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Recap: Swasan in college. Someone proposed swara.

Part – 10

Sanskar is very angry Because someone is proposing swara that to infront of him.

Swara is feeling scared because she know sanskar anger .

san: How dare you laksh to propose swara?He started beating laksh.

swara parth nikhil are trying to control him but all attempts got fail.

lak: I love her that’s y I proposed her what’s ur problem in that?she is not ur lover anyways then y?what is ahhh….. there in between uu  both?.

san: again questioning me. He started beating more..

swa: sanskar plse leave him he will die .sanskar plse for my sake.

san: u step out of this swara I will not leave him today I got doubt on starting only at that time I thought to give just warning but that time also U took ur sake to leave him.

But not now he has to die.

swara thought that so she slapped sanskar. He stopped beating laksh and saw swara with angry. swara feeling helpless started crying.

Meanwhile laksh friends came and took him to hospital.

swa: sorry sanky I just did it to stop you said swara while crying.

san: Don’t talk to me swara u can slap after going home also but u slapped infront of everyone.

swa: plse sanky don’t talk like that I just tried to stop you coz u r beating him to death.

san: so what and how dare he to propose you . u have to be angry on him not on me. But u didn’t said anything to him. now y r u talking .

parth: sanky u r crossing limits what is her mistake in that . Laksh proposed her before she is going to give her answer u started beating him like angry tiger.

nik: U r right sanskar laksh proposed her then y r u getting angry. she is ur friend right. then if someone prosed her apko kya farak padtha hai.

swa: ha bolo sanky maybe laksh is right person for me U can think in that way then y u got angry.

san: u r my friend that’s y i am angry. and u can’t accept anyone of them .

swa: so u can beat anyone who come to propose me u r a friend u don’t have any right about my decisions on my life.

san: what r saying swara (he shouted loudly) How dare u say that keep one thing in mind u r mine only have rights on u no one have any rights on u got it  because I…

He got to know what he is saying.

swa: what sanskar  complete it u tell me what u.

san: nothing saying that he went from there leaving a confused swara and sad parth and nikhil behind.


No precap.

what u think about laksh? Is he good or bad? Is sansskar realized that he loves swara? sanskar’s possessiveness beyond limit or not? What swara is thinking about sanskar possessive?

Guys next update is based on ur comments . If u want any scenes or any changes u can drop it on comment section .The comment is good or bad please drop it below.

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