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Breaking the silence- part 24

“Yuvani, this is the last minute I am waiting for you two, how much time you are going to take?” he was irritated by now. Only god knew what kind of special treatments yuvani had booked for them, and his dear wife was not allowed to even stir; forget that she could tell him something.
“i bet you brother you will thank me in your heart.” yuvani teased him followed by the muffled laughs of girls of the parlor.
“alright, then i am leaving. you two come when you get free.” tapping the red icon on the screen he unlocked the car and started the engine when blinked a new text on his phone, thinking to wait for them he opened the message.
you had promised you will come in my wedding, and so you have to come… i could have sent you the card but then you would not like that so sending this message.
also you were right i was meant to meet someone else, though i wanted that someone to be You but now no qualms.
please come… i will feel good.
p.s.- i wont tell who gave me your contact no. after all these years though i know you have idea.
and suddenly he felt sweaty, he knew who she was but he had forgotten her and now she didn’t come to him even in some incoherent thought.
the bright young girl on the battery scooter smiled to him from the memory lanes who was innocent ,naive and straight forward.
who came to him when numericals were tough, who came to him when reading of practicals did not match , who came to him when she wanted to talk about stars and who came to him to become his best friend.
as time passed they grew and grew their ambitions but what he never knew was grew her feelings for him… what he never knew was she started waiting for his calls, she started dressing up for him and though he noticed the changes he thought because she was a girl.
until the annual day in their 3rd year of engineering….
he came to the present as the door clicked.” i did not know brother, love will do these many wonders on you.” chirped Yuvani putting the little bags behind her and adjusting in the back seat.” you said you were leaving but the thought of your wife travelling in a rickshaw stopped you. Right?”
“no……i thought to wait.” he answered putting force on accelerators.
both persons in the back seat understood there was some change in his demeanor but thought to not comment.
she ironed the white and red printed long kurta of hers for next morning and as was going to check the zip folder for a last time check he entered the room. She thought to talk but he went to the table and started some presentation on his laptop. Thinking he was busy she too completed her things and went to brush her teeth before sleep.
“you need coffee?” she asked as it was very awkward; them not talking.
“No ..thank you.” came the one line.
“you seem busy.” she asked hesitantly.
“yeah, a new project has come, was checking the details.”and finally he looked to her.
“you are going to sleep ?” he asked and she sensed he did not want that ,an unknown boldness surged within her and pulling the dressing stool she sat in front of him.
“we can talk…right?”she asked looking to his face.
“not today…tomorrow is a big day for you.” and he tried concentrating on the screen.
“every day is a big day for us if we are comfortable .. i sensed in evening but waited for you to say.” she said and waited for him.
“okay, come with me.” he said getting up and moving to the balcony.
“so what’s the big deal, she wants you to come in her wedding…” she didn’t understand why this invitation troubled him.
“I don’t know why but i don’t feel okay… i had forgotten this chapter and thought she too would have but she remembered.” he said looking away.
“well, girls don’t forget easily…but i feel you should go. maybe she wants you to come for the friendship you shared once.” she again didn’t see any harm in it.
and without saying a word he extended the WhatsApp msg..
though i wanted that someone to be you.
and this line was all she needed to understand his trouble.
“but still you should go.” she said after a while.
“then you too are coming with me.” he declared.
and she wanted to go with him, perhaps it was the past she wanted to see or perhaps it was the future she wanted every minute with him.
“okay, now lets sleep.” she said turning to the door.
“thank you krishna.” he was relieved and in response she smiled.
“Nervous !” he asked as their car stopped to the tall building with the big sign of PLUS.
“little.. she said exhaling the air.
“do you want me to come with you?” he asked after they came out.
“no, i will manage.”she said seeing the crowd of patients, people and students around the hospital.
“call me as you get free, i will pick you up.” he said wiping his shades and she stared him with a smile.
“what ? it’s your first day !” and he tried looking away.
“so ? which book said i can’t travel in rickshaw on my first day?” and the smile broadened as she neared him.
“well, yuvani’s.” and they laughed on that.
and pulling her into him he whispered,”don’t worry, everything will be good.”
“i hope so. now go.” she said aware of the eyes around them.
“okay ,see you in evening.” and she waited until his car disappeared.
“well, your academic records are great miss…sorry Mrs.Krishna- and for the first time she heard someone saying this and she felt dignified.
“you have experience in trauma cases ! well, it does not seem.” the man who was now her boss and a senior doctor said going through her papers and in response she nodded her head with a tight lip smile.
“alright then, I welcome you in this hospital… you will meet others in the corridor and Dr. saha, she will tell you your duties from now on.” and with that the man signed her joining letter and forwarded the paper for her to sign.
as she signed the papers she felt respite. she felt herself recognizable and she felt confident one more time.
leaving the cabin she shuffled through the bag for her phone to call her dad because he was the first person she was going to share her happiness.
but before her phone something actually some paper touched her fingers and she didn’t remember keeping it there.
thinking to see it later she called her dad and with his blessings the new life started.
“it was not that tough, i feel as time will pass work load will increase.” she answered taking out her phone and putting the bag on the backseat.
“how was your day?” she asked as she activated her phone.
“it was so so.. a new project has come and that means again late night shifts.” he said ruffling his hairs.
“you need a hair cut.” she pointed.
“hmmm.” he hummed as they stopped for the red light.
“you didn’t eat in morning !” he was surprised for the extended bite of chocolate.
“no, thought to share with someone.” she said casually and he waited for her next response.
“you know a few days back, I have lost one of my drawings…”she started opening her phone lock.
“did you get that?” and he smiled starting the engine.
“yeah.. suddenly it was in my bag this morning and.. ” she paused.
“and … he smirked as they sped through the setting Sun.
“and it turned out my drawing has become more beautiful.” she answered concentrating on her phone.
“really… then i feel your drawings should always get lost for sometime and then return with more beauty, what say?” he asked turning the radio On.
“why didn’t you give me earlier. It is so beautiful.” she said turning to him.
“you liked ?” he asked slowing for the breakers.
“anyone would love.” she said confidently. “i did not know my husband does this beautiful poetry, any girl would fall for him.”
“so someone is accepting they have fallen for me.” he got the chance.
and she fell silent for a split second but in the next second..
“maybe or maybe not…by the way i was talking about Any other girl not about Me.” and she pouted cutely.
“really.. then i should meet him.” he too played along.
“okay.. i will arrange something. But he is super busy right now.”
and with the hearty laughs ,stolen shy smiles the journey to home came to an end.
Silence was being uncomfortable with him, silence was not being able to laugh frankly with him, silence was the fear of being judged by him and the day all the barriers broken… Silence too was broken.
hello everyone..I know I took much time but i have told you about me being busy so wont sing about that again.
on the another note, I am thinking to finish BTS before 10 June or maybe this week as time get ready for the final note…
a little heads up , first – it will be a full romantic chapter cause i miss romance, second- it will have a little poetry, of mine off course. but the full version will be available only on Wattpad (sorry but i am concerned about my work, hope you understand) and as i love surprises so one surprise too will be there.
Now i hope you like the chapter, i will be waiting for your response.
stay happy and healthy
with love Morusya.

