Bye Everyone (Last Note) ?

Hey Everyone !
Aamna Here ?

How are you people ?

Well I know you all might be shocked after reading the title but yeah what you had read is true ?

I have to quit tellyupdate..

Don’t worry it’s nor permanent.

Might be for a week.. a month or maybe forever…

I can’t say much about it..

I wish I don’t have to do this but my life is a total mess right now. I am a complete mess right now ?

I need some time to get over every sort of problem.

And even I am having some problems with my tellyupdate I’D.

I might not continue writing from this same i’d..

I might make another i’d..

But don’t worry if I will do anything like this I will let you all know.

Plus for now on I am discontinuing all my stories ?

I will continue them when I will feel like I am finally free from all the mess.

Don’t worry I will try my best to come back soon.

But for now I calls it quit.

If I will be free from all the mess sooner I promise I will come back with better stories and will even start with REPRISE version of LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE ☺

I know you all are quite confused with all this sudden decision but it’s rightly said ” Sometimes some realizations hits you hard ”

And same is the case with me ?

My Instgram FC @crazy_sidhantian will be handled by Priyanka (My Friend)

I don’t know if I will be quiting watsapp as well ??‍♀️

I think even if I continue my stories I won’t be able to continue them from this i’d.

I will continue my stories on my own.

As I said their is no specific time for my arrival.

It can take a few days…WEEK.. ATWO OR A MONTH and might be for more long ??‍♀️

But I will be back.. In Sha Allah..

Till then Good Bye !!

I will miss you all alot ?

I love you all so much ?

I just hope I will be back sooner ☺

Good Bye !!
Take care everyone ?
Love you all ?
Thank you each and every person on Tellyupdate for supporting me through thick and thin ??

I am sorry if I have hurted anyone of you !!

Specially sorry to Ramya , presha, Aamu , Sameera and many more who had left tellyupdate cause I have irritated you all alot ? I am really sorry if I have ever hurted you ?

Will miss you all ?

Love you all ??

Bye ?
Aanu ?

  1. Saumitra

    Please don’t do this Amna appi ??????????????????????u r amazing writer ? l turely love your stories
    Don’t do this please ??????
    Really shocking news …..
    Please please please please please please ?????????????

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Hii ammu i only request to you came back soon when you free plz plz and continue soon and i pray to God that they give you strength and best of luck take care and come soon bcoz we all waiting you and your stories so bye

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Come back soon plz…

  4. NO problem, take care of your personal life and return soon whenever you can

  5. Plz don’t do this Aaman plz?
    But if it’s necessary to go I won’t stop you..but plz don’t stop writing…and come back soon
    May Allah bless you and solve all ur problems
    Take care of yourself…and plz come back soon
    Will be waiting for u ?
    Allah Hafiz

  6. Plz don’t do this ….
    I ”ll pray to help u in clearing all the mess of it life soon ..
    Plz come soon ..I ‘ll be waiting for u…

  7. SSK

    What am I reading this? You have decided to leave. Anyways, I just hope you can clear up the mess and try coming back.
    All the very best and hope to see you back on TU again.
    All the best dear and take care, will wait for you. 🙂

  8. Sapphire

    What ??!! Di, I’m literally speechless.. But, neither can I stop you, nor can I let you go..
    I just hope that you’ll clear the mess and will be back soon..
    I’ll really miss you and your amazing ffs.. They really made my day..
    All the best and take care..
    All of us will be waiting for you.. Be back really soon..
    Loads of love..
    God bless you dear..

  9. Sameera

    Heinnn what’s this man …
    Really unfair Yaar but I pray you come out of whatever mess you are in ..
    Everyone condition is same Yaar aanu ..
    Even mine that’s why I have left insta ?
    But taking some time to get distracted and posting here …
    I hope you will be back sooner ..
    And dare you apologize ..
    Hate you still hate you ???
    Do come soon and message on Tu if I open insta then there ..
    Will meet soon ???
    Love you bye ???

  10. Vibhu

    Well I don’t know what to say?
    But you know what I think I should stop visiting TU now. It has lost all its charm. Nobody loves Twinj as they used to. That craziness for Sidmin has decreased with time.
    I actually can’t blame you for this coz it is us, the readers fault that we failed to give encouragement to you writers. you have a right to take take these decisions after all your ff and ofcourse , our personal life is more important coz that’s the real world.
    Ever since I starting reading Twinj ffs and OS’s , there have been a no. Of writers who have left there stories in between and vanished saying they would return some days. I won’t mention their names coz it won’t be good on my part. I’m not bashing anyone. Plz don’t take me wrong
    Its actually been two years since when I have been constantly visiting this website. The day when I don’t get any new update is very upsetting for me.
    I don’t know if you will read this comment or not, but if you do then plz reply.
    I really really wish you good luck for your future. May you have a bright future. And all your problems vanish soon.
    God bless you dear Aamna
    PS:: I hope you would return some day and would complete all my favourite stories with a fabulous ending.
    I would wait for the day!!
    Good bye till then!
    See you soon.! ☺

  11. Dude
    U never irritated us it’s just that it’s my 12th I had discontinued writing nd our bond is something that can’t be described in words nd I miss you miss uh a lot it’s just that due to lak of time can’t talk to you properly but you hold a special place in my heart…

  12. Aanu I don’t know why you are quitting but I just pray that you come back soon.
    And sorry.
    Do you want a slap huh?
    Dare you say sorry.
    I’ll be waiting for you.
    You know you are important right?
    So whenever you will come back nothing will change.
    Our tu family will be incomplete without you.
    So come soon back.
    Else Twinj will feel bad for hanging them in middle in your ffs.
    Girly already I’m here missing you.
    Come back quicker.
    Love you

  13. Yrrr plzzzz aesa mat karo plzzzzz
    Aur plzzzzzz jaldi jaldi wapas aana dear
    Hum tumhara wait karege
    Luvvvvv u cutie ???????❤❤❤

  14. Shalini15

    Come soon aanu?? sorry, I was angry on you but after reading it I’m angry on myself ???? sorry ?????
    Hope God will show some ways nd you come out of your messy life??
    Please sorry ??
    Come soon??

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