Broken Relations- I #Riansh (OS Book)

Broken Relations- I

This is the three shot which starts from the storyline when Vihaan gave the divorce papers to Riddhima.


Vansh looks at Riddhima as she hugs him tightly. 

“You know Riddhima, this kalash” She looks as he shows are the kalash. She comes in front of him “It’s the ashes of my mom’s last sign. I was broken knowing my mom had been murdered, but I had a hope that I will get justice to her.”

Keeping back the kalash, he feels as she hugs him from his shoulder. “Now I think that hope also went far, I will feel guilty seeing this kalash, I couldn’t get justice for mum.” He said and hugged her. She felt her shoulder getting wet. “Will you do me a favor?”

“Vansh…” She mumbles as her vision gets blur. 

“Don’t leave me alone, ever.” He said and kept his head on her shoulder. Placing a small kiss on his forehead, she recalls of Dadi’s words. ‘My Vansh has suffered a lot.’

Indeed, he has suffered a lot staying without family’s care, love, any child would become heartless. Life is really just an another of mess, problems can never be excluded from it. Some learns to solve it, some ignores it. 

“Riddhima…promise me. You won’t leave me ever.” He said and looks into her eyes. She nods at him and saw the most beautiful smile on his face, that smile tells what he feels for her. That smile tells she is the cure of his pain, that smile tells she is his heartbeat, that smiles tell how much he loves her. “I love you!”

She smiles at his words. Finally he said whether the situation is different, both had lied from it. But these words can only be the last painkiller for them. “I love you too…”

He smiles, engulfing her in a hug. She looks at him as he took her smile into his.

Vansh woke with a jerk, he looks around and wipes his sweat. “What the hell was I even thinking?” He looks at the other empty side of the bed, where she used to be, but not anymore. She left him, he chuckles at his own words. She left him or he threw her out. She betrayed him and he did the same, she mistrust him and he didn’t even gave her a change to trust him.

May be they aren’t together by relation but they’re by souls and heart. He still don’t want to give his place to someone. But where was she? He knows he won’t bring her back anyhow, neither did he searched for her. She left him and he didn’t cared for her.

Thinking she’ll come back once as his. When at her ‘I LOVE YOU’ he’ll took her into his arms, swirling her around but self-respect, he forgot the difference between these two. He closed his eyes and remembered she still don’t know that Vansh is alive and he is Vansh for her he is Vihaan.

“You didn’t just hurt me, you broke me .You have made a joke of my feelings and trust, you played a game with me, you have cheated me. Kabir was my enemy, enemy keeps enmity, you were my loved one, I trusted you and you knew Kabir is my big enemy, even then you were marrying him.” Vihaan said and looks at Riddhima, “Dadi would have not expected you to agree and maybe she has given priority to your happiness and future. But you agreed for this marriage just in the gap of 40 days.”

“I’m really sorry, forgive me.” Riddhima said and moves closer to her. “What’s this drama? Just do what I said.”

“Stay away, my hatred gets high when you come close, your crime is bigger than others.” He shouted pushing her away and gave her a disgusted look. She felt hurt by his behavior.

He refused to let her enter in his life. When his family supported him. 

“If there is no love and trust, what will you do?” She heard Chachi’s words and recalls indeed it was useless to try. She was a fool who kept on trusting each and every stranger. She was a fool who trusted this Vihaan.

Trust can never happen easily and she did that too so easily. If Kabir can betray her even after being in relationship for 2 years then this was Vihaan who she met just 2 weeks ago. 

Last thing she heard was, “Right, I decided to not stay in this relation. I’m breaking our relation. I want divorce.” She heard him, it was useless. He was not Vansh even they aren’t married, but even Vansh was no more. This relation was never meant to be forever. She looks around and saw Dadi who was concerned for her, oh no, for this relation and for her Vansh. 

Rest all kept on encouraging Vansh to throw her out. She looks as Vansh threw her bag from the staircase and it fell on her feet. It hurts her but Vansh was no more with her ached the most. 

“I can’t tolerate you here, you will stay in outhouse until divorce is done.” She heard him, yes now even she wants to end everything. Putting a full stop. “If she disappears, then I will be tied to her all life, once divorce happens, then she will be gone forever.”

She saw as Ishani holding her hand pulled her out and threw her bag on the floor. 

He remembers how she had signed the divorce papers, and left with a letter. She never came back since last 3 months and his family kept on encouraging him for never looking at her back. He remembers how even when Siya woke up, she had a memory loss because of getting hurt on the head. She don’t know anything about her being in his life.

He felt his head hurting as he touches his bandage. How he met with an accident yesterday and his right hand is now fractured. He remembered how since she had left, his life is just hell. Daily he used to get hurt either physically or mentally.

