So I’m here for my dearest friend Yashika Anjali ?. Whole month waiting for her bday finally today is her bday.

Happy birthday with a bright smile may you stay happy all the whole happiest birthday wish for you anjali dii??May You stay happy and hearty too.. such a loving friend you are you are just like that shinning star for me.

Always stood beside me.Best solution of my all problems and my stress healer with her talks.. I am grateful that you are a part of my life and here on telly updates I get friend likes still remember our nonsense one fight ???sorry baba ?.

In good times and bad, I’ll always be by your side Yashika.You understand me like nobody else.I have a sibling in you my friend.Thank you always being there to listen me I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Our pointless conversation silly funny every night before sleeping it’s fixed tere se baath karna hai ?become part of my life now.. simple and bubbly girl with lots of ambitions holding so many dreams in her eyes I just wish and pray your all dreams come true you fulfilled each and everything whatever you wanted.True kind hearted girl Yashika my superwoman truly ?.

I’m more excited for you bday than you I know boring ? girl you are ?..

I’m writing this story for you specially I wanted to post something on your bday which gives you happiness I know you love stories on twinj this gives you immense happiness..?crazy fan.. of mine ??as well (kidding)..

Happy birthday to my best friend the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things.. enjoy your day with full happiest.???..





Twinkle was laying down on the bed she was thinking about her husband Kunj sarna who else than him?..

Huhu this man went and leave me alone always babaji don’t know why dadu fixed our alliance in childhood when we both didn’t like each other’s completely whatever happens for good he said like always..

She take photo frame from side table and adore’s their wedding photo she caressing his face.

{twinkle and Kunj grand parents each other’s friends they wanted to changed their friendship in a relationship so Kunj was grand child of sarna family.

Rt and leela having one elder son and 2 daughters twinkle and mahi.They used to like twinkle so they fixed twinkle for Kunj and lock their alliance in childhood only rest family and their parents was extremely happy with this.

They both used to fight lott can’t bear each other’s because twinkle always pulling Kunj Legs and he having glasses so she teasing him with battery and other funny names Kunj get irritated by her lott he didn’t leave her they all were in same school abeer and Kunj is in same classes.they knows they will marry one to each other’s only but enjoying their life before after high school Kunj parents send him London for his higher studies.Twinkle missed him lott even he too but always end up with ego..

twinkle get busy in her own life with her friends chilling fully and she is bubbly girl always laughing making others happy.

Twinkle having in relationship in college with her friend she didn’t propose him but he was the one. She thought he is good guy will keep her happy and she will fall for him and later she will convinces her parents broke her And Kunj alliance and she already with someone else.In this strategy she was in relationships with Neil.She never cross her limits.Other hand in London Kunj was not such interested in girls but like others also he having girlfriend her name was Alisha..

Alisha was behind Kunj he just bearing her that’s it he was more Interested in his studies rather than this all things.

He having two best friends one is in India his childhood bestie Rahul Malhotra

Kunj having friends group along Rahul and abeer Taneja, Armaan ,naman two girls

Amaya or Aleena they were bro buddies after Kunj their groups still together but missing Kunj always.he was in touch with them calling FaceTime and all..

while twinkle too have her own group.

Asha chinki neil Abhay yuvi avni .

Both family meeting with each other’s Kunj parents always treating twinkle like their own daughter she too giving them all respect and love.Both family happy with this relationship but twinkle and Kunj wasn’t at all.with passing time Kunj finished his graduation

And wanted to work by his own terms and condition he get a job in New York he working there with his college friend Avinash Mehra.After Avinash come back to Indai and she marry with his college girlfriend Gul. Both settled down happily and Avinash working in Delhi later Kunj changed his job and he get in Mumbai in best company. Meanwhile coincidentally Avinash too get transfer in same company both buddies get hell happy this and working together there.

Living in same buildings as well.But Kunj didn’t visit Amritsar his family was angry.

But his parents visit to him and see him get happy their son happy and settled in work but they wanted he settled down in his life with his wife his grandma already selected for him.

Kunj talk to them that he don’t wanted to marry but they said he have to and they think he just saying because he stay away from family that’s it.They never pay attention.1 year Kunj and Avinash working in company later they leave the job and both together start their own business that going amazing.

Twinkle too finished her studies and all family behind their marriage she too giving excuses like Kunj but no one listen them..

After college Kunj and Alisha hardly meet with each other’s and Kunj comeback India totally forgot her..she get busy in her Lala life and Kunj in his business very much punctual and loose his cool very quickly that’s why he handle himself lott and try to not loose his cool those are aware of his nature they never teased him in such way he get angry.. but kind heart boy give everyone respect and love and love his family and siblings fully.

Kunj having 2 younger siblings one is brother Yuvraj and one sister Alaviaa who is bubbly and chatterbox and smallest one in sarna family.Kunj family living in joint family .

Kunj father along with his brother and his family or grandparents.Kunj siblings and cousins teasing Kunj whenever they called him with twinkle name lott bhabhi this and that he just making faces.He knows how much he try to not marry twinkle but his family was behind this mission and made them marry anyhow so he leave that hope too.

Both twinkle and Kunj grand parents decided to marry twinkle and Kunj now.Because abeer already marry with Meher settle down even Kunj cousin elder sister Anjali as well with Kunj bestie Rahul now it’s time for twinkle and Kunj.Their studies too over.

Neil was disheartened after get to know about this all twinkle made him understand everything.He understands both breakup happily.

Maya twinkle cousin who liking Kunj from starting she was disheartened when she get to know about twinkle and Kunj marriage date fixed though she knows from start.In school too she was in same class with Kunj and others and try to become his gf but he always ignores hers.She take that feelings in a negative way..

Whole family get busy in wedding preparation and shoppings Kunj didn’t comeback till now Amritsar back.He having work.Before starting wedding functions one day before he come.

Taneja’s arrange dinner all friends and family members are there.Kunj in evening his family get hell happy and siblings as well. He get emotional to see them after years and his home everything.Went in old and gold memories lane.

Than they all went to Taneja house they all desperately waiting for their son in law coming first time leela was hell excited twinkle cursing lott.again same thing cat fight she think.Kunj meet with them formally he was shocked to see elders excitement for him he giggles inside his heart but can’t do anything that was there pure love for him. Already Kunj was favourite of leela she too his favourite aunty he used to scared from tej and rt lott because in childhood abeer and Kunj always scold by them lott.Kunj meet with abeer and all last twinkle come both was surprise to see each other’s.

Elders like Kunj become more handsome now.Twinkle and Kunj share eyes locks and both think he and she so beautiful inside their heart.But throwing tantrums and making faces on each other’s like before.

Both didn’t talk to each other’s and after dinner very next day All rituals started they happily performing Kunj meet with his whole gang they enjoying every bit of it.Maya get more jealous to see twinkle and Kunj together.Grandly their marriage done both at last tie in a one knock.

After marriage they spend  to hotel where room booked for them to celebrate their first night cousins and friends teasing them both just give them annoying smiles.After everything done both sit in car and left for hotel in whole way both didn’t said anything.

Kunj get a call he get busy while twinkle went in her room and see the room she was scared now she will do but she knows he is her husband he had all rights on her now she don’t mind as well.. twinkle waiting for him she get irritated with her heavy jewelleries and dress she went towards dressing table and removing them one bye one just than Kunj entered in room she get conscious Kunj see her and sit in side.she try to remove her necklace which stuck in her hair she having difficulties Kunj see this he went near her and stand behind her try to helping her she sees her and leave her hand and let him do he open the necklace and remove it perfectly.She turned and both looking at each other’s.Totally Difficult for them moment become so awkward for them.

Thanks she said in low voice.

It’s okay Kunj added..  just than twinkle phone ringing she went towards bed and take the call and talk to Leela she telling her tomorrow morning be on time get ready she talk to her Kunj sit on bed.She ended the call she too sit both playing with their fingers.

Finally Kunj break the ice.

We can’t deny this marriage I know we don’t wanted even you aren’t as well but can’t do anything as well we don’t have personal issues with each other’s it just normally we don’t like each other’s but now you are my WIFE AND I M YOUR HUSBAND that’s a fact I accept it everything and you as a wife of my he said. She looking at him. She about to get up Kunj pulled her hand she falls down on bed and Kunj come slightly above her she was shocked.

Aise toh tu itna bolti ji Aur hai what happened now siyappa queen he said.

Don’t call me siyappa queen she said.

Why you are a siyappa queen he added.

Huhu even you are sadu sarna she said.

Good wild cat he stated.

Mene kuch Bol twinkle tujhe I need my answer he said.She closed her eyes and think lott.

What I don’t wanted to marry you this is you know like me both aren’t ready but our families wanted we did it as well for them.. who wanted sadu husband she said with pout.

Acha ji He Said with a giggles..

you are my husband even I can’t change this fact it’s okay this written in our destiny only and I’ll do all duties of your wife and accept it each and everything buttt she said and stop.

Butt what he asked..

but I need sometime Kunj she said.

Okay take your time I’m ready and waiting for your day ab whole life we can’t live virgin na he added and winked at her she was shocked.

Sadu shameless you spoiled in London she said. By the way you live there you aren’t virgin anymore she added.

Yeah he said kiddingly she was shocked damn.think he already had.she didn’t said anything.

Let me change she said and both get up..

she took her clothes and went in washroom Kunj too changed his clothes twinkle come out she wearing plain salwaar kameez.. Kunj was shirtless he about to wearing his T-shirt.

Twinkle stand lost in her thoughts Kunj see her.

Don’t stare me like this I know you can’t control much?he said.

Acha you think about yourself who will control or not if I’ll not than It’s not crime you are my officially wedded husband and I’m your wife don’t forget this you stuck with me she said.

Hmm so sad babaji he said and wear his T-shirt.Twinkle and Kunj both laid down.

Don’t dare come to me she said.

Achaa he pulled her near himself.Still you are same giving yourself too much importance wild cat he added..

Yes I’m Same because I’m twinkle Taneja.

Sarna correction..

whatever she said..

overconfident always take in trouble madam he added.

Acha ji look who’s talking she said Kunj slightly giggles.

You are exactly same to same I thought maybe you changed in these years but not at all same ladaku ladki don’t know what my family seen in you he said.

Hoo same goes with you she said.

Even I’m thinking why they fixed our alliance in childhood only humhare din toh khel ne kudne ke the still. I try my best seemed like you are very desperate to marry me after all i m hot girl she added.

Ahahh?tu Aur hot really very funny.. even I try my best to convince my parents cancel our alliance and second I’m not desperate at all I have no interest in you twinkle not yesterday as well my bad fate I stuck in this marriage girls are dying for me and you thinking I’m for you aha. Baby come in reality he Said.Twinkle hit on his chest.

I know everything sadu sarna don’t know how I’ll live with you whole life let’s do a deal you live your life the way you wanted and let me as well what’s say she said.

If you thinking you will fly and roam like a free bird so you are highly wrong I’m very strict husband so not at all from today leave your all bad things which is not good for our marriage life twinkle Kunj Sarna he said.

You will behaving like typical husband Haan means she said.

Yup probably ?he stated.

Margye?she murmured.

Than think about yourself I’m too very strict I’ll not leave you live like before she said.

Do whatever you wanted but don’t eat my head  and ears I hate you he said.

Even I hate you like anything she said both turned their faces.

Heyy babaji give me energy to bear her I can’t live with her haha Kunj Murmured.

Huhu babaji why you written him in my life I don’t wanted him even Kunj don’t wanted me I wanted my husband love me fully he toh already having girls in his life ??.. but in his wife now he can’t do anything before my will if he try to think about girls I’ll kill him she think in her heart.

{twinkle is innocent and bubbly happy go lucky girl and easy she come in other’s words. Anyone can play with her mind and heart. To believe everything one hears. In normal language Kaan ki kachi and get influence quickly so very risky as well}

Both doze off quickly being tired from many days because of function.At morning both sleeping in each other’s embrace fully.

They sleeping till late and Avantika and leela keep calling them but both busy in their sleep.

At last their sleep get disturbed due to call rings. Twinkle and Kunj open their eyes and see their position twinkle yawing.

Who calling at this time man Kunj murmured and take his phone and see mother and mother in law miscalls.

Why mothers Indai calling he said.

Twinkle cuddles him and again closed her eyes Kunj call his mother Avantika.

Yes Maa he said.

Kunjj you sleeping still haan why beta get up and where is twinkle at Taneja mansion everyone waiting for you both she said.

Acha sorry we will be there in some times he said.

Okay bye she added and ended the call. Kunj looking at twinkle.

Heyy siyappa queen wake up you sleeping like a beast haan he said and shaking her she open her eyes.

Kya hai sadu sarna let me sleep she said .

Oyye wake up everyone waiting for us. Shadi hogi still sleeping like a beast change your habit he added and get up sit there only.She too and giving him looks.

Let me sleep please she said.

Sleep later baby he said.

I’m not your baby get it she said.?

Kunj get up and went in washroom while twinkle get up and murmuring this and that on Kunj..

while Kunj take shower quickly and come out of the washroom in towel looking hot..

see this girl still sitting Meri Maa your both mother will kill you today he said.

Whatever and can’t you wear your clothes and come see haww twinkle added she closed her eyes.

Don’t act like 90’s girl. You can see me I give you permission behaving totally small town girl miss Amritsar hai batao he stated.

She get up and take her clothes shameless she said and went in washroom.

Pagal hai puri don’t know how I’ll live with her babaji I don’t know she become this much cute in this years?he said and wear his clothes and getting ready.Kunj Oder coffee for them.

Soon room service bring Oder Kunj take it and enjoying his coffee. He went in balcony and busy in calls.While twinkle comeback after shower she wearing a dark blue saree she handling her wet hairs she went towards dressing table and started drying them with hair dryer. Saree perfectly showing her curves and off shoulder blouse.. just than Kunj entered in room his eyes falls down on twinkle he was stunned to see her.she started getting ready she done with her makeup and hair she try to tie her blouse Dori getting difficulties again and again its opening. She turned and see Kunj who lost in her she smirked.

Kunjj please help me na she called him he comeback in sense.

Whattt he said.

What what come and help me in this Dori she said and Kunj simply went near her and stand behind her back she side her hairs and show her bare back..

bando na please she added.

Hmm he hummed and started buoying the back Dori of her blouse she shivered his cold hand touching on her cold skin he tied her Dori.

Thanks she said and setting her neckchokar..

Kya dekh raho Haan didn’t see any girl till now Haan staring me pervert she said and flying her hairs which hitting on Kunj face..

Acha I see many girls but not like you wild cat he said.She applied red bold lipstick make her lips more beautiful and making her as well.

You always makeup toy he said.

And you boys s*x??she said. Kunj arching his eyebrow giving her look through mirror. He pulled her near himself keep his hand around her waist.

I haven’t done anything and you already make perception for me haan. I m fool he said

How she asked normally.

