ROOM NO : 203..

Zoya was shown working in the kitchen.. while noor was at her livingroom.. with a book in her hand..

Noor : Still di.. why did you say a clearcut NO to Mr.Malhotra..

Zoya : Noor.. i can understand you want me to be safe exaxtly like i want you … but he is a big rich businessman and I am a women    who works for daily wages.. and things will never work between us..

Noor :Still di.. he was perfect for you..

Just then the door rings and Noor opens the door..

Noor :Who are you guys..??

Boy : I am Laksh Malhotra..          

Manik  : Myself parth..

Kartik : Kartik.. kartik Malhotra..  Zoya stayes here  right ??

Noor : Yes.. and..

Adi : Hi Noor..

Noor : Oh.. Ad..Aditya malhotra..

Adi :Won’t you invite us???

Noor : Yeah.. sure..

Adi ;Manik ; laksh and Kartik enters.. Zoya sees and and stays stunned..

Noor’s reaction…

Kartik :Hello.. Ms. Zoya kapoor..

Zoya : Hi.. Take a seat ..

The four sits down..

Zoya : Aditya.. sir i have explained you.. everything then what bring you here..

Adi : You should ask this question to my brothers .

Zoya looks at Them..

Laksh :We all wanted our eldest btother to get married as soon as possible.. but.. he didn’t had  any intrest..

Kartik :So we had to find one for him.. and we did.. and That’s you Ms. Kapoor..

Noor looks at zoya being happy.. but zoya was not..

Adi stands up..

Adi : As you said.. you want your sister’s happiness i want my brothers’s too.. so .. We will make a good pair.. If you are willing to treat my trio devils as your own brothers.. I will promise that i will lookafter Noor as a father would..(looks at Noor and smiles..)

Zoya gets teary hearing this..

Zoya : May be.. but our statis are differeny and what if.. your family members don’t like Noor being with us..

Adi : Family status.. that doesn’t matter.. money will come and go.. and regarding the family.. I only have this trio in my family..

Manik :Please say.. yes..

Zoya looks at noor agian..

kartik :Noor.. are you ready to become our sister..

Noor :I ..  I but promise me.. you guys will take good care of my sister …

Laksh :Thats a promise Noor.. and you will be our dearest sister…

Manik : Zoya bhabhi.. are you ready to marry my brother

All looks at zoya.. Zoya looks at noor and her happy face..

She passes a smile approving for the marriage..

Manik :Now let the new couple.. speak.. Dear sister .

Noor :Yes.. Dear bhai..

Kartik : Show us around…

Noor : Why not..

She takes the trio into a room.. which was exactly the same size of livingroom. It was divided into two sides having to interoir..

Noor : This is zoya di’s side. She always keeps things brightened.. she has a shock of hanging small lights as she is afraid to darknes..

Karthik :So this may be yours princes..

Noor :Ah..hah..

Manik : You are a book eater..

Noor :No.. i am not.. i have hardly read 3 of them…


Zoya :Are you sure that.  you are making a right decision.. because.. if this dream falls me & my sister will be broken..

Adi comes close to her..

Adi : Don’t worry zoya..its not just your dream.. as noor always wanted a brother or father to support her.. my brothers always wanted a mother or sister to pamper them.. we will make  a great pair.. all we have to do is give a chance…

Zoya :I am believing you.. pls don’t bteak my trust …

Adi :No never…


Noor , Manik , Laksh & kartik comes talking..

Kartik :So bhabhi.. we have seen your house.. Now its your tirn to vist ours..

Noor :No.  she can’t come there until she gets married.

Manik : Then pls get married as soon as possible..

Adi :Guys.. lets take leave.. its getti g late..

Adi :Bye. noor..

Noor :Bye jiju..

Trio :Seeyou Bhabhi .. and bye princes..

Noya : Bye..

As the goes..

Noor hugs zoya..

Noor : I am so happy.. My happiness is limitles.. i always wished to have a brother n now i have four… Di.. you will also get 3 brothers who will protect you from all odds..

Zoya :Yeah .. true..

Noor :And a loving husband.. who will stand by you..


On the way back .. in lift The four brothers encouters with 3 boys.. who were drunk.. They were talking bad things about girls..

Boy 1:Have you seen that item in 203.. oh my god she is something..

Boy 2 : Not only she.. the younger one is also a ripen fruit..

Boy 3 : Both are ripen fruits ..i feel squeezing her juice out and..

That was it.  The tree boys got beaten up.. by our heros..


Adi was furious  as he enteted the malhotra mansion..  Kartik face had a tensed expression.. Laksh and Manik was in anger..

Adi (roared) : Marcus.. Marcus..

Marcus : Yes Sir..

He wispers something to marcus..

Aftet a few minutes.. marcus was shown making his way out of mansion..

Kartik :Where are you going..??

Marcus :Adi.. sir has odered me to meet one Ms.Zoya in skyline apartment..

Marcus :   I have to go i am getting late  (he runs)

Laksh : Is.. bhai breaking relationship with zoya bhabhi..

Kartik:Why will that happen that boys were at fault..

Manik :But.. in anger bhai has taken some worst descions too.. i am scared..

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  1. Wow Haas it was so so much interesting , now waiting to see what adi is gonna say in the meet to zoya whether he will breakup or not ?? Plz post soon

  2. Wow Haas it was so so much interesting , now waiting to see what adi is gonna say in the meet to zoya whether he will breakup or not ?? Waiting for the next chapter. Update soon

  3. Wow yaar it was so so much interesting , now waiting to see what adi is gonna say in the meet to zoya whether he will breakup or not ?? Waiting for the next chapter. Update soon😍😍😍❤️

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