Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 6)

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Where Is He ?!


(Note : Do listen to this song while reading the upcoming part :

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Five Days Later

It was a dark, drizzly morning, with thunder crackling occasionally. The grass looked greener due to the rain, while the birds sang happily, enjoying the cool weather. The calm, chilly breeze brought with it the little rain and the petrichor, making Kunj smile. He was perched upon the window sill, looking out at nothing in particular. For a change, instead of the medical instruments, there was a guitar in his hand. He strummed the guitar, closing his eyes, as a sigh left his lips.

” Ku- ” Akash stopped in mid, looking at his friend, who was looking at peace after a long time. A beautiful smile adorned his face, as he decided not to disturb him, and went back downstairs.

Abhi abhi to mile the
Phir juda ho gaye
Kya thi meri khataa
Tum sazaa ho gaye

There was something in his voice, some hidden pain. It was as if he was trying to convey his feelings, but at the same time trying to keep his emotions in check.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge

His voice was getting deeper with each word. He was trying his best to conceal the hurt, the sorrow, the pain. But everything was crystal clear to the solo spectator in his room. His eyes suddenly flashed open, quickly darting towards the door, but that person was quick enough to hide.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge

Finding no one around, he resumed to his singing, as all the self-control was thrown right out of the window. His emotions went haywire, but he didn’t care. That moment was his own private moment. He was finally letting his heart take control!

Mulaqatein adhoori rahi
Mukammal karunga yeh waada raha
Tanhaaiyon se bhi main teri
Baatein karunga yeh waada raha

They were just some words, but the intensity of his voice gave them meaning. Everything was rushing back to him, those memories, those words, everything.

Tera zikr jisme huaa na ho
Mere paas aisa lamha na ho
Maine jisme tujhko maanga nahi
Mere lab pe aisi duaa na ho

The pain was becoming unbearable, his blood-shot, glassy eyes and shallow breathing were proof enough. But Alas! Pain does not stop. It demands to be felt.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge

 Anger and pain were clearly visible in his eyes. But he was helpless. He was lost. Everyone always saw him as THE Kunj Sarna, the co-owner of Sarna Enterprises and one of the most successful doctors in the world. But no one ever saw him as Kunj, a normal guy with his own set of pains, insecurities, trust-issues. He did have some of the best people in his life as his friends, no doubt about that. But still, there was a part of him which felt confused, sad, hurt, and what not! He felt helpless sometimes, completely and utterly helpless.

Mujhe khone ke baad ik din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge

And he ended the song with a sigh, hiding his emotions yet again. But unknown to him, someone had already witnessed his vulnerable, unguarded side, the time when his emotions were on full display.

And oh boy! He was so gonna regret that moment of weakness!

” Sara, stop behaving like a child! “

” Just go away.. I don’t want to eat this yucky thing! ” Sara shrieked, making Akash sigh. It’s been an hour since he had come from Kunj’s room, and since then, he’s been trying to make the impossible happen : making Sara eat the boiled veggies!

” Umm guys, am I disturbing you ? ” Twinkle questioned, standing at the door, as both Sakash (Sara+Akash) looked up. Both looked at each other, to realise they were sitting quite close, and quickly moved away. Red crept up to Sara’s cheeks, as Akash looked away.

” Twinkle, come sit! ” Sara gestured her to sit beside her on the bed, as Akash excused himself.

” No-no.. it’s fine. I just came here to tell you that I have some important work, so I’ll be back in the evening. So don’t wait for me at lunch. “

” Oh okay. Take care and be back soon! ” Sara ended with a sweet smile, making Twinkle reciprocate with one of her own.

” Okay! See ya! Tell Akash that I said bye! “

” Bye! ” Sara smiled, waving at her, as Twinkle left.

‘ Hmm.. Now is the perfect time to talk to him! ‘ Sara thought, before looking at the picture kept under the duvet, as a sad smile crept upon her face.