Yeah I m fool only last night is our first night and I leave you so easily not good at all na twinkle when you know how I’m still now what we will do let’s cancel this plain and we will tell family get busy and they will understand after all newly wedded we are??.. now leave everything let’s do fast he said and she was damn shocked.

Pagal ho shameless don’t dare nonsense make she said and making faces.

Think before speak and if I do something with you than you are my wife remember this he said and give her pouty look Coffee he said

I know you slipping on my looks after all I’m so hot?she said and Kunj keep hot coffee mug on her shoulder slightly.

Ouchh sadu what is this Haan she screamed.

You only said you are hot so I thought not effect you much he said and laughs out twinkle push him and he sit in side couch.

You are still same in childhood also making fun of me. If you do now than I wouldn’t leave you Kunj Sarna she said.

Acha Aur me dar gya He Said and she take her coffee mug and having her coffee…

Pack everything Samji he said. Kunj went downstairs while twinkle keep her all things in bag and see Kunj leave his all thing here and there.

See this man business man but don’t know how to handle his own mess now he think I’m his wife I have to do this she said. Obviously ? I have she murmured and packed their things..

She went downstairs and see Kunj waiting for her.She went to him Kunj wear his shades and drooling many Girls heart.twinkle see girls staring Kunj she boiled.

Why you standing here haan what you trying to show let’s go she said and went towards car

Keshi ladki hai yeh Kunj said and went towards car he sit in car and twinkle come sit beside him.

He message abeer they are coming and Kunj start the car and they drove off. Kunj watching twinkle expressions.

Now what happened to you haan babaji ne shakl achi khashi di hai still carrying this face and looking good at as well he said and she looked at him..

My life and my face you don’t poke your nose she said.

Tere se Baath karna hi bekar hai twinkle Kunj said and driving..

soon they reached Taneja mansion they come out of the car.Both went inside and rest of them waiting for them only. Directly they come here only for her pag phera rasam after here at Sarna Mansion having other rituals as well..

As soon twinkle and Kunj entered all family members get happy to see them.

Finally they come leela said and they went ahead and take grand parents blessings.

( introduction of family)~Sarna.

Grand parents name:Lata and Dev Sarna..

tej and Avantika sarna: parents of Kunj and yuvi and alaviaa. Elder son of Lata and Dev.

Second son Manohar wife Usha sarna.

Anjali and Abhay two kids there.happy family little bit Khit pit happened some times.. ?

Taneja family.

Suhani and Hansraj Taneja grand parents:

One son and daughter rt and Neelam..

Leela and rt having three kids.

Abeer Taneja.Twinkle and mahi. Abeer wife Mehar.And Neelam rt sister and having one daughter maya.

They take everyone blessings.

Looking so beautiful together you both are best Jodi leela said they smiled..

let’s have breakfast hell hungry abeer said they all nodded in yes.. they all went towards dinning table and all settle down mahi and Meher served them and they all started having breakfast.They chit chatting all elders done with breakfast while rest having slowly.

What happened twinkle why so sadu abeer said.

Nothing she said and having her breakfast.

Don’t tell guys still you both fight he said.

Ahah last night you spend in fight or else in something else for that we send you both abeer added twinkle shocked her bother speaking for her.

Maaaa see what bhai saying twinkle screamed.she get up and went from there all giving look to Kunjj

Don’t give me this look guys your sister is totally mad girl I’m done in one night Kunj said. They all giggles Meher and mahi went as well while abeer.

Acha bata Kunj how’s your first night experience he said.

Shame saale you are her brother he said.

So what I’m asking you as a friend he added Kunj laughs out.

You all are totally funny don’t worry about our night that was amazing he said.

Acha?tabhi Sochu itna shinning Kesha mar raha hai dono?he said.

Kamine shut up.Twinkle sitting with her family and chit chatting with them while abeer and Kunj in their boyish talks. Meanwhile there maya and Neelam too come they meet with them.Maya see twinkle she closed her eyes.

Kunj get his mother call he was talking with her twinkle went to him and Kunj ended the call and talking with her she telling him something. Twinkle clutch his shirt normally.Maya seeing this.

Acha Kunj you wait I’ll come in just a second she said.

Hmm okay I’m waiting for you here fast there also everyone waiting like anything he said.

Haan she said and went in her room and bring her few things.She come down Kunj meet with

Maya and her mother.

Now we should go everyone waiting at home Kunj said they all nodded in yes. Leela tell servant keep all gifts in the car they take their blessings.

Bye maa and papa twinkle said.

Now you become bahu of that house don’t act like before leela said.

Bas maa I know she said and both went outside and leave for Sarna Mansion..

They reached Sarna Mansion in few seconds not too far from Taneja Mansion..

twinkle keep Palu on her head Kunj laughs out.

Heyy what is this he said.

Don’t laughs your Dayan Kareena bua is there she will shower on me she said.

She is my bua siyappa queen he said.

So me Kya karu she added.they went inside same here Avantika standing with aarti tali.

Twinkle and Kunj stand she does their aarti and twinkle performed her Griha Pravesh ritual nicely.Both meet with everyone and take their blessings as well.

Wow bhabhiiii looking extremely gorgeous Abhay said and pulled her cheeks even yuvi give her side hug as well Kunj seeing this and Anjali and alaviaa smirked and winked at Kunj..

Thanks yuvi and Abhay she said..

By the way bhabhi why you carrying this palu haan alaviaa said.

Arey idiot our Kareena bua is here only and already she behind bhabhi Abhay said.Kunj giggles.They all sit together.

Where is Rahul Anjali di Kunj asked..

he went for work Kunj she added.Kunj nods in yes.

Aur twinkle how’s your pag phera rasam Kareena asked.

Good bua ji she said in low tone Kunj shocked to see her.

Siyappa queen become bheegi billi in front of bua amazing otherwise keke huhu. Waha Kareena bua love it control her like this only Kunj murmured..yuvi and Abhay sitting beside Kunj only.

Suna humne both said together.

Acha so what can I do Kunj said.

Should I tell twinkle bhabhi yuvi said.

You both saalo you are my brother get it he added.

Oops bhai don’t abuse us your saala is Abeer bhai not us?? Abhay said.

You all started talking too much in my absence Kunj said.

Haan bhai after all we are twinkle bhabhi gang yuvi said Trio giggles.

Twinkle beta and Kunj you both come let’s do another ritual Usha said.

Now which one chachi Kunj asked.

My Kunj get tired very soon Usha added.

Each and everyone sit in side in circle position twinkle and Kunj sitting opposite of each other’s.

You both have to find ring whoever will find first he have to bow down head in front his and her partner Anjali said meanwhile Rahul too comeback.

Kunj don’t lose Niki said She is Kareena bua daughter in law..

yeah bhabhi I’m Kunj he said.

Acha I’m not less twinkle said..

Haan lata said they all giggles.Kunj and twinkle started finding ring both teasing each other’s under milk. Both giving each other’s mischievous smiles.At last twinkle win and she get so happy.

Ahah bhai you lose now you have to dance on bhabhi moves Abhay said.

He will already ?Rahul said.all giggles twinkle giving Kunj smile Kunj made her wear the ring..

They finished post wedding rituals nicely..

Than twinkle with her both mother in laws went in kitchen and making lunch and even do her first rasoi ritual as well.

While Rahul and Kunj chit chatting sitting in side of living area playing game in Xbox..

Acha Aur suna what happened last night you husband and wife fighting or celebrate your night with love unlike you both always fight like cat and dog Rahul said.

You and abeer is very desperate to know about what happened last night you are already married mans so think itself bros and more about us fight we are still same I’m stuck with this siyappa queen I try my level best and try to convince papa as well cancel this alliance but not he just stick now can’t do anything Kunj said.

Still regretting bro leave na she is very nice girl you will be happy with her I’m damn sure Rahul said.

Hope so little wild he said.

You always said this only about her even in school as well if our fellow classmates know about you and her she is your wife they will shocked ??Rahul said.

I’m not less than them Rahul jija Kunj added?

Anjali and alaviaa busy in their talks.

Twinkle finished cooking session.

Twinkle beta give this mango shake to siblings okay Usha said.

Yeah twinkle said and take mango shake tray and went in living room she went towards them.

Take this chachi ji send for you all twinkle said and give them their glasses.

Arey Kunj what happened drink Rahul said.

I’ll drink you see yours he said and twinkle see them playing..

Bhai see bhabhi bring with all love you doing not fair yuvi said..

Arey bhai toh sadu hai bhai is right Alaviaa said. Kunj throw cushion at her face.

Ahah bhaiii I’ll tell papa she said.

Acha bachu kam bolo you all talking like Amritsar express Kunj said twinkle giggles.Niki come there.

Arey twinkle did you finished lunch haan she asked.

Haan Niki bhabhi everything is done twinkle replies.Niki went from there.

She itself never does anywork telling others alaviaa murmured all giggles..

Twinkle went from there servant handover her Kunj ironed clothes she went upstairs open the door and went in her and Kunj room finally..

she entered in room and see smiled how they both fight in this room..

Now do his work as well sadu she murmured.

While drinking mango shake slightly falls down on Kunj Shirt.

Bro carefully Rahul said.

Shit I’ll come he said and get up and went upstairs.

Twinkle keeping his clothes in wardrobe back just than Kunj entered opening his shirt buttons.He remove his shirt twinkle turned and see him shirtless.

What is this why you remove your shirt she said.

Because mood ban gaya issliye come baby he said and winked at her..I’m not desperate like you twinkle he added. Hatt let me take shirt he went near wardrobe and try to selecting shirt for him.

Ahah don’t messed up I just organise everything I’ll give you she said and side him she take out shirt for him.

Kunj take thanks mango shake falls on my shirt that’s why I come here for changing Kuch bhi sochti hai he said and wear his shirt.Twinkle went towards bed and sit drink water Kunj too comeback and see her.

Kya Hua Tai tai phiss in one day only he said. And sit next to her.

Nahi Bas aise hi she said. Alaviaa entered in room.

Bhabhi maa send this for you get ready Neighbours ladies is coming to see you.So your muh dikhai rasam is there you get ready and come downstairs she said.

again ahah okay I’ll she said.she take dress and alaviaa went downstairs.

Go siyappa queen get ready fast Kunj said.

Huhu she said and went in washroom she wear the outfit it was a simple red Anarkali with heavy duppta.she come out of the washroom and went towards resting table Kunj went downstairs already.. twinkle get ready beautifully while at down all ladies come Anjali with other Girls greeting them.While Alaviaa went to take twinkle down she hide her face with veil and she bring her downstairs and take her towards the ladies and made her sit on the couch all ladies by one they started seeing twinkle face and giving her gifts praising her beautify lott Kunj and Rahul come and stand in side at last dadi unveil her face and Kunj get mesmerising to see her beauty.

Wow so beautiful Rahul said.

Saale kam Bol wifi hai meri Kunj said.

Pata hai bhai Abhi se itna possessive not fair he said.

Yes any doubt Kunj added he adoring twinkle.

Waha siyappa queen is beautiful I must say he said in his heart this ritual too finished last one. Twinkle take another duppta and they all sit for lunch and she served each and everyone and all praising her food and elders give her nek she get happy.. but Kareena bua taunting.

Twinkle I told many times you should learn cooking before marriage na see you put too much chilli she said..

sorry bua ji twinkle said.

Acha Kareena didi but I didn’t feel this Usha said.

Learn from Niki Kareena said..

mom food is good shiv said niki husband and Kareena solo son.twinkle sit beside Anjali she playing with food.they all done with lunch..

They all went in living room while twinkle helping in work.elders discussing about twinkle and Kunj reception things because at night their reception party is there in 5 star hotel..

Everything done papa tej Said..

While rest ladies and girls sitting and selecting today outside what they going to wear..

Anjali and alaviaa went in twinj room and scattered all clothes here and there.

What I’ll wear haan bhabhi tell me Alaviaa asked.

This one will suits on you alaviaa twinkle said.

Hmm thanks bhabhi and what about you di she said.

Whatever Rahul will love it haina di?She Said.

Anjali giggles.Just than Kunj entered in room and see his room condition and get shocked.

Ahah what is this why you all make my room like veggies market haa he said.

Huhu Kunj see we selecting our outfits Anjali said.

You all get only my room Haan Kunj said.

Yes alaviaa said.

Out of my room fast and clean this mess as well Kunj added.

By the way bhai you didn’t stay here just come first time after went so don’t take tension and more it’s our bhabhi room as well you can go in another room as well she said. Kunj went near her and pulled alaviaa hairs.

You speaking lott it’s none of your business it’s my room get it out from here fast he said. Sai badi bhabhi wali huhu he murmured.

Huhu you too sadu what you doing here go and do your work she said.

Acha siyappa queen why I’ll do any work I work lott you too out with them he said.

Haww you both fighting again like cat and rat why ab Shadi hogi hai still Anjali said.

She always start first di don’t blame me Kunj said.

No he start always sadu sarna she said.

Weshe bhi why you all wasting your time you all will look cartoon only end of the day ??he Said and laughs out stand beside twinkle..

Even you too bhai Alaviaa said..

mein uff im the Kunj Sarna hot dashing when I walk girls drooling for me he added.

Acha kaunsi Girls see bhabhi bhaiya girls ahem ahem alaviaa said in teasing manner twinkle rolling her eyes balls..

Phuttt fast Kunj said gritting his teeth’s.

Kunj acha chalo Alaviaa and you see your wifey Anjali said.

Even I’m coming let him do whatever he wanted twinkle said just than Rahul entered in room.

What happening girls here he said.

Nothing bhaiya become angry bird we didn’t giving him room that’s why Alaviaa said.

Hoo girls bad na last night he marry and you both sister didn’t let him enjoy with his wife poor kunjjj he said.

Shut up you all are like same to same he said. Girls tell Rahul everything.

Acha Kunj see your wife perfectly at night now

Let them do whatever he wanted come with me he said.

Good jiju Alaviaa said and giving smile.Rahul take Kunj and they Trio laughs out.. again get busy in their things..

Rest of them too busy in this all things.

Finally it’s night they all get ready beautifully Kunj was with his brothers and Rahul they getting ready Kunj wanted to go in his room.. but girls locking..

I’ll come Kunj said and elders already

Left for hotel. Kunj went towards his room and knocking the door.

Please open the door di and alaviaa fast he said.

Ahah Kunj bhai is impossible Alaviaa murmured.

Chalo twinkle will see now Anjali said. And give voice to twinkle they going.Anjali Opened door and found Kunj.

How much time you all take haa di he said.

Huhu you didn’t let us get ready nicely Kunj what you wanted she said.

Di I have work I have to take my things Kunj said.

Okay now do we are going both sister said and went out of the room.

Drama queens Kunj murmured entered in his room and lock before anyone can come. He looking here and there didn’t found twinkle because he was in washroom.Kunj setting his hairs.Twinkle come out of the washroom.

