Part :2


Kunj went New York without telling twinkle next day she wake up and didn’t found him and understands he went and didn’t in formed her she get sad and crying whole day and her health wasn’t good from many days but because of this all things she didn’t pay any attention her all mind just on Kunj that no one take him away from her and he going away from her..

At New York Kunj get busy in his work he was missing twinkle lott She didn’t call him in this days totally both dying for each other’s twinkle didn’t having her meal hardly she said Gul come and talk to her but she lost her all bubbly charm.Maya was happy that they fighting she  she sending twinkle Mahira and Kunj photos. She had a friend in Mumbai and she was employed in Kunj company by the chance she helping maya this all cheery on cake and maya filled twinkle ears and mind against Kunj. But she too suffering she was hell Happy now she just having tears in her life she can’t stay without Kunj. In this one week she lost her smile and charm everything just talking with Kunj photo frames..

Twinkle started having vomiting badly she get ill.Ahah what happened to me I m not feeling well babaji hope I’m okay she said and hold her head.She roaming in whole room.Just than something click in her mind she went in washroom and throw up and washing her face and she having tears in her eyes and shocked.

Meansss babaji she realised after her and Kunj last love make out.she didn’t have her monthly.

Hoo no babaji this can’t I mean shit mene bhi socha nahi inn sab me now what to do I’m not sure as well she murmured and immediately call in chemist shop.Soon chemist man come and give twinkle what she oder and pay him charge money and come in room she looking at pregnancy test kit..

I have to check fast she said and went in washroom she do her pregnancy test and leave for result she was hell tensed.after sometimes later she went in washroom and check the test it’s  coming positive she was damn shocked she hold the side wall.tears rolling down on her cheeks fully..

I’m pregnant she speak and touch her belly she smiled and went in room she sit and was hell numb.

Babaji ab baby is coming maybe everything solve na she murmured and take her phone and open Kunj number in message and she send him hi.

And she checking other message she see Mahira putting something in her status she check and see she was with Kunj a photo.

Means she too went New York he said he was going all alone ahah she throw cushion in side ???he changed fully he lying with me every time whyyyyyyy she screamed..

Mera babyyy twinkle started crying badly..

what I’ll do now maya di can help me she said and immediately message maya call her back .

Yes twinkle what happened you sounding wrong.

Maya diii she crying.

Arey tell me Kunj does something she asked.

He is bad maya di he went New York with Mahira and told me he going alone I’m doubting him just but see she was with him they enjoying there now what me and my baby do she said.

Whatttt babyyy maya said.

Yes maya di I checked I’m pregnant she said maya was damn shocked..

pregnantttt twinkle good maya said with pain.

What good here Kunj doing this what I’ll do I’ll lull myself she said.

Nahi twinkle I’m feeling bad why Kunj doing this all this girls are like this I’ll kill Mahira she hurting my sister maya said.

Now help me please where I’ll go she said.

See twinkle in this stage having baby it’s wrong I’m see Kunj cheating you fully and you will get pregnant and have baby than he will have more fun outside and made you busy in baby maya said.

Means maya di twinkle asked.

Means baby have baby later now concentrate on your husband she said.

But after baby maybe he is okay she said.

Hmm I don’t know I saw after baby husband didn’t give shit to wife’s and you telling me about Kunj he already not showing in interest after baby toh you just become nanny sister think before doing anything my suggestion is this only maya added.

You mean I abort baby twinkle said.

Don’t do twinkle okay You rest she cut the call.

Maya diii twinkle speaking. She went near mirror and looking at herself.

Maya di saying right or wrong after baby Kunj leave me fully me and baby nooo I can’t live without kunjj??she sobbing and hold her head.Twinkle stuck maya word echoing in her mind.Twinkle lost her sense she take out medicine and gulps in one go and closed her eyes she falls down on bed.. and crying.

After sometimes later she realised what she have done.

I abort baby in my womb what I’ll tell Kunj.

I’m sorry baby but papa not loving you and me I hate you kunjjj???.. she speaking twinkle sleep.

Next side in New York.

Twinkle always upset don’t know why she doing this all things with me I’m going back tomorrow will give her surprise he said and by her favourite things and he went back to hotel and see her message he reply her back but twinkle not again her because he was sleeping. Kunj packed everything and leave for airport and Mahira too.

Morning twinkle wake up started having pain in her womb she get up and her bed filled with blood she was shocked and went in washroom composed herself.She get freshen up she clean the house in this condition.

Today Kunj coming back Hope now everything solve between us she said and making

His favourite things after twinkle sit and get ready wear his favourite Color.

Kunj reached Mumbai airport he was hell happy after a week he going to see his wife..

he sit in car and leave for home.Twinkle waiting for Kunj..

Kunj ring the door bell twinkle understand and went to open the door she found Kunj.Both looking at each other’s.Kunj entered inside. Kunj holding flower bouquet in his hand.

Hii keshi hai he said.

Theek tum she asked.

Me too he said and cupped her face.

Miss you lott these days he kissed on her Forehead and peck at twinkle lips tears falls down from twinkle eyes Kunj wipes..

you sit maybe get tired she said he nodded in yes.

He went in washroom and get freshen up come in living room with boxes she give him coffee.

This for you he give her.

What she asked.

Gifts for you he added she open and surprise her favourite handbag and perfume.

Hope you like it he said.

Thanks why you bring this she said.

Why not I didn’t shop anything from you from long time he said and she looked at him.

Yes this flowers as well he said and give her she smiled and take.. both wanted to hug each other’s Kunj see twinkle foots shivering.

Heyy what happened he asked and cupped her face twinkle hugged him.

I miss you kunjj don’t leave me again I’m sorry please she said.

I’m sorry twinkle I’m overreacted that night he said and both hugging each other’s passionately.

Shhh Leave everything I just love you yaar you don’t there in New York how I live what you made of yourself he said and caressing his face.

You come na now I’ll be okay she said and pecking at his lips both get happy. Kunj lift in his arms and take in room and they sit in each other embrace and they talking with each other’s twinkle feeling bad.she wanted to tell him about her pregnancy but now what she will tell him she ended without telling him once..

They have food together after long feeling happy. Kunj went in washroom his eyes went on a box he see pregnancy kit.

What is this pregnancy kit he read and think.

Hoo twinkle bring this he said and went outside.

Heyy twinkle are you okay he asked:

Haan Baba I m fully fine she said.

But I saw this pregnancy kit in washroom what this doing here he asked she see and shocked.

Kunjjj she said.. he went near her.

Haan tell me na you bring pregnancy test kit do you use this he said. She closed her eyes and she nodded in yes he get happy.

Acha what come he asked with all excitement twinkle can see in his eyes.

Tell me na what come why you bring this he said.

I was doubting that I’m pregnant or not because I’m not feeling good and having vomiting Kunj she said.

Hoo than he said.

I checked and test come positive she said.

Whattttt he screamed and hold her hands means you are pregnant jaan he said.

I’m hell happy good I finished this work now I’m will give my all time to you like before me and you spend all the time together I’ll do all things for my baby he said and keep his hand on her belly.. I’m hell happy I’m going to become papa and you Mumma sorry for each and everything baby he said and hugged her.She was shocked and feeling guilty..

kunjjj you are happy I mean you wanted baby

She said.

Yes I’m extremely happy and I wanted baby twinkle he said twinkle breaks down.

Sorry kunjjj I was pregnant she said.

What do you mean you was pregnant he said.

She closed her eyes hold his hands.

Kunjjj I don’t know how I’ll tell you I’m sorry I don’t know how I did this whatever I understand that time I did it she said.

I’m not getting anything twinkle you are pregnant or was means he said.

Kunjj yes I’m pregnant last night I get to know about this but she said.

What buttt he asked..

I take pills and abort the baby she said..

whatttt he shocked hand leave her hand.

She scared after see his face..

abortttt he said in shaking voice.

I’m sorry Kunj I didn’t getting anything I thought you will not accept this and now you didn’t have time for me and what I’ll do alone and baby responsibility not small in stress I take pill I’m sorry please she said.

Are you gone mad you take pill and kill our baby whyyy haan why I’ll not accept he is my

Blood I’m happy I’ll take my baby responsibility why you will take Alone he said loudly

And hold her tightly from her shoulder. How dare you take this step alone you didn’t wait for me twinkle without my will itself you take this decision and kill my babbyyyyy????how dare youuu I’m his father even I have right but you vanished all my right on you on my

Baby he said and she was shocked to see him. She didn’t have idea he will be this much angry.

Kunjj I’m sorry ? kya karti me what you doing

With me I’m tired I can’t take it anymore that

Moment I didn’t think anything so I took this step she said.

What I have done twinkle that make you take this step he added.

You think Kunj do you have time For me no you just busy in your work and your friends that’s it.

That night I planned for so many things for you that you will celebrate valentine day with me but not you were out Whole night haa did you think what I’m feeling no you busy in Your life and I don’t wanted my baby suffer she said.

I thought you are stubborn but not you mad selfish and killer of my unborn baby I hate you twinkle I give you all love and everything but you didn’t understand my love and value of me he said and crying.

You didn’t care about me she said.

Leave me alone and I hate you he said.

Please na Kunj we will have baby again she said.

Again you will kill haan for this small matter you kill your child in your womb why how could you twinkle I wanted my babyyyy at any condition he shouted.. tune mujhe se puch na bhi zaroori nahi samja haa twinkle itna haq toh hai mera tere upar he said.

Nahi kunjj I did in my madness forgive me she said and cupping his face.

Leave me don’t show me your face again he said and push her she hit with side table..

ouchhh she winched in pain..

You didn’t wait for me didn’t think even I’m part of your life take this decision alone but why what my baby did with you he said.

Sorry it’s OUR she said.

If it’s our than you wouldn’t have killed my baby you break me down today feeling Ashamed on myself that I loved you. If I’m not giving you time you think chii he added and went out of the room in anger..

Kunjjjj please listen to me I’m sorry babyyy she exclaiming loudly..

Kunj falls down on his knees and feeling so bad how can twinkle did this.My babyyy he said..

Twinkle cuddles herself and crying fully.

I’m sorry Kunj but you didn’t left any other way in front of me you going away from me and how I’ll handle baby when you not wanted me anymore always you are with Mahira and Alisha you didn’t think about me from which pain I’m going through she murmured.

Kunj take alcohol bottle and started drinking fully.. twinkle went in living room and see him she shocked she rushed towards him.

Nooo leave this she try to snatch the bottle from his hand but he isn’t ready to leave he push her she get up and snatch the bottle and it’s falls down on floor and break as well fully.

Kya hai tujhe leave me alone for god sake he said.

I can’t let me explain myself she said.

I don’t wanted to do anything worse I’m not in good mood it’s better for you leave me alone otherwise I’ll do something he said she hold his shirt.

Don’t na kunjjj I’m sorry we will sit and talk you aren’t in your sense right now she said.

Acha I’m not in my sense what about you.You aren’t in your sense that you kill our baby he added.Twinkle hold his hand she never thought he get this much angry for baby which even not come in this world how she will handle him.

Broken bottle glass prick in twinkle feet’s she didn’t care about herself Kunj Hurt his hand..

Twinkle sit beside him and try to talk him but he closed his eyes..

she rest his head in his arms and stay like this..

Night went and morning come.. sunlight coming on their face they wake up together twinkle give him smile and Kunj remember everything.

Baby he said and jerked her he get up and went in another room.. twinkle went in her room again they cried after Kunj get freshen up and stand in balcony twinkle too freshen up she went in kitchen and make breakfast she place on dinning table she went to Kunj.

Kunjj come have your breakfast she said. Kunj closed his eyes and didn’t said anything she hold his hand and he jerked.

Kunjjj till when you stay angry haan you hurting yourself even me too whatever happened forget it na she added and he pinned her towards side wall and looking at her angrily.

Acha its easy for you but not for me you break my trust everything now I’ll do what I wanted you live your life even I too.. Cruel girl he said..

Sach me kunjj I accept my mistake but I don’t have another option she added.

Shut up don’t talk to me he said and leave her he went in room and lock himself.

Twinkle didn’t have anything as well she tell maya about this she happy but telling twinkle Kunj will take sometimes than everything will be okay..

whole day he didn’t come out of the room she try to knock the door but he didn’t ready to open the door..

like this 2 and 3 days has been passed away twinkle try to Pacify Kunj but he was damn

Angry didn’t having anything and when she went to him again they fight on this matter..

twinkle wasn’t okay physically after this stunt she too having pain but ignoring it.Both started sleeping alone.

She make lunch for Kunj and thought today she will apologise him nicely and again they will be same and she will tell him in her insecurities she does this all she don’t like when any girl around him. She packed lunchbox and get ready she went to Kunj office.

Kunj friends recognise he stay all stay and alone.Kunj tell Alisha stay away from him his wife don’t like even he too.

Kunj was sitting with Mahira Avinash they talking normally Avinash asked him.

Kya Hua nowadays you stay off why everything is okay between you and twinkle Avinash asked him.Kunj hold his head and his become red. Twinkle about to entered in cabin she stop near door.

What to do my life was best before marriage I think Shadi karni nahi chahiye life he said.

Kyu suddenly Mahira asked.

Kuch nahi kunj little little fight is okay between husband and wife Avinash said..

than you don’t marry Kunj or leave it it’s simple Mahira said.Kunj laughs out painfully.

Gale ki haddi hai biwi he said not in sense. Twinkle having tears in her eyes she went from there she give lunchbox to Kunj pa and left.

Why you talking nonsense Mahira said..

I’m kidding nothing I love twinkle lott now I’m not in good mood he said and they went from

His cabin. Kunj pa entered in cabin with lunchbox.

Sir this twinkle mam bring for you pa said.

Twinkle when she come he asked.

Haan she come and give me went she added.

Okay leave here Kunj said looking at lunch box hardly he having anything he leave all anger side and open the lunch box and smell he started having food.

After days I’m having nice he murmured and finished lunch and get busy in his work.

Twinkle packed her all things in back.

When he don’t wanted me it’s good If I’ll went and till than he will be okay I’ll talk to him later if he wanted me or not she said. And take her bag and lock the house and left for airport she crying inside her heart.She didn’t informed anyone.

Twinkle reached airport and done with her all security and sit in aircraft and wind off to Amritsar.

2 hours later she reached Amritsar she composed herself and sit in taxi and come to Taneja mansion..

Everyone see her and get surprised to see her. She went inside and meet with everyone they get hell happy to see her..

how’s my baby looking so low leela said.

I’m all Okay maa she said and hugged her.

I’m missing you di you didn’t come back after went huhu mahi said.

Arey mahi understand your Kunj jiju didn’t allowing her Meher said..

acha Kunj didn’t come with you dadi asked.

Nah didi he having work and I’m missing you all so I come she said.

Good we all too missing dadu added and they all sit together and twinkle resting head in her mother embrace..

After at night Kunj ringing the door bell but no one come to open because no was there in home.He open with spare key and entered inside and find all dark.

Why lights were off he knows twinkle having phobia of darkness he on the lights and find so shhh..

he sit and drink water and resting for sometimes after he didn’t get any noise mostly she keep coffee for him weather he drink or not kunj get you and went inside he entered in room no was there he check whole house.

Where is twinkle he said. Maybe she is with Gul he thought and call her he asked her she said she didn’t come to her Kunj ended the call and shocked he went down and funding her in garden he see time it’s 8 clock.

Where is this girl went he murmured and went back to home and went in room he open the wardrobe and didn’t find her clothes.

Just than his eyes went in side and see a note keeping. He take in his hand.

Kunjj I’m sorry ? please i Hurt you. I’m going Amritsar for somedays take care of yourself you need space I’m giving you take your time don’t hate me I love you lottt she write in note Kunj closed his eyes.

Ahh she went without telling me he sit and thinking about her. Everything ups and down in their life.

Kitne khush te hum dono humhari life ek saath kish ki nazar lagi hai humhe babaji I’m angry with her because she did wrong.he talking with himself he get freshen up and laid down.

In Amritsar twinkle spending time with her family abeer and mahi or Meher teasing

Her but she giving them smile inside her heart she wanted to cry loudly.

She went in her room after dinner she calling Kunj but he didn’t pick up she call he is again angry.Again she went without telling him once he is important in her life or not.she fed Up and take sleeping medicine.

Kunj went outside and meet with Mahira and they went for dinner out have food together.

Mahira didn’t have any bad intentions for Kunj nor Kunj had.Both of them is good friend maya fit in twinkle mind incertitude for kunj.Misused her weakness because she love Kunj unconditionally.Her excess love for Kunj become little overpowering her emotions and thinking..

Twinkle in laws didn’t know about twinkle is in Amritsar now Kunj tell them.Twinkle seeing Mahira status and she Discuss with maya and she too showing because she is in contact with Mahira.Twinkle see her post and get angry..

Kunj missing twinkle for his small things their morning romance how she make breakfast for him and feed him with her hands than send him for office now she isn’t here but he can’t forget it she kill their baby as well she shouldn’t take abortion decision alone l..

One week later after she come to Amritsar from Mumbai.Twinkle went to gurudwara she playing in langar than she sit there feeling good and soothing her pain as well.There lata and Avantika come to their eyes went on twinkle first they shocked and went towards her.

Twinkle puttar tum Lata said. Twinkle see them and little shocked what she will tell them she get up and take their blessings.

Khush raho Avantika added.

Tum yeha Amritsar me kab beta you didn’t tell us kunjj Avantika asked.

Wo mummy ji I come last Monday Kunj is there only twinkle stated.

What you are in Amritsar from one week.. you didn’t tell us nor you didn’t come home as well lata said.

Sorry dadi I wanted to come home My health not good that’s why if I come you know Kareena bua she having issues with me so I m coming today only she said.

Okay puttar why Kareena it’s your house. We all missing you kunj too didn’t tell us about you Avantika said.

He is busy in work maybe mummy ji she added.

Haan Pagal he is damn busy didn’t call me she said and they sit together in gurudwara and chit chatting with each other’s.

Twinkle beta are you okay na I’m mean you looking so weak lata said.

I’m fine dadi she said.. they talk for sometimes than twinkle and they back to their places..

Avantika tell everyone twinkle is in Amritsar all siblings get happy..tej and Manohar taking Abhay ans yuvi class in office they going with them working under their hands..

Arey mom we don’t know bhabhi is in Amritsar huhu bring her back now only get bored after them Alaviaa said.

Haan yes maa let’s bring now only yuvi added.

Arey I told twinkle she will come tomorrow now not even karwa chauth is coming after 2 days it’s her first it’s amazing we will celebrate together Avantika said.

But bhabhi twinkle is here and Kunj not how she will break her fast Kareena said.

Haan so what we will call Kunj here it’s been long month he didn’t come here after marriage tej said all smiled..

Avantika went in her room and called Kunj. He pick up her call.

Yes maa he said.

What yes you didn’t miss your maa huhu she said.

I’m sorry how’s you he added.

I’m fine you my son she asked.

Great or how’s others in family dadi and dadu your babies he said.

Everyone is good even my babies too.But I’m missing my elder baby she said.

Me too he said.

Acha Kunj you didn’t tell me twinkle is in Amritsar she said Kunj shocked now what he will tell his mother.

Woh Maa he about to say.

Today I meet with her in gurudwara than I get to know she is here only at least informed us Avantika said.

I’m busy I thought she will informed you he said.

Haan she isn’t well that’s why looking so dull she said Kunj feel pain..

acha aur she didn’t come to home he asked.

Hmm she will come tomorrow she added.

Than enjoy with your bahu kunj said.

Haan we will enjoy your siblings is damn excited.You to finished your work and come to Amritsar your dadu and dadi missing you kunj she said.

I’ll try maa if I get Time he said.

Whatever but you have to come after 2 days she said.

Why so important he asked.

After 2 days karwa chauth is there and most important it’s twinkle first karwa chauth I wanted my bahu celebrate in grand way so according to rules you have to with her without you how she will break her fast she added.

Itna drama maa he said.

Yes so you going to come she demanded.

