Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 4)

I Hate You!!


” Twin…kle ? Wh…. I mean how ? You.. you are…?! ” Akash stuttered, miserably failing in expressing himself. He was numb, his mind totally blank. He didn’t know what to say, or to be more precise, how to say. He was just wishing from his heart for it all to be a dream. Cause if it was reality, then he’d happily choose to die rather than to choose between his bestie or Sara and Kunj.

But before he could say anything else, the doctor came running towards them like a madman.

” Dr… Akash, we… we need your help. Her heart rate is decreasing rapidly. Our cardio is panicking. Please… help… “

And that was enough for Akash to lose his senses!

“What ?! And you’re telling us now ? If you don’t have a good cardiologist, then why the hell have you opened this hospital ?!! Do one thing, just shut down this damn hospital of yours and get the hell out of here! “

” We’re sorry sir. Our senior cardio is out of town. So we need your help. ” Akash sighed, and looked at Kunj, who nodded slightly.

” Whatever. Just get everything ready and brief everything to me. Let’s go! ” Signalling Kunj and bidding a silent bye to him, Akash left with the doctor, followed by the inspector and the lawyer, who still had some paperwork to do.

Both Twinkle and Kunj stood there in an awkward silence, both looking in opposite directions. After a few minutes of utter silence, Kunj finally looked up at Twinkle, and even though he didn’t want, but his eyes softened a bit looking at the nervous lady in front of him, who was continuously chewing her lips and rubbing her hands nervously.

” She looks like an angel, doesn’t she ? “ His heart whispered to him, as he nodded mentally, still in a daze. She did look like an angel, a cute little angel who had come from the heavens above just for him.

” Blue suits her, doesn’t it ? “ His heart again poked him, making him sigh dreamily at the beauty in blue in front of him.

” But alas! She’s the same person because of whom Sara in fighting for her life! “ His conscience shouted, successfully breaking his trance.

She’s the same person because of whom Sara is fighting for her life..

Those words rang in his ears like temple bells, and within seconds, he was back to his enraged self.

” Umm… Ma’am! The bail papers have been signed. We can leave now. ” Twinkle’s lawyer broke the silence.

Kunj growled lowly, signalling them of the upcoming blast. He was trying his level best to keep his rage under control, and, was failing miserably… 

” Okay. You may go now.. ” And for a moment, Kunj forgot everything. The accident, the culprit, Sara’s condition, everything. All he could remember was her angelic voice. Even though there was a coldness in her voice, still he could make out her melodious tone. He was captivated by that sweet voice, momentarily forgetting why he was standing there in the first place.

But his trance was broken by the lawyer, who left after bidding a formal goodbye.

He glared at Twinkle, who was waiting for him to speak. And for the first time since he had arrived there, he let his anger over-power him!

” What the hell are you doing ? ” Twinkle shouted, taken aback by the sudden pull. It took her some moments to realize that she was pressed against the cold wall, her arms tightly clasped in his death grip, as Kunj came dangerously close to her face.

His eyes spat fire, while the whole face was red in anger.

” I hate you! ” Three words, and she was shaken. The intensity of those words, that pain in his voice, his dark eyes. And she knew right then and there, he meant each and every syllable that he had said.

He meant it, with all his heart.

He hated her!

For some unknown reason, she felt a pinch in her heart. After a long time, she felt pain.

Both looked at each other with thousands of emotions in their eyes. Their eyes spoke volumes which they themselves were unable to convey.

But suddenly, Kunj moved away, occupying his former place. He leaned against the wall, eyes closed and arms folded, as if nothing happened. His face was devoid of any emotions, and if Twinkle didn’t know better, she’d have believed that he was at peace.

His heart was in a turmoil, his eyes had told her that much. Though she didn’t know why.

“….. okay so we’ll continue with the treatment. ” Both looked towards the right, as Akash came with Dr. Rajesh, before he nodded and left.

No one said anything for a while, before Akash finally broke the silence.

” Her heart is responding. Though its very weak, but still it gives us a hope that she will get better. ” Akash whispered, as Kunj looked at him, his face still emotionless.

” Just a hope… Akash, just a mere hope. ” Kunj uttered, looking away. Akash was shocked to hear this, and that too from KUNJ!!! He was the most positive person he had ever met!

And then Akash noticed Twinkle standing there, and everything came back to him in a jiffy.

Sara. She was fighting for her life. Just because of one person : Twinkle. His best friend.

Akash stared at Twinkle, not knowing how to react. He was in a dilemma, he had to side with either his best friend, or his frenemy who was fighting for her life, all thanks to his bestie!

On one side was Twinkle, his life long bestie, while on the other side were two of the most important people of his life : Sara and Kunj.


He turned around, hoping Kunj would at least not attack Twinkle, but what he didn’t expect was a shattered Kunj. It did confuse him a bit, cause as far as he knew, Kunj should be angry on Twinkle, and should not be looking so hurt.

But still chucking those thoughts away, he went to keep a hand on his shoulder, so as to atleast get some reaction from him.

And all his hopes died as he saw Kunj retreating his steps, before running away from there! But the thing which shook him the most were the words muttered by Kunj…

All because of her… I hate her!

Kunj’s POV

Why God ? Why ? Why always me ? Why ME ?!!!! What did I do wrong haan ? What was my fault in this ?

Is it my fault that I love my best friend so much ?

