Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 32 by LovelyAliya

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Chapter 32

Anu and Sanskar came home and it was dark

Anu- Sanskar yeh light kyun band raho? Where is everyone?
But she get no reply, she turn and find no one here

Anu scared- Sa… Sans… Sanskar? where are you? Bade ma? Bade papa? Laksh? Swara bhabi? Dekho Sanskar is you are playing a prank on me, it’s not fun? Main andhere se dar lagata hai! Please everyone?
But no respond, she was about to cry, then light go on

Person- Are are darling don’t cry

Anu was relieved and run to the person- Papa tum yahan?
Her dad will be played by Hiten Tejwani

Anu’s dad- Darling, I’m sorry I want to surprise you, please don’t cry

Anu smile- It’s ok papa, how are you?

Anu’s dad- How do you find me? ill? I’m absolutely fine

Anu- So this is your surprise for me handsome ? And YOU, Mr. Sanskar Mahewari, you didn’t inform me? Main tumhe baat nahi karongi!

Sanskar- are are! Uncle told me to keep it a secret, why you are angry just at me?

Anu proudly say- Because he is my dad, I cannot be angry at him, but you are my friend so I can be angry at you!

Sanskar said dramatically- See uncle how your daughter is changing ? Two minutes back I was her best friend now I’m just her friend?

Ajay just smiled at their bonding, while they are fighting. He saw his daughter, his life smiling like always, chasing her friend and hit him playfully.
Anu taking her breath- Chalo papa tum rest kijiye, main, ma aur bhabies khanna taiyaar karenge.

Ajay- Are wah? Yeh meri beti nahi ho sakta? DP where you hide my real daughter? The daughter who never steps into a kitchen is now preparing a dinner?

DP faking and anger, while Anu pout, the rest just smile, he side hugs Anu and tell- Don’t say anything to my daughter ok? She is very brilliant and to your pleasure, she didn’t burn the parata today
And he boast into a laughter, while everyone just hides their smile

Anu eyes pop-up and her mouth form a perfect “o”, she put her hand on her hips and tell- Uncle? I thought atleast you will be on my side, but no…
She fake a cry and DP hug her- You make the tastiest burn parata, just like Ragini
Everyone became silent, Sanskar eyes got teary, like everyone, but Anu being a soul of happiness tell- Offo, If you all cries now I will make you all eat burn parata and matar, I will ad so much of spicy that you all will have a reason to cry!

Everyone smile through their tears and shook their head disbelieving. Sanskar goes to his room and recalls his moment with Ragini, the day she entered the house with him, and the day she goes out with her luggage. He shut his eyes to relax, later on, he came downstair, seeing everyone chit chatting happily with Anu and Ajay.
He smiles and says- I cannot be selfish and letting my family suffer. After so much years happiness is in this house, I won’t let it fade away.

Anu looks at him and smile. Ajay looks at his daughter then at the direction and smile. He continues discussing with the elder.

Anu- Handsome, I want to go to my jijju’s place

Ajay- Jijju’s place?

Anu- Aur nahi toh kya, Uttara is my sister, if Sujata ma consider me as her daughter, logically Uttara is my sister no?

Ajay smile and nod- Ok you go! Sanskar please can you drop her?

Sanskar immediately- No I have a meeting in few minutes

Anu suprised- Meeting? With whom?

Sanskar- A foreign client

Anu little angry- Sanskar if you don’t want to drop me, you can say it, no need to say lies! I hate liar, Laksh bhai can you please drop me?

Laksh nod, while everyone just sight. Sanskar try to speak to Anu, but she passe in front of him, igoring him.


Ragini was in front of her house, she was afraid to enter, to see their face, to meet their eyes. Janki held her shoulder and gestured her to enter. When she enter dadi came to her running but then stop and turn around
Dadi- Shekhar ke papa, tell this girl to go back, why she came back?

Ragini was sad, and tears comes out- Dadi, I’m sorry

Dadi- Shekhar ki papa, tell this her sorry won’t work today

Janki came to her MIL- Ma, please

Dadi- You too, I won’t talk to you two! You two goes away from me, not thinking how I will live without you? If I will die or not?
This chori never contact me, if Viren bete didn’t keep me informed about her whereabouts I would never know if she was alright or not.
And you Janki, you decide to go with her? Not thinking about me?

It was too emotional for all, Dadi was crying seeing after a long time her grandchildren. Ragini just hugs her dadi. The two were crying- I’m sorry Dadi, please forgive your Laado.

Voice- Atleast she came, I thought that I should take a plane to take her here, and you Dadi why you told her to go? I have to blackmail her to make her come here!