Kunj was sitting in the lawn, looking out at the lush green plants, while sipping on to his coffee. Rain had stopped a little while ago, but the cool breeze continued to blow around. Sara and Akash looked up from their game of chess, before looking at each other. Both had an eye-to-eye conversation, before turning to look at their friend, who seemed lost in his thoughts.

” Kunj, are you okay ? ” Sara asked, keeping her hand on his shoulder. He looked away, trying not to maintain any eye-contact with either of them.

” Kunj.. What happened ? You know you can share it with us, right ? ” The chess game was a long forgotten business now, as both looked at Kunj intently. But all they got in return was silence.

” Where is he ? ” Three words, and the duo paled.

” He…. wh..ho ? Whom are.. you talking about, Kunj ? ” Akash stuttered, unable to answer his friend’s simple question.

” Don’t try to act innocent, Akash. I know you know everything! ” Kunj snapped, narrowing his eyes at the sweating duo.

” Kunj! “

” Don’t Kunj me, Akash! Just answer the damn question! Where is he ?!! ” Kunj was just about to lose his temper, but Sara stopped him.

” Kunj! Calm down. ” She tried to calm him down, but all in vain.

” Where. Is. He. ?!!! ” Kunj gritted his teeth, as Sakash looked at each other yet again, before sighing.

” He’s not here, Kunj. We don’t know where he is. ” Sara finally answered, but Kunj was not in a mood for excuses.

” Liar! “

” Kunj, I swear, we really don’t know where he is. I tried to ask Twinkle many times, but she never told me anything. I seriously don’t know where he is! And trust me, the day I’ll get to know about him, I’ll kill him myself! ” Anger and disappointment was crystal clear in Akash’s voice, as his eyes turned red in fury. All three looked up at each other, before sighing.

” I’m sorry, guys. I’m seriously a big mess right now. With Twinkle being back, I don’t know what to do! Thankfully, she doesn’t know that Sara knows everything. I’m, sorry.. ” Kunj confessed, as Sakash looked at him with kind smiles.

” Kunj, No sorry and No thank you in friendship, remember ? ” Kunj smiled at them, before engulfing them in a bear hug.

” I knew about you since a long time, but I never knew it was you, Kunj! ” Akash said with a small smile, as the trio broke the hug.

” Yeah! Even I didn’t know that you were that bestie Twinkle used to talk about! I got to know after Sara told me everything yesterday. ” Kunj replied, sighing.

” Even I didn’t know the whole thing. After meeting Akash again and him claiming to be Twinkle’s bestie, the confusion got cleared. Then I talked to him, before going to you yesterday, Kunj. And I’m happy at least a bit of the mess was cleared. ” Sara ended with a grin, as the boys smiled.

” But Sara, why did you ask Twinkle to stay here ? ” Akash questioned.

” Sara Raichand never does anything without proper planning! ” Sara winked at them, making the boys giggle at her drama.

” But on a serious note, that’s because I know you wanted to keep her near you. I know how protective you are of Twinkle, and I knew you’d be really worried if she stays somewhere else. So I asked her to stay here only. That way, you’ll also be stress-free! And just maybe, we can get a clue about him. ” Sara ended in a serious tone, as both the boys nodded.

” Aww.. You’re becoming intelligent, Sara. My baby is finally growing up! ” Akash said in a dramatic tone, wiping away a fake tear, as Kunj laughed.

” Shut up, Singhania! Or else this baby can also make you cry! ” Sara smirked, followed by Akash, as Kunj looked at the two of them.

” Guys, you’re again behaving like kids. One is fine, but I can’t handle two kindergarten kids! ” Kunj teased, as the duo glared at him.

” Did you just call us kindergarten kids, Kunj Sarna ?! “

” Umm yes.. ? “

Sakash looked at each other, evil grins on their faces, before Akash dumped their cold coffees on his favourite white t-shirt.

