Bring the change!

This is just for the silent readers!
1=They write it for you so that you can enjoy their ff but u guyz do not comment Even when u like it and this demotivates the writer! Bring the change guyz, do comment! Just pass a smiley face on their ff like this ? it will make their day guyz!

2=Motivate them, do not demotivate them,
3= I know Right! Many of you guyz are fan of tisha! I too am i bigger one! If you guyz can comment om hers you can also comment on Suga’s, surbhi’s, reji’s, akshayaa’s, sharaya’s, Somiya’s, anjalay’s, Naudini’s, queen’s, arshi fan’s, varsha’s, pavi’s, aditi’s, tina’s, aarthi’s, ammu’s, karthika’s, hatira’s….these writers are so awesome, comment on their ff’s… Bring the change…

4=if you guyz can waste your time on commenting original kkb epi’s comment ,so u guyz can also comment on the brilliant ff’s, they have 100 times better stories then real kkb…

5= Coming to My favorite writers FanFics..
1=surbhi: She is beyond comparison, beyon anything but still there are 12 or 15 comments, why? The lady bheem pragya, idea is so innovative but still just 12 pr 15 comments and i know many of you read hers but you never comment! Bring the change do comment!

1=Somiya= Ahh My all time favorite writer, she just ended one of brilliant ff, but she comes with amazing one shots! But still there are less comments, i remember a day when 40 people commented on her ff and she was on cloud 9! I just read her previous OS, Possessive! That was amazing! Guyz bring the change, be the change, do comment!
1= suga! I love her, her writing is just out standing!
1=Tisha! All time favorite
1=Aarthi! My dearest ff writer!
1=sharaya! Most coolest one!

Guyz be the change, bring the change! That’s not right that you guyz read but do not comment! Bring this change, it will make their day!

Regards=A regular reader and a regular commentor

  1. Tq for bringing out d truth…..hmmm…my fav is also tisha n surbhi dis ffs…..I really love them…..once again tq for writing this to make all of us to b aware abt wat to do nxt

  2. Yes dear I totally agree with you….I was also a silent reader and I wrote an ff name..,I REALISED IT….but I only get 5 to 6 comments…that’s why I stop this ff in between….I also start to write a three shot but in that also no one commented so I stop it after posting the first part….
    I was really heart broken. I am now..
    Now I am not a silent reader I comment on every ff and os…to motivate the writers as I don’t want them to be heart broken like me…

  3. Im sorry to say this but i am going only on mmz and swaragini sites i dont know the above writes you mentioned can pls tell their head lines

  4. Im sorry to say this but i am going only on mmz and swaragini sites i dont know the above writes you mentioned can pls tell their ff’s head lines

    1. me v srf swaragini ki ff pdhti hu n jaha pdhti hu sbki ff me cmnt krti hu.. i mn me jo pdhti hu daily?… bt inlogo ka nm mne v suna nhi aaj tak… so plz tl na???

  5. Yup I do agree with you dear it’s high time that silent readers should be able to change their views. ?

  6. I agree with u bt sorry to say that i didn’t even listen the names u havd mentioned nd also nt read any of their story . Its becoz i m just following only swasan nd SR ff bt its true it takes high time for writing ff nd we readers didn’t even just do a coment which nt take more than 2 mins. It’s humble request from my side that if u like a chapter then plz do comment yar

  7. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    I agree with you dear , I wrote a FF 4r KKB , I got +30 comments , and I was very happy, but later the comments decreased the maximum comments were 18 I just finished my FF in 10chaps . and I also agree with that on original KKB there is a line of comments and the poor writers?????

  8. well said….. even i thought abt it some days ago so i have try n comment in every ff i read if nothing that atleast 1 line….

  9. i wrote 70 parts i didnt get aby response it really hurts vl take our tymto entertain them it takes hardly 10 sec if it is one wrd also its enuf fr us but they wont comment i dont undrstand sry if i hurtd u

  10. Awesome article. ….love you reader to bring the change….I’m totally agree with you….I read all mmz ffs n few more stories n always comment to motivate the writer as they r writing for us….without asking anything in return….just the comments make them happy n they feel like yes someone is out there liking my work……so please it’s my humble request to all silent readers. …plz dont mind….plzzzz motivate our deariiiiiiieeess here….n give them smile. ….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh. ..byeeee take care. … 🙂 🙂 🙂

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