She ready fully just her earring is left.. Kunj eyes falls down on her he turned and looking at her.she looking the best in purple colour outfit he just blinking his eyes she went near dressing Table.

Where is di and alaviaa haa twinkle asked..

they went and where are you he asked back .

In washroom she said.

Hmm acha did you see my watch he said.

Nope she added.

You mess everything ups and down in my room now I’m not getting my things as well twinkle he said. His all sense on twinkle only.

Acha  wait I’ll find she said and went to wardrobe and find out his watch and bring come to him back.Here if your watch she said and handover him.

Thanks Kunj said and wearing his watch twinkle see his bowtie wasn’t Correct she went near him Kunj get surprised she started fixing his bowtie. Kunj smiled.

Now perfect twinkle said.

Hmm he hummed.twinkle wearing her earrings. You still didn’t get ready fully everyone already left for hotel he said and sit on bed.She just making faces In mirror and Kunj giggling.

See I’m fully ready How I’m looking she said and showing Kunj herself.Kunj blinking his eyes fully..

He smiled and get up went towards her and hold twinkle hand tightly slightly pulled himself she get surprised.

Looking beautiful he said in sensual voice caressing her hairs she lost into his eyes even he too.both looking at each other’s just..

By the way I don’t know you become so beautiful in this years he said in low voice which sending shiver in twinkle body.

Acha even you too become handsome not that battery one who used to in school she said.

Mein battery Kunj said.She nodded in yes.Kunj holding her tightly both don’t know anything he going closer to her and nuzzles his face in her neck placing sweet kisses just than yuvi and Abhay started knocking door due to this they come in sense and Kunj leave her realised what they doing twinkle looking here and there. Kunj went towards door and opened the door.

Bhai and bhabhi fast let’s go it’s your reception you both only late yuvi said while entering inside.Twinkle take her duppta and set perfectly.

Hoo see Abhay bhabhi looking damn yuvi said in teasing manner.

Yeah bro hot twinkle Abhay said and winked at her Kunj smashed Abhay head.

Bhai don’t be jealous and maybe we disturbed your romance haina yuvi Abhay added..

Shutt up let’s go Kunj said they went downstairs while twinkle coming and touch her neck and smiled.

Sadu she murmured and went downstairs. All siblings set to go hotel they went and sit in car and left..

Quickly they reached venue and went inside Avantika and tej come to twinkle and Kunj.

Babies you are late this much Avantika said.

Because of siyappa queen maa Kunj said.

Haww no aunty because of him she said.

Youuu Kunj said.

Ahah you both still same to same Shadi hogi hai phir bhi.And I’m not aunty anymore beta she said.

Hmm she hummed.

Yes twinkle now she is your sasu maa Kunj said.

Now go to stage tej said they nodded in yes..

Kunj hold twinkle hand.

Kya hai don’t flying too much twinkle said and take her hand back..

acha don’t get ideas it just people don’t know about us it’s our reception baby he said and giggles.

Never improve Kunj she murmured and they went to stage and stand Kunj and twinkle giving smile and all guest meeting with them and giving them gifts.Twinkle gang come to her.

Heyy twinkle looking amazing ahem ahem chinki said.

Shutt up why you are so late chinki twinkle said.

Madam taking too much time in makeup Avni said.Even Kunj buddies come.

Both childhood fighters looking awesome tonight Amaya said

Haan kunj hot and twinkle s*xy aleena added.

Kunj hugged them I know babies since birth time he said and winked at them.

See twinkle your hubby flirting not good in front of your wife Woh bhi Avni said.Twinkle making faces.Meanwhile others too come and join them.

Now it’s crime Kunj Gul said.

Acha Gul who said after marriage flirting is crime it’s good for health we should continue Avinash added all laughs out.

But Kunj is so innocent Rahul said.

That we knows Gul and Avinash murmured and giving smile mockingly.twinkle see them.

What happened my dear sister in law Meher said acha guys don’t teased twinkle Meher added.

We never teased her yuvi said.

Now Kunj will teased her naman said.

Haan right absolutely last night what you guys done Armaan said.Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other’s twinkle making faces.

I’m damn sure they just fight whole night naman said..

Acha don’t know you know babies Asha said.

Hayee jija ji blushing abeer said and cupped Kunj faces.

Kuch bhi you guys become mad. Avantika called twinkle.

Go twinkle your mummy ji calling you ASha said twinkle went from there.

Arey don’t teased my bhai we can understand after see twinkle beauty Anjali said.They all laughing.Twinkle meeting with her guests.Neil talking with twinkle Kunj come there.

How’s you bro Neil Kunj said.

All good Neil said.Twinkle look at Kunj.

After this all they all having food Kunj teasing twinkle side by side.Twinkle sitting with Nikki and maya.

Twinkle after seeing you didn’t look like something happened between you and Kunj Nikki said twinkle get shocked.

Acha Nikki how you know this maya asked. Twinkle playing with her duppta edges..

Haan twinkle tell us about you and kunj maya said.

Arey what she will tell I m saying na I can sense haina twinkle Nikki said.Twinkle scared fully.

Nahi Nikki bhabhi nothing is like this she said.

She give fake smile and went from there.

Ohh babaji Nikki bhabhi understand how now what I’ll do if she told to Kareena bua she is already behind me now toh too much she murmured and crying inside her heart and looking at Kunj who enjoying with friends..

Happily reception too ended.They family members bid bye to each other’s twinkle meet with her family after they left to homes.

Twinkle went in her room and thinking about Nikki words she removing her jewelleries and waiting for Kunj who was chilling with his grand parents.Twinkle went in washroom and changed her clothes Kunj entered in room and see her who looking tense he sit and opening his shirt buttons..

Kya hua twinkle you looking tense he asked.

Now you get time for me I message you come in room but not you coming after 1 hour what you doing she said.

Now I’ll follow your rules he said.

Yes she added and throw cushion at his face. Kunj catch..

I’m tired let me change my clothes he said and take his clothes and went in washroom.He come back and twinkle laid down on bed Kunj too join her twinkle facing to him while Kunj looking at ceilings thinking random things. Twinkle looking at him continuously Kunj hand resting on bed while twinkle moving her hand on bed and finally she break the ice and tapping on Kunj hand. He turned his sigh and looked at her.

Kunjj suno na she said.

Bolo na in teasing tone he stated.

You know what Nikki bhabhi said to me in reception party she said.

What he asked.Twinkle hesitating how she tell him. Bolo why you shying haan he said.

Kunjj woh she said that nothing is between us and not happened last night twinkle added.

Whatttt Kunj said.

Yes she told him everything.

What nonsense is this ahah everyone

Is mad here leave nonsense things for this you are tensed haan he said.

Haan she is right now but how she come to know I mean if she told everyone about this than no no kareen bua she started shivering Kunj giggles.

Oyye single battery don’t be scared if her assumption is right than what she will do nothing twinkle it’s our personal matter okay don’t worry he Said.

Acha double battery it’s Indai not your London she added.

I know this acha Sun you didn’t told

Me that Neil is your boyfriend in college he said and twinkle surprise she rolling her eyes.

Haan he was not now who told you she asked.

Bas aise hi your babies telling this you are fixed with me than he asked sounding jealous.

I know this he come to me not me he was behind me so I said yes.Just for 6 months we are relationship I thought if our alliance not happen than we will think.But nothing happened like what we think and I break up with him that day only now nothing is between us and moreover I’m going to tell you about this she said. Kunj turned his face to her.

Aise hai kya it’s okay it’s normal if you are with him but now you are my wifey this written and fixed in childhood only haina he said giggles.

Huhu my bad luck I get you she murmured.

Same pinch siyappa queen Kunj added and both fighting and calling each other’s funny names and ended up soon sleep took over them.

At morning.

Twinkle sleeping till late she wake up with jerk and see already went for morning walk. She get shocked in hustle and bustle she get up and went in washroom quickly get ready and went downstairs and find everyone going to sit for breakfast she shivering now what will happened. She went in kitchen and apologised to her mother in law Avantika she said it’s okay and she making tea for everyone while Kareena entered in kitchen and Nikki put chilli flakes.

It’s time to wake up twinkle haan you are bahu of this house not daughter Kareena said.

I’m sorry bua ji she said.

Leave Kareena di and even twinkle too daughter of this house Avantika said.

Never bhabhi I don’t know why you always save her she is so stubborn she don’t know it’s not time to wake up in sasural and she coming down haan learn something don’t know what you did in this years she murmured and went from there.Twinkle having tears in her eyes.

Twinkle beta it’s okay you come with tea Avantika said..

Twinkle wiped her tears and take tea went to dinning area and served everyone tea and all siblings too come.She finding Kunj.Just than Kunj return back after his exercise.Twinkle eyes falls down on him.

Kunjj come fast we have to go office as well tej give her voice.

I’m coming back papa quickly he said and went upstairs.

Kunj is still same early riser unlike others Kareena said and taunting to twinkle she understands bow down her head didn’t said anything Avantika and tej looking at her.

Kunj get ready and come downstairs take his seat beside yuvi and started having his breakfast.Twinkle standing looking down.Kunj looking at her.Find her face gloomy..

Twinkle beta sit have your breakfast lata said.

I’ll have dadi ji twinkle said and manage to not sound sad and give faint smile.But Kunj see her red eyes..

Everyone done with breakfast twinkle get busy in kitchen chores she feel bad that Kareena bua think this about her and she didn’t feel like to have anything.While yuvi with Abhay went out to play football while Anjali return back to her sasural Manohar with tej going to office Kunj helping in presentation to them.

Twinkle went in her room and folding her and Kunj dry clothes and lost In her thoughts tears falling slightly.

Chachu and papa you both go I’m coming in sometimes Kunj said.

Okay come soon tej said and both brothers leave for office.While Kunj went in kitchen and didn’t find twinkle there. He knows she didn’t have her breakfast he asked servant about twinkle.

Where is twinkle he asked servant.

Bhaiya bhabhi in her room she said.

Okay Kunj added and take breakfast plate and went in their room.Kunj entered in room and find twinkle in room only.

He went towards bed and see her he sit opposite of her. Snapping the Finger twinkle come back in her sense.

Haan she said.

What happened tera hero toh idar hai where you lost haan he said.

Very funny Kunjj please leave me don’t teased me now she said and folding the clothes.

Acha what happened today morning me hi tera mood sada hua tu sadu mujhe bolti hai.Acha have your breakfast first he added and give her breakfast plate twinkle see him and surprised.

I had my breakfast she said.

I know liar don’t have fast twinkle he said.

I had already Kunj you Going office na you go will get late she stated.

I’ll go first you have he said.

Acha now worried about me you wake up and went for jogging can’t you wake up first she said.

How I know you sleeping peacefully if I disturb your sleep you will eat my head whole day he said.

Huhu because of this I scold so much she said with puppy face and tears escaping from her eyes Kunj shocked.

Arey twinkleee acha sorry I’ll wake up you next time don’t cry he said and wiping her tears she looking at him.

Kareena bua scold you he said she nodded in yes.Leave about her you know she just raising small matter you don’t cry he added and have morsel in his hand. He gestured her she open her mouth and Kunj feed her she slightly bite his finger too.

Ouch siyappa queen he said and she laughs out Kunj adore her smile..

I’m going you have he said.

Hmm bye she said.

Bye he added and went she have her breakfast and went downstairs get busy in her work.

Alaviaa went for her dance classes..

twinkle helping in work to her mother in laws Kareena scolding her still little bit lata telling her don’t be..

While Kunj get busy with his father in work.

Kunj best friend Avinash and Gul went back to Mumbai last night only.Kunj take leave from work after ages he come back to his family wanna spend time with them..

2 and 3 days passed way everything is normal twinkle dealing with her in laws family most with Kareena she just waiting for a moment to

Scold her with her others she just fab chilling with her brothers  and sister laws having fun lott. Kunj and twinkle ended up with fight and siblings teasing them to core they just giving smile and sometimes get awkward as well in room normal conversation and teasing them sadu siyappa than sleep but happy..

Rahul and abeer planned for dinner just they all friends all get ready.

Twinkle yaar you still not get ready when you will get ready we will get late haan Kunj said.

Kunj what to do Kareena bua called me I’m doing her work you wait I’ll get ready in some time what about yuvi and Abhay or Alaviaa she asked.

They weren’t going only you and me or Rahul Anjali, and abeer, Meher maybe Armaan and aleena he said.

Okay she said and went in washroom Kunj

Waiting for her in lobby in hustle she get ready and Wear red netted saree look fabulous she went downstairs she take permission from Avantika and she permitted her she went in lobby and see Kunj sitting.

Chale she said and Kunj raise his eyes and stunned to see her..

what you going for dinner not Shadi he Said and laughs.

Huhu I’m looking perfect let’s go we will get late she said and went towards car Kunj lost.

Beautiful she is damn man he murmured and both Settled in car and left.Twinkle smiling all the while Kunj humming the song and side by side admiring her as well.

Kunj push the break with jerk suddenly twinkle sakes..

Kunjj what is this she said.

Sorry he said and start the car again driving soon rest of them reached already.. Kunj went for parking the car while twinkle waiting for them in garden Kunj come back

His eyes falls down on a boys group who checking out twinkle Kunj closed his fist.

Why you standing here haan in stern voice he said.

Waiting for you she added.

No need of this come with me he said and hold her hand tightly and take her from there she feel weird but didn’t said anything.

Couples sitting and waiting for them only.

Heyy babies come here abeer said and they went towards them Kunj leave twinkle hand..

They both settled down.

Kya Baath hai bro looking handsome abeer said teasingly.

Mein paida hi handsome hua tha saale saab Kunj added Rahul hifi with Kunj..

Acha Kunj but we all thought it’s because of twinkle Meher said Anjali giggles twinkle looking here and there and talking with aleena.

acha aise toh we can also asked na twinkle bhabhi why u are giving hd glow haan..seems like my brother applied fair lovely too you Anjali said. Everyone was laughing like hell oder the food and having.

wese anjali ye naya tha aise jokes kha se lati ho Rahul stated.?

how mean rahul huh don’t talk to me anjali said.

While on the other hand twinkle was thinking pagal ho gye sub …inhne kya pata mujhe glow karne ke liye is sadu sarna ki zarurat ni hai mai paida hi beautiful hui thi

arey di you said correct…i didn’t applied fair lovely to her but she herself apaplied 10 layers of makeup Kunj said ?.

how mean you are too teasing your wife Armaan added.

Apni Biwi ko hi kar rha hai na teri ko toh ni naah Rahul said

wese sahi kha these girls apply tons of makeup abeer added.

haan you know there is joke also…one girl applied make up & fall down…her bf asked what happen baby…

Girl arey nothing babh woh mera or makeup ka weight misbalance ho gya Kunj saidEveryone was laughing like maniacs?

