Broken angel…. Heal for him – Chapter 1

Chapter 1:::

As every day sun raised, and before that a girl of age 20’s was on her terrors, wiping water from her hair. After done with that she went down and prayed to lord sun and poured a mug of water for tulsi plant(a holy plant) while chanting some mantras. Its her daily routine to do this prayer to lord sun and tulsi, as she believes that they give us good health. 

After getting ready, she went down to kitchen and saw her maasi(aunty) preparing breakfast. She too helped her. After that she arranged breakfast on dining table. She called all of her family members. All were eating food. After finishing food,her dad called her to his room. She went asked what is the matter. He handed over a blank cheque and said “misti, if you have any storage of money, please ask me beta. All this strain I’m taking to make live happy and be as you want. Please never work under others. Misti just smiled and filled amount of twenty five thousand in cheque and thanked him. Her dad knew she want more than what she wrote  so he asked “misti, why you wrote such a small amount? when you need fifty thousand “. Misti smiled and said “dad you only said na to take me how much I want so I took only what I need.That balance amount is to purchase gift for vishal.As his birthday is arriving in next month, and I want to gift with savings, as he is always a friend for me more than my love.And you know right I gift my friends with my savings only.”

Her dad Bharat smiled looking at small daughter and her way of thinking.What she was unaware is whatever and wherever she is working was alloted by her dad. After that conversation in room, they went down  And bid bye to all and both went to their destinations. Misti entered into her college, she was smiling seeing a guy, he has fair complexion and is of height 6 feet. She went near him and greeted “Hi Vishal. Good Morning”. He smiled and wished her the same. Both entered into class, and their best friend Nilima saw them coming and move side leaving two places free for them.misti wished Nilima and complemented her as she found nilima looking gorgeous that day.

Nilima turned towards Vishal and said “abey buddhu, can’t you see no one rather that mishti”.He was out of his dreamland where he went while mesmerizing in misti’s sweet words.

“Hi nilima, good morning. How are you? How are you doing? Is everything okay with you?….” his flow of sarcastic tone was followed by a scream as nilima poked him hard on his shoulder. Misti smiled at her friends, though they grew up they are still same as someone said whatever the age maybe friends are always mischievous to each others, that was true in case of these three. Misti also does mischievous things but rarely. All went silent went their HOD(head of department) entered their class, for checking their projects. As they are in their final year of graduation, they have to do a project.


After completion of their presentations of projects, they went for canteen and had some stuff.Suddenly Nilima face expression was changed, and she was blushing hard. Vishal saw his back and noticed dhiraj coming towards them. Dhiraj and Nilima were in love since three years, at first nilima tortured a lot as she don’t know whether he loves her truly or like all he is also of normal infatuation. But when Dhiraj took Nilima to her both of their home and proposed her she felt him true and accepted his love as she too have feelings for him from starting of a day, their first meeting was when she was called for ragging by his gang. Dhiraj is nilima’s senior. Noticing dhiraj arrival Misti and Vishal left from there.

Vishal took Misti to his bike and made her sit on his bike, misti was talking about nilima and dhiraj and started admiring their bound. Vishal took her veil and put it on her head, she was just staring at vishal stopping her words.He said “I am longing to see you in red veil on your head and me filling your partition with red vermilion,as my signature of making you mine.” Misti flushed and her heart started fluttering, she is so happy seeing his love for her.

“I love you misti” confessed vishal. She smiled and hugged him. He was little disappointed as she never said love you too from his first confession. Whenever he asks to say those words, she always says its not three words which shows her love, but her actions. The day passed, vishal dropped misti home after lot of masti and teasing session with nilima.

The day was wonderful for those people who start the day with smile, as of it’s the same for sanhith also. After a long tiring day in his office, he returned home and got refreshed.At dinner his mom feeded him. He love his mom jesina as he always found her love in the things she did for him. After dinner he spent some time with his parents and sibblings and went back to his room. After updating his day in his diary, he went to bed.


Sanhith was running fastly as a marathon.He was in a dark place seeing the surroundings, he found a body felt on ground with a pool of blood…. and he found it was him to be arrested.

Sanhith got up with a jerk. He was profusing badly. He washed his face and lost in that dream, it is too scary. He was getting since days. While thinking of it, she slowly dropped into sleep.


Precap:: selection of vishal’s and misti’s project. meeting of vishal and sanhith.







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