But I can’t promise I’ll try he said.

No you have okay bye your papa calling me take care of yourself she said.

Yeah you too he added and ended the call.

As if she will keep fast for me and for my long live when she can kill our love existence he added and see her and his happy moments photos having tears in his eyes Kunj sit in twinkle and her face corner of house and he seeing her phone number try to press on call but his fine he shivering he remember that word when she said that she abort the baby.

Other hand twinkle crying for Kunj she going through physically and emotionally pain..

Twinkle sitting with her family having dinner.

Twinkle beta Kunj call didn’t come leela asked.

Nahi maa he call me he is all okay there she said and Hiding her tears..

See maa and papa your daughter missing her husband extremely that’s why since the time she come having this gloomy look. She is the one who don’t wanted to marry now fell in love with him abeer said all smiling.

Yes my Kunj is the best leela added she controlling on her tears. She finished the dinner.

Twinkle let’s go for night out abeer asked.

Nahi bhai I’m not well even I have to go tomorrow my sasural mummy ji calling me she said and went from there.

What happened her siyappa queen abeer said.

Leave it.

Twinkle went in washroom she get freshen up and wear her night dress come back in room she laid down in sitting position and take her phone she seeing Kunj photo and having tears in her eyes. She seeing maya send her Mahira and Kunj photo because Mahira block her this make her more and more angry.she thought maybe Kunj tell her do this so she can’t see their activities what they did together..

Babaji his words still hurting me that he stuck because of me.I did this mistake but I’m guilty and suffering as well but I did in my madness.

Now see Kunj he didn’t even call me once how I’m he is this much hate me why he changed he toh saying he love me but not he is happy with

Mahira see in this photo here every single second killing I’m staying away from me which I don’t wanted to do feeling like go back to him but what I’ll get I just hurt him because of me he didn’t have anything and staying outside of his house I’m good here only she said and crying and cuddles pillow crying fully..

Kunj standing in balcony remembering her and twinkle moments he laughs out..

Pagal ladki she went and leave me in pain why I’m missing her huhu he said..

Next day..

Twinkle packed her clothes she going to sarna mansion she meet with her family.

Di comeback mahi said.

Haan mahi I’ll I’m just going for somedays she said.

Abeer drop her okay rt said and they leave together. Abeer find twinkle off off but he thought maybe because of Kunj she missing him so he didn’t pay any heed.They reached sarna mansion.

Bhai come she said.

Nahi twinkle baby you go I have to catch my meeting very soon bye he said and went twinkle went inside and entered in living room.

All ladies sitting they see twinkle and smiled except than Kareena and Nikki.she went towards them and she take their blessings.

Finally my bahu come Avantika said.

See Avantika get so happy after see twinkle Usha added.

Haan I love twinkle she is my daughter she said and they all smiled.

Arey twinkle why you looking so dull Nikki asked.

I’m fine bhabhi she said and give fake smile..

Beta go and keep your bag in your room Avantika said and went in her room she entered in room and keep her clothes in wardrobe and changed bed sheet and sit there after she come down and she went and make tea and snacks for everyone.. Kareena passing taunts she listening just. She give everyone yuvi and Abhay or Alaviaa comeback home and they see twinkle get so happy and hugged her.

Wow bhabhiiii you comeback they screamed and she too get happy. And they meet with each other’s and called Anjali and Rahul at their place for dinner.

Aur bhabhi how’s Mumbai you enjoying there or not Abhay asked.

Mumbai is good yeah enjoying you all should come there she said.

Haan we will go for trip Alaviaa said.

I’m sad you didn’t come first here bhabhi yuvi said.

Sorry she said and they all chilling.Anjali and Rahul too come. They having fun together.

They requested them made biryani Avantika along with twinkle making biryani for all family members Avantika see twinkle is off little she asked her she said she isn’t well that’s why normally..

Yuvi FaceTime kunj he was at home so pick up their call all siblings sitting a connected phone with tv..

heyy bhai yuvi and Abhay said.

Hi babies he said.

Bhaiya you didn’t come why see bhabhi is here Alaviaa said.Kunj looking here and there.

Saale teri biwi yeha nahi kitchen me busy he Rahul said.

Haan bhai making dinner for us yuvi said he blinked his eyes.

Twinkle come out of the kitchen Anjali called her she went to him.

Arey bhabhi see bhai Alaviaa said and twinkle turned and see Kunj he too see her get shocked to see her face..she hold her dress and looking here and there.

Bhai come na we all will enjoy here we will rock it our bhabhi is here Abhay said Kunj smiled.

Twinkle looking at Kunj face she feel too bad after his condition lost his charm everything.

You all continue I have work Kunj said and ended the FaceTime twinkle feel he did because of her..

After they all have dinner together twinkle just playing with food both thinking about each other’s condition only.After dinner twinkle finished all work Nikki leave all things on twinkle only in this condition only.they all watching movie together for their happiness twinkle with them otherwise she lost in her pain later she sleep Alaviaa only..

Another day come everyone busy in karwa chauth preparation.twinkle in laws wanted to make grand for her they all doing shopping. Slightly it’s cheer up twinkle mind.Than she think she is here but Kunj not. Avantika tell her that Kunj is coming together Avantika and tej called him and tell him he have to come even his dadu not well as well..

Twinkle excited if Kunj here than maybe she improve their matter..

She happily enjoying all karwa chauth preparation and Rituals which she have to performed her.

Her mother in law give her sargi and they all eat at midnight.

Today is karwa chauth she kept fast for Kunj and for his long live they kept karwa chauth function at their place and invite their friends and family..

Kunj didn’t come today I know he will not she murmuring with tears.

Tej kunj didn’t come till now why Avantika said.

I’ll call him and asked he said and went in side he called him.

Haan papa he said.

What haan where are you. You didn’t come till now today is karwa chauth twinkle kept fast for you kunjj he said.

Papa I’m busy he said.

What busy are you gone mad your wife staying whole day without anything and you saying this you are busy I don’t know anything catch next flight and come Amritsar he said and ended the call.Kunj stuck he thinking about her as well but even not leaving his anger he packed his clothes and immediately leave for airport.

Twinkle messaging Kunj when he is Coming.

Everyone sit for heena they all applying heena on their hands twinkle too applying. Just than Kunj arrived.

Bhaiii yuvi said.Everyone listen and see Kunj coming inside.twinkle get hell happy..

Kunj come to his grand parents take their blessings they all get happy he meet with everyone his eyes went on twinkle who looking at him only with all love and crave but he broke the eye lock.Twinkle looking at his face his long beard and intense look.twinkle family meet with him he take their blessings as well Rahul and abeer come.

Heyy bro what happened to you you looking like Dev Das see your wife is here only Rahul said.They all giggles. He sit with boys.

Than he went in his room twinkle went behind him.

Twinj room.

Kunj went in washroom he get freshen up found twinkle standing.

Kunjj here is your kurta I already ready everything. Thanks for coming she said he look at her.

Thanks for what I’m not come for you but for my parents he said.

Koi na you come toh at least she said and went near him. How’s you see your condition she added.

He laughs out painful.First give pain than asking see your see your condition not my twinkle I don’t wanted any drama here he said and wear kurta and went downstairs..

twinkle too come and finished her heena.

Maa why you all ladies keep fast yuvi asked.

For husband long live husband and wife stay together Avantika said.Twinkle looking at Kunj.

Kunj standing near twinkle.

So funny for husband Long live when ended another live only there is no importance in life for husband why this drama he said in low voice twinkle listen this feeling fully bad..

Twinkle beta you looking very weak what happened everything is okay na lata said.

Haan I’m okay she said.

But you looking ill slightly there is something Nikki said twinkle shocked.

Nahiii she said and went from there..

She get ready beautifully she take her tali and come down all waiting for moon.twinkle try to talk to Kunj but he ignoring her.

Moon come all take Their position Kunj was busy in call twinkle waiting for him.Finally he come and stand in front of her she look at moon than him and touch his feet and he made her drink water with his hand she smiled. All went to for dinner twinkle and Kunj standing.

Next time don’t do this for me he said.

Why it’s my right I’ll do every year I enjoying lott I wanted you in every birth she said.

Really twinkle in every birth in this birth can’t bear each other’s he added.

Don’t say this biwi hu tumhari me she said.

Biwiiii really mein bhi toh tera pati hu did you think to ask me once before doing that he said.

Kunjj leave na I’m sorry I’m guilty for this forgive me please please she said.

Your sorry didn’t bring my baby back you break my trust if you don’t wanted we can talk than do but not you did in your madness you he said.

Acha okay I’m sorry you wanted to punish me you can let’s have dinner I’m hungry she said.

I don’t care go and have he said and going.

Okay I’ll not have anything you hate fine she said and leave her food plate in kitchen back.

Everyone done with food dadi and dadu feed Kunj with his hand he thought she have maybe.

All chit chatting and playing game.

Kunj bhai what you gifted to bhabhi everyone giving their wife’s gifts Alaviaa said. Kunj look at her.

Me Kya duga twinkle gifted me best gift he said with anger eyes she understands his taunt..

she started feeling dizzy she hold side table about to fall.

Twinkleee abeer scream.

Are you okay he asked.

Haan bhai I’m okay I’m tired she said.

You rest beta Avantika said and she went in her room changed her clothes crying sit in side..

Everyone went back Kunj went in kitchen and see twinkle food plate is filled with food he understands.

She didn’t have her food why she doing this now man she did it what she wanted what she try to showing me now he said and take food plate and went in room.He closed the door and see her who pressing her feet’s.

Kunj went towards her keep food plate in front of her.

Have your food why you didn’t have haan he said. She look at him.

I had she said.

I know you had or not have your food he added.

I don’t wanted take your food I’m okay she said.

Twinkle have you wanted everyone get to know about us have fast don’t troubling me he said.

I’m troubling you really Kunj I’m not saying anything you said you don’t care about me okay you had your food okay I don’t wanted if I wanted I’ll have itself only you go and sleep don’t trouble yourself for me she added he looking at her her lips and hands shivering she can’t stand properly.

Haath jod tha hu please have he said and went in side she looking at him..she drink juice and went towards bed and laid down and closed her eyes he see she just drink juice he closed his fist in anger. He went towards couch and laid down. Whole night both fighting with inner soul.

Everyone sitting for breakfast and having twinkle not well she serving them.While siblings making plan Kunj said he going back but Dev said he will not so he stay back..

They going out and having fun siblings notice twinkle and Kunj didn’t talking with each other’s they feeling weird.

Twinkle and Kunj giving fake smiles.They went for movies with them late night-out family outing.

2 weeks later.

Today they all going to Taneja mansion for dinner.And tomorrow Kunj going to back Mumbai and he just book his tickets..

Twinj room. Kunj packing his clothes in his bag twinkle come from side..

kunjj you going back alone what about me she said Kunj turned.

Why you asking me this twinkle he said.

Means she said.

Means yeh you come here with your will and you didn’t think go informed me so now you know about yourself he said.

That time you are in office so I come in hustle I leave note for you she added.

So big thing you have done for me amazing you know what you each steps making me feel I’m not exist in your life he added.

Nahi kunjj I thought you need space that’s why I come here she said.

Now don’t give me excuses come by yourself I’m going I’ll not waste my time and I come here for my family not think I come for you he stated she having tears in her eyes..

Twinkle cupped his face. Please forgive kab tak you will stay angry with me it’s hurting me very badly kunjj she said..

Everyone waiting for us let me go he said and try to avoid the situation.

Today I will not let you go.she started yelling. While Kunj too loose his sense their voice coming till down slightly.

Okay you don’t want me in your life fine even I wouldn’t go till you wanted I accept my mistake even I’m in pain you just care about everyone you see everyone years not my she said while crying.

You know what you didn’t see my pain and whether you will comeback or not I’m interested Kareena bua is right we are not perfect for each other’s it’s a huge mistake he said not in sense she was shocked..

You aren’t interested in me now in whom you are interested she said.

Again your cheap thinking start I’m fed up he screamed at her. She grab his collar.

I wouldn’t let you go she yelling loudly.Yuvi and Abhay entered in room and see twinkle and Kunj.

Bhaii and bhabhi they said and Kunj and twinkle looks at them and shocked twinkle turned her face and wiped her tears.

What happened you both fighting yuvi said.

Nahi nahi woh yuvi I just complaining your bhaiya twinkle said and give them smile but they understand after see their face.

But Abhay said.

What but she said and chalo we have to go at Taneja house for dinner Kunj said and went downstairs Abhay and yuvi looking at twinkle she giving the smile they too went down with confusion.Twinkle sit and cried hard fully..

She totally exhausted doing work in this condition as well she get ready and went down everyone looking at twinkle face but didn’t said anything. They all sit in car and left for Taneja house.

Everyone was waiting for them.They went inside and meet with them all smiling twinkle went in her room she run in washroom started throwing up badly she sit in washroom stay there..

While they all family members having fun together all chit chatting with each other’s even their gang too join them for dinner.

Arey where is twinkle Armaan asked.

Di went in her room mahi said..

Kunj are you okay since you come Amritsar looking sad naman said.

Nahi bro just headache i m all okay he said and went in side get Avinash call.

I think something isn’t good between this husband and wife even twinkle too looking sad and I see they both not talking with each other’s abeer said.

Haan abeer bro before coming here they both fighting and when we asked them they said nothing but we can sense they fighting something is not good yuvi said..

Twinkle come downstairs and sit with her in laws Kunj looking at her maya and twinkle sitting and chit chatting normally maya smiling after see twinkle and Kunj face.Than they all sit for dinner and having with happiness and giggles.

Kunj tomorrow you going back abeer asked.

Yes I have work he added..

even di too mahi said.Kunj and twinkle looking at each other’s face.

Nahi I’m not going now she said all looking at her.

Why beta Avantika asked.

Woh mummy ji normally I’ll go somedays later she said and all nodded in yes.They done with dinner than have dessert.Twinkle went in her room back and having pain in her lower part she laid down and take sleeping medicine she slept.Now it’s late they take leave.

Where is twinkle Avantika asked..

again she went in her room Meher said.

She is okay leela asked.

Even I’m noticing she isn’t well Avantika said.

Kunj go and see her she is coming with us or not Avantika said he nodded in yes and went in her room he find her sleeping.he went near her and see her painfully he feeling bad but can’t do anything she is responsible for this.

Kunj see tears stuck between her eyelashes he bend down and kissed on her forehead and wiped her tears.he went down and tell she isn’t going with them she staying here they are okay and they all leave.Whole night Kunj thinking about her.

Very next day Kunj ready to leave for Amritsar Avantika and Kareena asked Kunj why twinkle not going back mumbai with him. Kunj give them excuses and left for airport all the while he crying and she at her place.

Twinkle thought he will not go alone but he went and she feel extremely bad and she hurt herself lottt..after went back to Mumbai Kunj get busy in his work totally.Twinkle didn’t come out of her room.Abeer and Meher try to asked her but she said she isn’t well that’s why nothing else.Twinkle in laws asking Kunj why twinkle not going back Mumbai now it’s been long time she is here he is alone there Kunj give them lame excuses just.But whenever twinkle come to Sarna mansion when siblings called her Kareena painfully taunting her..

Other hand maya telling twinkle all rubbish things.Because of photos which she get from Mahira Status Mahira and maya good friend in school.She showing twinkle and sending her she doubting more and more.her anger affecting on her health badly.

At Mumbai.

Kunj sitting with Gul and Avinash and they having coffee.

Kunjj when twinkle will comeback Gul asked.

Don’t know he said.

Bro yaar end your fight what so big happen between you both tell me too he asked.

Haan Kunj gul added. Kunj started having tears in his eyes.

I don’t know how I’ll tell you both he said.

Means we are your best friends you can share with us Avinash said.

Hmm I’m angry with her I’ll not forgive her ever guys you know what she has done.She abort our baby without talking with me he said they shocked..

Whattt they give reaction.

Yes she didn’t asked me once he added.

But why she don’t want baby Gul said.

Nahi she thought rubbish things about me just so she kill baby that’s why I’m not talking with her he tell them everything they too shocked.

Kunjj give her one more chance asked why she doing this all Gul said.

Even I don’t know what happened to her before we are so happy but suddenly she behaving totally insane Gul always doubting on where I’m she having problems with me just now I leave her on herself he said..

Chal leave each and everything tomorrow is your bday what you plan Avinash asked..

I didn’t plan anything and I don’t wanted he said.

But why every year we plan party this year too maybe twinkle will comeback Gul said and they cheering you kunj.

Other hand in Amritsar twinkle bring gifts for Kunj and she was excited for his bday.

Tomorrow his bday I’ll go in morning give him surprise this will be best and apologies him nicely she said and packed her all things in bag and didn’t tell anyone about this..

At night she about to call Kunj and but maya call her and tell him that Kunj celebrating his bday with Mahira see she send her party photo.

Twinkle see and shocked Kunj hugging Mahira he looking happy.

I thought he wait for me but he enjoying without me he totally forgot me she said and break things in room.

He cheated me now I got it babaji she blabbering.

While Kunj don’t know about party but he is happy for sometimes and enjoying with his gang but he waiting for twinkle wish first he checking his phone.She didn’t send him messages in anger all photos raising her anger lottt she went in living room and sit there..

Suddenly winkle started paining in her stomach badly she screaming loudly and everyone come in living room and see twinkle they get shocked to see her suddenly.

Twinkle beta Kya Hua leela asked.

Maa and papa aaha I’ll die this pain she scream they try to calm her but she started breathing heavily they get shocked and worried about herself.

I think we take her to hospital fast rt said.

Yes papa abeer said he lift twinkle in his arms and went outside they sit in car and drove off for hospital twinkle crying fully in pain it’s uncontrollable pain..

Soon they reached hospital and went inside abeer calling dr. Dr was busy in ot but nurse take twinkle in room and handling her but she screaming fully. Rt and abeer get angry on drs.

She started oozing emergency dr come finally.

Meanwhile abeer in formed sarnas they too shocked immediately come to hospital.

Suddenly what happened to her Avantika asked.

Don’t know Avantika ji she isn’t well but she screaming when we come and see her shocked.

Dr admitted twinkle in icu room and in formed family she isn’t in good condition.Dr Samantha


Dr how’s my daughter what happened to her leela asked.

Well we can’t stay anything right now I wanted to meet with her husband dr said.

Why dr anything is serious abeer asked.

Yes twinkle condition is not good anything can happen we try our best but I wanted to talk to her husband first for something she added.

Dr he isn’t here yuvi said.

Call him fast she said and went from there.

Dr give twinkle pain killer medicine so Lessing her pain than they will do something..

They all looking at each other’s and dr give them shocked what actually happened to her.

Abeer immediately call Kunj and tell him come here tej said.

Sure uncle he said and everyone sit in waiting area and worried about twinkle abeer went in side.

Abeer called Kunj he sleep just now after party he wake up due to call he see abeer called Id get confused even worried as well.

Why abeer calling me at this time hope everything is fine he murmured pick up his call.

Hello abeer he said.

Kunjjj he said.

Haan bhai Kya Hua why you sounding so tense Kunj said.

Kunjj please come to Amritsar right now anyhow abeer added.

What but why Kya Hua everything is fine he asked.

Haan aur nahi bhi Kunjj twinkle is in icu and she is in bad condition dr calling you he said.

Whattt twinkle in icu dr calling me what happened to her suddenly he said.

We don’t know but she isn’t in good condition she needs you even she screaming your name please come he said and cut the call.

Twinkle ko Kya Hua babaji she is fine na he said and without thinking much he immediately left.Kunj was worried about twinkle.Each and everyone waiting for Kunj and praying for twinkle health.

After3 hours later Kunj reached Amritsar airport in hustle his tears didn’t stop since the time abeer told him that twinkle in hospital her condition wasn’t good..

It’s midnight Kunj take taxi and come hospital he went inside and running inside he bumped with yuvi.

Yuviii twinkle kaha he asked him.Yuvi see Kunj condition he scared..

Bhaii calm down please he said and take him towards everyone.They get relief Kunj come.