Ragini- Chote
And Viren comes to Ragini and hug her like there will not have a tomorrow. Ragini and Viren both were crying, getting some solace after being separated.

Ragini- I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t cut the ties with you all, but …

Viren- It’s ok Di I understand, and will never forget what you did! Even with all the gold in the world, I cannot pay you back.

Ragini takes him in her embrace- Anything for you.

Viren- I love you Di

Janki- And what about me? Did you just miss your Di? What about your ma?

Viren- Even I was missing you, but atleast you keep coming to us, unlike her ( taunting Ragini)

Janki hugs her son and takes blessing from Dada ji. Then Ragini and her come to a photo.

Ragini cry- I’m sorry dad, I know you are not with us because of my deed

Janki, Dadi, and Dada come to her and dada reply- Nahi beta, it was God’s wish to take your papa with him. You shouldn’t take this burden on you. Your dad was proud of you and was with you in every decision.

Dadi- Haan Laado, your dad is not dead he is alive here (pointing to her heart).

Ragini nod and goes to her room. She looks everywhere, everything was same. Nothing has changed, she spots the photo frame which was her and Sanskar together. She takes the photo and caresses it. She was sad and cry.

Ragini- I’m sorry Sanskar, trust me I love you a lot, behaat pyaar karta hai mudje ko. I cannot forget you, I love you a lot. Please come back to me, I cannot live without you! I, myself know how I lived without you, how much I feel like calling you, but then stop it. I’m feeling suffocated being away from you. I hope you will forgive me someday.

At the same moment, Laksh, Anu, and Uttara came to Gagodia.

Anu smiling- Namaste everyone

Dadi- Namaste Anu beta how are you?

Anu, Laksh, and Uttara take blessing from Dada and Dadi. But Laksh and Uttara took blessing from Janki also. Anu was unaware that Janki is Swara and Sanskar’s ex-wife’s mom.

Laksh- Anu I introduce you to my lovely MIL, your bhabhi and jiju’s mom.

Anu- Oh namaste aunty and bend down to take a blessing

Janki- Khush raho, May I know who are you, beautiful lady?

Anu smile proudly- Thank you for the compliment aunty. I’m Anuskha Singh, Sanskar best-friend, but you can call me Anu.

Hearing the name of Sanskar, Janki’s smile fade, but then put a forced smile. Anu sees this but doesn’t see anything.

Anu- I came to see my would be Jiju, he told me that he will introduce me to his beloved sister, cum mother. Where is he?

Viren- Oho Anu, breath I told you she will come today, and you came today itself? Cannot you wait ?

Before Anu’s reply, Laksh said sarcastically- So she came finally

Anu- You know her Laksh?

This time Uttara speak- Of course we know her, don’t you forget that she is also Swara’s sister?

Anu- Means? Is she Sanskar ex-wife?

Voice- Yes

Anu sees the direction of the voice, and saw a beautiful woman in her age, standing teary eyes next to the stair. Ragini came to her and then said

Ragini- Ragini Gagodia

Anu being cold- Anushka Singh

Viren- And Anu for the intimate

Ragini smile- So Anu …

Anu- Jiju just tell, Anu is for the time not for the stranger, sorry Miss Gagodia.
Jiju, I will come later, you guys carry on.

She goes away leaving a sad Ragini and a disbelief Laksh, Uttara, and Viren.

Viren- Di, she is not like this, she is the sweetest person I saw in my life, don’t know why she behave like this

Laksh sight- She and Sanskar are very close. They are like two bodies with one soul!
This hurt Ragini a lot
Laksh continues- They are best friend from childhood, so she know everything on Sanskar, they share a special bonding since age. Obviously, she will be like this to Ragini. I mean she left Sanskar alone with his pain. In fact, she didn’t let Sanskar, she left everyone

Ragini crying- I’m sorry Laksh

Laksh- You should Ragini, you better be sorry! How Can I forget those nights when my brother cried at night? If not Anu, he would become a drunkard, but with her help his start to smile again. I understand your POV, but they were many other options, but you didn’t think about the consequence. If you talk to bhai, I’m sure he would agree with you, but … khair past is past! I’m happy you came, I will tell Swara.
With that, he goes leaving a hurt Ragini and teary Uttara.

Uttara- Bhabi, I’m sorry, Ragini, I’m sorry on the behalf of Laksh, you know he…

Ragini wiping her tears- I know Uttara, I know
She goes to her room crying- I know I’m at fault, but I did this for Viren! God do you think I’m wrong, I want to save my brother’s life! He means everything to me. How can I forget that I raised him? Viren is my first baby, my chotte.

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