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  1. Morusya51

    hey guys, i forgot to add the link for previous chapters cause it is the tenth time i was trying to submit this chapter …
    but neverthless here is the link
    happy reading 🙂

  2. Fidato

    I was terribly missing your works …I mean books… You know when addicted to some drug we can’t leave so easily….???

    So…What I’d this new twist… An ex-gal friend…Wo bhi rejected…hmmm… Really liked their chit chat…On first day… Of course we felt dignified when you first hear it from someone else..?

    Anyway…This is one also.. touching… reality…Loved it…So much… Waiting for next…

    1. Morusya51

      sorry Fidato for being this late but what to say, i will try coming sooner this time 🙂 and Drug !!! god, you made my feet on stars.
      it is not the twist, what next chapter have was always pre-decided but yes this was something instantaneous ,i will try giving reason for it and No, she is not ex-girl friend… she is one person we all have at some point in our life and who are very strong.
      i am happy you liked it….love you too dear and i am gearing up for the final chapter 😉

  3. Palak_55

    wonderful update dear, and i liked today how krishna reacted as a understanding wife….really she didnt jealous, instead she tried to sooth sayyam….and also she started her journey for which she waiting too long . And today u reveal that secret of words on drawing paper….thanku so much , i was waiting for it so long….
    and their conversation was as usual the best part of the update…. 🙂

    1. Morusya51

      well, when there is nothing to be fearful about then wives are very understanding (i too think that way how she did ),
      yes, for me it is very important to show my characters strong cause more than the caring, loving and understanding i visualize them dignified and dignity comes when you are strong, independent and happy in your life..her dream was becoming a doctor and i can never show her sitting in house 🙂
      yes the secret of paper came out but it was always for the last chapter to see what was on the paper 😉

      love you dear and thanks to you too for liking them….haah,i am going to miss them.

  4. Fidato

    Please Please… Don’t say sorry… I can understand…. For a change…I commented first…I was always be the last one….?

    1. Morusya51

      oh yeah…i forgot to mention..thank you 🙂

  5. Muniya

    Awesome update dear…
    Loved it.
    But the next one is last one…that makes me sad.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you Muniya.. yeah next one makes me sad too but i need to finish it to complete others and come with new … love you dear.

  6. So superb and amazing update loved it so much waited for ur update from long time. One chapter is there I’m so sad that this ff is ending I loved it so much from it so different concept and ur writing scenes just awesome can’t describe in words

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Sravya i am happy you liked it..i was busy dear and i apologise for that but next chapter will be sooner this time though it will be the final.
      and keep showering you love on them girl cause after this the other ff will start which i had kept on hold.
      love you ❤❤❤

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