BROTHERS – a unique bond “Adi meet zoya” PART -2

The dining table ..

Adi was waiting for his brothers … A unknown call appears on his phone.

unknown person : Wait until your brother gets to know about his sceret..

Adi :What do you mean.. and who is this..

Unknown : I am waiting for the moment when he knows that he is your fathers illegimate child.. he will dead inside..

Adi : Hey .. who are you and what nonsense are you talking about ..

The call gets disconnected..

Manik ; laksh and kartik enters..

Manik : What happened bhaiyya.. you look angry..

Adi : No.. chottee.. its nothing like that. (looking at his watch).. you guys are late..

Manik : We are looking for your bride..

Adi : Did you got anyone..

Kartik : Soon we will.

Laksh : There is a notofication..

Adi : What kind of notification..

Kartik :Actually we have added your profile to a wedding matrimony.. may ne someone accepted it..

Manik (checks his laptop ) : Bhai..  thank you for giving the idea to connect the site witb your phone..

Laksh : Manik.. Laksh is always brilliant than you..

Manik :Whatever..

Kartik :Guys.. can we look into the profile..

Manik :Here it is..

Laksh :Wow…


AGE : 27




Kartik : Bhai.. believe me.. you to will make a great pair..

Adi :She isn’t that much…

Manik : Oh… comeon.. you two will make a great pair.. i can imagin.. its so super..

Adi : So you guys.. won’t leave me alone untill..

Manik :Until you say yes.. to marriage..

Adi :I..

Laksh :Please bhai.. just meet her once.. may be she is your soulmate.. who knows..

Kartik :For us…

Adi :Okay..

Laksh : Chottee.. is she online..

Manik :Yes..

Kartik : Good.ask her out.. set a place to meet..

Manik( types ): Glad to know you like my profile thinking of meeting soon..

Types back :Sure..

Adi :She’s fast..

Laksh : and you are slow.. nice combo..

Manik (types) : 7 pm.. rosetown..

Types back : Yep.. see you there..

Manik : Bhai.. you will meet her at 7pm in rosetown..

Adi :But..

Kartik :Comeon ….

7 Pm aditya was waiting for Zoya since then and now its 7:30 . He was angry.. but was not able to leave as his brothers were so desperate.. to know about zoya.. and was called him after every 10 minute..

A girl comes and stands behind Aditya malhotra..

Girl :Mr. Aditya..

Adi turns..

Adi : Zoya..

Zoya passes a smile..

Adi : You are late.. If you didn’t had any intention to meet or not…

Zoya : No.. No.. Mr. Aditya its not like that.. actually things are so complicated .. and I am just here to make them clear..

Adi :What kind of things…

Zoya : You.. Aditya Malhotra..comes from a wealthy family.. businessman and yeah.. you are having yoyr family to support you and alll..

Adi : Make it fast Ms.Zoya..

Zoya : You may feel werid and awkward.. (she closes her eyes..) I am not the one who liked your profile and has no intention in marring you..

Adi : What!!! Are you making fool of me..

Zoya : Mr.Malhotra.. it was my sistet who did that… She so deperate to watch my wedding.. so.. its all her…

Adi :Then why did you come here…

Zoya :I didn’t wanted to make you upset.. i thought its good if i come and clear myself.. I am sorry..

Adi :So … are you in love with someone..

Zoya :No.. My only priority is my sister.. When my parents died.. we both were to young.. and had to struggle a lot to maintain a blance life.. She thinks that i am sacrificing her life for her.. Thats why she is doing such things…

Adi : Oh.. thats okay.. sibilings care i can understand you.. its not a problem.. it was nice to meeet you.. for the first time i saw someone with my same ideology..

Zoya : Then.. all sorted.. ummm.. i should take leave..

Adi :Yeah..

As she passes.. adi thinks about something..

Adi :(shouts) Zoya !!

She turns.. Adi runs ro her..

Adi :What kind of a men do you like..

Zoya :I don’t need much.. as i accepet his family.. he should also accept my sister.. she has none otherthan me… so he should takecare of her also..

Adi : How will you treat.. your inlaws..

Zoya :I have losted many things in my life.. so l know the value of it.. I am sure i will not intentionaly hurt my inlaws..

Adi :Well Ms.Zoya.. I like you and i will see you tomarrow…

Adi runs to his car..

Zoya :See me tomarrow… but why..



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  1. Oh my god yaar this was really really awesome , plz do continue this story it is really very interesting our adiya are going to unite , plz post the next chapter soon plz plz it is really a amzing start plz try to post soon. Waiting to know whether zoya will say or no to adi , I think she will say yes only because she cares for Noor and adi told her that he will accept her sister so plz post soon , loved it😜❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Abhilaya

      I will keep continuing..
      Thank you for your support..
      Pls comment on the other episodes too

  2. yes please write past it’s awesome 😍

  3. Nice I just wanted to know who is pair of Laksh

    1. Abhilaya

      She will be reavealed as story develops..

  4. Ya don’t worry I will be commenting in all the episodes

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