Rahul too good man …mazza aya..

kya mazza aaya haan.i don’t apply this much make up or tum sadu sarna kya haan 2 hours leke ready tum hotein ho or mujhe taunt karte ho twinkle said

arey arey don’t start yaar ..we are just both toh started behaving like you were  doing when you were kids abeer stated

huh whatever bhai twinkle murmured.

wild cat khin ki Kunj added.

whispers in his ears jyda hawa me Mat udo smjhe Kunj she said. She hit him with her sandles …

ouch …huh you siyappa queen tujhe toh dekh lunga mai kunj said

Wese kunj & twinkle what you decided for your honeymoon. Rahul asked them.

I m ever ready jha twinkle bolegi wha kar lenge honey moon kyn twinkle Kunj Said with smirked.

Twinkle glared him and thinks honeymoon or is sadu sarna ke saath …no never huh…

Abeer called her bol twinkle i ” ll gift you honeymoon package

No bhai I don’t want to go anywhere…excuse me she said and  went to washroom…

i think she is shy Meher said.

You say kunj wherever you want to take her Armaan asked

arey yaar i was teasing her i don’t have time abhi i have to complete so many work i ” ll think later where life plan for us Kunj said

okay abeer said. Twinkle came

what happen are you okay? Anjali asked.

haan woh bas i was feeling like vomiting she said everyone was shocked …

what ek hi week me Rahul said.

haan kunj Meher added.

Twinkle understand you all shut up …i have roadside pani puri that’s why …kuch bhi sochte ho twinkle said..

hmm yaar kya tum log bhi ab agar aisa kuch hona hoga toh ek din me thodi na symptoms ka pata chalega wait for 1 or 2 week na Anjali added.

kya di even you too started i m going you all have your dinner huh twinkle said.She went outside.go kunj bring your wife Rahul said.

salo you all are teasing not me ..go and pacify her Kunj added.

bhai biwi teri hai toh tu jayega hum kyn jayen abeer said.

huh kamine kunj murmured.He went to pacify her. Kunj twinkle chal na yaar they were just teasing you nothing is there  Kunj said.

You toh know everything still you too huh she said.Kunj acha chal i will not siyappa queen he said

huh sadu sarna she murmured he took her back and after dinner they came back to their home late.

Everyone already sleep twinkle and Kunj went side and going upstairs just than twinkle heel stuck in her saree she about to falls down Kunj

Hold her on time.He holding her from waist and twinkle hands around his neck.Both lost in each other’s eyes Kunj looking at her eyes than her nose and lips adoring her face even she too as well.Twinkle broke the eye lock and come in sense both of them. Kunj leave her.

Are you okay he asked her.

Hmm she hummed and both went upstairs having shy smile on their lips.They entered in room. Twinkle take out their night dress and she went in washroom and changed her clothes even Kunj too in room twinkle come back and see Kunj who just in his pj going to wear his T-shirt.

Kunjjj you should changed in washroom shameless she said and Kunj making faces and showing her his body she closed her eyes and he giggles and Kunj wear his T-shirt.

He went towards bed and laid down. Twinkle went towards door.

Kaha Kunj said.

For water jug it’s empty she said.

Acha please bring coffee for me he said.

You have ice cream now wanted coffee she said.

Yes he said she went down and prepare coffee for him and she take coffee and water and come back in room she handover coffee mug to Kunj and laid down beside him.

Thanks live for 7 births Kunj said.

Very lame Kunj she said and he pulled her cheeks pati hu tera samji he said.

Pata hai mujhe she said.

Even I’m shocked there when they said you are pregnant ?? Kunj said.

What twinkle get up and started hitting him with pillow ahah twinkle don’t Kunj saying. But she not leaving him Kunj leave the mug and take her under him and come upon her she looking at him Kunj hold her hands tightly.

Ahah kunjjj she screamed.Still wild cat and wife you are now he said.

Why you getting angry on this statement he said.

I’ll kill you and them again if you say this she said and try to freed herself from his grip.

He went closer to her face her heart beat increasing very badly.

Acha Sun I don’t mind to turn this new in reality he said and laughs out.Twinkle hitting him on his back.

Cheap man she murmured.

Acha me cheap man pati hu tera idiot i don’t know you are so popular here that everyone talking about you only amazing he said.

Yes unlike you she said and push him after sometimes later doze off..

At [email protected]

Twinkle wake up and get ready and went downstairs make breakfast for everyone she take coffee for Kunj and entered in room find him in washroom she take out his clothes and he come out she take him his clothes and bedding the bed.Kunj wear his clothes and having his coffee.

Twinkle my watch he said.

Wait she said and give him his watch after this they went down and sit with everyone and having the breakfast twinkle make Kunj favourite dishes he smiling while having she was happy he liking her food but Kareena anyhow find out lacking in her food but she didn’t said anything fee bad but leave it.

After sometimes later Kunj went office with his parents he handling their work for sometimes while yuvi and Abhay or Alaviaa teasing twinkle but she enjoying and doing she work as well.

Kareena give give work to twinkle iron her saree she went in her room and ironing her saree and kept on bed.She come down and seeing lunch arrangements Kareena went in her room and checking her saree and find out a hole in saree and shocked

Twinkleeeee she called her and went downstairs with her saree she again give her voice everyone shocked.Twinkle come in living room from kitchen and scared.

Yes bua ji she said in shivering voice.

What is this I give you my saree for ironing and you did this haan burned my expensive saree she said and showing everyone.

No Kareena bua I didn’t do this trust I just ironed your saree perfectly I don’t know about this trust she said.

See Bhabhi your bahu such a big liar she is she said.

Kareena didi maybe she didn’t do this Avantika said.

No only she did she don’t know one

Single work I don’t know what papa ji see in her and find her for Kunj.We can find best girl for our Kunj more than her she is so stubborn just know how to spoiled the things useless Kareena said twinkle started crying fully.

Bua for this small thing why you scolding bhabhi yuvi Said.

You yuvi shut Up and go from there she said and yuvi bow down his head and trio siblings went from there.

She don’t know single thing bhabhi don’t know she will take care of Kunj in Mumbai let her here only will increase my Kunj work she said.

Kareena bua I didn’t do anything trust me please she begging and crying fully Avantika and Usha feeling bad.

Bua ji you can asked Nikki bhabhi she was there only twinkle said.

You mean I’m liar haan see bhabhi your bahu arguing with me Kareena said.Avantika gestured her twinkle went in kitchen back and started crying while doing work.

Kareena called Kunj and tell him about twinkle this and that put from herself wrong words for her Kunj get angry without wasting much time

But she wasn’t picking her call Kunj leave it and get busy in work. She finished all work and without talking With anyone she went in her room and laid down on her tummy and cuddles her pillow and crying can’t call in her family as well. Their both families good friends she don’t wanted anything happened because of her with lott hopes they tied up new relationship.

Everyone having tea and snacks Kunj along with his parents come home.They sit there and enjoying tea. Kunj looking for twinkle.

I’ll just comeback Kunj said and went upstairs Kunj entered in room twinkle get up and Kunj entered in room she crying he was shocked and forgot everything whatever Kareena said or he didn’t keep in his mind leave it.

Kunj come towards her twinkle get up and immediately hugged him.

Kunjjjj she cuddles him tightly..

Kya Hua twinkle heyy why you crying he get worried about her because she crying very badly and shivering slightly.He hugged her back and she wetting his shirt. He caressing her back.

Shhh what happened haan he cupped her face her face drenched in tears lips shivering.

Whattt happened why you crying haan he asked.He made her sit and cupped her face.

She didn’t said anything.Kunj wiped her tears and cuddles him again he caressing her back.

Twinkle get up and went in washroom Kunj too get freshen up and he went downstairs there Kareena tell Kunj twinkle arguing with her.Kunj called twinkle she come down.

Haan Kunj she said.

What bua ji said you arguing with her haan he said she get shocked.

Woh she about speaking.

See Kunj your wife leave mannerless she said.

Twinkle apologise bua he said.Twinkle looking at Kunj in anger while siblings get shocked.

Sorry she said and went from there.

Now fine bua ji Kunj said Kareena nodded in yes.Yuvi and Abhay holding their heads.

Twinkle feeling more bad what this Kunj thinking about himself without listening me he scold she murmured and make dinner and went back in room rest have their dinner. Than Abhay or yuvi with Alaviaa tell Kunj everything.

Bhai you should listen bhabhi first bua just behind bhabhi in everything she crying because of her today just for a saree she scold her so much Abhay said Kunj shocked.

But bua said twinkle arguing with her that’s why I feel bad he said.

Your Bua is  devil Alaviaa added they giggles.

Acha I’ll see her now I have to apologise her ziddii hai Kunj said. He went in room with dinner he was scared. Twinkle was in balcony. He went towards her and give her backhugged she shocked and turned and see Kunj try to go. He hold her hand.

Heyy sorry na he said she looking at him.

What sorry I’m mannerless why you saying sorry it’s me I’m sorry Kunj bua ji right you should find another girl she said.

I don’t know about this bua manipulate me that’s why I get angry on acha I’m sorry he said.

I don’t want your sorry like other husband you too shouting at me in front of everyone and Kareena just scolding me every time I never said her anything she calling me liar I didn’t burned her saree she said and crying like baby Kunj feel bad.Kunj hold her hand. She jerked her hand.

Leave me alone I’m not in good mood she said.

I know I’m sorry it’s first and last I’m I shouted on you trust me Baba he said.

It’s just a week to our marriage and you scolding me even others too she said.

Acha bol what should I do I’ll hold my ears he said and started doing sit-ups while holding his earlobe and saying twinkle I’m sorry she looking at him after started giggling.

Stopped last night she said went in room. He went behind her.

Good you are forgive me acha hai now let’s have your dinner fast foodie panda he said.

Don’t want she said Kunj pinned her towards side wall and hold her hand and looking at her.

Have your dinner he said.

No she said.

You will he demanded.

No again she debated..

Warna mein he said.

Warna what kunjj she asked. He looked at her


Warna I’ll kiss you he said and she get shocked.

What kiss no tum mujhe nahi karsakte she said.

Kyu nahi karsakta hai pati hu tera legally bhi allowed hai tu soch food nahi toh aaj me tujhe kiss kar luga choice is yours he said she shocked.

Nahiii Kunj leave me she said.

Not today twinkle Kunj sarna he added he going closer to her lips she shivering. She closed her eyes.

Okay I’ll have she said.

Good girl he said and leave her.

Sadu she murmured and Kunj give her food plate she started having her dinner Kunj doing his work she making faces while looking at him.

After this she sit and applying nail paint..

Ahah again this all things even at night give them rest he said.

It’s my way you sleep angry man she murmured Kunj pulled her cheeks and watching match and she doze off fast Kunj caressing her cheeks bones and kissed on her forehead and cuddles her slept.

She wake up in morning and see their position she smiled unknowingly and remembered what Kareena bua saying she wouldn’t let her go with Kunj Mumbai.She cuddles him.

Kunjj I will go with you only Will not stay here alone specially Kareena bua she thinking in her mind and her Alarm clock ring she off the clock and get up she went in washroom and get freshen up.

Kunj wake up meanwhile he didn’t find twinkle and see washroom light she wake up early than him. He get up and started doing his exercise in room doing push-ups looking very

Hot because sweat beats.Twinkle comeback after bath and her eyes went on Kunj she went towards dressing table Kunj get up and wiping his body sweat with towel and looking at her she fly her wet hairs and water sprinkles on his face.She started blow drying her hairs and looking at Kunj through mirror.

Good morning Kunj said.

Good morning you go and take bath fast she added.He nods in yes and went in washroom.

Sadu is hot she murmured and bite her tongue ?.

She take out Kunj things arrange perfectly she went downstairs and tell servant about breakfast and went in room back Kunj comeback from washroom and wear his clothes he saw his shirt button was broken.

Twinkle see this button please tuck na he said.

Hmm I’ll come she said and went to him with needle and started tucking his button and both of them extremely closer twinkle and Kunj breathe hitting with each other’s..

Kunj started tickling her she get irritated.

Kunj stop let me do my work she said.

Acha do na I m not holding her hand he said and tuck her hairs she shivering and twinkle prick Needle on his chest he winched in pain.

Ouch he screamed..

what happened bandar kahi Ka always masti she break the thread with her teeth’s. Done she added and arranging the room Kunj smiling fully.

Kunj you here too going office why she asked.

Arey papa needed my help that’s why let’s go for movie what’s say he asked.

SRK wali what’s say she said.

Okay than be ready we will go for movie I’ll tell your and mine gang too he added.

Arey I have to meet with maya di she stated.

Why so suddenly with maya you wanna meet he asked.

Arey she is My favourite that’s why she said.

Okay Chal have breakfast he said and hold her hand they went downstairs having breakfast.

Kunj left twinkle finished her work and take permission and with Alaviaa she went to

Maya house and meet with her.

Aur when you going back to Mumbai maya asked her.

Don’t know twinkle said. Alaviaa get call she went in side.

Aur twinkle how’s your and Kunj life going on she asked.

Good di she added.

I scared when Nikki asked you that question nonsense maya stated.

Hmm but maya di nothing happened between me and kunj she said.

Whttt but why he is your husband he wasn’t happy she said.

Nahi di we are happy but we need sometime for each other’s that’s it please don’t tell anyone about this twinkle added.

Haan you are my sister why I’ll don’t worry you enjoy your life maya said twinkle smile she spend her time with her..

Kunj booked their tickets and informed everyone.It’s getting late twinkle went to home with alaviaa maya get happy after get to know about twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle waiting for Kunj she get ready Kunj having work he was late he come late and twinkle give him Dinner.In night wear only they all went for movie all buddies enjoying fully. Movie was going on twinkle holding Kunj Hand while Kunj get bored so he just rubbing his finger on her hand.

Kya hua kunj see he is so hot she said for hero.

I’m more than him he said and kissed on her finger slightly.

Don’t take advantage she added.

Acha you concentrate on your movie and I’ll be on mine wifey he said giggles.Twinkle didn’t said anything.Movie ended on a happy note after they went out of the theatre.

And twinkle was hell happy for movie her favourite actor movie specially and thanking

Him he arrange tickets for her.

Let’s go for long drive abeer said.

Bhai you always wanted long drive with bhabhi mahi said.

Hoo mahiii Neil said.

Kya Neil tum bhi avni said she smiled.

I’m hell sleepy Asha said.

Arey chalo it’s fun full yuvi said all sits in their respective cars and went for long drive and having fun they have ice cream as well twinkle sleep in car. After they went back to home Kunj lift her in his arms and take her in room siblings teasing him but he just give smile.

Kunj place her on bed and covered her with blanket and he too laid down beside her.She blabbering in sleep thanks Kunj for movie Kunj smiled and hold her hand sleep with

Her happily.2 days they enjoying with gang fully twinkle was opening with Kunj even he too still their Cat fight is Same but happy as well.


Kunj went to Chandigarh due to some work due to heavy rain everyone was worried about him and more he met with a small car accident when tej get to know about this he told everyone all family members get worried about him.

