My business tycoon…….A twinj story (episode 3)

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Scene 1

Taneja industry

Rt:- I am so happy Manohar that we got this deal it was very important for our companies?

Manohar:- Yes Rt u r absolutely ryt it’s the tym for celebration….And yess all credit goes to our children…?

Rt:- Absolutely!!!?

Manohar:- But where are they???

Rt:- They must be in twinkle’s cabin discussing about the project….☺

Scene 2

At twinkle’s cabin

Twinkle:- Look Mr. whatever it would be better if we sideline our ego nd work together on this project….?

Kunj:- First of all my name is Kunj Sarna not Mr. Whatever…..? Nd wait a min what did u said that we should sideline our ego nd work together on this project….??For me this is the joke of a year???

Twinkle:- U know what u r impossible!!?

Kunj:- thanx for the compliment!!☺☺…If u r over with this can we plz concentrate on the work..?

Twinkle:-Oh finally ur mind started to work….?

Kunj:-Just shutup!!?

Twinkle(in mind):-Hmm…Sadu!!??

Kunj:- So listen I have my team ready for this project…Nd the members are highly qualified…?

Twinkle:-Ohk…ohkk..Bt the Great Kunj Sarna…In this project we don’t need ur highly qualified members?…We need such members who have some experience about such project…?

Kunj(in mind):- This siyappa queen do have a point….Bt I can’t be recessive…I have to be dominant…

Kunj:-Look I think that we should have both the members in our team…?

Twinkle:-Hmm…Good idea…?

Kunj:-I am always ryt..?

Twinkle(in mind):-Which type of person he is??I really feel pity on that girl who will be his future wife!!??

Twinkle:-So we should start working on this project as soon as it is possible…

Kunj:- Yeah!!

Scene 3:-

At the police station:-

Neil was lost in avni’s thoughts…?

Neil:- Avni Taneja what a girl she is…??..I wish I could meet her again..

Just then DD came inside….

DD:- Neil sir, What we have to do with that thief??

Neil:- who was lost in his thoughts says Leave him…??

DD:- sir, he is a thief how could we leave him like this??

Neil:- Then don’t leave him like this… ? Leave him with a stick or a gun?

DD:- Neil sir what is wrong with u??

He went near neil and tap him on his shoulder…Neil Sir…

Neil:- After coming out from his daydreaming says DD when did u came and what is the problem??

DD:- U leave about me sir…U tell who is that girl???

Neil:- What rubbish…I was not thinking about any girl…?

DD:- When did I said that u were thinking about any girl sir???

Neil:- Don’t u have any work…Stop eating my head..

DD:- Sir I have one question ? if u permit can I ask???

Neil:- Go ahead…

DD:- Sir, what is love at first sight????

Neil:- DD will u stop it…

DD:- Sir, one song just came in my mind…Shall I tell u???

Neil:- Dhakal Dayal don’t u have any work or what??

DD:- Sir, not Dhakal Dayal DD sir..?

Neil:- Bura laga na now off to ur work…?

DD:- Going sir….Bt plz think about it…I am not wrong always…

Neil:- shut up DD….

DD went out of the cabin…..Nd after coming out from Avni’s thought Neil also started concentrating on his work….

Scene 4:-

In the hospital

Avni’s cabin:-

Avni was studying one of the patient’s file…..(Let’s name him Mr. Mehta)

Avni:- Sister when Mr. Mehta has his next appointment with me??

Sister:- Ma’am tomorrow

Avni:- ohh…Ohkk…

Avni was reading the file nd some thought came into her mind…

Avni:- Neil….He is a nice man….This world really needs an officer like him….?while thinking a smile came on her face…☺

Bt Avni Taneja you should not forget that he is a man after all and all mens are same…?

Then she continues reading the file….

Scene 5:-

At twinkle’s cabin

Twinj were working on the project together bt they were having the hard time with each other as there thinking is not matching at all….

Kunj made one plan and he told this to twinkle…

Twinkle:- Listen…I really have a gut feeling that this plan will not work….?

Kunj:- Oh really….Why don’t u make a plan then….?

Twinkle:- Oh hello I am Twinkle Taneja beauty with brain not like u….?

Kunj:- Ye sun sun k toh mere kaan pak gye…?? Par kch hua nhi

Twinkle:- U sadu shut up at least I am better than u….I am not giving this type of cheap ideas….

Kunj:- Cheap ideas really…? O hello Siyappa queen atleast mai idea toh de rha…Not like u just staring the mobile….

Twinkle:- O hello I am not staring my mobile…I am just finding ideas….

Kunj:-ohh u were telling me that I give cheap ideas….At least that ideas were mine…It was not copied…?

Twinkle:- U know what if this deal was not so important for my company…I would have never agreed to work with u…?

Kunj:- As if I was dying to work with u….Nd what do u mean for ur company…. Listen Miss Twinkle Taneja….mai bhi mara nhi jaa rha tha tere saath kaam krne k liye….?

Twinkle:- oh really…

Kunj:- yess

That’s it for now guyzz…
Next will be after my results….Just pray for me that I score well…..Nd if I scored good marks then it’s a promise from my side that i’ll give regular updates…..

No precap

Do hit like or dislike buttons and do give ur reviews… Suggestions are always welcome….Ignore grammatical errors…No proof reading…..Bye see you soon…..

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  3. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice episode dear ?post soon twinj? and yuvi is to? ????

  4. awesome…
    twinj & avneil scenes were lovely …
    all the best for ur results ..

  5. Amazing episode Sonia loved it and twinj secene was indeed mind blowing and very funny I loved these Nok jhok scene and avniel scene was also good plss do post soon take care love u

  6. SSK

    Beautiful episode 🙂

  7. Niyati

    Fabulous as always dear ….You nailed it …Kunj & Twinkle scenes are funny …Neil is getting attracted toward Avni but Avni seems to hate mens…Let’s see what destiny store for both the couples ….Update soon & love u ? ?

  8. Awesome

  9. Fantastic episode dear
    Twinj & avneil scene awesome
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvv u

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