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Part 7 :- Engagement Day.

All are in busy in preparations for engagement of our lovely couple.

And here our lovely couple is sleeping peacefully in their rooms.

In maheshwari mansion:

Sanskar wake up and freshened himself and got ready for his engagement and thought to talk and do some romance with swara.

His thoughts chain break when someone knocked his room door.

He went and open the door.There Uttara came stood infront of him.

san: What you want uttara .

Utt: nothing bhai came here to check whether u are ready r not.U look very handsome bhai.

san:Thanks uttara.

utt:Come chote papa is calling you.

Then they came to hall where all family members are present.

san: dad u called me.

rp: ha beta take this and this is for u and swara.

san: thanks dad .

rp: my beta u r looking handsome today.after seeing you like this swara will directly marry you without any delay.

Sanskar smilled at his statement  and blushed.

utt:wah bhai u r blushing too . The great arrogant sanskar maheshwari  know how to blush too. My bhabhi is very great she changed you from rude, angry,arrogant maheshwari to Blushing maheshwari. really I should praise bhabhi very much.

san:uttara please stop.

rp:ha uttara plse  stop teasing my boy .Because he is very good boy u only say that who will say that he is in love with his bestie. Sankar came and told me , sujatha , and shomi that he and swara in love and willing to marry eagerly.

utt:(shocked)what bhai told about his love. when did this happen.

san:when me and swara realize our love for each other.and uttara don’t tell to swara because I want to surprise her.

Surprise tho I got sanskar a loud and angry voice came from behind them.

sanskar , ram , uttara recognised that voice and shocked . They turned around making puppy face.and sanskar is praying god to save him from the volcana.

There swara is standing with angry and happy face.


Swara wake up and got ready for engagement. She thought to go to maheshwari mansion to surprise sanskar. When she entered in maheshwari mansion she listened uttara talking about sanskar’s blush  she thought to listen silently and later she will tease sanskar.

Fb end.

She went near sanskar .

swa:sanskar how dare you without my said about us to all. and yesterday I got scared with the thought what they think about me.But still u maintained silence.

san: sorry jaan.please .

sw:hell with your sorry today I am not going to leave you mr. maheshwari.

In the meanwhile ram and uttara got side to give them space.swara chasing sanskar and he is running whole hall. Seeing them like this all are very happy.Bose family also came to maheshwari house for engagement.

swara sankar not stopping from their race.

Atlast sanskar caught her hand and said sorry .swara melt this time .And both get into a hug.After both families came near them .

shomi: If your fight is over then we will start your engagement function.

swasan blushed and nodded their heads .

swasan stood in the middle of hall and exchanged rings. All congratulated them .

Ram: ladies and gentle men thanks for being part in my one and only son engagement. I am here to announce something which brings happiness in my son and my daughter in law face.

that is shaadi ka date after one week ko fix ho gaya . So I am welcoming u all for my son the great sanskar maheshwari’s marriage.

With the announcement swara and sanskar feeel very happy and took blessings from elders.

sujatha: I don’t know that my son choice is this much good. I am very happy swara for you.

sw:Thank you aunty.

Su:no aunty call me maa.

sw:feeling very happy: ok maa.

su:But I am feeling sad that u have to bear this arrogant life long.

sanskar shocked with his mom statement: mom I am arrogant for outsiders.(with making cute pout)

sw:is smiling and trying to control her laugh:what to do maa he is my destiny.I love this arrogant very much.

su:ahha I am very happy swara with your statement.sanskar I think u did some good in your previous birth that’s y u got her as ur destiny.

san:Yes mom she is my life.(he said seeing swara)

And swara blushed very hard.

su:I want to know how u did to make her love you this much.

utt:ha bhabhi tell us how bhai took place in ur heart.

sw:U all want to know about sweet sanskar right then listen.

she started singing maya yoshoda song.And started dancing.

sujatha and others feel very happy.Later uttara also joined with swara in dance.Sanskar is also joined with them.

And later all danced on some random songs.On final song all family members joined with swasan.

After that all guest went.

and family members also went and sleep after a tired day.

precap:Pre marriage rituals.

Sorry guys for not giving more about engagement.But I promise I will give for each ritual.

And guys if you want any scenes between swasan you can suggest me in comments..

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