Twinkle get panic about him she was down and everyone get worried about him.his phone coming off twinkle went in her room and crying badly thinking and praying for Kunj..

heyy babaji kaha hai kunj hope he is fine today comeback I’ll not let him go anywhere alone she murmured her heart pricking fully.. after sometimes later Kunj entered in living room as soon as everyone eyed falls down on him they get relief tej and Avantika rushed towards him and Avantika hugged him.

Kunjjj how’s your she started checking him having a small wound on his forehead and neck or hand.

I’m fine maa don’t worry it just a small accident he said.

Thanks to god your save mera bacha Avantika said and hugged him back even tej hug. Everyone meet with Kunj and asked him.

Because of this rain this happened otherwise I’m good In driving Kunj said.

Koi na puttar next time be careful Dev said..

Ji dadu Kunj added.

Kunj come I’ll do your dressing Usha said.

Nahi I’ll Manage you all don’t need to worried about me I’m all okay see me Kunj said..

Abhay and yuvi or alaviaa cuddles Kunj..

In room passing seconds killing twinkle fully she don’t control on her tears.Kunj get up and went for his room. Twinkle roaming in room here and there Kunj entered in room. Due to footsteps twinkle turned and shocked to see Kunj she didn’t wait immediately run to him she hugged him with all force.

Kunjjjj where are you haan kitna dar gai to mein she speaking while shivering Kunj who was drenched in rain.. twinkle break the hug and cupped his face started checking him fully. Kunj surprised to see her care for him.. she caressing his face and see blood oozing from his forehead..

Tum thik toh hona she asked in shaking voice.. her face become all red..

I’m all okay twinkle see why you so scared for me he said.

Why not kunjj you don’t know she hugged him back me kitna dar gai ti when papaji said you meet with a accident I will die if something happened to you.. now you will not go anywhere she added.

Acha Kunj smiled to see her love and care for him.He hugged her back.They break the hug.

I don’t you are this much sacred and worried about me I’ll meet with You only first he said.

What you mean she said.

I comeback long back was with Family at down he said.

WhTtt you are down with everyone and didn’t think about me once here I’m dying for you what type of husband you are she said.Kunj smashed his lips with her she was shocked try to move while Kunj hold her tightly. Kunj try to kiss her while twinkle wasn’t let him do..twinkle push.

Kyaa hai how dare you kiss me she said.

Because you speaking lottt Kunj said giving her smile.this is perfect way to shut your mouth and take a chill biwi hai meri tu he said.

Twinkle throwing things on him Kunj hold her hand pinned towards wall tightly.

Ahah leave me said.

Why this anger haan if I didn’t come to you fest why it’s affecting you twinkle and why you get worried about me he said and looking into her eyes.

Anger you just give importance to everyone not me and nothing affecting me understand Kunj sarna she said.

Haww than why this tears you should get happy if I’ll shoo he said twinkle covered his mouth with her hand and moving her head in no.

Don’t say rubbished things I know you don’t like me but it’s not that I think bad about you kunj she said. Kunj smiled and cupped her face.

I know and who told you I don’t like you. In childhood also you are my favourite wild cat now too wild cry biwi he said and went near her lips she side her face..

I never knew bitter siyappa queen tasting really delicious and sweet he said and she surprised just than yuvi and Abhay entered in room Kunj leave twinkle and both composed themselves.

See bhabhi bhai is absolutely fine bhabhi get worried about you lott Kunj bro Abhay said.

Kunj looking at twinkle.Haan I see how much and she see me as well Kunj said and giving smirked smile.

I’ll come twinkle said and went downstairs.

What happened to siyappa queen yuvi said.

Oyye biwi hai meri bhabhi just it’s my right Kunj said.

Acha bhai both said and trio laughs out.

Twinkle went in kitchen and preparing soup for Kunj while Kunj get freshen up and laid down in sitting position.. twinkle entered in room with soup and went towards him and sit beside Kunj.

Kunjj lo soup pilo she said.

Haan you keep here I’ll drink he said.

Nahi I’ll feed you she said.

Arey I’m not baby he said.

I know you are not you having injuries on your hand she said.

I know you planning something while feeding me fall the soup on my hand and I have to go for bath again don’t teased Ill man he said. She started again crying.

Ahah twinkle why you always crying I never you are such a big cry baby he said.acha feed me and falls as well he said.

I’m sorry Kunjjjj I’m not good wife I fight you in morning before going that’s why this happened she said.

Ah don’t be drama queen nothing happened because of you I’m absolutely fine I was busy in call with Rhea he said.

Who is Rhea Suspiciously she asked.And moved near him. Feeding him soup with her hands.

Arey my client that’s it don’t be inking ?he said and she making faces.Kunj drinking soup happily while twinkle mind just thinking about Rhea only. He finished the soup.

You sit I’ll bring first aid box she said and bring quickly started doing his dressing Kunj smiling to see her.

I never knew my wife will be so caring for me I’m blessed with best ?he said with all love.

And I’m blessed with sadu she said.

Acha do you wanted should  I show you my love for you he said.

You always start don’t try to flirt with me Kunj she said.

Acha it’s healthy I heard somewhere and it’s not crime I’m doing with my wife only not with her girl he said. Twinkle raise her eyes

Acha don’t dare to think of any girl Kunj sarna I’ll kill you immediately she said in anger..

Kunj smiling. You don’t like with I flirt with you also and with another woman get jealous this isn’t fair he said.

Are you okay na I think you lost your mind double battery she said.

I’m all okay deal is yours let me flirt with you or else I’ll see another girl he said she rolling her eyes.

Don’t used this tricks on me baby she said and get up went in washroom..

Pagal girl but cute hai babaji he murmured and get Avinash call twinkle come back after changing wearing her black nighty she making

Her hairs and come sit beside Kunj who was busy on call.

Haan Avinash I’ll comeback Mumbai in few days don’t worry you handle work Arey after ages I comeback so spending time with my family here also papa and chachu give me their work he said.

Hoo so Kunj going back to Mumbai he will leave me here alone with Kareena bua no no I’ll with him only wherever he will go I wouldn’t stay here alone he marry me how can he will leave me alone she thinking in her mind. Twinkle laid in sitting position Kunj ended the call and see her he moved towards her.twinkle turned her face her back facing to Kunj. She playing with her fingers Kunj give her backhugged she closed her eyes.

Thanks for soup and everything he said she smiling.kunj slightly make her turn both extremely close almost twinkle in his embrace.

Kunj see her eyes.

Now why this ganga jamna he asked and side her hairs.

Kunj ek baath puchu she said.

Hmm you can he said.

Woh you going back Mumbai she said.

Haan I have to na I can’t stay here I just come for our marriage now done everything stay here lott 2 week almost there I have many work he said.

Haan that I know buttt woh you going alone she said.

What why alone he said.

I mean Kareena bua saying that she stuck.

Haan Bol na you will going with me only if not than I’ll go alone he added.

Nooo Kunj I will not stay here alone without you she cuddles him hide her face under his chest.

You went and leave me alone here Kareena bua always scolding me please don’t leave me if you can’t take me mumbai with you than I’ll stay with my family at Taneja mansion. Please mujhe dar lagta hai bua ji se she said. Kunj understand.

Why you will go Taneja mansion after marriage girl living with her husband only so you will stay with me and go with me only Mumbai leave about Kareena bua he said and caressing her face she faced him.

Means you will take me with you I promise I’ll

Not teased you there she said and Kunj smiled.

Haan I will take you siyappa queen you are fully bachiii he added.

Don’t call me bachi I’m not bachi get it she said.

Acha show me something which prove you aren’t bachi winked at her he stated.

Stay away from me you become too much cheesy she said and both giggling and sleep with happy faces..

At Taneja [email protected]

Everyone missing twinkle so leela and rt called tej to send twinkle today Avantika get ready and tell leela will send twinkle and Kunj at their place for lunch.

Kareena bua told twinkle bring boil water for her.Twinkle boiling water and Nikki making lunch.Twinkle coming with hot water due to side table she misbalanced and water falls down on her hands she screaming loudly Kunj with his siblings comes there Kunj went to twinkle.

What happened twinkle he asked.

Ahah Kunj my hands she saying and showing him it’s totally burned with hot water.

Shhh he give her side hug and take in living room.

Again you spoiled the work can’t you do anything properly twinkle haan I didn’t understand what kind of girl you always increase the work Kareena said loudly everyone looking at her Twinkle weeping.

Sorry bua ji she said slowly.

Go and bring water for me again she said and Kunj shocked. Twinkle about to go Kunj hold her.

She will not go anywhere you scolding her bua ji why Kunj said.

Because she deserve this only I don’t know bhabhi how she will take care of Kunj in Mumbai that’s why saying let her stay with us only she will increase Kunj work load only worse choice ever papaji Kareena added Avantika try this speak.

Bas Kareena bua I’m seeing you. You just need moment to scold twinkle when you know she can’t do any work that why you always give her work and do drama now you sending

Her can’t you see her hands totally burned. And talking about her she will go with me mumbai or whenever I’ll go my wife will with me Shadi ki mene usse Why Will she stay with you all she will with me only. If she will increase my work that I’ll see it’s my headache not anyone’s Kunj said everyone surprised.

She is perfect for me and about choice it’s dadu thing before only now don’t say anything for my wife he added. Twinkle looking at Kunj with loving eyes.

See bhai and bhabhi your son it’s just 2 week to his marriage from now only become wife he become his wife supporter Henpecked. Joru Ka Ghulam bhi se she said.

Acha Kareena bua Yes if I’m it’s not crime aue

Yeh sab apni biwi ke his gulam hai I’m not only single one he said while looking at shiv Kareena son.

You learn this in this years away from this house and family kunjj Kareena said.

I don’t wanted to speak anything but I saw you just behind twinkle it’s not good bua and I’m sorry he said. And one more thing I’m going goa for my work so we will go tomorrow from goa directly back to Mumbai hope you all happy he said.Hold twinkle hand.

Ouch she winched in pain.

Sorry let’s go he said and take her in room.

She was hell happy unlike other husband Kunj didn’t scold but take her side as well she never knew he is this much good. She just smiling didn’t feeling any pain as well. Kunj does her dressing she smiling.

Siyappa queen don’t hurt yourself okay. Avantika come in room.

Sorry beta for Kareena didi and Kunj

You did absolutely right good you going back take care of yourself there and enjoy no need to come here lott we all know how Kareena di is Avantika said. They give her smile.You get ready leela waiting for them spend time there you both going back now she added.

Yes mom Kunj said and went down while twinkle smiled and get ready. She waiting for Kunj he comeback and changed his clothes..

Twinkle adoring him fully. She didn’t think much went near him and Kunj busy in himself she cupped his one cheek and peck at his cheek.

Thanks Kunj for Today she said and Kunj see her. He looking at her she turned get shy what she has done. Kunj touch his lips and smiling.

No need of thanks are you okay he asked she nodded in yes.

After they leave for Taneja mansion both of them hell happy.They went inside and everyone welcomed them get worried after see twinkle hand bandage but twinkle didn’t tell them truth make story Kunj like her this side maya talking with twinkle while Kunj busy with abeer and tell them tomorrow going back.They have dinner together rt and leela feed twinkle mahi and Meher teasing Kunj he giving them back as well. Kunj feeding twinkle ice cream with his hands siblings smiling while Maya just for faked.Twinkle and Kunj sitting alone he holding her hand and kissing as well she getting shy maya was standing in Side seeing this..

I thought they don’t like each other’s will not stay happy but look at them how happy they are damn maya boil in anger..

Kunjj leave my hand anyone will see us here she said.

Let them i m taking care of you the way you taking care of me he said.

Achww bachu?she said he nodded in yes she pulled her cheeks Kunj peck on her forehead gently she rest her head on his chest. Abeer and Meher comeback.

Romance hoo?do this in goa twinkle shifted in side honeymoon in goa kunjj abeer said.

No honeymoon twinkle said.

Haan I’ll do both things Work and honeymoon as well he said.

See twinkle Kunj is so excited for honeymoon Meher said.

You all just teasing us Always twinkle murmured..

it’s our right maya said and sit beside Kunj.

They continue there chit chat after late twinkle and Kunj went back sarna mansion.

Kunj booked their tickets for goa.Kunj doing his packing and helping twinkle as well after this twinkle went in washroom for changing she comeback Nd called Kunj.

Kunj closed my zip na please I can’t with my hands she said Kunj went stand behind her back she side her hairs and showing him her back. Kunj slowly slowly closing the zip she shivered he kissed on her nape twinkle turned.

Kunjjjj she groaned.

Why you always break the moments he said.

Why you coming near me she said Kunj pulled her from her waist.

Going goa first time he said.

Hmm you she said.

Me too than enjoy fully there he said in sensual voice.Kunj kiss on her cheek she closed her eyes.

Return back he said and leave her leave her blushing.

At [email protected]

They went down and have breakfast with everyone and all set to leave for airport.Kunj and twinkle take everyone blessings.

Stay happy there Kunj grand parents said.

And bhai and bhabhi FaceTime with us every night Alaviaa said.

Haan Kunj Anjali said.

Haan I’ll do don’t worry he said.

Bhai and bhabhi comeback soon Abhay said.

Haan she said.

Honeymoon in goa good plan Rahul said all giggles.

Bye everyone Kunj said and they bid bye everyone and leave for airport.

They done with all security checking and sit in aircraft and chit chatting with each other’s .

After hours later reached goa and went to hotel twinkle was damn excited.She loved her room.

Kunj get happy after see her happiness.

Both get freshen up and rest for time informed in families after this went down and walking on beach holding each other’s hands twinkle wearing her old western clothes.

Kuch jada small nahi hogay kunj said while seeing boys checking out his wife.

Nah I love this only she said laughing.

Siyappa queen he said they enjoying fully after had their dinner and sleep being tired.

At morning Kunj was in balcony shirtless enjoying cool see breeze twinkle wake up and went to him who was wearing knee length nighty she went in balcony stand beside Kunj who enjoying his coffee.

Good morning twinkle said.

Good morning you too Kunj added. And offer her coffee both having from same cup.And enjoying fully after Kunj preparing for his meeting and twinkle just playing with things Kunj left for meeting and twinkle roaming on beaches 2 days spend Like this Kunj meeting done today he comeback from office after tired day twinkle was in washroom taking shower

Kunj laid on on bed twinkle come back in bathrobe. Kunj get up and see her he lost in her wet hairs and body.

When you comeback turned your face she said.

Why Will I haan you can wear your clothes in washroom as well I’m tired he said.. she went near him.

You go and get freshen up she said and push him Kunj pulled her on bed take her under him.

You always sending here and there haan he said and side her hairs Kunj went near her neck and smelling her wet hairs.

You smell great twinkle he said.What you planning today my work ended now let’s enjoy our honeymoon he said and winked at her his hand try to open her bathrobe not.

Kunjjj abhii nahiii she said.

But why do you have any issues he said.