Is it my fault that I want to kill that person because of whom Sara is fighting for her life ?

Is it my fault that the one responsible for her condition is that girl, the girl whom I unknowingly fall for ?

Is it my fault that I fall for the innocence of a complete stranger ?

What is my damn fault in all of this ??!!!

God, you took everything from me, I accepted it. You made my life a living hell, I accepted it with a smile.

Why ?

Because I believed that everything happens for a good reason.

But this ? What is good in this ?!

“Aahhhh!!!!! I hate you, Twinkle. I hate you for coming in my life and making it hell! I hate you for hurting my friend. I hate you for every damn thing!!!!! ” He yelled, unable to control the myriad of emotions.

And that was the moment, the moment when God looked at him, and smiled..

Next morning

A new morning came, as the sun shined in the blue sky. Kids giggling around, people going about their business, and birds chirping sweet melodies. All in all, it was a normal breezy morning.

But nothing seemed normal in the lives of those four.

Akash had been sitting outside the I.C.U. the whole time, occasionally going to Dr. Rajesh’s cabin to discuss about Sara’s health. Since the time Kunj left, Akash didn’t even look at Twinkle, let alone talk to her. Giving up finally, she had also left the hospital around half an hour later.

And talking about Kunj. He was nowhere to be seen. It was like he had suddenly vanished. Akash tried calling him numerous times, but he never answered. And now Akash was worried sick about him.

He knew Kunj was not in a good state of mind, he could do anything. And that’s what scared him the most! He was not scared about Kunj, he knew that his buddy would never harm himself. He was scared for the person who’d have to face his wrath. Kunj was in his devil mode right now!

” Akash! ” His train of thoughts came to a screeching halt, as he turned around to look at the person he didn’t want to see, not at that moment at least.

” Why the hell are you here ?! ” Akash tried his best to look totally uninterested, but to his bad luck, that person didn’t get the message.

” I want to talk, Akash. Right now! “

” But I don’t. So just go! “

” That doesn’t concern me, Mr. Singhania. I want to talk right this instant!! End of discussion. “

Akash sighed, knowing well that he could never win from that girl. So without any further talks, they both moved out from there.

Unaware of all this, Kunj Sarna was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was sad, angry, hurt, confused, etc etc… He himself didn’t know what he was feeling at the moment. In short, he was one hell of a mess.

Suddenly, his phone rang, bringing him out of his silent stupor.

” Hello. Dr. Sarna ? “

” Yes, speaking. “

” It’s me, Dr. Rajesh. “

” Oh yes doc. How’s Sara now ? ” Worry was clearly evident in his voice.

” Umm yes, Dr. Sarna. Actually, she is responding to the treatment. We think now she’ll get better soon. “

Kunj sighed peacefully, as if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.

” So, she’ll be alright soon ? “

” Well that depends on how her body reacts to the next treatment. “

” Okay. But, where’s Akash ? “

” I’m sorry Dr. Sarna, but he’s not here. That’s why I had to call you. Anyways, I must go and check her latest reports now. “

” Sure doc. Do keep me informed. ” Saying so, he hung up.

” Where would Akash be ? As far as I know him, he isn’t the one to leave like that.. ” Kunj whispered to himself. His eyebrows were scrunched up in confusion, as he contemplated about whether to call Akash or not. Finally giving up, he sighed and left to get ready to leave for the hospital. Cause at that moment, Sara was the most important person.

Kunj reached the hospital just in time to see Akash also entering. But the thing which confused him was, that Akash looked a bit disturbed.

” Akash! ” Kunj called, as both entered.

” Hey Kunj! Thank God you’re back! ” Akash gave him a hug, and quickly left towards the I.C.U.

Kunj found it a bit weird, but nonetheless, he went behind Akash.

Both the boys waited outside, but none uttered a word. It was as if both wanted to say something, but were hesitating. Sighing, finally Akash opened his mouth to say something, but..

” Dr. Sarna, Dr. Singhania! ” Dr. Rajesh interrupted, as both stood up.

” What happened doc ? Anything serious ? Sara, is she fine ? “

” She is getting a bit better. We just have to check the final reports. And if by God’s grace everything goes fine, then she’ll be discharged by next week. ” A smile adorned the faces of the two boys, as both looked at the doctor gratefully.

” Thank you so much, doc. “

” No worries, Dr. Sarna. I’ll get going now. ” The doctor nodded at them with a smile, before walking away.

Their hearts were finally at peace, hearing the doctor. They were smiling, finally! Even though a small one, but a new hope did take birth in their hearts that things will change, and this time they will change for good!

~Whenever you do not understand what’s happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say, ” God! I know it’s your plan. Just help me through it. “~

Umm, Hey!! ?

Well, I know you guys are angry, but what to do.. I was seriously very busy…

Firstly, school projects. Then my friend got hurt and I had to do his school work as well! Then family functions, and other family matters.. Then I fell ill, and then I got hurt. So yes, I was quite busy.. ?

But finally, HOLIDAYS!!!

So you all will be getting regular updates till July. ?

Shoooooo sholly for this late update. Don’t worry I’ll compensate for this. ?

So there are two options :

1) I’ll post the next part sooner than decided.

2) I have another Twinj story all set to be published.

So next chappy OR new story ?

Decide fast people! ?

And yeah, don’t forget to tell me your views!

Till then take care! ?

Lots of love,

Sapphire ❤️

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