BV+IB: Magic And Life (chp 9: Baal Veer Becomes Bhargav)

‘I am sorry Manav, sorry Meher,’ Bhargav apologized. ‘To blame someone without knowing is wrong,’ Meher said. ‘Yes, you should know the truth first,’ Manav said. ‘I will tell who did it,’ Baal Veer said and aimed his magic wand upwards and it was as if a video had been played in front of them. They saw Montu picking up his wallet and then provoking him against the siblings. Meher and Manav got angry seeing this. ‘Leave it all on me, I will teach him a lesson,’ he said and disappeared. ‘Don’t say sorry because we don’t need it dear,’ Meher said sarcastically and they went.

Baal Veer went to Montu and saw him with Rohit and Keval, he was bullying some kids. Baal Veer closed his eyes holding his wand between his fists and then aimed it at him. Montu saw a fly near Rohit’s face and slapped him. ‘Boss, why are you hitting me?’ Rohit asked and just then Month saw another fly near Keval’s face and slapped him as well. ‘He’s hitting me as well, now we will beat him,’ Keval said and they started beating him black and blue. Manav and Meher came there and laughed.

‘Aww, Montu the greatest motu is getting beaten up, the one who digs a hole for someone, he himself falls in it,’ Manav said and they went from there. ‘Enooooough!’ Montu shouted on the top of his lungs. ‘I was killing fly you idiots,’ he said angrily and Baal Veer came in front. ‘You got your lesson, now I don’t want any complains about you,’ he warned. ‘Sorry Baal Veer jee,’ Montu apologized and Baal Veer disappeared. Gauri appeared near a tree in her college and looked around. ‘I m just so worried for Natkhat Pari, I m missing her so much,’ she said and a lone tear rolled down her cheek and she leaned to a tree and slid down till she reached the floor.

Daityani appeared and saw her. Just then Omkara came and saw Gauri crying. ‘Hey, Gauri,’ he said sitting beside her. ‘You? What do you want? Should I throw more eggs at you? Or should I sacrifice Anika to defend myself? Or should I jump in the pool and drown?’ she asked angrily. ‘ I m sorry, it wasn’t my plan, in fact, I always stop them,  anyways leave all this, why are you crying?’

‘Why should I tell you? Are you a friend of mine?’ she asked lashing out at him. ‘When the hell will he go from near her?’ Daityani fumed. ‘If we aren’t friends then let’s become friends, what say?’ he asked. She smiled. ‘Wow you a member of fab five want to become my friend, joke of the century Mr. Omkara,’ she replied. ‘I won’t tell my friends and I will save you from their bullies, deal?’, he asked and she thought for a while. ‘Deal,’ she replied. ‘So? Friends na?’, he asked. ‘Of course yes,’ she replied smilingly.

Daityani was in deep thoughts, all she wanted was to target someone from Pari Lok especially Baal Veer and Gauri. She disappeared thinking to come later and went to Daiti lok, seeing her, Tauba Tauba laid down on the floor on his stomach near her feet in order to respect her. ‘Salute to Rani Daityani,’ he said. She didn’t reply as usual. He stood up. ‘Why do you have so much pride even after causing no harm to good people?’ he asked rudely. ‘Tauba tauba!’ she shouted and started attacking him repeatedly and he ran for his life here and there.

He hid in front of a wall and got a pouch out of his pocket, he opened it and took a tablet out and put it in his mouth chewing it and closed his eyes as he disguised into a snake. She came there also but didn’t recognize him. He then disguised himself into a mouse. She came again but didn’t found him. Then he disguised himself into white rabbit. She came and then saw the rabbit but went on calling him, then she again turned to him. ‘White rabbit in Daiti lok? This is impossible,’ she said shockingly.

She attacked the rabbit by fire around him and Tauba Tauba came to his real form. ‘Arey Daityani stop, its me, please just stop,’ he said and she aimed the magic wand at fire and it disappeared. ‘As far as I know, you don’t know how to do magic, then how did you got disguised?’ she asked curiously. He pulled out the same pouch out of his pocket and showed it to her. ‘By these roop badlu goliyaan,’ he said and she eyed them and smiled as she knew how to attack Baal Veer now. ‘Tauba Tauba, I got a plan.’