What happened to twinkle he asked.

We too don’t know even dr not come till

Now abeer said..

don’t worry Kunj puttar everything will be fine tej said they all calming him.Dr Samantha come to them.

Yes she said.

Dr my daughter rt asked her.

Please relax first Samantha said.

What happened to her tej asked..

Why she having pain this much leela asked.

Well right now I can’t tell you anything.

She is pregnant she said everything shocked..

Pregnanttt everyone said slightly get happy but Kunj was damn shocked.

She is pregnant than what issues abeer asked.

That I’ll tell later she is pregnant but her condition is very sensitive right now baby stuck in Fallopian tube can’t say anything.Don’t tell me you don’t know she is pregnant dr added. Everyone nodded in no.While Kunj just blinking his eyes in shocked.

Quite surprising she is 3 months pregnant maybe twinkle too don’t know she said..

3 months pregnant she didn’t know leela said.

Acha where is her husband he come or not I need to talk to him personally before going ahead she said everyone looking at Kunj.

Here is twinkle husband Kunj he come dr Meher said dr looking at Kunj.

You are her husband come in my cabin she said and went from there.

Go Kunj beta Avantika said.

Hmm he hummed and went in numb situation.

Twinkle pregnant how he murmured and entered in dr cabin he went and take seat.

Good you come soon dr said.

Dr my wife is fine na I mean he said.

Hai bhi or nahi she said.

She is pregnant I mean he said.

Kunj I call you because I need to talk to you personally which I can’t tell in front of your family.

Her pregnancy is very complicated right now..

even baby is too she said.And she taking sleeping medicine which dangerous for baby in this condition how can she taking this she said.

Again Kunj Shocked.

I don’t know about this dr but when she get to know she is pregnant she take pills and abort baby now you Saying she is pregnant how I mean Kunj said.

My doubt was right.When she come I too shocked why she having this much pain I check her didn’t get anything but when I slightly thought and do her sonography in that I get to know she is 3 months pregnant.Baby stuck in tube her condition reason dr said.

But she take pills na and abort baby still she is pregnant Kunj said.

I mean Kunj she take pill and she thought baby is no more but sometimes it’s happened.Due to this all more her sleeping medicines her is cause of her this condition she said.

Now what dr I’m happy My baby is alive still but now what Kunj said.

Well right now she is same to same just

Her pain is controlled by medicines and but we have to Wait till morning if baby will die in her tube chances is more he will not survive but rarely this happened that will be good if not than we will go for surgery and remove baby she said and Kunj was shocked..

Whatttt but dr you saying my baby is alive Kunj


Haan Kunj but can’t say anything twinkle life is in danger Kunj she said Kunj hold his head..

Here is paper you will think first sign them fast she said.kunj read the papers.

Dr I wanted my wife save she is more important he said.

I know just wait for sometimes she said.

Dr please whatever I told you don’t tell anyone about this Kunj said.

Sure Kunj she said and went outside..

Everyone asked him he said just for normal question she call him.He just tell them

Baby and twinkle life is in danger that’s it.They all praying for them.Kunj standing front of icu room door and seeing twinkle who connected with many machines looking so thin.

What happened she is responsible for this it’s okay she don’t want baby but why she put her life in danger baby I’m happy my baby is alive but not like this I just want twinkle nothing else save her first..

After sometimes later dr Samantha check twinkle and she is get positive response and she went outside.

Well thanks to god baby is out of danger right now Samantha said.

And my wife twinkle Kunj asked.

She is too but little bit not she said.

Can I meet with her Kunj asked.

Sure she said and went from there. Everyone get relief and get happy.

I’m so happy twinkle is pregnant and Kunj going to become father Avantika said.kunj see his family and get sad little bit if twinkle didn’t do anything maybe today they all celebrating or that day also this news but today she fight with her life because of her madness.

Today bhai bday and we get this news awesome Alaviaa said.

Hmm Kunj hummed.

Maa you all go I’ll Stay with twinkle here Kunj said.

Nahi I’ll stay you all whole night passed leela said.

Nahi leela i will Stay with twinkle here you go now she is fine Kunj said rt gestured leela they all nodded in yes and went from there.

Kunj went inside icu room and sit beside twinkle he looking at her fully.

Yeh kya hogya look at her face she lost her charms everything Kya hogya hai tujhe twinkle we are so happy together he said having tears in his eyes.He kissed on her hand.

See babaji what a day on my bday I get my baby back he murmured and smiled painfully.

At home everyone was happy and praying for twinkle and baby.Kunj went in washroom.

Twinkle get conscious slightly she opening her eyes slowly slowly and slowly yelling in pain..

maaa.Kunj come out of the washroom and see twinkle blabbering and she come in sense he went to her.

Twinkle how are you he asked her twinkle open her eyes she moving her hands on her tummy.

Ahah why I’ll having this much pain babaji she murmured.

Heyyy twinkle he said and cupped her face she open her eyes fully and see kunjj. And surprise first.

Kunjj tum she said.

Tu keshi hai ab he asked she turned her face Kunj sit beside her..

maaa she winched in pain tears rolling down on her cheeks.

I’ll call dr Kunj said he ring the bell.dr entered immediately.

Hoo twinkle wake up good she went towards her.

How’s you feeling now twinkle dr asked.

You having pain still. Twinkle nodded in yes.

Don’t worry this will happened but after medicine it will stop best thing is this you and baby is out of the danger dr said. As soon as twinkle heard she get shocked.

Whttt baby she said.

Haan you are pregnant twinkle dr said twinkle look at Kunj who giving her painful smile..

dr tell her each and everything she closed her eyes and moving her hands on her belly.

Now my baby is okay she asked in breaking voice.

Yes now but be careful twinkle you are very lucky otherwise not now you rest she said and went from there.

Twinkle closed her eyes and tears rolling down from her eyes..

I’m pregnant she can’t believe on this even on dr words she murmuring.twinkle see Kunj who looking at her only.She thanking inside in her heart to god she never wanted to abort her baby but in that situation she totally become mad and more maya words made her do it.. Kunj hold her hand he keep his hand on her belly.

I’m so happy twinkle your are fine even baby as well too thanks to babaji he said she closed her eyes away his hand from her belly.Twinkle remember how he enjoying with others.Nurse come with breakfast for twinkle.

Have your breakfast than I’ll give you your medicine nurse said.

You go nurse I’ll feed her Kunj said nurse nodded in yes she went leave the breakfast there only.

Chal twinkle have your breakfast Kunj said.

I don’t wanted anything leave me alone where is my maa she said..

what happened to you.maa and everyone went to home back they will come but you have your breakfast first it’s important for you and baby Kunj said..

I’ll have myself she added.! Kunj looking at her but twinkle not ready to have anything.

Kyu kar rahi hai yeh sab it will hurt you now you are not well and haan don’t tell anything anyone about before matter and haan now don’t do again same thing he said.

What you thing of yourself kunjj see I don’t have strength leave me she said.Kunj went out of the wardroom.Twinkle crying while remembering all things.

Leela and rt come to hospital to see twinkle they went to her meet with her.her face turned Grey.

I’m so happy my twinkle going to become mother Aww leela said they smiled.

Do you have anything or not rt asked.She nodded in no.leela see soup bowl.She started feeding twinkle she having Kunj entered there and see her he get relief.

Kunj puttar you go home we are here with twinkle rt said.

Nahi papa I’m okay he said and sit in side.

See twinkle puttar you are so lucky on one phone call Kunj puttar come to Amritsar for you he is so tensed he loves you lott leela said Kunj and twinkle share painful eye lock.

Maa I wanted to go back home twinkle said.

Dr deny you have to stay here today Kunj said and she making faces.After sometimes later everyone come to hospital to see twinkle even they knows today Kunj bday they bring cake and cut in front of twinkle.

Good bhai is with us on his bday yuvi said..

yuvi try to feed twinkle cake but she deny Kunj understand.maya get to know about twinkle and she is pregnant this was damn shocked for her.

Kunj bhai get best gift on his bday he going to become papa Abhay added all smiling.After everyone went back home only twinkle and Kunj.

Why you wasting your day here you

Go and enjoy I’ll manage twinkle said and Kunj looking at her.

I didn’t asked you he said.Kunj forcefully feed her dinner and she had with lots of drama than she doze off due to medicines.

Next day dr give twinkle discharge but on note she have to do bed rest completely her pregnancy is complicated slightly so no stress good for her and baby.Kunj understand each and everything.

Twinkle get ready Kunj come pack all things.

Let’s go he said and went near her she went from there.Kunj went behind her.Abeer come with car he waiting for them they went outside twinkle hold abeer hand she feeling dizzy.

They sit in car and abeer start the car.

Sarna mansion abeer said.

Nahi bhai I’ll go our home twinkle Said Kunj and abeer looks at each other’s Kunj gestured him he understood.They leave for Taneja mansion.

Soon they reached they come out of the car..

abeer holding carefully and they went inside.

They went towards couch and sit.Dadi and leela pampering twinkle and Kunj tell leela what ever dr said for twinkle.

Twinkle beta have this it’s good for you and baby leela said.

Maa I don’t want anything now I’m going in my room she said about to get up but feeling pain she hold the couch…

ahah she groaned in pain.

Twinkle puttar Kya Hua leela asked.

Maa still having pain she said..

Twinkle if you Will do ups and down increased your pain more Meher said..

Hmm she hummed but get up and went upstairs slowly slowly.

She is ziddi babaji Kunj said all agreed..

Kunj beta you get freshen you must be tired first you come in hustle than stay in hospital leela said.

Ji maa kunj said..

Abeer told Meher give Kunj his clothes Meher bring for him.

Jiju you go and get freshen up in di room mahi added.

Haan he said and went upstairs and he entered in twinkle room..

Twinkle was in washroom Kunj sit on the bed and waiting for her he looking here and there little bit messy..

She calling me messy see her he murmured.

Twinkle come out of the washroom she sees Kunj. She coming slowly Kunj went near her hold her hand..

Come I’ll help you kunj said she jerked his hand.

I can manage she said hold side wall and went towards bed and sit in pain.Kunj see her.He didn’t said anything went in washroom to get freshen up..

Twinkle resting her head on backboard.

Everyone saying he come for me really if he feel for me he will not celebrate his bday without me he even not thing about me when I will see that picture what I feeling now he showing as if he caring about me. She keep her hands on her belly.

I’m so happy babaji my baby is alive at least my regret is less you didn’t let happen I too don’t wanted now I wanted my baby now I have my baby with me.I never thought your papa will cheat me baby like this he give me so much love before but in one go scattered me down she think in her heart.

Kunj come out of the washroom he wiping his face with towel and went toward dressing table and get ready and looking at twinkle who closing her eyes and moving her fingers on her belly slightly Kunj smiled but again he remembered that day she itself toh killed their baby but by god blessing he is save.Kunj sit in side and adoring twinkle.Mahi come with snacks and coffee.

Jijuu have snacks and coffee twinkle di mahi called them.Twinkle open her eyes Kunj went towards bed and mahi sit beside twinkle give Kunj coffee.

Thanks he said.

Di have mahi said.

Mahi Mahi I’ll have later mahi  twinkle said..

Nahi di have now only I’ll mahi said.

Okay meri maa she added and twinkle having.

Di I’m so excited you are going to become mumma and I’m massi I’ll play with your baby she said in all excitement twinkle and Kunj smiled. I’m praying baby will come soon she added

Acha mahi you have to wait at least for 6 months more abeer said from back Meher and abeer too come and tak seats..

M I right abeer added twinkle nodding in yes.

By the way twinkle I’m surprised you don’t know you are pregnant 3 months how man abeer said.

Abeer it’s her first time Maybe she didn’t understand think about this now I Got why you staying so off and didn’t having anything since you come here it’s her mood swings Meher said.

Bhabhi knows everything bhai mahi said and they giggles.I think bhai and Meher bhabhi you too start planning for baby than I’ll enjoy with both babies mahi stated..

Yeah mahi is right abeer Kunj said..

Haan bhai we will see after you both he said with giggles.

I’m happy twinkle you are absolutely fine when

I see you in that pain I totally gone blank abeer said and kissed on her forehead she rest her head on his chest..

Kunj get his mother call he went in balcony and talking with her.

Haan maa twinkle is fine now he said.

Acha you not coming home she asked.

Hmm I wanted to stay here with her you know how she is right now it’s not good to leave her alone she is very mischievous maa even

Dr said we have to careful towards twinkle and baby he added.

I understand I’m happy you’re with your wife even she needs you at this time tell if anything is there Avantika said.

Sure Kunj added and they ended the call.

They sibling chit chatting and cheering up twinkle mood.

Now you rest twinkle it’s not good for you Meher said twinkle laid down.They went downstairs.Kunj sit beside her.

You didn’t take your medicine twinkle he said she didn’t looking at him.kunj looking at her and she looking at wall both just doing this after leela send lunch for them in room.

Twinkle having that Kunj only feeding Her but she didn’t eyeing him.

Now you have properly it’s good for you and baby also he saying but she didn’t replying him.

Whole day he is with her but twinkle stay in her anger only. Maya come to meet with her she asked twinkle she said.

I’m happy my baby is alive I wanted my baby it’s our love symbol maya di she said.

With heavy heart yeah love symbol twinkle kunjj she said.

Please maya di I don’t wanted to talk about him let him do she said.

Haan she said Kunj entered in room with juice..

He went and see maya.

Heyy Kunj how’s you she said.

I’m all good you tell me maya he said and sit next to twinkle and give her juice glass.

You come immediately so nice she said..

hmm I have to come for my wife he said and twinkle and Kunj share painful eye lock water fills in twinkle eyes.She drinking juice.

Haan right this toh when you going back or stay here maya said.

Don’t know he added..

acha I’m going bye twinkle take care of yourself and baby too my sister she said and went from there..

Do you need anything else Kunj asked.

Nahi she said.he cupped her face.

You should get happy twinkle and thanks to babaji you and baby is save now don’t give stress to yourself he said she blinked her eyes?..

Later at night they all have dinner together twinkle come down her parents pampered her lott. She spending time with them in their room.

After everyone went for sleep twinkle entered in room Kunj was waiting for her for medicine she went and changed her clothes and come sit on bed Kunj ready with her medicine.

Open your mouth fast take medicine he said.

I can take Kunj myself please at least don’t show nobody is here she said and Kunj shocked.

What didn’t you said show really I’m

Showing okay fine he said and she take medicine from his hand and take drink the water she laid down turned her face.Tears rolling down from her eyes.

Kunj laid down on couch only twinkle seeing him. While Kunj didn’t sleep he checking her at midnight she feeling cold he get up and closed the balcony door and come to her covered her with blanket fully than he went and sleep.

2 days Kunj taking care of twinkle fully he didn’t went anywhere not leave her alone but she and he had that cold vice between them..

Kunj went to his home and talk to them Kareena point finger on him that he staying there.

Why you staying there it’s your sasural Kunj you should stay here Kareena said.

So what Kareena bua Kunj added.

What do you mean by this it’s not looking good she said back.

Really I’m staying there for my wife and child they needs me that’s why this everyone know he said.

Whatever twinkle stay here also why she went there Kareena added.

Acha so she stay here and you and others run here from here to there in this condition.How she will come here dr give her bed rest fully and she isn’t in this condition right now and I don’t wanted anything happened wrong with my wife and baby this you all Know he said.

Omg see bhaiya your son he toh become mad behind his wife love she said.

Kareena leave it we all know about twinkle condition and Kunj is absolutely right she needs him it’s Good her staying here before sasural it’s his house also don’t forget Taneja’s are our family before this alliance tej said shut the mouth.In anger Kareena went in her room all keep quiet.Kunj went in his room packed few things in bag he come down and tej and Avantika sitting and talking with each other’s.

Kunj went towards them.

Acha maa and papa I’m going he said.

Okay beta go and leave about this Kareena you know how she is tej said.

Hmm I know he added.

Take care of twinkle Avantika added Kunj nodded in yes and he take his bag and left..

Kunj went to Taneja mansion he sit with grand parents.twinkle was in her room she was fuming in anger.

Acha dadi I’ll see twinkle he said and went in her room.Kunj entered in room and see twinkle sitting in room in fully anger he went towards her.

Heyy twinkle how’s you he asked.She looks at him with anger eyes. He get tensed and went near her.

What happened to you why are you giving this look to me he said twinkle get up.

Why you come here she said.

What do you mean he said.

Take your things and went back to your house or else Back to Mumbai I don’t wanted you roam behind me neither I told you. Hoo Kunj come and stay with me she Said.

What wrongs with you twinkle I m not getting anything I’m staying here for my wife and child he added..

bass Kunj leave me and went from here she said.

She throwing things in side fuming in anger fully. Kunj was totally flabbergasted..

Mehar and yuvi or abeer entered there and see the moment confused.

What happened here abeer said.

Don’t asked me asks to your sister I don’t know what happened to her Suddenly become mad Kunj said in anger.

Acha I’m mad than go away from there twinkle scream..

bhai and bhabhi shhh why you fighting now yuvi said.

I’m not yuvi she start I don’t know anything I just come back from sarna mansion here thats it and she just fuming here he added.Meher went towards twinkle she hold her hand.

Twinkle you calm down please you aren’t in good condition Meher said.

Haan bhabhi bhai toh worried about yuvi said.

Take your bhai from here I’ll not listen anyone taunt get it and I and my baby don’t need anyone I can take care of myself she said and wiped her tears.

See abeer she talking like this who taunting you man I’m not getting anything Kunj said..

When your family isn’t happy you staying here than go na Kunjj twinkle said.. he went towards her.

Dekh twinkle you sit please don’t scream dr tell you na you just rest acha okay I’ll go from here if you wanted he make her sit and she closed her eyes. Kunj went downstairs while

Meher calm down her and they all come downstairs Meher stop Kunj.

Kunj you don’t get angry on twinkle wait I’ll tell you everything.. Meher said and they all sit in living room and she narrates her how in gurudwara they both went in morning there Kareena bua was also there how she tell twinkle she roaming Kunj round herself and he dancing on his moves this and that that’s why she getting angry now.

This bua bhi just now at home bhai give her answer she even talk like this with bhabhi chiii I’m not getting what bua get yuvi said..

Leave Kunj this all it’s normal issues and twinkle will be okay in sometimes abeer said..

Here I’m thinking she didn’t give trouble to herself and babies but people will be same to same Kunj murmured.

Kunj went to twinkle she still crying he sit beside her and forward her favourite milkshake with all nuts.

It’s your medicine time he said she turned her face.Kunj Keep the tray in side and cupped his face.

Look into my eyes twinkle I don’t know you thinking about me even I don’t care right now I just care about your health and our baby.

And I’m sorry for Kareena bua you know how she is Leave it.Even she create drama in front of family I give her there also answer he said.

What did you said she said in cute voice.

I said her I’m staying here because my wife needs me for my child and you do whatever you wanted I don’t care he said and tears drops falls down from her eyes..He wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead twinkle closed her eyes..

You finished this he said she nodded in yes and twinkle drink milkshake. Kunj smiled and he wiped her lips she give him normal smile and yuvi entered in room.

Oops bhai and bhabhi patch up good yuvi said and went towards them.Twinkle taking her medicine.

Bhai you will Stay here or will go back to Mumbai yuvi asked him.

Don’t know na he said twinkle looking at him Kunj phone ring twinkle see caller id it’s Mahira she closed her fist. Kunj excuses them and went in balcony he talking to Mahira related to project.

Aur bhabhi you give us blast surprise so soon going to become chachu yuvi said and teasing twinkle.

Hahah ?yuvi so what even I’m happy my baby she said and keep her hands on her belly.

You will become panda soon yuvi said both laughing he pulling her legs fully.Kunj come back after call. He get happy after see twinkle get happy.

Bhabhi come down let’s see and chit chat yuvi said.

Okay she said.she get up Kunj hold her hand she looks at him they went downstairs they all sitting together.And chit chatting with each other’s.

Di you are so lucky have husband like Kunj see he taking care of you lott mahi said and twinkle and Kunj share eyelock..

