Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Chapter 5)

Heya! OK I know I’m late but I was doing my school work and after school reopened, the day became more hectic so I didn’t find time to write. Please cooperate with my irregular chapters, sometimes I think of just ending my both ffs but then I don’t want to leave it incomplete, and I just faced a writer’s block too. So after much thinking I present you the next chapter. Well I’m ready with my shield and you will be ready with your tomatoes too after the chapter??

Sanskar’s POV

I reached office, yesterday was quite interesting for me. I said something I shouldn’t say to Swara, I pretended to be myself but failed at it and the most shocking Swara was getting treated by a doctor who is one of my best friends.

I remember Laksh told me that Swara was suffering from panic attacks because of her past. She had witnessed something in her past which she wasn’t able to forget and often got these panic attacks because of stress. From the start I had a soft corner for her but after yesterday, I grew more curious to know her, to help her. After knowing that she was so much stressed and still didn’t show it and was a strong lady from outside, my feelings grew for her not that kind of but a feeling of respect, care, acknowledgement grew for her. I wanted to help her get out of her past but I knew she was never ever going to allow me to do so.

As I was thinking about her, I saw her entering the office from the window. She was walking with determination, looked like she’d decided something. But one thing I couldn’t ignore was her beauty and attitude, the way she walked made my heart flutter. She was ready to kill anyone with her killer attitude.

I was admiring her and that’s when she saw me. At first her eyes softened but as she blinked her eye that emotion was also gone and now her eyes were showing no emotion, empty. She looked straight through me. I looked down, I know, I know usually girls do that but I didn’t want her eyes to conquer me so I looked down and that’s when she averted her gaze and entered her cabin. My cabin was in front of her and there were glass walls so of course I could see her. She kept stealing glances at me and caught me staring at her, I wonder if today I was going to do any work or not. I looked at her balled up fists, she was getting angry because I wasn’t doing my work. I immediately started doing my work. Why is my sixth sense telling me that something is cooking in her huge mind, of course she doesn’t have a tiny mind she’s really intelligent. OK so now just stop praising her and do your work.

When I was doing my work, she called for a conference, it was about the deal she had got recently with Mr Agarwal, she was really happy to get that land for building her hotels. I went to the conference room, but I was feeling somewhere that this madam was going to do something.

Swara’s POV

As soon as I woke up Ragini came in with the breakfast. She was cleaning the room, I wondered why because servants were there to do the work.

“Listen Ragu I’m… I’m sorry about yesterday” I said breaking the silence.
She looked at me, smiled and said “Who said I was angry Swara, I was just quiet because I also thought that you needed some time and now that you were visiting doc also then there was not a big problem. I’m sorry I over reacted yesterday” smiling sheepishly at end.

I smiled and said “Hey it’s ok no problem”
She grinned and said childishly “So now everything solved so let’s have breakfast, I’m starving” I smiled a little at her childishness. We had breakfast and I left for office.

On the way I was thinking of something to throw Sanskar out of my life. Of course I didn’t want that disastrous guy affecting me. I didn’t like his so cool attitude, he thinks everything is joke. I was thinking when suddenly something struck me, I smirked at my idea, today Sanskar Maheshwari was definitely going to leave my office as well as my life.

As I reached my office everyone stood up from their cubicles. I nodded and then my gaze went towards Sanskar. He was staring me, I looked straight through him showing no emotion and he downed his head, girls do that right? Anyways I don’t care about him, he’s just a jerk. As I was working in my cabin, I saw him looking at me from the corner of my eyes. I often glanced at him and caught him staring at me. I was becoming weak, why was he looking at me like that? I was feeling vulnerable, I wasn’t able to do anything. This angered me more, he was weakening me, how could just a boy come and weaken me? I balled up my fists, I felt like punching him and telling him to do his work. He looked at my fists and immediately started doing his work. I smirked, enjoy your last moments here Sanskar because then I would be throwing you out.

I called for a conference and made sure that the interior I was going to show them would not be so good, I was sure no one would raise a voice against me but this Sanskar being the idiot he was would definitely tell me he didn’t like the interior.


“As I was saying this will be the interior of our new hotel” I told showing them the design and as I expected Sanskar raised his hand to say something. “Yes?” I asked him.

“Are you sure about these designs?” He asked and I answered “Of course I am, any problem?”

“Actually yes” I cocked an eyebrow at him “What?”
“The designs are quite-”
“Quite?” I cut him off.
“Boring” he said hesitantly.


“Do you have a better idea?” I asked.
“Ah.. Yes I do have a better idea than this” he said a bit confidently.

“OK then, I want a presentation in one hour”
“One hour?” He choked and widened his eyes.
“One hour is enough” I shrugged and turned to leave.

“At least I need two hours” he pleaded.
I turned and smirked at him “Mr Maheshwari if there would be any normal employee, I would give that person two hours. But since you are the extra, extra smart person, one hour would be enough for you”

I cut him off “Complete the presentation in one hour or you’re fired” He widened his eyes at my statement.


After one hour I was sitting in the conference room and saw him coming in. I smirked, this jerk definitely would have not completed his work I thought.

He came in and spoke “Good Afternoon, so as I found the previous designs a bit boring so I’m here with the new designs” I frowned at his statement, did he complete the whole presentation? I thought.

I started seeing his presentation, it was perfect. Everything was just beautiful of course this boy had talent but I didn’t want him to complete this presentation. After the presentation, he looked at me and smiled. Everyone stood up and started clapping but I was glaring him. After everyone finished, I stood up and said “Samira, finalize this presentation” and left.

As I was working, I heard a knock on the door. I looked up to see Sanskar leaning at the door, “May I come in?” He asked.

I looked at him pointedly before replying “No!”
He just smirked and entered the cabin. I looked at him shocked at his behavior “What the hell are you doing!!” I scowled at him. In response I just received a shrug from him “Nothing”

My face contorted in anger “Just.Get.Out” I said resisting the urge to punch him in the face.
“And what if I don’t?” He asked in a flat tone enough to make my blood boil, no body dared to question me and this boy is crossing all his limits.

As I was trying to control my anger and was searching for an answer he said “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” I scrunched my brows together in confusion thinking what was he talking about and when I realized, I widened my eyes, oh so he got to know about my plan to throw him out.

“What are you talking about?” I asked as I averted my gaze from him.
“You know what I’m talking about” he said and before I could answer he interjected “You did all this is so that you could throw me out of this office, didn’t you?”

I smirked “Well Mr Maheshwari, I didn’t know you would be so smart to catch my point so now when you know that I want you out so go”
“No” he said pointedly.
I glared at him “and why so?”
“Because I know why you’re doing this” I looked at him shocked at his statement.

Did he really the real reason?

“Then tell me what is the oh so called reason” I told maintaining my flat tone.
This time he smirked “You are affected by me” I tried my best not to choke at his statement. He really knew my reason but he only knew half. I was not only affected by him but he also ignited something in me, something I didn’t know. And that was weakening me.

“You are wrong, I just don’t want you in my office because you’re not responsible, be a responsible man and show me only then would I think of keeping you in this office.” I knew he would never be a responsible person, he was always this clumsy boy.

He thought for a while and told “OK so if I become a responsible man and show you then you’ll not throw me out?” I nodded and he continued “ok then I’ll show you. Deal”

He forwarded his hand and we shook our hands as a sign of deal. I wonder if I’ll win this


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