Kunj looked at them, dumbfounded, as both laughed their hearts out!

” Akash Singhania! You’re so dead!! ” And the remaining afternoon was filled with their shouts and laughter!

It is truly said, best friends are the only people who can make you laugh, when you are trying hard to control the tears!

Kunj was sitting in his room, looking at some files, when his phone rang.

” Hello. “

” Dr. Sarna ? “

” Yes ? “

” Sir it’s me, Ansh! I just called to tell you that you have some appointments for today evening. You didn’t come to the hospital, so I thought maybe you’ll be taking a leave. So I just wanted to confirm once, shall I cancel the appointments ? “

” How many appointments are there ? “

” 4 or 5, Sir! “

” Okay, no need to cancel them. I’ll be there in half an hour. “

” You sure sir ? “

” Ansh, I can take a day-off anytime. But those people need me now! For a doctor, patients are his first and foremost priority. ” Kunj replied, a small smile forming on his face, remembering the words he was once taught.

” You’re right, Sir. I’ll get the files ready. “

” Okay! Bye! “

” Have a good day, Sir! “

Kunj ended the call with a sigh, getting up to get ready.

Twinkle was sitting in her cabin, deep in thoughts. Her eyes were fixed at the door, as if waiting for someone, as she continued to play with the paperweight. A knock broke the silence, as she straightened up.

” Come in! “

Her P.A. came in, as she looked at him expectantly.

” Is the work done ? ” She asked in a cold tone, as the guy nodded.

” Yes ma’am! We shall leave now. “

” Good work, Sachin! Remember, no one should know about it! “

” Yes, ma’am. “

” Let’s go now! ” Sachin nodded, as both moved out of the cabin.

” Akash, do you think we did right by not telling Kunj about it ? ” Sara asked, her face filled with concern, as she and Akash watched Kunj drive away.

” I don’t know, Sara. It’s.. it’s a mess. I didn’t know what else to do! He also didn’t ask, so I decided to not tell him right now. ” Akash stated his point, looking at Sara with a guilty face.

Sara sighed, ” Now what next ? “

” For now, we’ll just make sure that Kunj and Twinkle don’t talk to each other about anything. And then, we’ll just go with the flow, I guess! “

Both sighed, looking at the dark sky, and hoping that the things would go as planned. Or else… they were in deep trouble!

~ Love is a sweet lie, while pain is the bitter truth. People still love, because even after being a lie, they know it’s worth everything. ~

Word count : 2070 words

Well, that’s it for today folks!! Sorry for the delay! 

How are y’all doing ? Hope all are well and enjoying life! ?

So how was the chappy ? What is it that Sakash are hiding from Kunj ? And who is HE ?! 

Well, the main plot starts from here! So get ready! ?

And yeah, do tell me if you guys want to see a bit of Sakash as well or only Twinj! 

Now one serious thing. As some of you might be knowing, I had posted a One-shot few days ago and some of you wanted me to continue it as a short story. I’m sorry friends, but I’m not gonna continue it. It will stay as an OS. My main reason of writing that OS was that I wanted to show that pain can’t always over power us. It’s true that pain is inevitable. But when you have a hope, a support, you can handle any pain. Kunj was in immense pain, but still he was living. All because he had faith in his love, in Twinkle. Faith is an important thing. We should have faith in our loved ones, in ourselves, when we’re going through a tough phase. When you have a support, a hope, then you can go through anything. So never lose hope. Remember, What doesn’t kill you, makes you strong..

Now before I go into that philosophical mode, I’ll stop. So that’s the message which I wanted to convey and I feel that if I’ll continue it as a story, then the OS will lose it’s real essence. Sincere apologies for disappointing you all. Will be back really soon with another OS. 

And those who haven’t read that OS, do check it out and tell me your views here.

See ya all soon! Take care till then! 

Don’t forget to share your views! Thanks a lot for loving this story so much!! ?

Lots of love,

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