Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 10)


The sun was just rising over the horizon, when Kunj reached the hall,  only to find Viti and Akash arguing about something. Shaking his head, he was just about to move towards the kitchen, when Viti noticed him. Forgetting everything, she was about to move out of the house where Kabir was waiting, when a voice made her halt.

” Viti, call him inside. I need to talk to the four of you. ” Kunj spoke, or more like ordered. Her face turned red in anger, as she moved towards Kunj and roughly pulled him by his shirt collar.

” Kunj Sarna, are you bipolar ?! ” Hearing her loud scream, Kabir came inside, followed by Sara.

” Viti, what happened ? ” Kabir stood beside her, shocked.

” What do you think of yourself, Kunj ?! That you will keep hurting yourself and others and no one would say anything ?! And if you seriously hate Kabir, then look into his eyes and say that you hate him. ” Kunj looked down, unable to answer her questions.

” What happened ?! Don’t have anything to say ? Well, let me tell you one thing. YOU are a coward! A blo*dy coward who wants to run away from the truth. You don’t have the guts to even look at your own brother and tell him how much you miss him and how you want to hear his side of story. But no! You are so stubborn that you’re still living in the illusion that you hate him and don’t give a damn if he even dies! ” Her eyes were filled with rage, while Kunj looked away. Kabir didn’t know what to do, he was in a turmoil. Akash and Sara, on the other hand, became the silent spectators and let Viti knock some sense in the head of their stupid friend.

Kunj was just about to open his mouth, but Viti quickly interrupted.

” Don’t you dare give me that bullshit Kunj Sarna! I’ve known you long enough to say that the way you’re behaving right now is just a façade. You’re not you. And we know this, Kunj. Stop being so hard on yourself! ” She was panting hard by the time she finished, as Kabir slowly pulled her away from Kunj.

” Viti, stop it! Let’s just leave. “

” Why Kabir ?! I can’t see this jerk hurting you anymore! “

” Viti!! Dare you call him a jerk. ” Kunj was taken aback by Kabir’s sudden shout, and so was everyone else.

” See.. Even after everything you’ve said to him, he still cares for you. ” Giving Kunj one last sarcastic smile, Viti moved away, followed by Kabir. Kabir knew Kunj was staring at him, trying to find the answers, but he didn’t let him.

” Stop. I… I need to talk to you guys. ” Kunj murmured, as Viti looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

” Please… ” The other four nodded, as everyone moved towards the study room.

” Umm guys..? Are we here for some meditation ? ” Sara questioned, looking at everyone with a perplexed face.

” Oh shit! ” Akash cursed with wide eyes.

” What happened ? “

” Sara, you have an appointment today, remember ? They’re gonna remove the plaster today. ” Akash reminded, while Sara slapped her forehead.

” We’ll go tomorrow, Akash. “

” No, Sara. You’re going today and NO ARGUMENTS. ” Kunj intervened, stressing on the last two words.

” Okay let’s do one thing. Me, Sara and Viti will go for Sara’s appointment and from there I’ll leave for Kumar uncle’s clinic as me and Kunj have to meet him. Sara will come back with Viti.. Viti, are you okay with it ? ” Akash explained, as others nodded.

” Yeah Bhai. Kabir also has a meeting to attend so I’ll accompany you guys. ” Viti shrugged.

” Okay so we all will meet at dinner tonight as I want to talk about something. ” Kunj’s voice was low, which didn’t go unnoticed by others. But they let it go for the time being.

” Okay then we’ll leave. Akash, can you pick Viti up from our place ? ” Kabir looked at Akash, who nodded. So, Viti and Akash left, as Sara also left for her own room, leaving Kunj and Akash behind.

” Akash! ” Kunj said, making Akash turn towards him with a questioning look.

” Do you trust me ? Will you question me if I do something which might not feel right ? “

” Kunj.. Why are you asking me this ? Is everything alright ? “

” Just answer my question, Akash. “

” Fine. Yes, I do trust you. I know if you do something, there must be a reason behind it. ” Passing a small smile to Kunj, Akash left closing the door behind him.