I’m not but understands she added.

You still need time he asked.

Hmm she hummed.

Okay take but why you testing my patience haan you turn me on in this avtaar he added she giggles.

Acha wait karlo thoda sa she said. He moving his finger on her face.

Hmm I’ll do but not much he added. She pushed him and show him naughty smile and went in washroom Kunj making faces after they went for dinner date and enjoy there also candle light dinner dancing.One week send in goa happily try many things there in goa twinkle overwhelming after see Kunj he making her happy fully they went for shopping and she shopped and he happily holding her shopping bags but he teased her when she went for her lingeries shopping..

Today is last day tomorrow they going back to Mumbai twinkle packed all things. Kunj resting and talking with all gang and making fun of each other’s and he clicking twinkle funny photo and sending in group..

Kunjj don’t click my photo I’ll kill you she screamed.

It’s not our house don’t screamed siyappa queen he added. She throwing cushion at him he catching and throwing in side back. At last she packed everything and went to home snatched his phone and checking.

Haw how can you send my pics in group now see they all making fun of me and will see me in this short clothes abeer bhai murmured she said. He pulled her and made her sit on his lap.

Why you fear your husband permitted you baby so no worry. She wearing black with Garish short with a full sleeves T-shirt hardly covering her thighs looking hot.she looking at Kunj even he too.. sajan ve play in bg..

He cupped her face and caressing her hairs she smile he looking at her lips she understands his intentions he making cute faces.She bite her lips and went closer to Kunj

Face.Twinkle captured Kunj lips and lock with her he shocked she blinking his eyes he get happy she started kissing her gently.Kunj too responding twinkle break the kiss quickly she get shy and get up and run from there.

Twinkleeeee he screamed and went and pinned her towards glass door.

You can’t you start I’ll ended now He said.

Means she said innocently..

How dare you kiss me he said in her tone.

She shocked raise her eyes balls.

Achajiii she said.

Yes he added.

My mistake you making face so I favour on you she stated.

Really favour on me I don’t want this simple fuss favour baby if you did favour on me than in my style only fully he added she get confused Kunj sealed her lips with her. He started kissing her passionately she too lost in kiss pleasure he pushing her more and more while she caressing his nape hairs and deep the kiss fully.Kunj entered in her mouth and both exploring every bit of it and nibbling each other’s lips twinkle moaning in between kiss. Kunj hands moving on her body. After long deep kiss they break due to oxygen.Kunj looking at her she get shy and turned hugged glass door.She shivering breathing as well. Kunj side her hairs and kissing on her neck she hitched.

Kunjjj she groaned and lift her in his arms she shocked he take her toward bed and place twinkle on bed and come upon on her she smiling.Kunj removed his shirt… she covered herself with blanket.

Twinkleeeee Kunj cried..

I’ll not come in your hand so easily hubby ji she said. Kunj laid down beside her and went under the blanket both looking at each other’s ..

(Chal diya

Dil tere peeche peeche

Dekhta main rah gaya

Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyan

Jo ankaha sa reh gaya

Main jo kabhi keh na saka

Aaj kehta hoon pehli dafa

Dil mein ho tum

Aankhon mein tum

Pehli nazar se hi yaara)..

he pulled her near himself she cuddles him.

You throwing too tantrums I shouldn’t listen at first night only he said.

It’s your bad fate Kunj she said.

Huhu siyappa queen spoiled mood he murmured sounding so aggressive.

Twinkle laughs out. Kunjj I never you get aggressive on this small thing.Means men will be men??twinkle added.Kunj tickling her.

Kam bol I’ll shut your mouth again he said.

Despo man now also fighting with me on this also she murmured.

I’ll see you later he added and closed his eyes twinkle smiled..

Twinkle tickling him moving her hand on his lower body.

Twinkle don’t tickles outcome will worst he said.

Acha what outcome.. haan she again tickles him.

Mat kar please in sweet voice he said she come upon him.

I don’t know you are too desperate I know boys

Will be but you are too she said.

Kyu I’m not boy Shadi hogi hai who having such a beautiful wife how can I control and my idiot friends asking me round numbers they don’t know my biwi is bachi who scared he said pressed his laughs. Twinkle making faces and pinch on his nose and bite his cheeks he smiled.

.Very sad story yours Kunj she said.Thanks for that day Kunj for standing beside me she said and hugged him.

Again thanking bas kar it’s my right he added.

You are my gulam how she said.

Leave them there isn’t crime if I’m your gulam biwi hai meri he said.

Buttering sadu if you wanted you can do Kunj I’m okay she said.

I’m kidding with you take your time he added..

We fight so much everyone thought after marriage also how we will live but see there is no misunderstanding between us she said.

Haan because we are childhood enemies na baby he said.

You fight lott she said.

Okay mein hi karta tha bas happy he said.

Super happy she said.

Siyappa queen he said.. patting on her back..

At Mumbai [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj reached mumbai finally after great honeymoon cam holiday..

Kunj mumbai is so beautiful I’m come two and 3 Times she said.

Hmm you didn’t see fully wait I’ll show you now you going to stay here only chalo meri maa he said went outside sit in car driver come already he keep their luggage in car and sit and leave for home.

Where is Avinash and Gul twinkle asked.

We living in same building twinkle he said.

Cool I can enjoy with Gul whole day she said Kunj smile on her cuteness..

Twinkle looking at outside view from window and smiling.

They reached by the time come out of the car.

Kunj building near sea and building was very lavished. Having pool with gym rest playing things as well.

They take their luggage went in lift.Nice building twinkle said.They come out of the lift and reached on their floor its 25 floor.

Twinkle I give you key he said.

Haan she said and give him. Kunj take and opened the door.

It’s penthouse with 4Bhk with open terrace garden as well. They entered in side twinkle see the house get hell happy.

It’s so beautiful Kunj your house she said

Correction OUR HOUSE he said she smiled.

Our she said. Kunj keep all bags in side.

You stay alone here Baba she said.

Not anymore he added.Both sit on couch and relaxing.

I’ll show you house he said both get up.

It’s living room siyappa queen and went ahead and show her kitchen and dinning area Kunj loved coffee wo he had small cafe like those love drink having bar in their house.

Coffee Cafe she said.

Haan I have my own cafe I make amazing coffee ?he said.

Cool not bar she said..He show her rest 3 rooms.

Where is your room she asked.

My room is damn after all best room of this flat he said and open the door of his room.

They entered Kunj switch on the lights twinkle stunned to see the master bedroom. Kunj

Open the curtains everything is automatic.

Twinkle see sea view coming fully from room balcony she smiled.

Best room I love it she said.

Pata after room kisha hai he said.

Ab humhara sadu she said proudly.

Haan true he added. Now you see whole house you do whatever you wanted to do but now let me sleep i m hell tired twinkle he said.

Me too she added.both get freshen up and laid down.

Avinash and Gul went to Lavasa due to office work.Twinkle and Kunj sleep for sometimes.

After sometimes later twinkle wake up and she went in balcony and stand there and seeing view Worli sea link view coming perfectly..

She stand there after she get freshen up and wear a kurti and went in kitchen and checking things finally she get all things she prepared coffee for them.

Twinkle take her coffee mug and went in living room sit near window and play soft music. It’s so soothing atmosphere.

Kunj wake up open his eyes and didn’t found twinkle beside him.

Where this girl went he murmured and get up went outside while rubbing his eyes he come in living room see her he went to her sit beside twinkle.

You wake up she said.

Hmm he hummed and rest his head on her shoulder.

Go and get freshen up she added.

I need coffee he said.

I’ll bring she added

Give me this he said.

It’s my she stated.

But I wanted he said and take mug from twinkle hand started drinking coffee she smiled and caress his face.. both sharing coffee from same mug. Twinkle get leela call.

Hello puttar how’s you you reach safely she asked.

Yes maa I’m absolutely fine maa I’m sitting in my house twinkle said.

Acha good how’s Kunj leela asked.

He is too fine yawing twinkle said Kunj making puppy faces.

Okay good take care of yourself she added and both ended the call.

Kunj rest his head on her lap she caressing his hairs.

Lazy man she murmured.

Ahaan again from tomorrow office Kunj said.

Haan what to do leave your work enjoy with me she added.

Kya enjoy you will eat my head just he said twinkle bit on his arms playfully.

Kunj went for freshen up twinkle think to make dinner for them she went in kitchen and cutting veggies Kunj come meanwhile and see her.

You know cooking na or else I’ll help you he said.

Nope I know don’t act like Kareena bua she said.

Okay madam ji I’ll call Avinash when he will comeback Kunj said and went in living room.

Twinkle making dinner she make and place on dinning table called Kunj for dinner he come and both sit and having dinner happily..

After dinner Kunj and twinkle went down and roaming in garden kids see Kunj who used to play with Kunj.

Arey Kunj bhaiya who she is boy asked.

She is my wife Kunj said.

Hoo cute wife boy added he pulled twinkle cheeks and peck at her cheeks as well Kunj making faces twinkle too give.than they walking.

This kids too fast Kunj murmured.

Let’s sit here Kunj it’s so soothing twinkle said.

Of course he said both sit under coconut tree.

Holding each other’s hand.

Yuvi FaceTime them. Kunj picked his call.

Trio siblings sitting together.

Heyy bhai and bhabhi they screamed.

Hi babies Kunj said?.

How’s you all twinkle asked.

Great Abhay said.

And you tells us bhai how’s your honeymoon yuvi asked.

Acha I’ll come there tell you face to face Kunj added..

Huhu always angry man don’t know how you will stay with him there twinkle yuvi said.

Hmm she said Kunj look at her.. ?..

Bhai close your mouth fly will go in your mouth alaviaa said.

You trio siblings will beaten one day from me Kunj stated.

Bhai do one thing beat your babies leave us we always beaten lott by papa and maa yuvi said.

They laughs out twinkle blushing.

See before twinkle didn’t blush in college but our Twinkle bhabhi started blushing in front of Kunj bhai yuvi said.. twinkle hold her head.

Achww tell me more what she doing in college Kunj asked..

she is everyone favourite bhai?Abhay said. Twinkle giving Kunj smiled.they talk for sometimes..

Twinkle and Kunj went back to their flat Kunj lock the door and both sit in living room.Kunj talking with his Pa and telling her get ready tomorrow.While twinkle get bored she went in room and unpacked all things and open the wardrobe she hold head and started arranging everything even her clothes as well.

Kunj done with his work he give voice to twinkle but she didn’t give him back.

Where this girl went he murmured and went in room and find her busy in work. Kunj entered in room and give her backhugged.

Kya kar rahi hai at this time haan he said.

Can’t you see your life is so messy Kunj how you live here she said.

Hmm Kya karu I was alone ab Tu agyi hai na set everything perfectly he said and bite her earlobe slightly.

Ahah stop always romance she said and push him Kunj lay down on bed.

You can do this later he said.

Why I have to do this only so why not now morning me so hustle and bustle she said.

Arey here is no one to stop you.You can sleep how much you wanted he said she closed the wardrobe and sit beside him.

No need of this everyone thought Kunj wife is sleeping beauty who didn’t take care of her husband nicely she said.

Uff Mar dala twinkle ??he said.Twinkle giggles and pulled his cheeks and kissed on Kunj forehead.

I’m so happy with you kunjj she said.

Even me too he added back.both laid down and for sometimes watching movie later falls down on deep slumber.

Morning sunlight coming on Kunj and twinkle face who sleeping very peacefully twinkle fully in Kunj embrace.May they have problem in start but with passing days both started opening and feeling comfortable with each other’s very much Happy with each other’s now as well..

Kunj call time ringing fully Kunj wake up and see the time and shocked he was late for his meeting without wasting a much time he get up and went in washroom in hustle he started getting ready due to voice twinkle wake up and see Kunj getting ready in hustle.

Good morning twinkle said.

Good morning I’m late today hell he said.

Acha she said and get up immediately went in washroom tied up her hairs.

I’m too mad I should wake up before Kunj for his breakfast she said and started preparing quickly bread and Omelette and his coffee as well.

Kunj get ready and take His office bag and come out of the room.

Acha twinkle I’m going bye he said.

No wait she said and Kunj went to her.

Kya Hua he asked.

Nothing have your breakfast quickly than go she said.

No I’m late I’ll have in office you have take care of yourself he added.

I’ll not let you go empty stomach dadu said it’s not good she said and started feeding him he smiled and having with her hands.

Nice breakfast siyappa queen he murmured.

Haan drink this coffee as well she said and handover him he drink his coffee twinkle closed his blazer buttons Kunj done with his breakfast. They went in living room. Twinkle wiped his face.

Take care of yourself and come soon I can’t stay alone you know in night she said.

I know Baba I’ll come soon acha you have driver if you wanted to go anywhere take him don’t go alone and have your meal on time don’t open anyone door except Than me okay he said.

Haan husband ji I’ll not nobody will entered in our house she said.Kunj kissed on her forehead

Twinkle pecks on his cheeks he pouting.

Now you aren’t getting late kunjj she said he laughs out and bid bye and went.Twinkle closed the door and stand in balcony and seeing Kunj.She give him voice Kunj turned and see her give her flying kiss both smiling completely he left for his office twinkle sat down for sometimes.

She went in washroom and take bath have her breakfast which Kunj leftover.She done

With breakfast and do call to Avantika and talk with her than she chit chatting with chinki or Avni and aleena or Asha on their friends group.

(note that Armaan and aleena in relationship while Asha and naman already engage for long time and after twinkle Neil and Avni having something between them.)

She done with each and everyone and see her messy house.

Now I have to clean this house all alone after all it’s my home she said and started doing work it’s quite dirty because it’s long since many days kunj wasn’t here:.

She take vacuum cleaner and started cleaning everything perfectly.than her room and set everything than went in their room set the room as well Kunj things his office files.After 2 hours later she tired and sleep.

Kunj done with his meeting and Avinash too comeback late night only night chit chatting Kunj try to call twinkle.

What happened Kunj Avinash asked.

Ary twinkle not answering my calls he replied.

Acha maybe she get busy he said.

Hmm where is Gul Kunj asked.

At home only madam sleeping fully he said. Both laughs and have their lunch.

In evening twinkle wake up and feeling hungry she went in kitchen and made something for herself and have. She look at herself she see Kunj miscalls. She call him back.

Now you calling me he said.

Sorry Baba after cleaning our home I doze off she said.

Why you doing you have lunch or not he asked.

Haan I have when you coming back she said.

Soon he said.

Okay come she added and ended the call she went in washroom and get ready in a salwar kameez and looking punjabi pataka ???..

She make snacks and coffee for them and place on living room. Just than Kunj door bell ring she understood Kunj comeback and smiled she went towards door and opened the door.

Both smiling fully.

Can I come Kunj said.

Huhu come she said Kunj entered and closed the door Kunj looking here and there.

You are good cleaner ??he said.

Go and get freshen up I made your coffee she said.