‘What plan?’ he asked. ‘I know a face by which everyone in school is disappointed, Bhaargav, you go bring him here,’ she said and forwarded her hand and a black clothe appeared. ‘Just put it on him, he will come here himself, after that you disguise yourself in someone else and then make Baal Veer eat these tablets anyhow and make him remember Bhaargav,’ she continued. ‘I am mixing them in some chocolates, then I will surely go,’ he said and Daityani had an evil grin on her face. Bhaargav was roaming here and there thinking about what just happened.

‘I should call Baal Veer and see if I can do anything to be friends with those siblings,’ he said and called Baal Veer. Just then Tauba Tauba came and put the black clothe on him and he disappeared. Tauba Tauba too went from there. Baal Veer came and saw no one there. ‘Voice was coming from here only, where’s Bhaargav?’ he wondered and tried finding him while Tauba Tauba saw all this hidingly. He laughed. ‘Keep finding, you will never find him,’ he said and heard a child saying its her birthday today and he disguised himself into her.

He got the chocolates in which the roop badlu tablets were mixed. He went to Baal Veer. ‘Baal Veer, did you saw Bhargav? I didn’t saw him from sometime,’ he said as the girl. ‘I don’t know I also came here on his call,’ he replied. ‘Leave all that, he will be found, today is my birthday, till you don’t eat these chocolates, I can’t give them to others,’ he said and gave him a chocolate. ‘Happy birthday, but I will find Bhaargav first and then eat it,’ Baal Veer said and was about to disappear but he stopped him.

‘Baal Veer please, till you don’t eat, how will I distribute it among others? Please eat it,’ he pleaded and Baal Veer agreed and ate it. ‘Do find Bhargav,’ he said. Gauri came there. Tauba Tauba went from there and she came to him. ‘Manav and Meher are calling me,’ he told her. ‘OK you go, they’re there,’ she told them pointing towards a place very far from where they were standing so they disappeared and went there. ‘What happened Manav and Meher? Did you call me?’, he asked. ‘Bhargav! What joke is this?’ Meher said angrily glaring at him.

‘What are you saying? I m Baal Veer,’ he said and Gauri who saw all this from a little distance got confused. ‘Yeah, come I will show you,’ Manav said and pulled him along towards the bike’s mirrors. ‘Look, now are you Baal Veer? By wearing a dress like him, you won’t become Baal Veer,’ he said. Baal Veer got shocked as he saw Bhargav’s face in the mirror instead of his face. ‘Believe me, I m Baal Veer only,’ he tried explaining them. ‘I should see what’s happening,’ Gauri said and went a little closer. ‘You are a blo*dy cheater,’ Meher said and all the children dispersed from there except Montu, Rohit and Keval.

‘Wow Bhaargav, you can go to any extent to take revenge, good luck,’ Montu said and went. She came to him seeing him tensed. ‘What happened Baal Veer? You seem to be tensed,’ she asked. ‘Have I changed into Bhaargav?’ he asked. ‘No, I can see you’re Baal Veer only,’ she replied. ‘Then how am I Bhaargav in the mirror?’ he said totally confused. Gauri too got shocked. ‘Baal Veer, don’t be tensed, like I can see you’re Baal Veer only, it can be that fairies too see you like this, let’s go to Pari Lok.’

They disappeared together and went to Pari Lok whereas everyone were shocked to see him with Hasmukh Pari/Gauri. ‘Khush raho Pariyo khush raho,’ they greeted and the fairies glared at him as he said that. ‘Enough! You’re Bhargav, don’t act innocent, we know everything,’ Aarpar pari said and aimed her magic wand and they could see what happened in Daiti lok recently. They could see Daityani saying to Bhaargav about how to get Baal Veer’s powers and fool the fairies. ‘Be ready for our attack,’ Aarpar pari said. Baal Veer’s jaw dropped open.

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