While chit chatting twinkle doze off in sitting position only.Leela shhh everyone.

I’m just praying this months passed quickly see in some days my daughter become so dull she caress her hairs leela said..

Haan she is idiot she don’t know from 3 months baby inside her womb Pagal abeer said all giggles..

I’m going bhai yuvi said and he bid bye and went from there.. Kunj lift twinkle in his arms carefully and take her in room he place her on bed about to go but can’t twinkle holding his shirt tightly.

Kunjj don’t leave me alone she blabbering in sleep Kunj listen and smiled and peck at her lips and laid down beside her only Kunj caressing twinkle hairs..

Twinkle didn’t wake up everyone had their dinner they didn’t disturb her as well in this time Kunj doing his office work as well after he too slept beside twinkle only.

Later in midnight twinkle wake up she see Kunj and smiled she cuddles him more and more.

Babaji he care about me than why he and Mahira is together she fighting with her thoughts suddenly she feels something she went in washroom.. and was shocked.

What is this now why this happening she said and come out of the washroom she hold her tummy.

Mere baby?slightly weeping.. she went towards Kunj and shaking him:

Kunjj wake up na she called him. In one and 2 tries Kunj wake up.

Haan twinkle Kya Hua he said.

Woh kunjj she started crying he get shocked immediately get up.

Kya hua why you crying at this time..

babyyyy she said.

What baby Kya Hua tujhe tell me na fast you killing me he asked her.

Woh kunj I’m having spotting why this happening baby is fine she said. She tell Kunj everything.

Shh you don’t cry let’s go to hospital nothing will happened to baby he said and console her she cuddles him tightly..

Kunj and twinkle come outside and sit in car they didn’t disturb anyone at this time Kunj message dr Samantha she said she is in hospital only because of emergency so they can come..

Twinkle worried about her baby even Kunj too.

They quickly come to hospital and went inside directly they went in dr cabin.

You both come she said and twinkle laid down on bed she was hell nervous.twinkle hold Kunj hand she doing her sonography and monitoring baby. She didn’t see any movement and heartbeat sound..

What happened dr everything is fine na Kunj asked.

Wait Kunj there is no movement in baby even I’m not locating baby hope everything is fine you should care full twinkle I told you na dr said.

Dr I’m taking care of myself and doing whatever you have told me she said and crying worried about her baby.she moving the machine and try to locate baby. After lot finally dr see baby.

O good baby is here see she said twinkle and Kunj see in monitor.Baby is fine she said and off.

Twinkle get up and Kunj she went and sit.

It’s not good you having spotting I’m giving medicine it will be stop in sometime as I told you before be careful kunj and twinkle and you twinkle if you will take care of yourself take medicine and meal on time good for yourself and baby health too you getting na what I’m saying dr said.

Haan I’ll be more she said.She give her some medicine. Twinkle and Kunj went from there.

They come back to home and went in their room.Twinkle sit on bed Kunj bring food for her.

You have this than I’ll give you medicine he said he feed her food with his hands she having nicely than take medicine.both laid down.

I’m sorry kunj it’s my mistake that day if I’m not done that maybe today baby will be not in this condition she said and cuddles him.

Shh leave it even I too you and baby is save i wanted this only. He said and cupped her face both look into each other’s dying for each other’s in this few months everything is ups and down in their life’s. Kunj slightly sealed her lips and started kissing her very gently even she too kiss soothing her all pains she having in this all time.. Break the kiss and sleep in each other’s embrace with happy note..

A week later after medicine twinkle is absolutely fine even she don’t having spotting anymore and she is careful towards herself and baby too.. when everyone get to know about twinkle kunj take her hospital next morning they all get worried about her but happy she is okay.

Kunj getting call from office since many days he is here.Kunj told everything Avinash about twinkle and baby they get happy even sad for twinkle too.Leela deny to send twinkle to Mumbai because of her health even others too understand this..

I have to go I’m having work there Kunj said to twinkle.she didn’t said anything.He packed his things.

How you will manage alone jiju mahi said.

There is no problem there I can manage mahi he said.

There is many one twinkle said and went from there.

Kya hua Isko abeer said.

Abeer understand she don’t wanted Kunj go Meher said and Kunj nodded in yes.. he went downstairs and meet with everyone he went in garden and see twinkle sitting alone in sad way he went towards her.

Acha Sun I’m going take care of yourself I can take you with me but you know there is no one to take care of yourself. I can’t leave you alone he said and cupped her face.Kunj kissed on her forehead and than on her belly.

My baby take care of him he said.Twinkle didn’t said even a single word after Kunj leave for airport she crying lott..

Kunj comeback to Mumbai he get busy in work fully but in Amritsar twinkle missing him and even sad he went and leave her alone.. she crying and stay in her zone but everyone keeping her happy.Kunj calling her and asked her about her health and about baby she tell him everything and again they get normal but twinkle still doubting on him..

More shocking news for her that Mahira shifted in her building only.. one day twinkle call Kunj in landline Mahira come to twinj house for some work she pick up the call. Twinkle shocked to listen her voice and asked her where is Kunj she said he is washroom taking bath she was damn shocked didn’t listen anything and cut the call and throw her room all things here and there after day she off her phone didn’t talking with Kunj.. he was worried about her he call on others phone than also she didn’t take his call..

He get frustrated. Everyday maya come and put chilli flakes and filled twinkle mind against Kunj.She didn’t take care about here also..

Her bday come everyone keep a small house party for her bday Kunj went out of the town due to some work he didn’t wish her again she get angry on this on him.very next day is Mahira bady they celebrate grandly this she get to know and Gul tell her normally..

She hurt herself fully abeer come and see twinkle he stop her She faint in his embrace he called dr and soon dr come and tell due to over stress she faint abeer confused what happened to her. Later he called to Kunj and asked him he said something twinkle is just mad don’t know what to her I’m not getting even he said abeer didn’t said much. Even twinkle not said anything bearing everything alone she sharing with maya in front of her consoling her but with her talks she giving her pain.

7 months later twinkle is 7 months pregnant.

Kunj half project finished he is free little bit he thought let’s go to Amritsar they having work as well due to business Mahira and Avinash or Gul too going they made plan to go together.

Kunj bring some many things for twinkle and for their unborn baby as well he is excited to meet with her even they all think to do her baby shower soon.Twinkle don’t know kunj is coming.

Her pregnancy is very painful for her but she didn’t give up bearing all pain for her baby she wanted her baby anyhow didn’t care about herself she can’t even sleep properly having pain in her back and most she always lost in her thoughts Kunj leave her totally..

Kunj come last night he went to sarna mansion only Mahira went to her home while Gul and Avinash with him at his house they get happy..

At Taneja mansion..

Twinkle sitting she just comeback after bath in garden her hairs become too lengthy and she looking beautiful as well but her real Charm she lost fully.become thin as well.

Leela come with apples she sit opposite of her.

You come good girl Chal you have apple I’ll make your hairs she said.she just blinked her eyes.Mahi come there.

Maa today I’ll Comb di hairs she said.she slowly slowly combing her hairs.Leela feeding her apple with her hands she just having like a lifeless body.Abeer come there and sit beside leela he and leela looking  at twinkle feeling extremely bad but she even didn’t saying anything.

Twinkle Kya Hua tujhe why you staying so recondite abeer asked her.

Haan twinkle beta tell me too what actually bothering you leele said and cupped her face.

Twinkleee you burning in fever haan she said abeer to check her..

again she Ill herself abeer added..I’ll

Call dr or else let’s go to your dr abeer asked her.

I m fine bhai she said and rest her head in leela lap she smiled and caressing her head..

Maa you will not leave me alone she said.

Arey why I’ll leave you beta she said.

Maa her mood swing too much abeer try to cheer up her..

At sarna mansion they all done with lunch..

bhai today we all have to go in naman and Asha wedding reception we enjoy their all function fully yuvi said.

Haan even I come on Correct time Kunj added.

Bhabhi toh missed everything alaviaa said with puppy faces.

Why it’s her bestie wedding Gul asked.

She isn’t in condition that’s why Avantika said.

Some more month than she will be fine after baby Anjali added they all smiled..

Kuch bhi bolo bhabhi in this months she hardly come here if anything is important we called her than also she not come Kareena said again all just rolling their eyes.

You going Kunj Taneja mansion tej asked.

Hmm nahi papa I have some important work I’ll finished this Kunj said..

At [email protected]

Venue everyone went to Asha and naman reception party sarna family arrived first.

All friends meeting with each other’s. Kunj congratulate newly wedded couple as well.

Even Mahira too invited.Kunj waiting for twinkle

From 4 months he didn’t talk to her even no messages nothing at all his eyes dying to see her..

Taneja’s arrived they all looking beautiful..

Party is in open garden.Twinkle holding abeer hand.

Bhai you all go I’m sitting here only please twinkle said.

Arey madam at least Meet with them abeer said.

I’ll go when rush will be less she said.

Twinkle is right rt said.Twinkle sit in side table

While they all went ahead and went to stage.

They meet with naman and Asha and their eyes falls on Kunj.

Jiju mahi said she went to him.Kunj come to her in laws he meet with them while abeer slightly off with Kunj because he didn’t come on twinkle bady so he thinking that’s why

She is sad.. Kunj went to abeer.

Heyy saale how’s you kunj said.

Hi fine in cold voice abeer said.

Arey mahi and Meher where is twinkle aleena asked.

Twinkle she is sittting Meher said.Kunj looking for twinkle.

Abeer bhai Kya hua yuvi asked.

Mujhe Kya hoga yuvi abeer said.

Yeah you looking off Kunj said.

I’m absolutely fine look at yourself Kunj abeer said excuse them.kunj feel weird..

Twinkle sitting alone she looking so beautiful more her baby bump making her. Neil see twinkle he went towards her with fruits and Avni too join him.

Heyy soon mommy neil teased her.

Huhu twinkle said.

Looking pretty avni said she smiled.

Fruits for you avni said.

Thanks she said take one piece of fruit..

You should come naman and Asha calling you

We all clicking so many photos.maya come there.

Twinkle you are here you see Kunj come go and meet with maya said twinkle surprise she don’t know about Kunj.

Haan even his buddies too come neil added.

Neil and avni went from there while maya sit.

You don’t know about Kunj she asked.

Nah she said.

Hoo kunj come with Mahira she is here only maya said twinkle look at her face.

Acha you sit I’ll bring dinner she said and went from there twinkle eyes falls down on Mahira and see Kunj talking with her she closed her fist and tears escaping from her eyes fully.

Twinkle turned her face and wiped her tears but tears didn’t taking name to stop.She went to stage nobody was there.

Congratulations namna and Asha she said and hugged them.

Pagal you coming now haan we all besties click photos together Asha said.

It’s okay I’m happy for you both twinkle said and handover them their photo with them.

What happened to your face you become red tomato Asha asked.

Nahi arey bas aise hi she said coming down of the stage she about to misbalance abeer hold her hand..

pagal just now you will falls down he said and bring her down. Are you okay he asked.

Haan bhai she said abeer see her red eyes and face.

Kya hua you crying haan he asked she nodding in no but tears falling down.. twinkleeee she hugged him..

bacha Kya hua tell me he asking her while twinkle sobbing in his arms.. abeer caressing her back he take her in side and made her sit on chair and he wiped her tears he called waiter and take water.

Shh drink this water Meher too come there.

Kya hua twinkle ko she asked.

Pata nahi just crying he said and made her drink water she take deep breathe.

I need to go washroom twinkle said.

I’ll come with you Meher asked.She deny and went alone.

Meher something is bothering her I’m sure this affecting baby as well abeer said.

But what abeer ?? Meher said.

Maybe something is not good between her and Kunj that’s why abeer said.

Hmm maybe she is said because he didn’t come on her bday Meher said.

Even I thought that but this not making her this much angry something is big abeer said.

Arey it’s normal abeer between husband and wife Meher said and abeer agree with her.

They all went to have dinner together.Twinkle shedding tears in washroom lott after she comeback her eyes become so puffy eyes.

She looking for leela.Twinkle message abeer that she wanted to go back home right now.

Where is twinkle leela ji Avantika asked.

Haan we all missing bhabhi today we will take her with us Abhay said..

She is here only beta due to this pregnancy she staying alone and off don’t know she said and Kunj looking at leela..

Asha and naman went towards twinkle to sitting alone.

Let’s have dinner together at least today naman said twinkle blinkined her eyes..

Waiter served the dinner.

Why you are here you should with Kunj na did you see Mahira and she working with Kunj Asha said.

Haan childhood lovers together naman said in teasing way..

pagal his wife is here only soon mommy of his baby Asha said.Twinkle having slowly slowly..

Rest done with food..

Where is siyappa queen I wanted to see her how she is Kunj thinking in his heart..

By the way twinkle tonight you looking more pretty than my wife Asha naman said.

Yeah damn true Asha added.

You both looking perfect I think love marriage is better twinkle said.

Why you toh said after your and Kunj arrange marriage is best Asha said.

Hmm but see you both are so happy twinkle said naman give Asha side hug..

Abeer arey where is twinkle Kunj asked him.

Why Kunj abeer said.

I’m finding her Kunj said.

Hoo I thought you he said.

What you thought you giving me cold vibes what happened everything is okay na bro Kunj asked.

Haan bhai everything is absolutely fine twinkle is here only where she will went he added.

Hmm Kunj hummed.

Yuvi and Abhay called everyone for dance all smiling and all elders and youngsters dancing.

Twinkle sitting and smiling while seeing them..

Avinash pulled Mahira and Kunj too they too dancing twinkle smile immediately disappeared.

Arey twinkle bhabhi come na yuvi and Abhay went towards twinkle.

Nahi yuvi I can’t she said and deny they went with sad face Kunj turned his face and his eyes went on twinkle finally.He was shocked to see her he blinking his eyes her eyes looking so dead but in this dress she looking pretty..

Neil come to twinkle may I have dance with you neil asked her.

Okay she said and give her hand in his hands..

they didn’t went ahead there only slightly carefully Neil dancing with twinkle and cheering up her. Kunj looking at her only.

Bas neil I can’t stand more she said.

Yes sorry he added twinkle went back and sit..

Dance end Kunj went towards twinkle and he hugged her twinkle jerked..

Twinkleeee he said and cuddling her while twinkle didn’t hug him back she holding her all pain and tears.twinkle moving slightly Kunj break the hug.and looking at her only.

Keshi hai tu he asked.she didn’t look at his face she looking other side..

Bhai control everyone is here only Abhay said..

Twinkle bhabhi now kunj bhai too come let’s

Go with us you Alaviaa said.Abeer see twinkle face he understands.

Arey baby Alaviaa she will come you know right now she can’t move here and there that’s why after baby take your bhabhi abeer said..

Haan abeer is right Avantika said..

Maa let’s go twinkle said and went from there rest feels weird.All started going.Twinkle waiting for her family.

Gul and Avinash went towards twinkle. Arey twinkle where are you you didn’t meet with us haan Gul said.

Looking so pretty Avinash said.

Kunj is here only gul added.

How’s you Gul asked.

Fine she said Kunj come there.

See Kunj twinkle looking so beautiful with her baby bump Gul said.Kunj looking at her.

They going from there twinkle coming down slowly because of stairs Kunj hold her slightly she removed his hand.

Twinkleeee he called her.Abeer come there.

Chal twinkle he said and hold her hand take her carefully all come towards their car.. Kunj just looking at twinkle who didn’t even look at him once..

Abeer twinkle will go with me Kunj said. Abeer look at Kunj than twinkle.Twinkle didn’t said anything just went and sit in abeer car.abeer give Kunj faint smile and went sit in his car Kunj looking at twinkle. Kunj in anger he too sit in car they all went from there..

At Taneja mansion..

everyone come back home after reception party.They entered in living room.

Twinkle beta come and sit with me today rt said.

Papa I’m sleepy she said and went from there..

Rt looking at leela she gestured him.all went in their respective rooms twinkle entered in her room and closed the door she went towards bed and remove her all things throwing she crying so hard. She went in washroom and get freshen up. She comeback and sit again while thinking about each and everything making her cry abeer was passing from twinkle room he heard sound he stop and went near her window abeer see twinkle crying.

Babaji kuch toh definitely hua hai otherwise twinkle will never cry this much if Kunj does something I’ll not let him here my sister bearing this all he said and went from there.

Other side Kunj too get angry because he thinking she just finding reasons without anything always get angry he will not anymore pacify her now what he has done haan..

While whole night twinkle didn’t sleep she just crying and talking with her baby and telling him each and everything.Night went day come quickly.

Twinkle sleep leela and abeer entered in room and see room condition than there eyes went on twinkle who sleeping in sitting position.

What condition she made of her room leela said.

Maa I think she isn’t happy abeer said.

Why abeer puttar she asked.

Maa see her she just staying in her zone our twinkle is not like this don’t you think so abeer added.

I know puttar but in pregnancy this happened leela said and they went near bed and sit there leela caressing twinkle hairs due to her touch she wake up.

Maaaa she said.

Haan wake up it’s too late leela said.

Maa let me sleep I’m tired she said.

Arey Kya hua baby doll Chal wake up fast abeer said and teasing her she wake up and making faces..

why your eyes is so red did you cry abeer asked.

Aise hi let me get freshen up twinkle said.She went in washroom.

Leela leave the breakfast on table she and abeer went downstairs..

Twinkle come out of the washroom she get ready normally she sit on bed and looking at breakfast..

At sarna mansion.

Kunj you going anywhere Avantika asked.

Haan Tanejas mansion I bring this things for baby and twinkle Kunj said.

Good you go and spend time with twinkle she will feel good in pregnancy become more emotional Avantika added..

yes maa I’ll come in sometimes he said and went from there..

Twinkle having coffee and reading book on babies..

kunj come to Taneja mansion he entered inside everyone see him and smiled.Kunj come and take their blessings.

So many bags jiju mahi asked.

Haan woh for twinkle and I shopped for baby he said.

How cute Meher said..

good beta you come twinkle is in her room you go and meet with her leela said.

Okay maa he added..Kunj went To twinkle room.

Kunj Entered in room he see twinkle.he went near her while reading book she slightly taking nictation.her hairs coming on her face.Kunj leave the bags in side he side the hairs kissed on her forehead.Due to his touch twinkle open her eyes and see Kunj and flick.Twinkle get up immediately.

Kya hua why you get up sit na he said..

Kunj made her sit on the end and he sit beside her take Twinkle hand in his hands..

What you made of yourself haan you not having your meals on time haan he asked her she looking down.Kunj held her chin and made her look at him.Her eyes filled with tears..

Keshi hai tu twinkle theek toh hai na why you looking so dull haan he said. See

I bring this all things for you and our baby he open the gift and showing her everything.

I went for shopping than I bring this for you.

You love it na he added.twinkle get up.

Arey twinkle he called her.

Take this all things Kunj I don’t want she said Kunj shocked.

What but why he said and hold her hand.

I said take this all I don’t want and don’t come here I’m fine that’s it she said and turned. Kunj fully shocked.he closed his eyes.

Acha you are angry with me okay fine but why he said.. samja me hi nahi aata mujhe tujhe ho Kya jata hai every time I’ll not run behind you begging you twinkle sorry sorry he said twinkle become more angry.

Acha even I’m not saying you for anything take your things and went that’s it she take and throw everything in side.

What I’ll do hoo kunj you bring this all things for my baby and me thanks for lott haan She said.

Twinkleee I’m not getting anything tell me perfectly what happened to you and want you wanted haan Kya kiya hai mene I was calling you and messaging you  but you were not answering my calls Kya karu me ab if you get angry on this even I’m too what you have done last night you completely ignoring me haan is it good tu bata still i come to you he said.

Why you come I didn’t call you come to me she said. Kunj hold her tightly.

Pagal hogi hai tu I’m not getting im done with you man always I’m try my level best to keep you happy but you never understand me he moment you are happy another moment get angry Kya chahiye hai tujhe ek Baath bata de mujhe he said.Twinkle too crying.