Hmm she help him take out his blazer and take his office back Kunj went in room and take his night dress which already take out he take and went in washroom. Twinkle keep his bag in side and waiting for him in living Kunj come back and sit beside her both enjoying coffee and snacks.

How’s your day she asked.

Good and tired like as always kunj said.

Hoo she said.

Looking beautiful he said and hold her hand.

Say something new ?she added.Having naughty on each other’s faces. Kunj leave the mug and going closer to her he bend her down and lock her lips and started kissing her she kiss him back with same love and passion.

Door bell ringing which break their moment.

Ah who is at this time Kunj murmured.

Go and see shameless man she said.

See my tiredness vanish immediately best way to remove tiredness he said and winked at her she laughing and blushing as well on his talks.

Kunj get up and open the door and found Gul and Avinash.

Hoo love birds Kunj said let them entered inside twinkle composed herself.

Heyy twinkle Gul said and hugged her immediately.

Hi how’s you twinkle said.

I’m great you tell me looking pretty honeymoon ahem she said.

Again teasing me she murmured they settled down twinkle served them as well.

Now we can come at Kunj place for gathering what’s say Gul otherwise he is so smart never take us always give us treat on our home or else outside Avinash said.

Still also I’m wife isn’t good cook Kunj said giggling twinkle shocked.

Boo I’m good enough huhu sadu she said.They  laughs and chit chatting with each other’s.

Now we should go Gul said.

Arey how you go like this let’s have dinner together twinkle said.

Idea wasn’t bad Gul said.

Than let’s go outside today for dinner Kunj said they get ready.

Acha you both come down we will waiting Gul said and they both husband and wife went.

While Kunj get ready.

Why you getting ready this much we are going for dinner not for any Shadi haan hmm understand will impress another girls twinkle said.

Kunj done with his hairs acha tu toh impress hoti nahi hai what I’ll get to impress another girls He said and peck at her lips.

Chalo now she said and both went down and Kunj and twinkle sit in their car Avinash and Gul come sit in backseat and they went their favourite restaurant.

They reached restaurant.

They settled down and give their orders and having for good..

my in laws coming next week Gul said.

Acha good na Gul twinkle said.

Hmm but I’m stuck they are so conservatives na she said.

Acha twinkle added while Kunj and Avinash giggling because whenever Avinash parents is coming Gul is like this only.

Ab My in laws not like yours you know Kunj family fully Gul said.

Haan because dadu and his dadi best friends she said.

Than they fixed your alliance in childhood only Gul said twinkle nodded in yes..

It’s so funny in school how was your reaction you are enemies na Gul said.

Haan we fight but I know meri kismat me yeh siyappa quake hai??he said.

He is so funny sadu always making fun of me she said.

I’m cool Kunj added proudly their food come and started having their dinner happily.!

While having food Kunj chocked twinkle get tensed she caressing his back and made him drink water Avinash and Gul adore this.

Who say they are enemy see she is so caring for Kunj Gul said.They smiled and done with dinner after dinner they went to Marine Lines and sit there enjoying the view and breeze twinkle and Kunj clicking their photos than they have famous faluda after they return back to their house..

Twinj room @

Twinkle and Kunj changed their clothes and laid down in each other’s embrace Kunj

Playing with her hairs.She making Circles on his chest.

More than 1 month passed to their wedding Kunj and twinkle enjoying every bit of it she handing her house and Kunj nicely she don’t want anyone point finger on her.they were extremely happiest couple Gul in laws come she get busy with them twinkle used to visit her house and spend time with her in laws too. They get mingle fully Kunj give twinkle his mind and doing this to make her happy even she isn’t less she take care of his small and small needs making his favourite food which he missing this years.In Amritsar family was too happy with them.They don’t have anything issues their cat fight still on but never cross the anger limits.Both can’t stay without each other’s habituated of each other’s.

They went in party in some Kunj friend only.

They enjoy their Kunj bring a gift for twinkle.

Both comeback from party went in room.

Twinkle love fragrant candles she always lit in their room.

Go and try this na I wanna see you in this dress Kunj said.

Acha I’ll wear tomorrow she added.

I always listen to you but you not he said.

Acha okay she said take box and went in washroom Kunj waiting for her to see.

Twinkle wear the dress and check herself in mirror dress was extremely gorgeous.Twinkle went Outside Kunj back facing to her she give him voice Kunj turned and she see her stunned and freeze to see her beauty she smiled and went near him.

See how I’m looking she said. He blinked his eyes its a one piece dress showing her curves perfectly.

You looking extremely hot twinkle he said.

Nice dress Kunj she said.

You increase this dress beauty more he added and hold her hand.. both having different Feelings even raising their hormones as well.

See my curves she said and showing him.

Your best curves is your smile he said and cupped her face place wet kisses on her face she smiling.feeling she Is damn lucky girl their arrange marriage become so beautiful than love marriage. They click pictures together in cosy poses.

Now can I changed I don’t wanted to spoil I’ll wear on special occasion she said and about to go Kunj hold her hand.

S every moments is special when we are together he said.

Yeah but she said. Kunj shh her and demanding her for kiss she give him and they started kissing each other’s Kunj lost his sense he wilding the kiss more and more in between kiss twinkle moaning his name. They falls down on bed Kunj leave the kiss and nuzzles his face in her neck and started kissing her passionately she caressing his hairs rapidly.  Kunj giving her love bite she moaning loudly and he soothing the pain.He raise his face and faced her both looking into each other’s eyes lovingly..Kunj kissing on her face fully..

he bending down and kissing on her cleavage she clutched the bed sheet.. She turned Kunj side her hairs and kissing on her back and started opening the dress twinkle breathing heavily.Kunj open the dress and faced twinkle and started removing the dress she closing her eyes she was in her inners in front of Kunj adore her head to toe.. he place kiss on her forehead.

You are so beautiful twinkle he said she open her eyes and blushing uncontrollably she was laying in this condition in front of him.Both again share a kiss twinkle remove Kunj shirt as well.Entangled their hands she cuddles blanket.They laid down in each other embrace.

Sorry he said.She covered his lips and bite his lower lips.

Thanks for this dress and this moments as well she said he smiled and cupped her chin.

I LOVE YOU TWINKLE Kunj said she surprised and smiling fully.

Even I love you too Kunj she said.Both confessed. She cuddles him.

I’m hell happy today he said.

Haan I love you most I can’t describe she said.

Even me too loving you I never thought I’ll fall for siyappa queen they also very soon he said.

Haan after all me hu hi itni hot and best he said.

Haan hot toh hai he said while looking at her head to toe she hit on his chest playfully.

Shameless she said.

Kya shameless pati hu tera acha Sun ab toh confession bhi hogya you love me too than for what you waiting he said and winked at her.

Husband ji wait na see sabar ka fal meetha hota hai she said.

Kitna wait twinkle Chal koi na tu bhi kiya yaad rahogi once I’ll get you I wouldn’t let you sleep that’s why promise darpok ladki he added.

Haan I’m darpok dress is beautiful you throw in side she said.

Koi I’ll bring another for you he added and both talking and Romancing and sleep..

After last night moments they sleep peacefully.

Twinkle wake up today Is Sunday so they sleeping till late.Twinkle look at Kunj and she blushed she caress his face and peck at his lips and said good morning she wore his shirt and get up she went in washroom wash her face and come back she went in kitchen and making coffee for them remembering last night memories and blushing. Just than someone give her backhugged her she understands who he is.

You looking extremely hot in my shirt he said she smile and turned.

Good you wake up go and get freshen up she said.

What so hurry baby he said.

Kunjj don’t start now only she said and take coffee mugs and sit in balcony..

Today what you going Kunj asked.

Nothing like as always she said.

Than let’s go out he said.

You get today off nope you will stay with me here at home you hardly stay at home Kunj she said.

Okay meri maa he said.

Later they get freshen up twinkle get busy in her house chores.Kunj teasing her as well.

Than they made lunch together and feeding each other’s. Whole day they spend nicely. Watch movie Sunday too over.

Again week start and Kunj get busy in his work.

He was having fever but can’t leave his office.

Twinkle was tensed about him and today tej and Avantika coming mumbai due to some work.They were hell excited twinkle busy in work.

Kunj comeback from office and went in kitchen she turned and cupped his face.

How’s you baby now she asked.

Twinkle i m fully okay he said.

I know how much you are she said and Kunj peck at her lips.

Acha suna kuch de I’m hungry he said.

You sit I’ll bring she said and Kunj went and sit in living room.Twinkle take good for him. And feed him with her hands.

You said Neil come mumbai he asked.

Haan but he went back soon she added.

You rest now take medicine I’ll see other work mummy ji and papaji will come anytime she said.

Okay I love you he said.

Pata hai don’t do this things in front of them twinkle said.

Acha Sun I heard Kareena bua too coming Kunj said.

Whttt twinkle screamed Almost.

See twinkle your face haha Kunj said run in room.

Kunj resting while Avantika and tej come twinkle welcomed them they get happy.

Twinkle take their blessings and they sit.

She give them water and sit with them.

How’s you and everyone mummy ji and papaji she asked.

Everyone is good beta where is Kunj Avantika asked:

He having cold from few days so resting I’ll call him twinkle said.

Nahi puttar let him rest tej added.

Everything you manage haan Avantika asked.

Yes mummy ji Kunj help me as well she said.

We are so happy you both are happy together she added.

You get freshen up papaji and mummy Ji twinkle said show them their room.

She already make dinner Avantika and tej get freshen up and Avantika give twinkle sweets which they bring for them. She give them masala tea and they enjoying Kunj wake up and come in living room.

Maa and papa you come he said and went towards them take their blessings.

How’s you tej asked.

I’m fine papa and you he asked.

We are too beta Avantika added.. he sit and rest his head in her mother embrace.

See tej your son was so happy before marriage he doing so much natak.

Like others don’t teased me he said.They talk at night everyone sit for dinner twinkle serving them like a good bahu..

Food is very tasty that’s why Kunj didn’t take name to come Amritsar now Avantika said.

Hmm what to do there he said.

Kunjj family is normal tej said after dinner twinkle give them dessert.

See for in laws happiness twinkle prepare so many things ahah?he said

Haww so mean even I make for you too Kunj she said.

Don’t fight babies tej said and they giggles.

Happily they spending time with tej and Avantika afterwards they went to their room.

Twinkle check Kunj fever it’s normal now she give him medicine and now giving him hair massage.

Kya hua you should go to dr Kunj he said.

I’m absolutely fine twinkle don’t need to take too much tension he said and hold her hand kissed you have magic twinkle he said.

Pata hai mujhe acha what you think for papaji and mummy ji give them time don’t sit in office only she stated Kunj sit and facing her.

Haan I’ll try my best till than you entertain them na he said she nodded in yes.Kunj resting his head in her lap she caressing his face.

Before I thought after marriage life become so complicated wife family than babies but now I’m thinking it’s become more beautiful he said.

Acha everyone thought this only some people

Are happy some aren’t maya didi telling me she said.

Maya when she going to marry he said.

I don’t know about this she isn’t interested maybe bua knows she added.

Right he said and both laid down..

@ at kitchen.

Avantika making breakfast twinkle entered in kitchen see her.

Arey mummy ji why you making I’ll do it she said.

It’s okay beta you make every day let me cook today for my kids she said.

You are so good she hugged her.Twinkle helping her they made breakfast twinkle give tej tea and take for Kunj in his room.

Kunjj wake up baby she calling him.But Kunj wasn’t ready to wake up somehow she wake up him and send him in washroom.Twinkle taking out his things he comeback after shower.

I’m lazy dressed up me Kunj said.

Every morning you are lazy she said and started dressing him and he get ready.

What about my morning kiss he said.

Baby see in laws are here don’t forget that you have your tea and come mummy ji made breakfast for you she said tied his tie. Kunj take

His cup and went in living room sit beside tej and both father and son enjoying tea.

Twinkle set everything on dinning table called them for breakfast they all settled down and having breakfast.Soon they finished breakfast

Kunj leaving for office.. twinkle give him everything he kissed on his mother forehead.

Bye maa he said looking at twinkle.

Bye she said and he making puppy face and leave for office..

Twinkle I’ll help you Avantika said.

No you both sit I’ll do everything she said and Avantika and tej went to terrace while twinkle doing her work.Kunj get busy in his work..

Day off Kunj comeback early in evening twinkle enjoying with her in laws they had evening tea and snacks than planned to go out they went for dinner out and Kunj showing his family mumbai rest things twinkle and Avantika enjoying street food tej and Kunj bearing their wife’s tantrums. They having pani puri.

Bas twinkle you will get ill Kunj said.

Let me have after long time she said.

This girl is uff he said.

Arey Kunj don’t do yeh biwiya hoti hi aisi hai tej said.

Really tej Avantika said. Twinkle chocked Kunj bring water for her starter scolding her. He rubbing her back.

I told you don’t eat too much he said.

I’m fine she said he wiped her tears.

Aww Avantika and tej making faces.

My son is fully his wife ?deewana tej said.

Kuch bhiii ☺️kunj said with a shy smile.

Good hona bhi chahiye after all itni beautiful wife jo hai iski Avantika said.

Like this tej finished his work and Avantika some relatives staying in Mumbai they visit there also along with twinkle she meet with Kunj cousins had great time.tej and Avantika spend happy days with son and daughter in law even they too.After they went back to Amritsar twinkle wanted to go but Kunj didn’t let her go she leave it..

After tired weekend twinkle think pampered herself.

She filled bathtub with hot water and pour few things in water her beauty things and some rose petals and on the chandelier lights which is her favourite most.He sit in bathtubs and play so music.She was in shorts and short bra she chatting with aleena..

Kunj and Avinash come back from office together he went to his floor Kunj ringing the door bell while twinkle didn’t open the door.

Where this siyappa queen went Kunj said. He wait than he open the door with a spare key.

And went inside he find so peace.

Today earthquake so quiet fishy he said and check her than he went in room didn’t find in room too.

Twinkleee kaha hai he called her loudly. He find washroom light on and door was open slightly he get worried and immediately went inside the door and was shocked to see twinkle he enjoying champagne and closing her eyes.

Yeh ? kya hai babaji he said and shocked.

She heard and open her eyes and look at him.

Arey you come why you entered in washroom she said.

I was calling you and you chilling in washroom are you gone he said.

I was relaxing myself she said.

Very unique way siyappa queen he added.

Do you wanna join next me she said in a naughty way.

Acha Chant ladki if you will turn me afterwards leave me and teasing me he said.

Ahahh kunj??.. aww my baby come she said and laughing.

Kunj remove his shirt and sit opposite of her.

Full planning haan he said.

You are so fast despo she added.

Champagne she asked.

Sure he said and she give him glass.

Your tiredness went away today she said.

Haan hogi almost he said she understands what he mean..

Kunj started tickling on her legs she shivering fully twinkle sprinkling water on him.. they both playing and Kunj see twinkle who looking so s*xy his hormones raising fully. He pulled her near himself.