” I just hope your trust will stay intact after you get to know about everything.. ” Sighing to himself, Kunj also moved to his own room to get ready.

After getting Sara’s plaster removed, Akash had left to meet Dr. Kumar at the hospital, as instructed by him. Kunj had already reached, as he said in his text. So now, Akash was standing outside Dr. Kumar’s office, about to knock. A ‘come in’ greeted him in response, as he moved inside, to see Kunj and Dr. Kumar sitting.

” Akash! How are you, son ? ” Dr. Kumar grinned, as both the guys smiled as well.

” Am good Uncle. What about you ? ” Settling on the chair beside Kunj, Akash replied, his face reflecting happiness.

” I’m also good, son. It’s great to see you again. “

” Even I missed you, old guy! ” Akash winked, making Kunj laugh, while Dr. Kumar glared at him.

” You naughty chap! “

” Okay okay, calm down Uncle. ” Raising his hands up in surrender, Akash tried his best to hold onto his laughter. But oh well, he did fail miserably.

” Akash, Kunj.. Stop laughing boys! I’m not old. ” Ar. Kumar groaned, which earned him some pointed looks from the boys.

” Okay okay, a bit old.. ” Dr. Kumar sweat dropped, as the other two rolled their eyes.

” Anyways, why did you call us so urgently, Uncle ? Any problem ? ” Akash asked, as Dr. Kumar gave him a puzzled look.

” Didn’t Kunj tell you ? ” Kunj stiffened, looking anywhere but at the other two people in the room.

” Tell me what ? ” Akash asked confusedly, as Dr. Kumar looked at Kunj.

” Didn’t you tell him, Kunj ? ” Kunj just shook his head slowly, looking away.

” Well, it seems you don’t know about it. So, let me tell you. There’s this case.. ” And Dr. Kumar went on to tell Akash about everything, how the case was very complicated and how Akash was also needed to study this case as there was some problems with the patient’s heart as well.

” Oh.. But Uncle, who’s the patient ? Can I see the file ? ” Dr. Kumar nodded, passing the file over to Akash, as Kunj shut his eyes tightly.


I opened the file, only to get the biggest shock of my life.

No! This can’t be!

My eyes quickly darted over to Kunj, who was looking away.

I don’t believe all this. Kunj! He won’t hide such things from me. I trust him!

” Kunj…? Is this…? ” I trailed off, my eyes completing my unsaid sentence.

” I’m sorry, Akash. ” Were the only words he uttered.

All the trust, all the friendship, all the belief of all these years came crashing down.

Twinkle. Has. Cancer.

And Kunj didn’t even tell me.

” Uncle. Can we discuss about this case, tomorrow ? I mean, I have some really urgent work right now.. ” I somehow managed to mumble. Uncle was confused, but nonetheless, nodded. So taking the file, I moving out of his cabin, not sparing even a single glance at Kunj.

He has broken my trust. I can’t deal with him right now.

I was about to sit in my car when I felt someone pull me from behind.

And guess what! It turned out to be none other than THE Kunj Sarna!

” What do you want, Kunj ? ” My cold voice did hurt him, I knew it. But I was too much hurt myself to care about anything else.

” Akash, I’m sorry.. I… I myself got to know about this yesterday. I wanted to share, but you know na what all happened yesterday ? Circumstances didn’t let me, Akash. I’m sorry. I’m already hated by many people Akash, please don’t hate me.. ” He sounded vulnerable, just the opposite of the Kunj I knew.

I sighed. Akash, you need to think calmly about it. He did have a point though. Yesterday was a bad day for all of us.

Maybe he did want to share. Maybe he didn’t get the chance. Maybe. Who knows!

” Okay Kunj, I’m forgiving you this time. But the next time you hide anything from me, I’ll break your so-called handsome face which is so loved by the females. ” I tried to intimidate him, but at the end we both broke out chuckling.

