My business tycoon…….A twinj story (episode 2)

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Hlo frndzzz I know I am bit late sincere apologies…So let’s start….

Scene 1

Twinkle was driving the car recklessly as she was having a very important meeting and  at the same time one car was coming…And both the car bump into each other….
Twinkle came out from the car and a very handsome and a dashing man came out from the another car. So yes he was obviously our hero Kunj Sarna….
Twinkle:- are u blind or what can’t u see???
Kunj:- Same applies to you..?
Twinkle:- what same applies to you ha??
Kunj:- Excuse me madam what do you mean u were the one who was driving the car recklessly…It’s was not my fault…?
Twinkle:- Oh look who is talking as if all the fault was mine? U know what if I am wrong then u r also wrong….
Kunj:- I don’t know why am I wasting my time by talking with u…Anyway u please apologize so that I can leave…
Twinkle:- apologie bt for what it was not only my fault…And wait a minute I am also a busy person and I have a lot of work…so u pls apologize….
Kunj:- I’ll not apologize coz it was not my fault
Twinkle:- fine then I’ll also not apologize
They both angrily sit in thier car and drove up to thier destination…
Scene 2:-
Avni was buying some grocery item…Meanwhile a thief came and snachted her purse…
Avni:- thief thief she was running after the thief and shouting thief thief
Suddenly a dashing man?? came from in front and he taught the thief a very good lesson and arrested him….?
Avni:- Thank u so much..Mr??
Niel:- Niel Sarna
Avni:- Thank u so much Mr. Niel Sarna?
Niel:- pleasure… miss??
Avni:- Avni Taneja
Niel:- Pleasure Avni Taneja…By the way u should be careful these days stealing things are very common…
Avni:- yes u r ryt…I’ll be careful from now on…
Niel:- By the way I am an IPS officer…If u need any help then u can contact me…☺
Avni:- Yeah sure…But by the way I am also a doctor if u need any help of mine then i’ll be highly obliged…??
Niel:- Then I’ll guess will meet soon??
Avni:- yeah…See u soon…Bye
Niel:- yeah..Bye
Scene 3
At the conference hall
Twinkle and kunj both were shocked after seeing each other…
Twinkle in mind:- what this sadu is doing over here
Kunj in mind:- what this mad girl is doing here..
Rt:- twinkle puttar he is Kunj Sarna…One of the top business tycoon…
I totally agree with u Rt a voice said and there comes a man with a smile on his face…Here comes our hero’s father manohar sarna…
Man:- one of the famous business tycoon…I am really proud of u my son…But but Rt u said everything about my son bt u didn’t said anything about ur daughter…
Kunj puttar she is twinkle… twinkle taneja…One of the famous business tycoon..
Kunj and twinkle both were stunned after hearing about each other
Twinkle and kunj both in mind:- business tycoon…Hmm?
Twinkle:- he can’t be greater than me? coz I am beauty with brain?? and he is ‘SADU SARNA’…??
Kunj:- She can’t be greater than me coz I am Kunj Sarna? and she is the biggest ‘SIYAPPA QUEEN’….??
Meeting started… Twinkle and kunj both gave their presentation very nicely…And the clients were very impressed by them…They said that if twinj work together then this project can be very successful….
Twinj look at each other….They really wanted to say no for the project but since this project was very important for their companies so they have to agree…….
Precap:- More in the store…
Thank you so much for ur ccmments on the previous one….I hope it was a bit longer…Ignore grammatical errors…No proof reading…Take care..Love u all..See you soon…..Bye…
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