Kabir- nothing give me a sec

He rushed to wash room

Kabir- why are u calling me now

Sanchi- what ya you called me na so that I am calling you back

Kabir- ok I will talk to you later I am in date

Sanchi- wow congratulations you won the challenge

Kabir- ok I will call you later my beauty is waiting for me

Sanchi- you forget me seeing her don’t forget I am the one who helped you.you can’t talk few words with me

Kabir- I don’t care I will call later understand my situation

Sanchi- bye here after don’t call me

Kabir-bittu o god this girl,  I think she is feeling jealous

Ok I should go out

Sanchi- who called you

Kabir- it’s Bittu

Sanchi- who is Bittu  your girlfriend

Kabir- no,no  my friend that’s it

Sanchi- girl or boy

Kabir- what to say sometimes we should lie boy

Sanchi- ok, let’s continue eating

Kabir- ok .( but he is tensed thinking about  Bittu)

He dropped the food down

Sanchi- where is your concentration Kabir

Kabir-nothing (but he is thinking about Bittu I shouldn’t talk to her like that)

Sanchi- let’s dance come kabir

Kabir- ok

Both were dancing for Janam Janam

But Kabir was diverted in his own thoughts

He twrils her she tripped Kabir failed to catch her she fell down

Sanchi- ouch! I am going u seem to be lost bye

Kabir- wait Sanchi..

Sanchi went out

What I did why I constantly thinking about Bittu

Sanchi car stoped in the half way to her hotel

Sanchi- o shit this car

Driver- mam give me few minutes

Sanchi- do it fast

Driver- ok mam

Some goons come there they noticed Sanchi

Goons-come with me darling I will give you lift he held sanchi’s hand

The driver ran away seeing the goons

Sanchi- you fools leave me otherwise

Goons-what  will you do they started to laugh

Sanchi stamped one of their goons leg with heels


He raised his hand to slap Sanchi

But instead of that someone slapped him back

It is none other than Kabir

Sanchi- kabirrr she hugged Him

Kabir beat all the goons and they ran away

Sanchi- thank u Kabir u saved my honour

Kabir- it’s my responsibility

Sanchi- sorry for spoiling your day meet me tomorrow in boat house I want to say something

Kabir- even I want say something

Sanchi- ok bye she finally hugged him and gave a peck on his cheek and ran away

Kabir- why I am not feeling anything


Sanchi- I am 100percent sure tomorrow you will propose me. I will seek my revenge, what you think Kabir if you save me I will forget the revenge no way.


Kabir- tomorrow I hope I will propose her but why I am not feeling happiness I am finally going to get what I needed

Let’s share this with Bittu

He called her

No answer

Why she is not picking any call

I am not able to sleep

Finally he slept at 4:00am

He woke up at 8:00am I am already late she told me to come at 9:00am

Ok let’s call Bittu no answer

Kabir- BittuU

Sanchi- is waiting for Kabir(this is the happiest moment in my life finally I am going take my revenge)

Kabir arrived there 9:30am

Sanchi back is shown

Kabir- hi I wanted to say you something

Sanchi- I am waiting for this moment say

Kabir- I …. I don’t love you

Sanchi was shocked to hear this

She turned to see Kabir

Kabir- I am really sorry Sanchi mam I don’t love you. Actually I love Bittu I discovered my feelings  know only

Tears were rolling down from kabir’s cheeks

Kabir- I am an orphan my parents left me in hospital from that day I was grown in orphanage then veer became my friend then swara came in our life he told the full story from beginning to end the bond between swara and don’t know when I started feeling for her I hired her to the extend but she forgave me now I realise I started feeling for her the moment I spoke to her this thing become so clear when I meet swara again before coming here


Kabir was busy in packing

Swara meet Kabir in his appartment

Kabir- what a suprise you came to meet veer right , he is sleeping if he came to know you came here he will be so happy

Swara- no Kabir, I came to meet you

Kabir- me, ok come in, what you want to say

Swara- sorry Kabir

Kabir- for what

Swara- you have done many things for me but I am blind not to see anything, I just loved veer but he betrayed me it’s my mistake for believing him you know what Kabir now only I understood you I love …..

Kabir- stop it swara, this is not love. you are just trying to prove veer you are not weak. yes I loved you later only I came to know it not love it is infactuation , but veer loved you truly you can’t get a true love like that. He will do anything for you. Even he sacrificed his love for me. I am very thankful for God to give me a such a good friend. When you left he never changed his mind he was thinking only about you . You know what he said I am sure one day she will surely understand my love.