Hearing a knock on the door, he opens it and looks at his sister, Sia. She smiles at him. He was sleeping so early before dinner time.

“Bhai, come. Dadi is calling you down.” He saw as she said and started moving towards the other side.

Moving there he looks at Dadi, and passes her a smile but no reply he could get from her.

“Angre, make all the arrangement. My child, Viraj is coming back.” Vansh heard her and shows no expression.

“Viraj, you mean He, why is he even coming back?” Aryan asked in irritated tone and Vansh turns him giving a glare. “Fine, as If I care either he comes or not.”

“Who is this Viraj, now?” Kabir murmurs into Anupriya’s ears.

“Their adopted son, My MIL found him on the road all alone and brought him. But I must agree he was never a greedy person, he left this family when he was just 13 and after Ajay’s death. He didn’t even asked for a single penny from us just he wished was to get educated and when he did. He’s now standing on his own feet without anyone. He was in Shimla until now, as I had heard but don’t know about now.” She whispered to him and saw him glaring at her.

“Another sanskari son, how can these even survive here?” Murmuring Kabir looked at Dadi.

“He is coming here, because I called him. He was about to get married there only but I called him saying it to will be here with all the rituals.” They heard Dadi’s words.

“Exactly, our mansion is hospice.” Ishani said and looked at Kabir who passed her a smile.

“That’s why it’s keeping you here, even after you’re married.” She heard him and looks back at Vansh who didn’t even looked at her this time.

“Angre, do all the arrangement. Pandit ji has said that the date is after 5 days.” Angre nodded and saw as she moved to her room.


Entering inside, Dadi sat on the bed taking a deep breath. Looking at the photo frame of Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage, she smiled and caress it.

“I won’t let you get insulted Riddhima, not this time. I have send you at the safest place and I know you will be happy there.” Dadi said and smiled at that. “I asked you to stay away from this family, for your own benefit, Vansh won’t believe me ever that I killed Ajay. He won’t trust me and understand why I did. But you did, you heard me, you trusted me. Now, I just hope that I can die before this family gets divided. I won’t let you enter in this mess again.”

“Dadi…” She heard Siya’s voice and looks at her teary eyes. “You are missing Riddhima di.”

Dadi heard her and nodded. “When I heard Vansh talking to Angre that he had lied to Riddhima about him being Vihaan, then only, I…”


In Manali:

Riddhima smiled and looked at herself in the mirror. Applying, body lotion on her hands, she stretched her legs on the bed to apply. Just when she felt someone taking the bottle from her.

“Don’t bend in this condition, I’ll do this.” She heard him and saw as he sat and took the lotion on his palm and rubbing it slightly, applied on her legs.

“Viraj, why are you doing this, leave it…” She said and tried to stop him.

“Shut up, anyway. I’ll keep the tickets in the right drawer.” He said and rubbed her feet, soothing her nerves.

“Thanks for this help.” He heard her and looking up glared at her.

“Thanks again? Who used to say no thank you no sorry in friendship?” He said and saw her smiling. “But if thank you, then thanks to you for curing me. Helping me to walk again, showing me the right path.”

“Again, you started? Now it’s done. Leave it” He heard her and left her legs. Getting up, he gave her the medicine. “Will you be fine travelling in economic class?”

“Yaa… Now don’t ask me another time.” She said and laid down.

“No, I mean won’t you feel anything….” She heard him and looked at him. “Fine, I won’t but I’ll try for business class tickets by tomorrow.”

“You won’t, go and sleep now.” She said and saw how smoothly he ignored her.

Holding the duvet, he brought it to her stomach and bending down placed a kiss there, “Good Night to my baby.” She smiled and saw as he covered her. “Good night. I’m here if you need anything, just call me.”

She nodded and saw as he moved to the couch, big enough for him as he bought a new one for him only.

She smiled as she saw him looking at her and she turned off the lights. She got him as her cure, when no one was there for her. Keeping her hand on her stomach, she thinks of her 2 month baby.

He needs a father and a small family, she is just giving him that. She thinks it to be good to get married to Viraj before her baby bump appears or that could just make another bad impact on their lives.


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{A/N: This is my last TS here and then may be I’ll post an OS and that would be it. I would end my writing after My Obsessed Husband. Not only here, I have to end my stories before March cause after that I’ll get engaged in the preparation of my NEET exams and won’t give me time. Still I would be writing on general fictions on wattpad but won’t be possible here as I don’t think Tellyupdates supports it and if I say truly I don’t have that much interest in Riansh now, it’s sad even for me but don’t know why that happened. It happened and That’s why I’m moving on to General Fiction, fantasy and other kind of stories. I’m sorry if I have hurted anyone’s feelings but this decision was after a lot of thinking.}

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