I guess this is what friendship is! Understanding and trusting your friend till the very end, no matter what.

Sara and Vibir were waiting in the dining hall, when the doorbell rang. Viti opened the door to find Kunj and Akash standing there. The trio moved inside and got settled for lunch. They were about to start, when Akash interrupted.

” Guys, we have someone else also who’d be joining us for lunch today. ” Others have him a confused look, but their doubts got cleared as Twinkle came down and sat beside Sara.

 All of them were confused, except Akash, as they continued to stare at her.

” I called her for lunch, guys. I need to talk to her and all of you must be here as well. ” Kunj straightened up, getting the hint, but others were still confused. Anyways, they started with the lunch.

” Who prepared this Karela juice ? ” Kabir asked with a disgusted face, glaring daggers at the poor juice.

” I did. But it’s not for you, Mr. Malhotra. It’s for your brother. ” Viti answered, as Kunj looked shocked.

” What ? Why ?! ” Kunj wailed, making the two boys laugh, which earned them a glare from Kunj.

” Because, you had fever yesterday and it’s good for your health. ” Sara replied instead of Viti.

” But it’s yuck! “

” Kunj! “

” Sara… “

” Either you have this juice or you don’t talk to me. ” Sara gave him an ultimatum, crossing her arms.

” But this is blackmailing.. Ok fine. I’ll have this after lunch. ” Kunj glared at her, but Sara was the least affected.

The rest of the lunch was a silent affair, except the time when Kunj had to drink the bitter juice.  After completing their lunch, they all moved towards the hall and sat on the sofa.

” Okay so, Twinkle, this is for you. ” Akash passed a file towards her, as she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. A look of realization took birth on her face, as she looked at him with fear. Akash’s face was neutral, as he stared back at her.

” Are… are you angry ? ” Twinkle asked, hesitantly.

” No. I’m hurt, Twinkle. I’m hurt that you freaking have cancer and you NEVER TOLD ME!! Whenever I asked about why you used to meet that doctor so much, you always changed the topic. You never told me.. why ? Don’t I deserve to even know this much about my friend’s life ? ” Akash yelled, making others wince.

” Akash.. It was not confirmed. I.. I didn’t know if I should be sharing it with you or not. I didn’t want to worry you, Akash. And even now, it’s not confirmed. There are chances that maybe it’s just related to the heart problems which I’ve had since childhood. Maybe I’m fine.. I just didn’t want to worry you.. ” Twinkle sighed, while others were shocked by everything.

” What ?! Twinkle ?! ” Kabir asked, looking at her, while she looked away.

” Umm.. yes. Kumar Uncle told me this yesterday. This is what I wanted to talk about in the morning. But the good thing is, there are very less chances of cancer. Her unusual heart rates during stressful situations can also be due to hereditary heart problems. But nothing has been confirmed yet. ” Kunj informed, as others kept quiet. Now they were quite sure that this was the reason why Kunj was in such a state yesterday. But no one voiced their thoughts.

” Guys. I have something to say as well. ” Sara broke the silence, making others look at her.

” Actually, the project on which me and Twinkle are working, it has been delayed due to my accident and I don’t want to delay it further. So, me and Twinkle, we’re going to Toronto, Canada. So I thought, why not plan a trip ? It’s been such a long time since we all spent some time together, so why not go ? Is it… is it okay with you guys ? ” Sara trailed off, looking at everyone who were lost in their own thoughts.

‘ Toronto. The place where it all started. The place which destroyed everything. The place which is responsible for everything that is happening right now. Is it… is it possible that it will all end at the place where it started ? Can we really get our old Twinkle back…? Maybe this trip will change our lives forever. Maybe. ‘ Kabir thought, looking at everyone with a sigh. He desperately wanted everything to get back to normal. And if this meant that it could happen by going to THAT place, then he was more than willing to go. And he knew it very well, others also wanted the same.

Word Count : 2400 words

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