She started taking heavy breathe.You go please she said.. Kunj turned he stand near door. Twinkle can’t handle anymore she went to table and take out sleeping pills bottle Kunj turned and see her she holding pills bottle he shocked and immediately went to take the bottle from her hand.

You become mad haan pagal hogi hai Kya he cupped her face.You taking this sleeping

Pills you know it’s dangerous for you and most our baby why you doing this mat kar twinkle

Me tere se bhut pyaar karta hu apni jaan se bhi jada he said.

Nahi karte tum you are a liar kunjjj let me finished my life she said.

I really love you twinkle acha okay tu bol I’ll do that only he said she grab his shirt.

Mujhe tum chahiye kunjjj she said in shivering voice.

I’m yours only twinkle why you get insecure about me haan he said.

I’m not kunjj you aren’t my old Kunj who love me she added.

I love you fully trust me twinkle I’ll do tell me what you wanted you just stay happy see yourself I can’t see you like anything he added.

Than leave Mumbai and stay with me here she said and he shocked slightly.

Mumbai but why we staying there happily na you staying here because of your pregnancy after baby you will come there we Are together baby he said.

No leave Mumbai and everything shifted here in Amritsar with me today only she said..

I’m not getting what you actually wanted you have issues with me or else with Mumbai he said.

I don’t know I just wanted you leave Mumbai she said.

Okay I’ll do this also but right now I can’t I sign project with new company Mahira we all working hard he said.

I don’t care leave Mahira and break this project she added..

I can’t right now he said..

okay than leave me I know you will not how you will leave your dearest friends she said and went in washroom Kunj completely shocked..

In anger he went from there nobody see Kunj while going.Kunj get angry because of twinkle.

He went to office he having work Avinash already went.

Twinkle went to her yoga classes after this she diverted her mind.Whole day passed away Kunj still in anger he not talking anyone while twinkle same to same she packed all things which Kunj bring for her and baby she sended to Mahira.She tell maya about this.

Kunj made decisions till baby he will not talk to twinkle because she will not understand her.. that’s why he will go back in some days he will finished this meets for that he is come Amritsar.

3 days later:

Mahira see all things which twinkle has sended to her she get quite confused but didn’t said anything she thought she will talk to twinkle only directly.Finally twinkle thought she should talk to Mahira.

Twinkle itself calling Kunj first he cutting her calls she get irritated by this she immediately call Mahira first.

Hello kaun Mahira said.

Me twinkle she added.

Hoo twinkle yes bolo I was going to call you only she said.

Acha I wanted to talk to you Mahira twinkle said.

Haan bolo Mahira asked.

Why you snatching Kunj from me haan twinkle said.

What I’m snatching kunjj are you okay na haan Mahira added.

Yes you snatching my husband didn’t you feel ashamed haan you are behind marriage man who going to become father soon why you behind Kunj I know since start you have something for Kunj but now he is my husband you can’t do this I never seen girl like you kyu mere pati phar dore daal rahi ho bolo I know you don’t like me even me too leave Kunj

Husband stop always being around him I warning you twinkle said.

Shut up twinkle why you saying this to me.You know what you don’t deserve kunj.His dadu did bad he fixed you for him he deserved best. What type of wife you are who always hurting kunj haan why you send me this to me haan she said.

You said right I m not deserved Kunj that’s why I send this all to you take and I and my baby don’t need this all things she said ended the call.After Mahira and her conversation she become more and more angry on Kunj because she thought she said this all to her because of Kunj only.

Today in sarna mansion kunj grand parents keep pooja for Kunj and twinkle their upcoming Avantika told leela come with all family and with twinkle as well she is important to attend pooja.Leela went to her room her clothes.

Puttar you didn’t get ready haan why leela asked.

Maa I’m not well you all go there apologies from my side to mummy ji twinkle said..

Acha beta but she said it’s important for you they all keep pooja for your and baby healthy life leela added.

I know maa but see my swelling she said.

Still puttar isn’t good they are your in laws she added.

Okay maa I’m ready she said and get ready..

At sarna [email protected]

Everyone waiting for Taneja’s while they had lunch get together so called all their kids friends and all.Everything is all set.

Kunj was all sad he sitting alone while Avanish and Gul went back last night only because Mahira and Kunj will finished rest meetings..

Rahul asking Kunj what happened to him he didn’t said anything..

Taneja’s arrived they all meet with each other’s twinkle take her in laws blessings she sit in side. Pandit ji come.

First finished pooja than we all can sit Dev sarna said.

They all sit down twinkle hold yuvi hand and sit down Kunj come he sit beside twinkle both giving each other’s cold look.Pandit ji start the pooja and they both doing whatever pandit is saying.Soon pooja is done they all get up twinkle give everyone parshad..

Due to pooja havan smoke twinkle started coughing very badly she can’t tolerate Kunj get worried about her he immediately bring water for her and made her drink everyone adore this both share painfully like…

Are you okay Kunj asked she nodding her head and take deep breathe..

Twinkle beta you come with me Avantika take her in side.She made her sit.

Arey twinkle beta what is this why this much swelling haan she asked her.

Aise hi mummy ji twinkle said Kunj looking at her only..

it’s not good for health lata said..

Even I m saying this but this girl too ziddi she didn’t having properly that’s why getting ill every single day leela said.

You should take care of yourself now you going to become mother how you will handle you baby alone in Mumbai Usha said.

Arey Kunj bhai is there didn’t you see how he take care of twinkle bhabhi when he is with her after toh she become so sullen Alaviaa added all smiled and agreed with her.Avantika feeding twinkle fruits while rest gang sit alone and playing cards.Anjali bring twinkle also.She just sit not saying anything.Baby give twinkle kick she closed her eyes.

Kya hua twinkle Anjali asked..

Arey Anjali baby kick Bichari twinkle I must say Kunj your baby giving twinkle lott kick me and abeer toh asking her today baby give her kick or not Meher said.

Feel it come anjali said and she keep his hand on twinkle belly and baby give her again kick he feel and smiling tearfully it’s so bless full.

Twinkle went from there while even Kunj too..

What happened this husband and wife Armaan said.

I think they fight bro naman said..

even I’m thinking this bhai and bhabhi didn’t talking to each other’s yuvi said.they all saying this.

I think we should patch up their what’s say Abhay said they all saying yes.

While Mahira come and tell Kunj each and everything whatever twinkle tell her and that gifts he was damn shocked and uncontrollably he is angry on her.Twinkle was in backyard Sitting alone Kunj finding his went to backyard and see her..

twinkleeeee in loud voice he called her she get up and see her in roar way Kunj went near her throw all gifts she see scared..

what did you said to Mahira haan he screamed at her. Mahira too come behind Kunj. Twinkle see her.

Hoo toh she filled your ears against me and you come for her revenge twinkle said..

I said what did you said her I need my answer again he shouted.

Don’t shout at me kunjj even I can what wrong I said to her haan each and everything i said to her is true why you feeling mirchi now Hoo I can understand your love towards her you can’t bear that I humiliate her twinkle said making Kunj more loose his cool.All gang come there..and see them they totally get confused.

I need a answer why you send this all gifts to Mahira Kunj said.

You need answer I’ll tell you wait because when you don’t have anything for me when she is important for you I’m your mistake I don’t deserve you even she said.Than my baby don’t deserve your so called gifts too.And I send her that’s why she take my place in your life already maybe one day my baby place as well twinkle said..

youuuu twinkle shut you mouth what nonsense you speaking you know haan Kunj said.

I know each and everything why I’ll shut my mouth I’m speaking damn rogue i never thought you will do this with me haan Cheater having Extramarital affair with her after having wife haan behind my back you spending with this Mahira I know since start but I thought no I’m wrong but I’m right when you like her than why you marry to me kunjj deny she added.

Mera affair Mahira ke saath you have lost your mind twinkle Kunj said.

I’m not kunj now I understood everything. School ka pyaar ab ja ke pura hone ja raha tha haan she said.Kunj totally loose his control he is too much angry Kunj immediately slapped twinkle so hard.They all shocked.Twinkle about to fall abeer run and hold her on time.they all went near them.Twinkle seeing Kunj. His fingers printed on her cheek and slightly blood oozing from her lips corner..

Kunjj are you gone mad you slap her in this condition how dare youuu abeer get angry Meher hold abeer hand..

You saying me this I gone crazy first looked at your sister what she saying she blaming me and putting all fake allegations I’m having affair with Mahira seriously Kunj said.

You slap me it’s not first time he slap last time too she slap for his Alisha now for his Mahira m I right Kunj sarna you have prove what place I’m having in your life for this girl you slap your wife Kunj twinkle said.

That day you make me do don’t you know twinkle Kunj said.

Acha and whatever I have done because of you you made me do that all that’s why I took that step she said.

Really I never thought you will do this with me Kunj said.

Even I didn’t Kunj you done she said.

What nonsense is this all abeer said.

Bhai this Kunj cheat me for this Mahira when he love her than why he marry me.I’m saying everything right.He remembers Mahira bday but he don’t remember my bday he didn’t even wish me one time that I planned so many things for him on valentine day but what he has done he went with her on valentine party I was waiting for him like idiots still I thought leave it it’s normal.He don’t have time for me but he have time for this Mahira whyyy twinkle said all looking at kunjj.

I didn’t remember your bday twinkle that’s why i was busy in work Kunj said.

But you have time to celebrate Mahira bday how answer me she shouted loudly Kunj don’t have answer.. or you went New York lied to me you went alone but not she went with you also you always cheating me kunjjj she said and crying.

She went due to work I don’t know about her abeer trust me Kunj said.

Hoo really mr Kunj sarna I have your and her photos how much you enjoy there with her twinkle said.

You don’t trust me twinkle totally Kunj added.

Yes I don’t because you break me and my trust as well completely you didn’t care about me at all here I’m suffering you don’t know right now what I’m bearing I’m highly suffer because of my baby but you give me unconditional but you said you love me unconditionally not at all that’s why you can’t leave Mumbai for her..

You have issues when I talked to neil. Neil was there he shocked but what about you kunjjj your ex girlfriend sending gifts for you. One

More thing bhai he saying he is right in blaming that day I called you who received your call she is what she doing in our house I’m idiot Naha hi toh mera woh ghar tha naha hi tum mere te

She said and push Kunj.. Kunj was fully shocked she filled this all thing in her mind for him.He went near her.

You thinking this all for me haan he hold her hands.

Twinkle I love you only nobody is in my life but I was mad you are crazy girl you don’t have mind I Marry and love you my biggest mistake of my life.I’m leaving you out of my life when you don’t trust me I do my best to keep this relationship but today you cross your limits first you blamed Mahira without her single mistakes now you blaming me as well Kunj said.

See today also you care about her not about me.Twinkle started speaking totally without thinking she too loose herself. Kunj controlling Mahira come between conversation twinkle push her Kunj get angry he about to slap her again abeer hold his hand.They all friends and siblings totally get shocked.Twinkle throw her phone on Kunj..

Kunjjj Anjali said..

di you saying me first see her she don’t have mind Kunj said.

Yeah I don’t have mind I don’t have anything but I’m not like you cheaterr I hate youuuuu she screamed loudly and breathing heavily.

Twinkle shh calm down it’s not good for you and baby Meher said..

I’ll not leave himmm she said she grab Kunj collar.

Now you answer me what she give you that I can’t twinkle said.

Leave me twinkle I’ll do something worse Tu Pagal hogi hai kunj added.. Twinkle leave him and went from There while crying fully Meher and mahi run behind her… all looking at Kunj.

You shouldn’t hit her Rahul said.

You saying to me first see her what rubbish she talking about me and Mahira Kunj said.

What wrong she said Kunj we all know on her bday it’s not your duty to come on her bday but  you didn’t come she feel bad whatever she speaks i don’t know I’ll not believe as well but you shouldn’t understand my sister abeer said.

Really abeer I do not understand her I always understand her she is the one who never understands me.I’m loving her unconditionally but she just having doubts on me she prove it today. On my bday she didn’t wish me too I doesn’t reacted on her I really was busy

She is not answering my calls I’ll not explain anyone he said and walkout from there..

They totally shocked after see them they never thought don’t have any idea they have this much issues between them they all thought just small fight between them..

Meher and mahi bring twinkle home back she crying they handle her take her in her room. Give her medicine due to medicine she dozed off..Meher call abeer about twinkle.While Kunj went out. All asking about twinkle anjali tell she don’t feeling well that’s why Meher take her back home… later Taneja family too come..

Abeer come and see twinkle who sleeping due to medicine.He feel so bad for his sister but can’t do anything.They thought they will not tell anyone about this in family.Even in sarna mansion too.Maya was extremely happy.While Mahira wasn’t she feel bad but didn’t find herself wrong in this all..

Kunj who was cursing himself he give twinkle everything but in return she did this all..

Background song..

{You, do you remember me?

Like I remember you?

Do you spend your life, going back in your mind to that time?

‘Cause I, I walk the streets alone

I hate being on my own

And everyone can see that I really fell, and I’m going through hell

Thinking about you with somebody else}

Kunj too crying fully he went back home and directly went in his room and stay all alone nobody disturb him. Twinkle wake up she went in washroom look at herself and see her cheek remember how Kunj slap her for Mahira she broke all things in Washroom.Hurt herself

Meher and abeer entered in room heard voice coming from washroom they went and see the

Scenario shocked.. they both run to her and hold her hand.

Twinkle Kya kar rahi hai kunj is right you become mad Meher said and they take her in room.

Leave me bhai and bhabhi I can’t live he hurt me he cheat me for Mahira I’ll kill them she screamed but don’t have energy..

shh twinkle don’t cry see looks into my

Eyes please do you wanted something happened to your baby haan abeer asked she nodding in no.

Than don’t do this all think about your baby abeer sAid.

Bhai I can’t live without kunjjj I want my husband she snatch him I love kunjjjj she said and falls down on her knees abeer and Meher feeling bad for twinkle even they having tears in their eyes.. somehow they calm down her.

Kunj is yours only pagali he loves you only leave about everything now he said and wiped her tears.He hugged abeer and sobbing badly in his embrace.After Meher changed her clothes and abeer and she does her dressing she cut on her hands.They feed her food forcefully twinkle rest her head on abeer lap whole night abeer and Meher was with her and taking care of her..

Next day.:::

Twinkle sleeping peacefully they didn’t disturb her let her sleep how much she wanted..

Meher and abeer think lott they have to talk to Kunj.Abeer and Meher talk to Rahul and Anjali they too said Kunj too same he didn’t come out of his room.Leave them alone for sometimes.

1 week passed both missing each other’s extremely and suffered as well.Abeer went to sarna mansion.He went in Kunj room see him.

His condition wasn’t less than twinkle. Abeer went to Kunj and sit beside him Anjali bring coffee for them even Rahul too come.

Hello saale saab abeer said Kunj see him he rolled his eyes..

Bol now for what you come for your sister defend Kunj said.

Nope I’m not come here for anyone to defend.

Kunjj see yourself there she making her condition worse I trusted you kunj twinkle thought this all leave na you are matured she is immature right now she isn’t in condition she can think abeer said.

Do you think I didn’t think but she hurt me

Lott that day she thought me and Mahira is together she just working in my office that’s it she just bring school things and all nothing is like this guys trust me Kunj said having tears in his eyes.

We all know Kunj she is just insecure about you she love you really right now also she just taking your names she is possessive about you that’s it bro we will talk to her but right now she isn’t in good condition and she will not understand as well Kunj dr too said she taking over stress it’s harmful for baby and her too abeer added.

She is totally mad abeer I don’t know pictures she fixed in her mind for me she doubting on me chiii.. because of baby and her pregnancy I always ignore all things. But now she cross her all limits you know what she has done with Mahira he told them everything.

I can understand Kunj but leave it now Rahul said.

Haan Kunj we handling her anyhow it’s tough

She hurt herself as well he told him..

Kyu kar rahi hai woh aisa I don’t know I’m done He said.

Before everything is fine Anjali said.

I don’t know we are so happy together even after also our arrange marriage. She isn’t my old twinkle though we fight on silly things but apologies each other’s but don’t know after that night everything breaks down after baby also I try my best I went back Mumbai than also she talking to me suddenly she stop taking my calls and replying my message for her I talk to dr and asked her about twinkle health he said.

You didn’t come on her bday she feel bad Kunj

Aaja tha for sometimes also abeer said..

I’m too human being abeer even I feel bad she didn’t care about me don’t know what she wanted I’m going back Mumbai let her do what she wanted to do he said.

Nahi kunjj please don’t say this see na maa and papa thinking to do her baby shower at least for that stay went after if you wanted abeer said Kunj didn’t said.

Acha okay take care of yourself I’m sorry behalf on my sister behaviours he said and went from there Rahul and Anjali too talk to kunj..

Leela and rt take twinkle for her treatment dr check her and give her due to date because she said her pregnancy is complicated her 8

Months is start so.she is really weak hope she will improve till her delivery time.they went and twinkle lost totally she didn’t talk to anyone while both family is happy for happy and waiting for baby.Kunj thinking about baby.

Maya come more filled twinkle ears and Increasing her pain fully.she seeing Kunj photos

Both changed their contact name in each other’s phones.Before it’s jaan and my love.

Now they added husband and wife names..

Baby shower [email protected]

today is twinkle baby shower which going to celebrate in Taneja mansion in grand way..

they all were is damn excited but siblings and friends is Taneja mansion they busy in preparation same in sarna mansion they buying things for twinkle and baby too.Kunj who book his ticket his heart don’t wanted to go but his anger was high.

Twinkle getting ready alone she crying while thinking about Kunj.

Baby papa will not come today he don’t care about us she blabbering.All guest has arrived abeer and yuvi attending them whole house decorated whole house so beautifully.

Abeer message Kunj please come she will feel good at least for your baby soon papa he send him Kunj see and smiled.They all messaging him finally he get ready and come they see him and get happy.

Arey where is twinkle Nikki asked.

Leela gestured to Meher and mahi.They went upstairs twinkle wiped her tears and they hold her hand and bring her downstairs.She coming everyone looking at her she looking so pretty totally a bride.Kunj see her he closed his fist feeling pain they going through.She too see Kunj Tears falling from her eyes she wiped.

Meher and mahi made her sit on jula.grand parents remove devil eyes and Kunj grand father and mother give her blessings and called Kunj he stand beside her she get happy he come at least. Than baby shower rasam start boys stand in side. Ladies coming and giving twinkle gifts and fruits or whispering something in her ears slightly making her smile Kunj too smile painfully.They feed her sweets.

Bhai see bhabhi looking so pretty today end your find yuvi said Kunj give him anger look.

Yeah Kunj yuvi is right Armaan said..

Twinkle beta you looking so beautiful kishi ki nazar na lage tujhe Avantika said and adore shower all rituals  finished.Than it’s photo session time all clicking photos with twinkle..

Twinkle and Kunj just sharing painful eyes locks.

Arey when Kunj is going twinkle dadi asked.

Maybe tomorrow or day after Usha said..

Now leave twinkle Meher said.

You sit twinkle and have something you didn’t have anything since morning leela said.

Nahi maa I’m fine she said and she sit in side couch and resting her head.Meher bring juice for her she made her drink twinkle hardly drink.

Side by side Kunj looking her she too.She having pain she didn’t tell anyone..

I wanted to go in my room twinkle said she sweating..

Arey stay here you stay lott in your room Anjali said.Rahul bring Kunj they all cracking jokes.. Twinkle can’t bear her pain.

Stop it please she scream all shocked and see her.

Tujhe kya Hua Avni said.. twinkle Clutch cushion she started screaming.

Ahahh maaa ouchh..they all shocked.

Kya hua twinkle leela asked.

Maa pain she said and started crying..

pain but suddenly twinkle she said. Twinkle screaming loudly.

Twinkle calm down Kunj said hold her hand. Twinkle hold his hand.

I can’t bear this pain take me hospital mera bacha she said.

Maa maybe her labour pain started abeer said.

What nonsense you all speaking here take her hospital meri biwi twinkle calm down Kunj said.