Kya kar rahe ho she asked.

Kuch nahi he said and kissing on her wet neck.

Both sit beside each other’s Kunj placing wet kisses on her neck and hands she too.

Now I can’t control twinkle he said. She understands his situation.

Than accept your defeat baby that you can’t control she said.

Okay I’m accepted he said and smooching her fully.

Wild animal she said and push him more in bathtub ?..

Ruk aaj he said and lift her in his arms fully twinkle kissing on his neck.Kunj slightly throw her on bed and he come top of twinkle without wasting much time their clothes scattered in room corner.Kunj kissing her fully he giving her

Love bites she moaning Kunj name. She isn’t less Kunj pressing her bosom and nibbling them.

Kunjjjj she screaming his name..  twinkle push him and she come upon him and kissing on his chest and teasing him Kunj enjoying fully.

Bas you done enough now my turn he said and again take her under him.. he bite her chin and kissing her. Kunj teasing her twinkle can’t take it anymore..

kunjj don’t tease me she said.

You teased me enough now it’s your turn he said.

Sadu she added..

Chalo I’m not like you bad he said. And kissed on his forehead:

Sure he asked:

Hmm she said and looking tensed.Kunj understand.

Don’t worry darpok I’ll be as gentle as I can he said place soft kisses on her lips she hold him.

Kunj process ahead and she digging her nails in his back but he don’t care. Kunj entered in her and she screamed Kunj kissing her try to calm her and Lessing her pain.Kunj wiped her tears.

Love you he said.

Love you too she said. Kunj covered them blanket and they get engaged in their love encounter.They both showing love on each other’s twinkle feeling good. Whole room filled with moan and groans pleasure.

After late they get tired Kunj leave her and both doze off..

They sleeping till late Kunj wake up due to calls he take his phone and talking with Avinash twinkle too wake up. She feeling sore Kunj end the call and looking at her.

Good morning jaan he said and kissed on her forehead.

Good morning she said in low voice.

How’s you he asked she blinked her eyes.

Last night was so beautiful twinkle he said.

Haan last night was really beautiful and you are so good she said.

Yes I can’t never hurt you. My wife is very beautiful babaji he nuzzling his face in her neck.

Hushhh kunjj you teased me last night lott didn’t let me sleep as well huhu she said.

Haan I told you in start only when I start I didn’t stop so it’s my time ??he said.. she hitting on his back playfully..

you become more beautiful after last night make out he said she blushed more and more.

Leave me sadu she said.

It’s afternoon babaji twinkle said.

Haan hungry he asked.She nodded in yes.

Okay let’s oder something than we will have till than let’s get freshen up together he said.

Kitne Shameless ho still you didn’t over she said.

I can’t get over he said and pecking at her lips.. twinkle cuddling the sheet.

Don’t worry ? twinkle I already he added twinkle slap him playfully.

Let me go I’m feeling low she said.

Okay you take shower he said and she went in washroom while Kunj Oder food for them he went in another washroom.

While taking shower twinkle going in last night memory lane which making her blushed hard.

I’m so happy Kunj love me so much she murmured..

Kunj take bath and wear his jeans and wear shirt but didn’t closed them delivery come door bell ring he went and open the door and take the Oder twinkle too come after shower she wear comfy clothes..

Kunj take the Oder give him money and closed the door back.

My baby is damn hungry today he murmured pour all food in bowls and called twinkle he set everything on table. Twinkle come out of the room. She entered in room.

Come jaan let’s have lunch he said she smiled and went to him she sit beside him.

Your favourite butter chicken he said.

Aww she added.. he started feeding her food with his hands she smiling fully and she feed him too back Kunj adoring her beauty.

Don’t look at me like this kunj?she said.

Ab what to do I can’t take off my eyes from you.Extremely beautiful or else your beauty increased today he said..

I’m beautiful don’t forget she said.

I know but today too much he added and both blushing and having the food they finished food and twinkle keep everything in kitchen she comeback and both resting in each other’s embrace.

Now you feeling he asked.

Better I’m so happy finally you make me yours she said.

I’m toh telling you since long but you were not ready he added. Twinkle hugged him.

Kunjj I love you don’t leave me she said.

Arey why I’ll leave you and yeah I love you tooo much in this world he said..

It’s been two months to twinkle and Kunj marriage they were extremely happy with each other’s Kunj showering on twinkle conditional love.Their love and intimate like was fully filled with utmost love.

Twinkle sitting and get maya call she talking with her and telling her about her and Kunj love life maya get jealous how can they get this much happy..

I’m too happy for you both twinkle maya said.

Haan maya di Kunj love me too much she said and went in kitchen doing her work.

When you coming back Amritsar she asked.

Amritsar I thought to come but what to do Kunj can’t go and even not allowing me he can’t stay without me even me too twinkle added.

So nice you love this much babaji blessed you both she said. Kunj comeback and entered kitchen and find twinkle busy in call. He hugged her.

Heyy baby he said and maya listen.

Kunjj twinkle said.. Kunj placing kisses on her neck.

Shh kunjj I’m talking with maya di leave me she said.

Now it’s our time he said..

no way last night you didn’t let me sleep nor you now go and sit she said and pushing him.

Maya di I’ll talk to you later she said and ended the call.Kunj went in living room and twinkle come with coffee and telling about maya.

Nazar lag jaygi pagali don’t tell anyone about this that your husband love you this much he said.

Bas bas karo sadu ??she said..

Let’s go for shopping twinkle said.

Sure get ready I’ll take he said and both get ready and went for shopping with Avinash and Gul.

Nowadays toh you both husband and wife didn’t spend time with us always busy in what Gul said.Twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s.

Arey Gul understand na ?Abhi Shadi hui hai so maybe enjoying even Kunj leave home early ?Avinash added.They went in shop and doing their shopping girl is girl both boys hold their heads after they went for dinner..

Now Kunj little get busy in his work load from few months he enjoying more than work.So they get new project.he giving less time to twinkle she is fine but sometimes scold him.

Maya calling twinkle every single and talking with her indirectly she asking her about her and Kunj life..

Kaha maya di now he get busy didn’t have time for me I’m get bored in this house before he love and take me for movies dinners shopping and spend quality time with me she said

Acha twinkle hope everything is fine in your life I saw many couples after sometimes husband get bored with wife and finding outside their fun she said.

What no my Kunj isn’t like this twinkle said.

I’m not saying baby this but you be careful she said.

Hmm she hummed and ended the call.

Twinkle started thinking about maya words.

No my Kunj is not this type of man she murmured.

She packed lunch and leave for Kunj office. Twinkle reached and meet with others and about to entered in Kunj cabin she saw a girl who hugging Kunj.

Sit Mahira Kunj said she settled down twinkle see her face and boiled in anger..

Mahiraa name escaped from her mouth..

Heyy Kunj how’s your I’m happy we doing work together she said.

Yeah after long time seeing you he added. Twinkle entered in cabin with lunch box Kunj eyes went on her.

Twinkle tummm he said. And both get up. Mahira see twinkle and surprise little.

Kunj went to her.

Tum yeha he said.

Yes I’m here bring lunch for you seemed like you are busy in your work she said.

Nahi nahi I’m not he said.

Arey twinkle she is Mahira you know her Kunj said.

Yeah I know her very nicely your best friend and childhood girlfriend she said in cold tone.

Kunj and Mahira give faint smile.

You are here Mahira twinkle said.

Woh I’m working with Kunj on new project she said twinkle closed her fist.. they sit.

So you marry twinkle when she asked.

More than 2 months Kunj said.

Hoo she said..

and what about you Mahira twinkle asked.

Single I’m toh Kunj didn’t said yes na if he does than maybe today taken she said..

Kuch bhi bolti hai kunj said and but twinkle fuming.They having lunch together but twinkle hardly having she fuming after seeing Mahira and Kunj and she giggling on their jokes..

Mahira was with Kunj in same class they have good friend and both become each other’s gf and bf in school time since that time twinkle didn’t like Mahira at all..

I’m going Kunj twinkle said.

Okay bye Kunj added he get busy in Mahira twinkle see and in anger she went from there.

Twinkle comeback home and she thinking about this all and than maya words ringing in her mind.

No this can’t happen my kunj love me lott she said and spoiled her mood.At night twinkle was waiting for Kunj. He comeback at late night and when she asked him for dinner he said he had with Avinash and Mahira she get more angry and didn’t have her food..

Kunj get freshen up and laid down on bed twinkle changed her clothes and wear s*xy nighty she come and laid down beside Kunj holding his hand.

Kunjj let’s do she said.

I’m tired little twinkle goodnight he said and cuddles her sleep twinkle feel bad.she didn’t said anything and sleep..

Kunj went office early he didn’t disturb twinkle.

When she called his pa she tell her that Kunj busy in meeting with Mahira.he didn’t calling her due to work load but twinkle tell

About this maya and she started filling twinkle ears against Kunj maybe Mahira come and taking Kunj from her and situation stated happening like Same that twinkle mind going on different or on Doug tracks only.. maya knows twinkle is innocent she come in everyone talks easily and raw from her ears and eyes..while Kunj don’t know about this.

Kunj and Mahira together mostly when twinkle call him he said he is busy from background Mahira voice coming.When she tell him to made love he make normal excuses because he was damn tired she take in wrong way that he is no more interested in her because he finding moments to made love.Everything is over powering on twinkle love on her faith on Kunj. She get insecure about Kunj easily and get influence.They hardly get time because Kunj come late and went early and he sleep when he entered in house and twinkle didn’t get time to talk to him..

Kunj went in a party he went with Mahira she get to know about she was damn angry.

Kunj comeback from party twinkle sitting in living room..

heyy twinkle he called her but she didn’t said anything.. he went in room and changed his clothes and comeback to her. He sit beside twinkle.

Baby Kya Hua he asked her she again give him off look..

Where are you she said.

I told you na I’m going in party he said.

I know but with whom she said.

What do you mean he said.

You know what I mean kunjj she said..

me and Avinash going in our client party Mahira too join us he said she looking at him..

Okay she said get up bring a box for him.

This come for you she said and handover him.

Who send this for me he asked.

Don’t know someone call come she said.

What call what caller said he said.

Some Alisha send this for you she said and Kunj Shocked he get up.

Alishaaa he said..

yes Alisha only she said she missing you she added.. Kunj hold his head.

Open na Kunj she said.

No need of this Kunj added.

Kaun hai yeh alishaaa she said and tears rolling down from her eyes. Kunj take steps near her.

Woh woh twinkle my college friend he said.

Friend or your girlfriend she said.

How you know he said.

Its not important twinkle said..

She was my ex girlfriend twinkle that’s it he said.

Acha kunjj and you didn’t tell me about this haan whyyy she screamed loudly.

What happened to you why you reacting this much he said.

Why not kunjj your ex girlfriend sending you gift and you saying me why I’m reacting haan really kunjj what if my ex boyfriend send me something than she said.

Twinkleeee he said.

Don’t shout on me kunjj you hide from me this you having girlfriend why she said.

I didn’t remember and maybe it’s not important baby he said try to hold her head..

you big liar she said and went in her room Kunj run behind her twinkle closed the door Kunj banging the door.

Twinkle listen to me baby please he said but she not opening the door Kunj went in living room and waiting for her when he fall in sleep don’t know.

While twinkle crying and she too sleep.

At morning Kunj Wake up and open the box and found a card and he read and get angry she said baby I love you where are you.Kunj throw in side. He went towards room door and knocking find still lock he leave it and went in another room and get freshen up.Twinkle wake up and see the time she come out of the room and went in kitchen and make breakfast and keep Kunj all things in side couch.Kunj comeback after freshen up he see twinkle and smiled. He went towards her she served breakfast in his plate about to go Kunj hold her hand.

Twinkle don’t do na listen to me once he said and cupped her face.

Acha I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this because i forgot everything and about her yes she was my girlfriend during college time after college I didn’t meet her and even not

A single message we had between us today she send this I don’t know I’m not liar I didn’t hide anything from you trust me he said and wiped her unshed tears..

She hugged him and crying in his embrace kunjj don’t hide anything from me you are my only I have right only on you she said.

Yes I’m just yours you cried lott now end this all let’s have breakfast together he said both sit down and having breakfast.

My angry bird looking hot he said and they finished the bf and Kunj place kisses on her cheeks and she get happy after Kunj went for office twinkle get normal and leave everything she busy in her work she read the letter and get angry but throw it outside..

Maya call come twinkle started talking with her and tell each and everything and again she giving fuel to matter unnecessary..

Because of this all twinkle get irritated and she throw her all aggression on Kunj she didn’t saying anything him clearly.Their happy life fully spoiled twice in a week they fight but end of the day twinkle apologised and Kunj too so at the end over the matter.This things increasing Kunj too loosing his cool too much and they both having fight at night..

Alisha comeback India she meet with Kunj in his office coincidentally and she paying for job normal day twinkle went with Kunj their office party there she saw her and asked Kunj he try to explain and but she didn’t said anything at that moment later at home she over reacted completely and she narrated everything to maya and she said Kunj cheating her may be he having extramarital affair outside and that’s why he giving her less time hardly they spend their moments and he going out for his work most..

Twinj room..

You liar always cheating behind my back haan what’s going on kunjjj she screamed.

Twinkle you crossing your limits Haan nothing happened between me and Alisha can’t you understand this she come itself I don’t know about her he said.

If I have any idea after love you will do this I never love you back.. kunjjj you don’t have any interest in me anymore maybe you find outside more she added and he was shocked and hold her hand.

Tu pagal hogi haiii samji Kuch bhi bolti hai don’t you have idea haan he said.

Yes I’m saying absolutely right she said and hitting him her hands both fighting fully forget everything twinkle didn’t listen him Kunj slap her:

For Alisha you slap me Kunj okay stay happy with Alisha and that Mahira okay I’ll kill you she scream.

Pagal hogi mental you need dr twinkle don’t know what happened to you who filling your ears against me haan he said.

Acha no one I have this photos without in forming you going with them out if I does same na than she said.

Than what haan do whatever you wanted to do that neil he calling you he said.

After that day he never call me nor I unlike you she said both crying. Kunj went in balcony and started smoking twinkle laid down on bed her back facing to ceiling and cuddling pillow crying fully.

Kunj having tears in his eyes he looking at stars he turned and see twinkle.

Don’t know what happened to her babaji why she started doubting on me always asking me questions like a typical wife’s yeah she is my wife but she never does this before but from months she doing this all things I’m done fully he thinking in his heart.

Kunj going New York For his business deal for a week he pecked his things and get ready twinkle sleep after sobbing.Kunj looking at her he caress his hairs.

I’m going twinkle bye take care of yourself he said and kissed on her temple..

he take his bag and went outside and seeing their pictures which hanging on wall..

hope when I comeback I get my old Twinkle back Who love me he murmured and went out of the flat went down and sit in car and leave for airport..


First part end

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