Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Chapter 1)

Ok so guys this is another story of mine and I hope you’ll support me with this I don’t know how this story will turn out but I’ve a plot ready so I need your support?

Swara’s POV

I reached office after another sleepless night. Don’t know till when these dreams are going to haunt me but I’m gonna fight it. I am a fighter my mother Sharmishtha Rajvanshi has always motivated me not to lose hope and here I am the owner of SRS Industries(Guys there’s this change, I have changed her company’s name)An independent and strong woman from outside but no body knows me from inside sometimes not even Ragini.

As I was heading towards my cabin, all my employees stood up and wished me. I just gave them a small nod and not even a smile. I don’t like smiling, it has been ages since I smiled not to show anyone but from my heart. Suddenly I heard someone’s sobbing outside one of my employee’s cabin. I stood there, I know eavesdropping is not good but somewhere I was also a little concerned about my employees though I’ve never shown them but I am.

“He left me” it was a girl’s voice.

“He….he told he loved me but…….that wasn’t the….truth he was already having……..having a girlfriend and was cheating on me…” She was stammering and again a heartbroken girl who was sharing her feelings with another person.

My hands were turning into fists, eyes were getting red I didn’t knew what I should do. This reminded me of something, something I never wanted to remember but it was haunting me and now this girl!!

“Don’t worry just forget about him, don’t think about him please if Swara madam comes to know that you’re crying here she’ll fire you. Please stop crying.” Another voice came of a girl only.

I smirked they had fear and I wanted this fear because without fear there was nothing but I was still getting angry and I barged in the cabin both were shocked seeing me.

“What? Are you shocked seeing me? I asked trying to keep my cool.

“Mam…we were just talking about…”

“About heartbreak. Am I right?” I cut her off. She was thinking of an answer I looked at the girl who was sobbing and looked at her id for her name.

“Miss Aditi Sharma I don’t think you have to cry for such small break up issues, do you?” I asked dangerously.

“Mam I’m sorry I didn’t mean to waste your time.”

“And now that you have wasted my time then let me also tell you one thing that sorrys are not accepted here.” I turned to leave but again came back to her.

“Love is crap, love is a feeling that makes you feel vulnerable. Hatred is better than Love because hatred doesn’t gives that pain which love gives. So stay out if this” Pointing a finger at her I said “and dare you think that I’m concerned about you. You’re a good employee, nice potential only that’s why I’m advising you. Got it?”

She nodded her head and said “yes mam”              “Good” and I left.

~In the cabin~

“Samira is there any progress?” I asked with my eyes glued to the laptop.

“Yes mam Mr Agarwal has agreed to give that land to us. Now we can start our work”

“Good, fix my meeting with Mr Agarwal tomorrow”

“As you wish and one more thing you have to take an interview of a boy tomorrow.”

“Ok what’s his name?”

“Sanskar Maheshwari”

“Send him an email and tell him to come before the meeting, I need to finish off this interview ASAP and ya please tell him not to come late. I hate people who delay and waste my time.”

“Ok mam” The day passed and I was tired but I knew I would not be able to sleep and I have to take sleeping pills.


I reached home and heard the sound of something breaking. I went numb some unknown fear crossed my heart, my legs started shivering, I started sweating. This reminded me of that day. I closed my eyes, brushed those thoughts away and rushed to the source of the voice, my mom’s room. I reached and I saw her alone. I heaved a sigh of relief that atleast HE was not here but why was she breaking her things?

“Mom! Mom what happened why are you doing all this?” I caught her from shoulders so she could face me and she had tear stains in her face. What the hell was happening?

“Mom please tell me what happened?”

“Swara HE didn’t come” she told me still sobbing.

That unknown fear again crossed my heart but now I was angry that how my mom was still in his control. Sometimes she remembered what he did and forgot him and sometimes she forgot everything what he did and started loving him. Doctors said that she’s never going to be normal, lifelong she’ll stay like this but I don’t want to see her like this, I wanted her normal.

I decided to handle this with care, “Mom did he ever tell you that he’ll come?”

“Yes he did”

“Mom ok he may have told you but now take your medicine and sleep doctor told you not to take stress so please don’t” I thought she’ll understand this time.

“But Swara what is stressful in this I’m waiting for him”

“But he will never come” I said dangerously with venom in my eyes “He said that he doesn’t loves you so stop loving him and you know right? That I Hate Love”

Before also my mom had seen this fire in my eyes, this hatred in my eyes but after so much time she was again seeing this so she got a bit scared.

“But….but he’s your….” She was stammering and I cut her off.

“He is NOTHING” I said emphasizing the word nothing I didn’t want him as anything in my life.

“Mom sleep” I said in my dominating yet calm voice “We’ll talk about it tomorrow OK?”

“OK” and she slept.

I closed her room’s door assuring that she slept. I went to my room, changed in something comfortable and laid down on the bed but sleep was away from my eyes. The fact was that I was afraid of sleeping because whenever I closed my eyes that incident came in my dreams I couldn’t fight those dreams so I took pills. For my office I’m the strongest and most independent woman but I know that I’m coward who is running, running from her past, running from everything related to my past because I know that I’m not strong enough to fight. I am not. Maybe I tell my myself from inside that I am a fighter but that doesn’t matter I know who I am and I am coward.

Tomorrow whould be a tiring day and my eyes needed some rest so I had to take pills.

Eventually I slept due to the effect of the pills.


Ok so how was that? Was it bad or good?

I don’t know;)

Do vote and comment if you’ll liked this story and you’ll want to know more about Swara and Sanskar.

This chapter only contained Swara because I wanted you people to get connected to her character because her character is the most confusing so you’ll must be connected to her.

And about Sanskar I hope you’ll will like his character too. Well may I tell you he’s the most carefree and lazy guy:P and next chapter will have him and Swara both.

Depends on how I write because ideas only come when I start writing I have no idea what I’m going to write in the next.

So till then thanks for reading my biggggg speech and thanks for reading the chapter too:)

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