Than take your wife abeer said teasingly.

You are great in this condition also you kidding Kunj said immediately lift twinkle in his arms.. he take her outside and abeer bring car Kunj sit with twinkle in back seat. He started the car they leave for hospital rest too..

Twinkle crying in pain and Kunj handling her..

they reached hospital Kunj take twinkle inside abeer called twinkle dr..

dr Samantha come.

Dr see twinkle she having pain Kunj said.

Haan you all wait she said and nurse take her in ot.They changed twinkle clothes.nurse set everything. All family members come and standing outside of the Ot room..

Hope she is fine Kunj said.

Yeah now baby will come yuvi said Kunj give him look he keep quiet..

Twinkle push please dr Samantha said..

kunjjj please call him she said crying.

Okay dr Samantha said.. nurse went outside.

Mr Kunj nurse said.

Yes me Kunj said.

Your wife is calling you she said and went inside.

Me but why Kunj said..

go first Rahul said Kunj went in ot room..

twinkle called he went near she hold his hands..

Kunjjj she said..

shh twinkle relax do what dr saying he said.

She try to push at the same time she winching in pain fully.Kunj calming her..

Yes twinkle do it just more dr said.she try her best but she don’t have energy she give up and started breathing heavily dr too get shocked.

Twinkle don’t closed your eyes dr said. Kunj patting on her cheeks.

Twinkle wake up twinkle he called her.

Kunjjj I can’t I don’t have strength she said..

Kunj looking at dr..

It’s dangerous for twinkle and baby now Kunj dr said.

Do it something dr fast Kunj said who crying for twinkle.

I think we have to go for surgery now Kunj like this anything can happened to baby or else to twinkle dr said. Kunj look at the twinkle condition.

Do it anything but I wanted my wife safe that’s it dr go for surgery she can’t bear this pain anymore Kunj added.

Okay nurse do surgery preparation she said and went out of the ot and Kunj too went..

All asking Kunj what happened Kunj tell them and they all get worried about her.Dr come to Kunj.

Sign this papers Kunj dr said Kunj take immediately sign the papers and give back to dr.

Dr before surgery I wanted to see my daughter leela said..

okay come fast dr said and Kunj too went with leela.twinkle laying down on bed they went to her..

maa she said tears escaping from her eyes..

meri bachi I’ll scold your baby because of him you suffering she said.

Kya maa twinkle painfully laugh out.

Maa please If something happened to me take care of my baby don’t leave my baby she said.

Shh don’t say this everything will be fine she said and wiped her tears twinkle look at Kunj..

Maa chalo Kunj said..

Hmm he hummed Kunj look at twinkle fully before going..

kunjjjj twinkle called him he turned and but dr come and tell now went out of Ot.Kunj went outside…

Dr Samantha come and start twinkle surgery.

Everyone waiting outside they were hell worried praying for twinkle and baby.Surgery wasn’t easy As it happens..

Kunj praying for twinkle in front of god.

Please Babaji I don’t want anything I’m sorry today if she is in pain because of me save her

He said..

After 2 hours later crying sound coming dr get surprised.

What is this totally unbelievable man twinkle dr Samantha said but get happy.

Nurse immediately take them for oxygen dr Samantha said nurse from side she take them.

dr come out of the Ot room lights went off all stand and waiting for dr.Samantha come out and remove her mask Kunj come to her.

Dr how’s twinkle she is fine and baby he said in shaking voice.. dr keep hand on his shoulder.

Well Kunj twinkle is absolutely fine operation was successful but we have to wait for her come in sense till and about you baby..

so congratulations you and twinkle blessed with twins babies one girl and boy she said.

They all stunned at that moment.

Whatttt twins Kunj Said.

Yes even we don’t know about your and twinkle pain worth it two blessings arrived in your life she said Kunj laughs with tears can’t believe on dr words..

Can I see my babies dr Kunj asked.

Nope even they aren’t well so under observation wait for sometimes she said and went from there Abhay and yuvi cuddles Kunj.

Wowo bhai twins babies amazing congratulations they said.each and everyone was happy with this news.They feed each other’s sweets.Twinkle shifted to icu room..

From side window they all see twinkle who laying down on bed and connected with many machines they all feeling bad well for her..

Kunj holding his emotions.He will be happy when she will be fine.Everyone supporting her fully.

While babies under observation nobody can meet with them.Time passing everyone waiting for babies and twinkle too they can meet with them.Dr tension raise when twinkle didn’t get conscious till now it’s not good sign..

Babies shifted from nursery room to normal where all babies are in their respective cradles.

Dr Samantha come.

Dr what happened Kunj asked.

Acha kunj you go see your babies nurse take him Samantha said.

What about twinkle Kunj asked..?

Kunj I’ll tell you in sometimes she said and went.

You go and see babies bhai yuvi said he nodded and went with nurse Kunj entered in baby room and see so many babies.

How I’ll recognise my babies Kunj said to nurse.

Hoo sir here is your babies she said and Kunj eyes falls down on a cradle two babies sleeping looking so cute. Nuzzling their faces in each other’s.

This is my babies he said with all emotions.

Yup she added Kunj read the tag.Kunj sarna..

Nurse take baby in her hand and show Kunj fully.

I can take he asked.

Yeah she is your daughter she said Kunj take in his hands feeling all happiness together. He kissed on baby girl forehead she slightly make faces Kunj smiled and having tears in his eyes than he take his son as well and give them kisses.Take their photos as well. After he went back to everyone looking hell happy.Everyone can see father happiness on his face..

Did you see your babies Kunj Avantika asked.

Haan they are so cute and so small he said.Tej and Avantika give him hug.

Bhai pictures Alaviaa asked.

Haan he show them they all get happy. Whole night passed way.In morning dr check twinkle she is same she shocked.She went and tell.

Kunjjj twinkle didn’t get conscious till now maybe she went in coma dr said everything jerked..

whatttt dr how can this happened my babies needs her Haan Kunj said.

Yes dr rt said.

I know but we trying our best Kunj we can pray for her if she didn’t wake up than she slept in coma she said wait for till night she added and went from Kunj sit in shocked..

Twinkleeeee how can this happened nooo Kunj speaking.abeer handling leela and rt all weeping.Kunj stand in front of icu room window and seeing twinkle just.their all happy moments flashing in front of his eyes than their fights all.

She saying maa don’t leave my baby I don’t know this will happened leela blabbering..

They all waiting for twinkle time passing each seconds become so hard for everyone while Kunj totally going down ..

He went inside the icu room sit beside her and hold her hand.

Twinkle wake up please I’ll do whatever you wanted you don’t know how I love you you are my life I’m not happy who will handle our babies.I know you suffered lott for them.

I didn’t give my 2 %.. today you are in this condition fighting with your life.. they need you more than me if I you think I hurt I’ll leave go away from you big trust me I never cheated you I just love one girl in my life it’s you now my daughter that’s it.wake up please for our babies.. Suddenly twinkle moving her hands Kunj see and smiled she open her eyes with jerked and started breathing heavily jumping Kunj shocked he called dr they come and send him outside.They all seeing twinkle and nonplussed totally she jumping dr try to handle her.Kunj went in side and punch his hand on wall in frustration.

Kunjjjjj Avantika said and hold him…

Twinkle calm down dr smiled and she takin breathe with oxygen..

dr come outside and give everyone smile.She is out of dangerous thanks to god Kunj you really love your wife I must say.

Thanks dr he said and smiling fully get relief. All get happy.After sometimes later they went inside twinkle open her eyes but she etherized..

Rt and leela see her face which totally turned into grey.rt kissed on her forehead.

She try to speak but can’t due to oxygen mask.

Haan bol puttar leela said.She move her hand on her belly asking for her baby.they all understands.

Your babies are absolutely fine leela said she get relief but didn’t listen properly babies word.

Twinkle closed her eyes tears escaping from her eyes.

Dr Samantha bring babies she entered in icu room.

Twinkle here is your babies double happiness congratulations she said twinkle surprise she looking at Kunj than dr he blinked his eyes she smiled painfully.Dr Samantha take babies in twinkle and show her babies sleeping peacefully.Rest jumping for babies they too see babies and give them their blessings.

They both totally look alike bhai Alaviaa said all saying this only.Mahira call Kunj he see her caller Id looking at twinkle he pick up the call and went inside and taking with her she asking him about what happened to twinkle he said she give birth to twins babies..he ended the call quickly.

Kish ka call than Usha asked.

Woh Mahira he said without thinking twinkle heard in noise too.she remembered again Each and everything.she turned her face.

Now please don’t make noise twinkle need rest.

Leela place babies beside twinkle..

I think now we should go home tej said.

Here me and leela will stay rt said.

Why papa kunj is here na abeer said.

Nah abeer you all get tired must be me and she will be here I can’t leave my daughter alone now anymore he said..

It’s okay papa Kunj said.Each and everyone went back to home Kunj get sad he wanted with twinkle he talked with dr about twinkle and babies.

She said twinkle take time to recover and babies very weak that’s it proper care she said.

Twinkle still same she become lifeless body leela and rt talking about twinkle because rt sense something is not good between and Kunj.Rt and leela handling babies they crying.

Week later.

Twinkle comeback to home with her babies in this week all visit to her meet with them but twinkle just motionless.Kunj didn’t went Mumbai he wanted to talk to twinkle but she isn’t good condition.normally they keep baby names.Ansh and Aayat all happy with this..

At Taneja mansion.

Both families is there only they wanted to take twinkle and babies to sarna mansion.but twinkle deny.

What happened to twinkle why she don’t wanted to go sarna mansion even not going with Kunj too Avantika said..

She is not well Meher said.

Something is not good what happened Kunj you tell me rt said.

Means papa Kunj said.

Haan what happened my daughter become like dead body he said..

Papa nothing happened Kunj you go and bring twinkle abeer said.Kunj nodded in yes.and went upstairs she sitting and babies laying on bed.

Twinkle everyone taking you sarna mansion he said.He went near her touch babies.

Don’t take my babies twinkle said in all anger..

Why they are my babies also he said..

Kunj take babies in his arms and went downstairs twinkle too come downstairs.

You can’t take my babies she said.All shocked what happened now her..

twinkle hold Kunj hand and take her both babies back..

today finished everything here twinkle good all family members is here only Kunj said..

Means leela said.

Haan maa me and your twinkle can’t stay anymore we wanted to part from each other’s he said all shocked..

Whyyy rt asked him. Twinkle give babies to mahi and Meher.

Because he have someone in his wife twinkle said..

see again she is same abeer you said Kunj said.

Haan yes I have you know I’m having affair with Mahira yes I have fine I don’t want you anymore even your babies as well I did lott in this marriage now I can’t at all you live your life she said.

What nonsense is this tej asked in anger..

Kunj tell everything how twinkle blaming him. All shocked now all got it..

You leaving my daughter Kunj she bearing so much for your babies rt said.

Really papa when you will know real reason behind her health.Your great daughter take pills and abort my babies with telling me thanks to god my babies is sAfe.she try to killed her babies almost you all saying me she is responsible for each and everything Kunj said all shocked ? fully..

Haan I did why because of you today he leaving me for that Mahira that’s it away from my life cheater she said.

Acha I’m cheater okay I’m going stay happy in your life I’m done haan remember I’ll send you divorce papers also soon he said and look at his babies and went from there in anger..

Kunj family looking at twinkle they feel disgusted they too went from there twinkle screamed loudly and falls down on her knees..

Crying while leela and rt stunned after get to know each and everything..

Meher take babies with her while leela take twinkle in her room and she cried tell her everything how Kunj cheating her..

At sarna mansion in anger Kunj packed his all things his parents try to talk to him but he said don’t asked anything about this Matter just shut this don’t need to go Taneja mansion even don’t meet with his babies also he going mumbai now he said and went.

While Kareena get point on twinkle whole day she speaking about her this and that while Kunj parents was feeling bad they sad for babies what they see their parents ended like this..

Kunj come Mumbai he went his home and entered and see toys and cradle he oder for his babies after their birth he thought he will bring her back but always happens against his happiness Kunj breaks down.Gul and Avanish talk to Kunj and he tell them he finished everything they too shocked but can’t say anything.Consoling Kunj he was in deep pain..

Both families shred down fully after this all..

2 and 3 days later Kunj missing his babies..

He send twinkle divorce paper she was shocked after and crying more and more didn’t care about her babies as well..

Abeer and Meher making her understand everything she just listening but she can’t forget that after babies birth maya come in hospital and show twinkle how  Mahira and Kunj try to kiss in party due to under alcohol effects..

Days passing Kunj too not going office while twinkle condition become worse she breaks down totally. Abeer send him her and babies photos he see their photos breaks..

At morning.

Arey Kunj you aren’t coming office Avinash asked him.

Nahi I’m not coming one more thing Avinash please I’m leaving this project you and Mahira continue I’ll be no more part of this project anymore he said.

Why so suddenly you have to pay he said.

Haan I’ll pay everything but I’ll not work anymore with Mahira.. I don’t know how much twinkle love me but I truly love her she wanted this na I’ll leave Mahira and this project she is right. From anywhere she will get to know about me she hurt herself and my babies as well I’m not cheater so I’m leaving this project and from now we will not work with Mahira that’s it he said.

Yaar you love this much twinkle she is damn lucky don’t give her divorce haan Avinash said.

She wanted I hurt her it’s true so I don’t want anymore that’s why I’m doing all those things what she wanted she just stay happy he said both ended the call..

Kunj take her photo frame in his hand and admiring.

I don’t know we will be together or not but I love you till my last breathe see I leave this project I can go Amritsar but when you don’t have faith on our love there no reason to live together twinkle I’ll go back london my babies he said.

Twinkle seeing again and again divorce papers crying she thinking about her babies twinkle went in garden and see how both mamma and papa taking care of their babies what about her babies they will not get Father love..

One week she just thinking about each and everything find her mistakes but she understands she can’t leave without Kunj as well.

Bhaiii I want Kunj back in my life do something he leaving me this divorce papers she said.

Its too late twinkle abeer said.

Nahi bhaii what about my babies they will grown up without their father noo I’ll die she said and crying..

you think twinkle now abeer said and went out of the room.. babies started crying twinkle get up and feed them.

No why you will not get papa love you will I’ll go we will go to papa I can’t let him leave us everyone fight but it’s not they have right to give divorce I love your papa I know he loves you two also in my madness I didn’t think about him.

I got it I just comes in everyone words I’ll apologise you kunj she said and smiled haan.

She look at his photos..

twinkle packed her things and babies things in bag and keep bag in side.

At late night she take babies and went to airport without telling anyone..

She come airport take tickets for Mumbai and sit in aircraft and come to Mumbai..

[email protected]

She take babies sit in taxi and reached her home she come out of the taxi.Take babies and went up with lift..

Twinkle standing In front of her house door and see house plate twinj house.She touched.

With spare key she open the door.and went inside living room lights was off.It’s early morning.

Mere ghar she said with tears.Bring out babies from carrier place then on couch.she looking here and there slowly slowly she went inside her and Kunj room and see Kunj sleeping. She on the lights and see him fully long beard messy Hairs and cigarettes and alcohol bottle.

I hurt kunjj see your twinkle comeback I’ll not let you go anywhere she said and bring babies place them beside him..

see babies we come to papa you both will get my and his love she said kissed on Kunj Forehead.

Early morning twinkle went in living room and sit cuddles her knees looking outside..


At morning.

Babies and Kunj sleeping peacefully while twinkle sitting and seeing outside birds and their conversations with another birds..

In Amritsar leela went in twinkle room

She didn’t find twinkle and babies in room she check whole room than she check whole house

Garden nowhere twinkle and babies is she get tensed..

She called rt and tell him twinkle not in the house.He too shocked and called abeer asked him he said he don’t know they try to call him.

Meher and mahi check twinkle room didn’t find their things. They tell to them.

Where twinkle went with babies haan..

they are so small even she isn’t in her sense leela said..

Di was so disturb after jiju send her divorce she leave the house and went mahi said..

Where she can go haan leela said.

Maa wait I’ll find abeer said.Try to call twinkle but her phone coming off abeer asked twinkle all friends they said they don’t know..

Even abeer asked yuvi and Abhay they said even they don’t know she not come here this make abeer worried.

They all family member worried about twinkle and both babies Ansh and Aayat..

maa ops even twinkle didn’t went to sarna mansion her friends too don’t know abeer said.

I know she is disturbed we shouldn’t done her marriage with Kunj today my twinkle went like this where she will be rt said with disheartened.

Abeer and Meher went out and check her all possible places where she can go but she not went there also..

Meher and abeer sit in garden.

Meher I’m worried about twinkle if she did something with herself after divorce papers she totally breaks down abeer said

Haan abeer let’s go to police station police will find out about twinkle Meher said.

Haan he said Meher said ahead abeer stop and think something.

I should informed Kunj also if he help me he said and immediately dial Kunj number.

Kunj sleeping peacefully even both babies too. Due to phone ring Kunj skew disturbed he moving his hands take his phone and didn’t open his eyes Kunj place phone on his ear..

hello kaun he said.

Hello Kunj me abeer he said.

Abeer you calling me at this time but why Kunj said.

It’s urgent Kunj I wanted to tell you something abeer added.Kunj get up he didn’t see his babies still.

Whattt Kunj asked.??

Kunj twinkle leave the house and went with both babies and don’t know where she is right now we finding here abeer said Kunj shocked.

Whattt where she can go and why she leave the house he said.. get up Kunj turned his eyes and his eyes falls down in side and see two babies sleeping he get confused first and went near them and see it’s his babies.

Ansh Aayat here Kunj murmured.

Haan even ansh and aayat with her only Kunj she isn’t in good condition abeer said.

Abeer my babies is here sleeping on my bed Kunj said.

Whattt how they reached there than where is twinkle abeer said.

Kunj went in balcony didn’t see twinkle he went in living room and his eyes went in side and see twinkle sitting on couch her back facing to him.

Kunj take deep breathe after see her..

she is here only Kunj said.

What means twinkle went to Mumbai with both babies abeer said.

Hmm she come here don’t worry I’ll send her back Kunj said.

Please Kunj she can’t live without you try to understands she is little raw from her ears she come in anyone talks maybe someone manipulate her against you abeer said.

Hmm I don’t know don’t worry he said.

I’m happy she went her home back abeer said. Kunj didn’t said anything ended the call.

Kunj stand there and see twinkle.

Why she come here now leave it he murmured and went in room back Kunj see his babies get so relief to see them they both Sleeping so peacefully looking damn cute.. Kunj sit and touch them.

My cuties aww here papa missed you badly he said and kissed on their foreheads and smells their tiny hands. Mere bache he added.

Abeer get so happy when Kunj tell him twinkle is with him.he went and tell Meher.

No need to go anywhere twinkle went to Mumbai with both babies Kunj just tell me she is there he said Meher too shocked but happy.

I’m happy she went there now everything will be sort out between them let’s go and tell maa and papaji Meher said they both went home immediately and tell rt and others too.

But why she went there go and bring her back rt said.

What really papa it’s her house first time she did something good.Why we will bring her back no: papa she love Kunj she can’t live without him let her abeer said..

But what about Kunj he toh leave my daughter rt said.

Papa leave everything just happy she is safe and she is with her husband that’s it he said and went from there others too happy leela made rt understand everything..

Ansh and Aayat wake up together and looking at Kunj with their buttoned eyes Kunj making faces.

Me papa remember me he said. Hoo you both are so small how you will remember me haha he laughs out after see his face both babies too slightly giggles Kunj playing with them take them in his arms.spending time with them soothing his all pain their giggles sounds.

Twinkle sleep in sitting position only.Kunj bring babies in living room.they were in cradle..

Kunj went and get freshen up and have coffee.

Ansh and Aayat started crying for milk Kunj take Aayat in his arms and pacifying her but she not take the time to stop.Kunj see twinkle who sleeping.Kunj went in kitchen and filled milk in bottles at least.He made them feed milk with feeder usually she feed them but right now he don’t have anything..