When Kabir was talking emotional ly tears rolled down from swara’s eyes her eyes became red

Swara-  I challenge d veer that your friend will not care for u . I just thought if I say I love u to  you.you will just accept it. I am sorry I understand know veer is in such a situation he cannot go either side if he propose me he will lose you so he decided to choose you (she sits down on floor and started crying)he tried to make me understand but I didn’t listen to him once. Now even I can’t meet his face he will not accept me anymore. I made a such a mistake

(She noticed  knife in the kitchen she rushed to kitchen) I am not worth of living anymore

Kabir- swara stop

Swara- sorry veer she about to cut her wrist

(Suddenly some one grabbed her in tight hug) the knife fell down

Swara lifted her head to see it is veer

(Veer was silently listening to the whole convo)

Veer- what you thought if anything happens to you then I (swaara closed veer’s mouth with her hand)

Swara- I am sorry

Veer- I love you

Swara- I don’t deserve you

Veer- I love you

Swara is about to say something veer placed his lips on hers (Mera Mann plays)

Kabir- AA hmmm excuse me I am here

Both moved little bit but veer not letting her to go

Kabir-Ok enjoy your time love birds

I am going Munnar

End of flashback

Kabir- that moment I realised what true love is. I am sorry to hurt your the feeling towards yours is just infactuation . I am sure mam you will get your true love like my Bittu . Sorry mam but I have to meet Bittu she is in same Munnar

(Kabir rushed out of the boat)

Sanchi is stunned

Kabir went to the courier company in which they posted sanchi’s phone and got her address

Kabir in the entrance of sanchi’s house he hesitated for a moment and went in

Saurabh was sitting in the garden with pragati

Kabir rushed to pragati and hugged her I am sorry Bittu sorry

Pragati pushed him and shouted I am not Bittu

Kabir reaction was like what. he saw Saurabh coming towards him

Kabir -uncle actually

Saurabh stopped him from saying anything

Saurabh- I know everything. she is in terrace

Kabir- thank u uncle (he rushed to the terrace)

(Actually pragati came yesterday and told everything to Saurabh. Saurabh got very angry on him. But his anger college just few minutes before when Sanchi told what happen in boat)


Sanchi’s turned towards the wall

Kabir stopped at the door he was hesitating to speak (finally he gathered courage and spoke)

Kabir- I am really sorry Bittu . I know how hurt you would feel when you came to know the truth. Please bittu if you think my love is true give me one last chance. For the first time I am proposing I love u???Bittu. And I promise I will love only you forever

Sanchi-No reaction

Kabir- if you don’t even want to see my face I am going .here after I won’t disturb you.

(Kabir turn to go)

Sanchi- i love u too??she shouted(tears were rolling down from her eyes)

Hearing that  words Kabir turned to see his Bittu he was shocked to see Sanchi there


Sanchi- no Bittu

She ran and hugged him tightly

Kabir was shocked by this sudden gesture as well as happy

Kabir- you Bittu(Sanchi was sobbing in his embrace)

She told everything thing how she became the manager of company to take revenge from him

(Kabir listen to this with almost patience)

Suddenly he pushed her

Sanchi was shocked with his actions

Kabir saw a stool near a flower pot he took the and kept between him and Sanchi

Sanchi was puzzled with his actions

Kabir- stan on the stool

Bittu- what

Kabir- see Bittu you are shorter than me then how can I kiss you(Mera Mann plays)

Sanchi blushed heavily (she stood in the stool and kissed in his cheeks)

Kabir gave a bone crushing hug

Suddenly they heard laughter sound it is none other than Saurabh ,Pragati,veer,and swara.(actually veer know that Kabir is in love with Bittu he thought  he will discover his feelings soon yesterday only he saw the letter which Kabir  wrote him in that he said he is going to propose Sanchi he thought Kabir has only crush on Sanchi before he does anything stupid he thought to stop him. So came stop Kabir  proposing Sanchi they reached the boat house when they saw Sanchi leaving they followed her to know about kabir)

Screen freezes with smiling faces of all


Thank u for supporting guys it means a lot. Actually this story is inspired from the movie gundae jari gallantiya I hope you like the Kanchi and swaveer version. My friends my school is going to start on 25th of this month I am entering into my 12th  std I hope you understand I will be irregular to telly updates but I will try my best to comment on your article . That’s it love u all TC everyone thank u for ur valuable comments ,likes and dislikes. See u soon???????????








































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