“Was I only a toy for you Kunj ?
Did you ever love me ?
Was all this a just time pass for you?
Were you never serious about this relationship?”
Twinkle was almost on the verge of breaking down…

“I used to!” Was all the reply Kunj gave , capable to shatter her small world of hopes…

And walked away leaving her world crashed for ever !

Thori Si Main Ruthi Hoon
Thori Si Main Tooti Hoon
Thori Si … Tere binaa…
Rahen meri kho gayi..
Dhundli si hogayi…
Kho Gayee
Tere Binaa …..

She sobbed “you said you’d love me forever. Forever ended much quick …”

She drew the picture close to her heart and again sobbed soundly “I still love you, that’s a fact. But a million apologies can’t bring me back..”

She continued blaming his picture “I tried to make my heart understand that I am over you, But every time my phone vibrates, my heart still wishes its a text from you…”

“You took everything and just left me here unraveling…” Nandini cried hard and threw the photo frame making it break

Two souls , poles apart …….
They meet , they clash , they fall apart

Twinkle Taneja , a hi-fi Vice President at distressed debt of Goldman Sachs, with a extravagant beauty whereas Kunj Sarna , the stereotypical billionaire & the most handsome jerk over whom girls drool

A city – NEW YORK
Two souls- Millions of aspirations and dreams

Fell for each other while clashing

An one night stand, A live in and a wrong move of misunderstanding and selfishness

Was all enough to drift them poles apart breaking their heart in the most pathetic way

They meet again 2 years later…

Will a million of apologies can bring them back or it’s just the silence before the storm ?

Love, Revenge, hatred , pain and obsession drew a pattern on their soul


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  1. Different concept

  2. Hello Ayesha madam cm I ask u something what about transient love and you are my devil Woh kab large and out about this story it is like always mind blowingly fantastic I really like these stories but u ha en to complete the other too and plsss do psot the next part soon plsssssss Ayesha love u and hate u too take care

    1. Ayesha51

      Awwwww sia
      I know babes u r angry for my sudden long time dissappearence
      I’m really sorry
      I’ll try to post soonest possible.
      Luv u too darling ???

    2. Twinj

      Sia yeh trasient love post nai karne wali yeh chudail… Watty may bhi yahi keh kar sab ko cliff hanger pe aatka rakha hae vamp.kahi ki

  3. so finally ayeshu is back …
    I was waiting for u …from long time …
    this new ff seems very interesting…..m very eager to read this …
    one more thing plz post ur previous ff also because I m missing them
    luv u

    1. Ayesha51

      Aww thanks yashu di
      I’ll try to update soon
      Luv u too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Fenil


    1. Ayesha51

      Thnx bhaiyu

  5. Superb

  6. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Ayeshu!! Like I’ve already said, I was super excited to see what you would come up with… And bang!! This is such an amazing, unique concept… I’m sure you’re going to have a great journey with this story, and you’ll gain lots of love for this… Love you ??

  7. Twinj

    Ok arso baad TU khola n boom uh too r here ???????? n oyee it’s awesome…I know iss ke baad kya hoga ???… Manan ka plot dohorega ??… Fir nai patah.. Ok post soon vamp….

  8. Omg pehle Shalini ne jhatka diya ab tune …..ho gyi tere ko fursat aane ki pta h tere ko bahut miss kiya my cute little sister ????

    Interesting plot dear
    Nice story
    Plzzzzz post soon
    Aur apne ff bhi post kr de ab plzzzz
    Luvvvv u

  9. Ramya

    Ayeshu welcome back.
    Missed you.
    Awesome intro.
    Loved it.
    So excited to read more.

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