Ansh and Aayat get happy after their hunger full.Kunj take them in room and see video how to clean babies he see and clean his babies and made them wear their clothes.he playing more with them after they both doZe off Kunj place them on bed keep pillows beside them.

He made something for him and twinkle specially he filled in plate and went in living room.Twinkle wake up playing with her duppta.. looking so dead..

Have your food he said and keep the plate in front of her and went from there.Kunj have his lunch adoring ansh and Aayat.He message Avinash he will not come office..

Twinkle didn’t have her food she just sitting in same position.Kunj come and see her she didn’t have anything he went and booked her tickets for Amritsar..

At [email protected]

Kunj get irritated even she didn’t leave the place for her babies also they crying for her..

Kunj went near her.

It’s your tickets twinkle I call abeer he will be come and take you back have your dinner you didn’t have anything since morning he said.

Twinkle jerked his hand.

I’ll not go anywhere even don’t wanted this food she said.

What’s are your gone mad he sit beside her.

If you will not have anything how you will feed babies see they crying for you go and see them once why you doing now drama I’m tired he said..

It’s my house I’ll not anywhere kunjjj she said.

She hugged him fully.

I’m sorry kunjjjjj please don’t leave me I can’t live without you our babies needs you.don’t give m divorce I’ll do each and everything but don’t hate me I’ll die I’m sorry for each and everything she said Kunj shocked..

Whattt sorry he said.

Haan I’m sorry fully now I’ll not go anywhere it’s my house even I’ll not let you leave me think about our babies she said.she sobbing so badly Kunj hugged her fully he too crying.

I love you too twinkle he cupped her face.

Than why you doing this all haan I just love you not anyone understand this twinkle.I leave project too for your happiness see if you will say I’ll leave Mumbai I’m not cheater he said..

She cupped his face..

Forgive me please don’t leave me she said.

I’m leaving you leave me and went away from me do you know how I stay without you he said.I don’t know Kunj what happened to me I just over reacting but I can’t help myself whenever i see my anger raise and I started doubting on you she added.

Why you doubting on me haan I just love you I’m your twinkle that’s it no one is in my life except than you he stated.She cuddles him tightly sobbing..Both crying fully really they dying for each other’s and suffered in this all time..

We are so happy what happened why Babaji did this all with us she murmured Kunj caressing her back..

Shhh he break the hug cupped twinkle face and wiped her tears.Now don’t cry you have this fast he said.

First promise you will not leave she said..

Haan promise he added.And started feeding her food with his hands she having tears rolling down from her eyes fully. Twinkle finished the food she drink water.

Good girl Kunj added.Kunj heard ansh and aayat wake up they crying.

Shittt babies he said and run inside bring them outside..twinkle get up and take aayat in her arms.

Calm down my son see mumma is here Kunj said and showing ansh twinkle face..

they are hungry twinkle Kunj said.Wait she said and sit on couch.

She feeding aayat Kunj handling ansh till than.

Aayat drink and calm down.Twinkle give her to Kunj and feed ansh.Kunj place aayat on his lap and patting her.

They both give twinkle and Kunj gummy smiles Kunj and twinkle kissed on their cheeks.My babies they said and cuddles them.

Kunj bring their cradle and place them in cradle  they playing itself only..

Twinkle legs shivering Kunj hold her hand and made her sit.

You rest twinkle you aren’t well he said.

I’m okay she said..

Do you really wanted to spend your life with me because he said and stop.

Yes I wanted I become mad because Kunj I don’t know what happened to me I’m insecure about you you going away from me that I can’t digest that’s why I come here she said.

Well first tell me what happened to you suddenly you come here he said.

Whenever I see other babies they were with their parents what about my babies haan? You send me divorce papers that I don’t wanted. She said.

You think me and Mahira together how can you think about this tell me properly why you thinking this all he said. She hold his hands.

Me kya karti kunj first this things wasn’t in my time. I shared my each and everything with maya di she too said same things you leaving me and something is between you and Mahira even I too thinking she said.

Whattt maya means Kunj said.

Haan I tell maya di each and everything without no reason why I’ll doubt on you I feel so bad you don’t have time for me and have time for others she said.

I was busy in work that’s it he said.

Than why you hide that Mahira went with you New York when I get to know I feel so bad kunjj she said.

She went before me I don’t know about her I meet with her normally swear of my babies and who told you about this he asked.

I have each pictures of yours and Mahira she said and bring her phone and show Kunj each photos he was too shocked all office time photos how she get and mostly he was with Mahira only photo purposefully clicked in that way she get wrong ideas..

see this you are with Mahira in party how can you do this she said.

I’m shocked from where you get this photos tell me haan he asked..

why first you answer me she added.

I was drunk and she too but nothing happened trust me he added twinkle leave the phone.

Tell me each and everything Kunj said. From start twinkle started narrating him..

maya di send me this pictures she got she helping me Kunj.. and that day I called her first when I got to know about pregnancy she said.

What maya said Kunj asked.

She said I should abort baby in this situation baby is not good you will make me busy in baby and leave me she said Kunj was damn shocked..

whattt you come in her words he said she nodded in in Amritsar she telling him about Kunj and Mahira even on her bday also.

I was coming back on your bday bring something for you. But when I saw your and Mahira together celebrating your bday I was loose my cool and I went hospital Kunj she added. Kunj getting shock back to back..

Or this video she come in hospital after babies and tell me that’s why I get angry with you.

Don’t know when things come to you I can’t bear I can’t share you with anyone you are just mine kunjjj she said..

You mean maya knows about this all and this photos she sending you and telling you each and everything m I right Kunj said.

Haan kunj maya di tell me everything I mean she said I’m right on my place I toh asked for suggestions when she said I’m right so I thought you really cheating behind my back with Mahira she said..

Hoo babaji means you in Influence he said.

Sorry you are my na Kunj she said.Kunj take breathe cupped her face.

I never you are so innocent twinkle I’m sorry too how can you be so innocent you just come in maya words only she filling your ears against me he said.

What but why she will do this she love me she just helping me that’s she said..

From today you will not come in anyone talks promise me he said.

I’ll promise you even you will promise me you

Just love me like my old Kunj you give all your time and love even my babies too she said.

Of course you don’t know how much I love you but today I get to know you really love me my siyappa queen he added..

I just love you and our babies most she said..

You cry Lott not now that’s my promise he said and kissed on her forehead.both cuddling each other’s resting in each other’s embrace Kunj gently kissing twinkle they both feel so great.. their all pains soothing now he telling her through kiss how much he loved her..

They lost in kiss ansh and aayat started crying due to them they break the kiss and see babies.

See our new little moments breakers he said.

Pagal she dose both laughs out.

They get up and take them in their arms

Aww my babies they said together and went in room.

Twinkle and Kunj playing with them laughing giggling fully after long time. Kunj seeing twinkle he understands each and everything. Kunj give twinkle medicines her she changed her clothes Kunj bring milk for she drink and after she and babies sleep peacefully Kunj sit beside her caressing her hairs.

Now I understand maya but why she did this all Kunj take twinkle phone and read their all conversations and see she just talked with maya mostly.all pictures maya send her only this giving fuel to her insecurities.

I wouldn’t leave you maya because my wife and babies suffered Lott.After Kunj too sleep.

2 days passed.

Twinkle and Kunj living like old Kunj and twinkle.Their happiness increased more with ansh and Aayat both playing with them handling them together twinkle still not well.he take her to dr and start her treatment.

Acha jaan I’m going due to work I’ll come till night Kunj said.

Acha where you going haan twinkle asked.

Here I’ll back acha take care of yourself and babies okay bye he said pecked on her lips.

Come soon she said.

Yeah he added kissed on babies cheeks and went..

Kunj went to airport he take flight and went to Amritsar.

While twinkle and Gul take babies to garden together..

Kunj reached Amritsar and messaged abeer with all families come to sarna mansion he get confused but didn’t asked much.

Abeer take all families to sarna mansion even they too waiting for Kunj. They get to know twinkle went Amritsar happy but slightly having little issues..

Kunj reached sarna mansion he went inside.

Kunj puttar you are here so suddenly Haan tej asked.

I’ll tell you papa everything acha where is maya Kunj said. Maya come from back.

I’m here Kunj she said.

Hoo finally you come thanks for coming he said and went towards her.kunj closed his fist.

Acha maya you know everything sort out between me and twinkle Kunj said. Maya face colour changed.

Acha good I’m happy she said.

Haan I know you are main behind our union he said.All looking at Kunj..

Acha maya I must say you helped twinkle lott and very nicely he said.

Whattt maya said.

Arey abeer you know maya give twinkle best suggestions Kunj added.

Means Kunj abeer said.

Maya will tell each and everything now Kunj said.

What I’ll tell Kunj I’m not getting anything she said.

Acha maya don’t act like idiot or innocent that you aren’t at all.Kunj show maya twinkle phone their all conversation and photos..

I must say you use my twinkle innocences very nicely. You are the one who filled all rubbished things in twinkle mind against me haan you giving her all tips she toh sharing her all things with you because she thought you are elder sister you will help her Kunj said.

Di help her made her understand Kunj she didn’t listen to me maya said and sweating.

Acha what you made her understand you fit shak ka keeda in her mind.. now tell each and everything to me fast before I loose my control he said.

What rubbished you both talking rt said.

Papa wait Kunj said::

I need answer why you done this all haan Kunj said.

Maya hold her head.Yes you are right I’m behind this all. I m loving you since childhood what I get first you and Mahira in school than you and twinkle alliance fixed after years later I thought I’ll get you back but not happened you marry her.

I thought you both will not happy but you both staying happy whenever I see you both I can’t tolerate Kunj.

When I call twinkle and she telling me about you and her how much you love her I feel so bad..

one day twinkle told me you not giving her time and now Mahira too working with you.

I know already twinkle is very innocent you can easily play with her mind and manipulate her.

With her talks I understand she is insecure about you fully she don’t like Mahira..

I get best reason to apart you from her..

By chance my friend working in your office only. She sending me your and Mahira pictures I send twinkle and her all first I created doubt in her mind against you than that all pictures done their all work and twinkle started doubting on her it’s like my plan working and giving fuel her insecureness.. you both fighting with each other’s like a small sister she sharing with me and I just increasing her anger and doubts more and more.. so you both fight more didn’t spend your love moments.

And you went New York there Mahira meet with you normally from Mahira contact I get to know you are with her I told twinkle and you are with her.

She see your and her pictures and again she feel you cheating her. She get to know she is pregnant like a idiot she called me first Maya said.

And you tell her abort baby m I right Kunj said maya nodded in yes. All shocked Kunj Immediately slap maya fully she falls down.

How dare you maya Kunj said and make her stand hold her arms.

Because of you she took that step and take pills he said.

Haan because I don’t wanted your and her babies. I know if she does this you will hurt and slightly cracks come in your marriage life..

She tell you when you comeback and you are angry didn’t talked to her.And she went your office listen something and come Amritsar.

Than you too come everything is going perfectly.

After your bday come she was going I get to know so how can I let her go.Your friends take your for party forcefully on correct time I send twinkle your and Mahira photos and videos I don’t know that will happened she went to hospital.

Ahah she is pregnant her baby is safe how can like a true lover you come immediately.And you forget each and everything and giving her all love back ahah my all hard work going in water you went and still things is okay between you and both fight again and she stop talking with you because you didn’t come on her bday and celebrate Mahira bday Fire fully you again comeback and try to maintain your and her marriage but twinkle anger was so high because of me and my talks.And she burst out on you and Mahira I tell her send all things to Mahira it’s good rest you know Kunj what happened between you both. You and she finished everything between each other’s I’m happy.

After babies I went and show your and Mahira that video in hangover you and she dancing and closer to her she again misunderstood or else my made her after babies you both fight in front of all family and you said you leaving her I’m hell happy.

But I don’t know she will go back to you I’m failed she said again Kunj slapped her fully.

You stoop so low you didn’t think about her health and even about my babies also you don’t know maya how much she and my babies suffered if something happened to twinkle and my babies I’ll killed you right now thanks to babaji she is absolutely fine that’s why I’m leaving you. What you think you can away us you can’t because I just love her after her also I’ll not give anyone her place she is my wife I don’t care how much she fight with me.She just comes in your words you used her innocence’s.

But see our love is true today we are together back no one can’t apart us he said and jerked her.

See everyone she is the main reason behind twinkle that’s why i m thinking what happened to her so suddenly she was so happy with me but since the time she come and messed our happy life.because of you maya I slapped her twice she fighting with her life as well you b*t*h he said..

Everyone stunned they just looking at maya.

Chii maya you did this why leela asked.

I love Kunj she said.

You not love me it’s madness get it bahut boli hai meri biwi that she didn’t understand your evil plan he said.

All scold maya she went from there everyone get happy.

Thanks Kunj you did best abeer said.

Haan beta rt said..

where is twinkle leela asked.

She is fine maa I just come here to bring her real face in front of you all now I’m going twinkle and my babies waiting for me he said.

You bring her back Avantika said.

Hm we will come now let’s stay together he said all smiled Kunj bid bye them and leave for airport.

At Mumbai..

Okay Gul let’s go to home now see them she said both ansh and Aayat become red twinkle said.

Okay she said and both sit in car and leave for home.

Acha twinkle now everything sort out between you two Gul asked.

Haan I’m mad don’t know what happened to me I started doubting on him it just I love Kunj most that’s it she said.

I can understand your problem even Kunj too love you lott I’m happy for you both now we get this two meatballs to have fun together she said both laughs out reached to building.

They went inside the lift take babies and Gul went to her flat while twinkle to hers..

She take both babies In the room and place them on bed she sit beside them and feeding both babies..

ahah where is this Kunj he didn’t come back till now she said and messaging him..

While Kunj come out of the airport and see twinkle message he read and smile.

I’m coming jaan he send her message back..

She read and smiled.Ansh and Aayat teasing twinkle fully.

She nourished them and freshen up them after she get freshen up as well place both babies in their pram.She take them in living room on the tv and play funny music she kitchen was opened she can pay eyes on them.

She started making Kunj favourite things she knows how much he love food Made by her..

Let’s shop something for my nuts he said and tell driver take the car to mall.He went to mall and shopped lott for both babies and twinkle all new new things after shopping he comeback and drove off for house.

Ansh and aayat seeing here and there and blabbering this and that in their cute language.

Twinkle listening and giggles slightly.Open was opened Kunj entered with all shopping bags..

Kunj see his babies he smile twinkle didn’t know he come back she was fully engrossed in her work..

heyy Bacha party what you both doing haan this siyappa queen calm your hunger or not I know she will be not he said and they just looking at him. They making crying faces.

Acha mere Anmol ratano I’ll not say anything about your mother kissed on their cheeks he said. Kunj keep the bags side and went ahead and see twinkle was in kitchen and see in her work. He raised his eyebrow and went near he give her backhugged and cuddles her tightly.

Huhu you comeback she said and understand his touch he rest his chin on her shoulder..

yup baby you missing me na that’s why he said and from back kissed on her cheek..

You went in morning and coming now where you went haan tell me I asked Gul she said Avinash don’t know about you now tell me fast she said Kunj giggles slightly.

Spying on me haan impressive he said and make her turned.

Nope why I’ll be normally I told you now

I’ll Not doubt on you anymore sorry she said.

Don’t say sorry and all I’m sorry my life you are he said pecked at her lips..

smell coming awesome he said.

Haan today I made all your favourite dishes she said.

Great than but I wanted to have you he said.

Really mr sarna I’m not well as you know she said.

Hoo really he keep His hands on her waist while hers on his chest.. I didn’t said anything I just said I wanted to have you in normal way bite her cheek but you thinking that Hoo noo what my babies will think about their dada he said.

So cheesy sadu I know you very nicely she said.

Acha did you take your medicine and my babies he said.

Haan I take medicine even feed your babies on time she said.

Acha good he said.. ansh and Aayat screaming in their babies noise.

Bache twinkle said both went in living room and see them..

Kya Hua both sit down..

ahah aayat said.

What baby doll Kunj asked take her in his arms twinkle too ansh.

Arey what is this all bags haan you brought this all why she asked.

I went to shopping for my babies he said see what I bring for them Kunj said.

Hoo good papa ji she said.

What bacha party did today he said.

I take them to park their we spend time you know they teased me lott but more your daughter Kunj my ansh is too good she said

Hehe my baby is very cute and he kissed on Aayat chin Kunj said..

You go and get freshen up than we will have dinner together twinkle said.

Okay I’ll come do you wanna he said.

What about these two’s she said Kunj Making puppy faces and giggles Kunj went in room.

He get freshen up twinkle made ansh sleep while Aayat still wake up she playing. While holding Aayat In her arms twinkle arrange dinner on dinning table Kunj come.

They both sit twinkle taking Aayat in her lap.

Kunj served them in one plate.they started having.

It’s really yummy Kunj said.

Thanks she said. Acha Kunj why you give me new phone where is my Old phone she asked.

Now we will take everything new no old things he said she making faces didn’t get it. Kunj feeding her with her hands.

My champ sleep but she didn’t haan Kunj said..

what to do drama queen she said.. they finished dinner happily Kunj take all things and even wash all utensils..

Twinkle take both babies in room and ansh too wake she place them on bed and they both playing.twinkle seeing all things which Kunj brought for babies and her.

Aww it’s beautiful Kunj she said.

Less than you and My cuties he said rest his head in her lap..

Everyday new dress for them acha I’m thinking we will keep nanny for them I mean how will handle them alone if I’m not at home Kunj said.

Why nanny I can manage what I do get bored now I can busy in them I’m Happy she said.

Tell me na where you went she asked..

why you are so curious baby he said and get up.

I know you went Amritsar Kunj twinkle said. Kunj looking at her how she get to know.

Whattt Amritsar he said.

Yes don’t try to hide anything from me because I know she said.

How.. he said.

Because I get mahi call she told me jiju come why not you twinkle said.. Kunj hold his head ahah.

Acha yeah I went because of some important work that’s it he added. She hold his hand.

You hiding something you promised na we will not hide anything from each other’s than why you try I know you went there because of something did any have issues with me I’ll not go anywhere Kunj I’ll stay here with you she said and cuddles him.. I know you can’t forgive me for my behaviour I just went out of my control Kunj I don’t have anyone I just sharing each and everything with maya di when she said I’m right so I totally loose my sense just believing whatever my eyes seeing she said.

Kunj break the hug and cupped her face.

You just believing on maya words whatever she wants to show you you just seeing that only twinkle he added.

Whattt I’m not getting Kunj maya di words why I’ll come in her words she just helping me she said.

You are very innocent twinkle I don’t know how you will fight in this world.You are extremely innocent I don’t know this my siyappa queen so good from her heart.You are completely innocent in this all just doing what that maya wanted you come in her words in normal language she take advantage of your  innocences she knows it’s easy to play with your mind and you love me slightly insecure about me that’s why this all happened you are innocent my baby he said.

What you saying I’m not getting maya di take advantage of my and why she will?? She asked.

You don’t know anything you shared each and everything with maya m I right Kunj said.

Haan than she said.

She telling you that I really cheating you and having something between me and Mahira right Kunj said.

Yes but I asked her na Kunj twinkle said.

But she didn’t said you are wrong at one time she sending my and Mahira photographs and telling you me this and that Kunj added.

Haan maya di send me photos she finding for me Kunj that’s it she is not in this all you taking her wrong she said.

Ahah how I’ll make you understand.Listen to me.From the start kunj telling her each and everything how everytime maya come and tell things about Kunj she not solving matter between us but she raising things between us and in office I was in anger because you took that step that’s why.. now you think does she help you or make you go against me Kunj said.

Twinkle thinking from start to end she was shocked.

Means maya haan she telling me and all pictures means she knows nothing is like how can this possible Kunj twinkle said.

I know twinkle she did this all because she said she having feelings for me she can’t see me and you together. Our alliance fixed and we marry as well anyhow than you and me are happy together you telling her about us how much you are happy with me me with you how much we both loved each other’s.That she can’t tolerate that time when you said I’m not giving you time and how you not like Mahira slightly you having issues with me and she used this all because she knew it you are raw to her eyes and ears completely and you will come in her words and as per her planned we fight every time things raising between me and you. That day when you tell her about your pregnancy she only tell you na abort the baby right twinkle or wrong Kunj said.Tears escaping from her eyes.

Yes haan she said me twinkle added.

You coming Mumbai on my bday and she connected with Mahira in contact or she having friend in our company who sending her all pictures of me and Mahira she sending you back.on my bday you can’t tolerate and ended up like this all luckily our babies are safe.We are again okay but she can’t bear na again she put fire you get angry with me in my anger I too loose my control she said

You are right but how you know she having feelings for you haan that’s why you went Amritsar kunjjj she said.

Yes you are idiot not me twinkle when you tell me I understand all things and used my mind and see your and her all having doubts on me but she giving true stamps on all your doubts..

I went Amritsar today wants to know why she did this all and she accepted everything in front of all family members. After this all you and me leave each other’s and she will get me Kunj said.

Twinkle completely shocked she blinking her eyes she get up and went in balcony hold railing.Tears dropping from her eyes Kunj understands her situation she broke her trust completely.

Means maya di chii I hate her i trust her shared my all things with her because I thought she is my elder sister she will be help me in this all but she just doing and creating all misunderstandings between us Kunj I’m so dumb I’m coming on her words.. I just blaming you and Mahira without no reasons shitt even I killed my babies because of her words thanks to babaji my babies is safe.. she said..

I’ll killed her she said turned.

Twinkle shhh leave her I teach her best lesson next time she will not do something like this he said.

Still I wouldn’t leave you how can she think about this all filling all bad things in my mind for you. Because of her I bear so much pain what about my babies even you too Kunj most she said.

Shh I can understand everything see every time sachi and true love win today as well we are together our babies too with us healthy and fit what she get nothing twinkle just made herself sinful best lesson for everyone we should think before doing and never come in anyone words you can come to me with all photos I can solve things wouldn’t went so high but you aren’t stable na leave it we are together that’s important now he said and kissed on her forehead.

Still because of her we all suffer how can she think she can away you from me no one can’t snatched you from me in this birth she said.

Acha I know this but see her all hard work went in flow you come back hehe he said.

Huhu I can’t live without you that moment you send me divorce I was like babaji took out my soul from my body that maya leave me I’ll call her didn’t let maya at all she added about to go Kunj hold her hand captured her lips.

He started kissing her fully she was shocked first she too started kissing him fully both showing all love and anger but kiss soothing everything Kunj calming twinkle she lost in kiss both kissing and nibbling each other’s lips..

They Break the kiss Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck.kissing her fully twinkle closing her eyes feeling so blessed.. she caressing his nape hairs fully.

Kunjj babies she said.

Hmm he said and apart..both looking into each other’s eyes. Don’t look at me like this or else I’ll lose my control I’ll regret later he said..

She laughing.

Sham at least now you become father of two kids she said and pulled her cheeks and went in the room Kunj went behind her..

Both sit beside babies they looking at Kunj and twinkle.

See this ducks my babies she said and kissed on their cheeks..

I’m so happy even I’m shocked totally when dr come and said we have twins it’s like our all pain worth it don’t you think so kunj said.

Haan even me too that pain was so horrible I was just worried about my baby they are my lifesaver my cuties she said..

Mine too Kunj said take Aayat in his arms and kissing on her cheeks again and again she making noise..

Bas karo kunj she said.

Huhu jealous girl I love my doll most he added..

I know even i have my boy trust ansh will be more dashing than you she said..

After all I’m their father my features ?he said.

Huh ? sadu she said.

Now changed their nappies sadu sarna she said.

Sure Kunj changed their nappies twinkle bring their warm clothes it’s little cool now..

Both laid down beside both babies twinkle feeding ansh while Kunj tickling Aayat.

Now you busy in them fully he said.

Haan see na one sleep another one wake up hehe she added..

we will give them all happiness Kunj said..

twinkle feed ansh give to Kunj he makes him burped.Than she feeding Aayat while drinking milk Aayat doze off.Twinkle caressing her face my bacha she said and kissed on Aayat forehead.

Acha I’m sleeping I’m tired you too sleep and place ansh here she said.

Hmm I’ll you sleep he said. Twinkle closed her eyes Kunj place ansh beside aayat both babies sleeping near their mother embrace.Kunj watching them.

You trio is my lifeline he murmured kissed on ansh cheeks slightly on twinkle lips he covered them fully he laid down and sleep..

At midnight ansh crying due to his voice Kunj wake up while twinkle sleeping peacefully..

Kya hua baby kunj said and patting on his chest making him sleep but he not sleeping

Just crying.Kunj get up take ansh and moving in room. He not taking name to stop.

Twinkle wake up na Kunj called she wake up with his voice.

Kya hai why you wake me at this time she said.

See your son he crying at this time he said. She get up sits there.

Give me she said Kunj give her twinkle place him on her lap ansh looking at twinkle he

Immediately stop..

Hoo see him huhu he said.

My baby is hungry she said and started feeding him twinkle yawing.

You understand he is hungry he said.

Haan that’s why he crying idiot na she added..

Your drama queen sleep thanks to babaji she said.Haan he added.She feed him fully Kunj take him.Aayat wake up they both hold their head she feed her too they both didn’t take name to stop.

Twinkle and Kunj take them and went to terrace and moving here and there patting on their back making them fall sleep..

See baby moon Kunj saying ansh looking at Kunj face.Life is so beautiful night passed behind them now Kunj said.

Yes Our babies she added twinkle rest her head on Kunj chest he give her side hug..

They smiling looking at their babies..

3 months..

Twinj room.

Kunj sleeping with his both babies while twinkle was in washroom.

Nothing has changed in this fews months twinkle and Kunj life before just love and love in their life.Happiest couple on planet.Everything solved after maya face come out twinkle apologise Mahira as well made Kunj continued his project he get ready for her happiness. Even their families too happy for them.

They both happy with their two cuties handling them doing things for them.In night both handle them while in day time twinkle handle nicely.Kunj loved his both babies lottt very possessive for them.whole house filled with their toys Kunj bring every day something something for them two twinkle is like he spoiling them ?..

They didn’t went Amritsar in this months kunj have work he didn’t let his babies go and twinkle too even it’s difficult after office Kunj spending time with them. Otherwise he calling her in very 2 hours asking her about her babies how they are what they doing this and that.

Whole siblings made plan they all going in their friends marriage which was in Panchgani so they will attend wedding will go to Mumbai and spend weekend with twinj they all missing them fully.They don’t know about them being in Mumbai.

[email protected]

They all standing in front of twinj flat door.

Yuvi and Abhay Anjali Rahul Alaviaa, or mahi and abeer with Meher, yuvi, Neil, avni, Armaan with aleena, last Asha and naman?..

Chal yuvi ring the bell disturbed our love birds abeer said.

They must be sleeping Anjali Anjali.

Now they have two monkeys they wouldn’t let them sleep Rahul added.

Yup point yuvi said he ring the bell. He ringing.

Kunj sleep disturbing he open his eyes and crying.

Ahah babaji let me sleep he murmured..

he get up and see ansh is wake up who playing with his hands.Twinkle come down of the washroom.

You wake up so soon she said..

hmm he hummed My baby wake up too she said and sit beside him started feeding him.

Who ringing bell at this time he said.

Go and check na I’m feeding him she said he get up and went to open the door. Kunj making faces.

I’ll kill sleep my sleep today he murmured and opened the door and rubbing his eyes they all looking at Kunj. Kunj see them and shocked.

Heyy bhai wake up good morning hogi hai yuvi said.

Tum sab yeha I m seeing dream Kunj said.

Nah bhai you aren’t we are here only Abhay said pulled Kunj cheeks..

Arey at least us entered inside your luxurious house Armaan said.

Sorry come Kunj said and let them come inside..

they all entered and see the living room surprise to see it was so beautiful..

waha bhai your house is damn yuvi said.

acha just see my living room.You all here didn’t informed me haan Kunj asked.They all settled down on couch.

Well we come in wedding so come here too you both toh not coming so we come to you both Anjali said.

Good Kunj said.

Didn’t you sleep last night you looking sleepy head Rahul said.

Nahi arey my babies didn’t let sleep that’s why he said.

Hoo where is twinkle she sleeping still haan abeer said.

Nah I’ll call her Kunj said.

I’ll call bhabhi yuvi said.

Where she is Meher asked.

Woh she feeding ansh that’s why wait I’ll call her he said and get up..

Now they are happy hmm Anjali said and see everyone babies toys keeping..

Haan right Meher added..

Kunj entered in room. Heyy twinkle you done with ansh Kunj said.

Why what happened to you. You went to see who is at door haan she said.

You come and see whole gang come ahah he said and making puppy faces.

Means she said.

Arey sab your siblings mine our friends as well he added.

Hoo like this amazing she said.

What amazing i thoughts I’ll spend weekend with you huhu now he said.

Haha Kunj really Shame on yourself she added.

Done with my ansh she said making him take burped..

take Aayat Kunj said.

Nah let her sleep here they all will wake up she said and place pillows around her.Twinkle take ansh in her arms they went to living room..

Twinkle come and see them all she surprised totally..

Aap sab ek saath amazing she said..

Haan come give ansh to me after their birth didn’t see them perfectly Anjali said take ansh from twinkle..

where is another one Armaan asked.

Sleeping Kunj added..

Aww he become more cute Meher added. Kissed on his cheeks he looking at twinkle making cry faces he started crying.

Ale what happened to him.

You all are new faces for my babies that’s Kunj said and take ansh he immediately shh..

Really ?abeer said.

Soon you will become father Kunj said to abeer.

Meher is 2 months pregnant..

You all get freshen up come twinkle said.

Yeah tired this kunj toh get sad after see us avni said.

Nahi nahi twinkle said.

I’ll show you our house come kiddos Kunj said they all making faces.. they all get up it’s our living which you all already see..

Come Kunj said and show them kitchen other 3 rooms they were too so beautiful. They all liking than they went to terrace it was too wonderful see view coming perfectly.

I never knew bhai your house this much beautiful perfect view Alaviaa said..

Yup baby doll Kunj said.. come to terrace.

This our room Kunj said they all went inside.

Aww what a room.. so messy abeer said

Huhu we have two babies they made this all Kunj said. See Aayat sleeping peacefully.

Aayat yuvi said.

Shhh now see out don’t disturb my baby sleep Kunj said they all shocked.They went out of the room.

Now this three you have twinkle said..

yuvi and Abhay or aleena Armaan neil and Avni stay in one room what’s say Rahul said.

Haan we will do this and you couple stay alone haan yuvi said.

Yes abeer said..

What about me Alaviaa said with sad face.

You and mahi come to me and kunj our room is so big and who will do our baby sittings ?twinkle said.

We will see and manage Anjali said..

All boys went in one room. And rest girls aleena and Avni or Mahi, Alaviaa  Asha,take one room.

Abhay or yuvi and Armaan, neil, naman in another room.

While Anjali and Meher or abeer with Rahul in last room they all settled down..they went to get freshen up.

Acha Kunj what about breakfast acha you take ansh and handle him I’ll make breakfast quickly it’s not look good she said.

Okay he added.. Kunj went in room.

Twinkle started making breakfast quickly for each and everyone she made few things yuvi and Abhay favourites ones. She quickly set everything on dinning table Anjali and Meher Come.

Arey twinkle we will help you na Meher said.

Nah bhabhi everything is done you called everyone let’s have breakfast she said. Kunj giving her voice for Aayat..

You go and see your dumplings Anjali said she nodded in yes and went in room.

Kya hai sadu twinkle said.

Arey Handle them i give them bath too he said.

Good you give them bath she said. And take them and feeding them she changed their clothes while Kunj too dressed up perfectly. Twinkle message maid come today early.

Twinkle and Kunj keep maid for some work twinkle can’t do with babies that’s why..

Kunj place babies in their carrier and take them in living room.Twinkle went too everyone come for breakfast.

Kunj keep babies carrier in side and on baby tv.

Come let’s have breakfast twinkle said.

Why you keep them there alaviaa said.

Arey they didn’t let us have breakfast so it’s their time both will see baby tv and keep quiet twinkle said.

Hoo you both spoiling them abeer said.

Not me bhai Kunj he didn’t let them cry slightly twinkle said they all settled down and started having breakfast.

I’m surprised twinkle you made all things all alone Rahul said.

Acha you think my wife is useless Kunj said.

Yeah no doubt abeer said.

Huhu bhai very bad twinkle said they all giggles.

Breakfast is awesome neil said..

thanks neil twinkle added.they all praising the breakfast lott.. they all done with bf..

all boys went towards couch area and sits started playing with Aayat and ansh while girls helping twinkle in work.

Soon maid come rest girls sit and enjoying with babies.Twinkle telling maid all work she went and set her room.she too come in living room. She sits down and keep toys take ansh playing with him while Aayat didn’t leaving Kunj.

They just not coming to us why mahi said.

Arey they are small that’s why acha tell us where you wanted to go let’s enjoy guys Kunj said.

Haan go twinkle said.

You both show us Mumbai Anjali said.

They all discussing where they will go.

I’ll not go with my babies you all go twinkle said.

Agey bhabhi why no fun without you we will handle babies Abhay said..

Nahi it’s difficult that’s why you all go twinkle added.

Arey twinkle lets go now we have so many they will handle them we will enjoy Kunj said?..

We will kill you rahul said.they make plan quickly.Kunj called Avinash and Gul they too join them.they all get ready and twinkle ready her babies and their things in diaper bag..

They all leave the house and sits in two cars. Kunj and Avinash driving.

They went to many place beach and play there twinkle Kunj seeing their babies as well rest enjoying fully throwing each other’s in water and playing with sand.after beach they have street foods babies troubling twinkle lott.

After this they other place too roaming here and there.. there is a kala ghoda arts festival is there in Mumbai they went there too. Whole day they passed like this.

Ansh and aayat tired and crying fully.

Bas bas we reached home now twinkle said they went inside all exhausted fully.

Because of you my babies trouble Kunj said.

Arey don’t cry see I’m here twinkle said.

You go and handle them they will cry here Kunj said she take them in room. Anjali and Meher made tea for them and they all sit and relaxing they all enjoying fully.

Ansh and aayat cried lott after lott drama they sleep twinkle get freshen up.. she come to everyone.

Sleep they Kunj asked.

Haan I told you na you all go see how much they cried than sleep she said..

I’ll oder dinner Kunj said he immediately Oder food. Till than they all sit and chit chatting.

Soon dinner come they all sit and have dinner both babies wake up and twinkle bring them in living room.They all teasing them.

Don’t teased my babies Kunj said.

You become possessive father Rahul said.

Yes I  loved my kids lott he added..

Ansh and aayat doing noise in their baby language they all enjoying and spending time with them.After they all doze off went in their rooms.

Whole week they enjoy lott even twinkle and Kunj too because of them.They watch movies went for dinner night out long drive their funny and dirty games cherished their all memories back..

Tomorrow they going back all sitting together sitting on matrix. Twinkle and Kunj holding their babies in their arms.

Your life changed after them how you both managed alone Meher asked.

Not changed it’s like our life become more beautiful before them.before we get bored now we don’t know when day come and passed.Our all time went behind them now we do things for them.World best feeling and things is babies and father.

Become a father is easy but become a dad is hard.I love them lott we both handle together everything we are together he said hold twinkle hand Kunj said all adored them..

Can’t believe you both going to leave each other’s but see so much love between you both mahi said.

That was madness and somewhere it’s increased our love and passion for each other’s twinkle said rest her head on Kunj chest.They all smiling and happy for them.

Next morning.

They all set to go Amritsar all packed their things and have bf and went down and sits in cars.. went for airport.

Twinkle and Kunj seeing off them to airport..

they all bid bye and give kisses to both babies and went inside the airport.Twinkle and Kunj get said they enjoyed lott with them..

Kya hua kunj sarna twinkle asked.

Nothing life is all about happiness and sadness Kunj said.

That’s true she said and both went to beach and walking around them..

They all went back twinkle and Kunj again get boys in their babies and their normal life..

[email protected]

Kunj was sitting Aayat was in his arms while ansh was sleeping peacefully..

Kunj keep kissing on Aayat cheeks she making noise.twinkle seeing them.

Ahah my sunshine my baby dada don’t kiss me lott please haina he said she making faces.

I love you he added twinkle smiled..

sadu see my baby cheeks turned red she said.

It’s my love and my baby love me too he added.

He place her on Cradle ansh already sleeping. Twinkle get up Kunj hold her hand.

Twinkle i m thinking why not today let’s you and me see our both babies sleeping peacefully he said she understands his intentions.

Acha ji if they wake up than what we will do she said.

Hoo twinkle it’s so long you and me didn’t he said and caressing her cheeks she smiling.

I promised I will not trouble lott he added.

Shameless she murmured Kunj sealed her lips immediately they both started kissing each other’s. They falls down on bed kiss become more wild.. twinkle was upon Kunj with his hand he opened her dress zip slide down and his hands went inside her dress and moving. She feel ticklish but didn’t break the kiss. Kunj rolled her down and nuzzles his face in her neck giving her love bite soothing the pain as well she caressing his nape hairs fully. And slightly moaning Kunj name.Soon their clothes scattered in room.. he showering on her utmost love she enjoying every bit of it she isn’t less..

Kunj bite her she moan hard.

Ahah kunjj..

shh twinkle don’t loud babies will wake up he said.

Huhu don’t teased me thah she added..

you become more beautiful he said and they engaged in their passionate make out..

after sometimes later twinkle get tired but Kunj wasn’t ready to leave her.

Bas na she said.

After long I get this moment not today he said..

he continued his work..

Suddenly ansh wake up Kunj Making crying faces. Twinkle push him..

Now go and handle him she said.

What I handle you handle him he said and take ansh from cradle..

my baby wake up aww twinkle said and kissed on his cheeks.

Why you disturbed us ansh Kunj added.. twinkle feeding her son and Kunj listening twinkle all talks.

Huhu Kunj you are so mean you never listen to me after this you listening that’s bad na she said.

Hmm first you make me happy than you can allow to eat my ears he added and both laughs out..

Scene turned.. after 2 and half years later..

Miami [email protected]

After their babies turned one year old twinkle and Kunj moved to Miami. Kunj get work and he wanted to go there so he don’t wanted to stay away from his kids and wife so he shifted there with full family..

They have happy life in Miami Kunj working hard and get everything he giving his wife and kids best life..

ansh and Aayat is 2 half year old.Aayat totally opposite of ansh while ansh is calm and shy Aayat is extremely naughty head but Kunj lifeline she is.Kunj love his babies lott he can do anything for them mostly they both teased Kunj only.Hell possessive for his babies.

Kunj with his both babies playing in pool. Twinkle finding them.

Where you both are haan she called them.

Mamma come here ansh give her voice she come to poolside and see them.

What is this again you father and babies in pool how much you love pool twinkle said.

This much mamma Aayat said.

Come na twinkle Kunj called her she went and they all started enjoying fully in pool..

Ansh and Aayat cuddles Kunj and twinkle.

I love mamma lott ansh said.

I love papa lott Aayat added.

And we love our babies most Kunj and twinkle said together ❤️❤️..

they cuddles ansh and Aayat. Both looking into each other’s eyes.

Everything happened unexpected in our life but we are happy for all unexpected surprises twinkle said.

Sometimes unexpected gifts gives you that happiness which is worth more than expected gift and surprise Kunj added. Both pecking at her lips she smiled sunset making this view more beautiful..

Broken but beautifully ???.




Again happy birthday babes I want to wish you all the love and happiness in the world, all of which you deserve. Happy birthday ?..

hope you enjoy and others too this small story really I don’t know whatever comes in my mind I just write it down..

for you and my all readers..

leave all errors ??..

bye love you all.. haan babes don’t be sad ? I know you wanted more stories on twinj but busy time and messy life ?so.I enjoy literally this writings and all fully..

Shut down???..

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