Breaking my ties with you…. Part 7

Scene shows Riddhima resting staring a huge building.
Someone came and sat besides her,
Voice : “Your shoulders will get strained. You can rest your head on my shoulders even now”,
Riddhima softly smiled at that. And holding his arm tight rested her head over his shoulders.
Riddhima : “I will always do that “,
Closing her eyes,
Riddhima: “Thanks for always being there for me Kabir.”
Kabir: I dont need thanks. But something else.
Riddhima: And whats that
Kabir: Move on
Riddhima: Kabir….
Sitting back straight.
“I need some time to recollect my fragments and build back the same Riddhima, and I think my life will go on in that”,she said sarcastically chuckling.
“Not everyone will understand her Kabir. Not everyone will know that her eyes are not gazing these buildings, but the clouds above them”,said Reema.
Riddhima : Now that’s my sweet sis
“And what about me”,said Ranbir,clasping his arms around Riddhima’s shoulders from back.
“My Ranbir is the most sweetest kid ” said Riddhima kissing his small hands,which seemed to be of a 4 year kid.
Ranbir: Mausi click my photograph with mom and dad
Kabir: Take your masi too in photo
Ranbir: No dad…just you me and mom. With Masi I will take selfies.
Riddhima insisted to let it be And then clicked the trio’s family pic.

“Are you sure about shifting?
Riddhima nodded her head and then smiled to hold her tears,said
“Di, you know how possessive I am towards the home.It has our every memory …for which am yet alive. Thats the reason I stayed in this city even after …di its good that you and Kabir have decided to shift here. I can go anywhere now…knowing that our home is safe.”
Reema: I am lucky to have Kabir.
Riddhima: Indeed. Indeed Di…and you know what. I can see the happiness of your face in his eyes.
Reema smiled .

Riddhima then got out of car and laid down and back seat with Ranbir . Kabir sat and drove.

A lone tear escaped from her eyes because she was feeling relaxed after a really long time.

Vansh reached at the dining hall.

Uma:Come sit Vansh ..
Vansh:No mom I just came to tell I wont have anything.
Uma: Vansh..please sit. See Ishani and Angre have come.
Vansh stil left.
After sometime
Angre reached Vansh’s room.
“Till when will you keep spending your life on this wine?”,asked Angre.
Vansh: “Now dont tell about it to Ishani. She would be tensed”
Angre seated himself in front of him and stared at the room.
Angre: So finally you accepted to move on.
V: From what
A: From Riddhima’s memories.
Vansh stood up. And removed the curtains above the bed’ headboard.
There were Riddhima’s photographs.
Angre was stunned.
Vansh: She is my life. Never ever think that I will move on from her memories.
Angre stood up as he couldnt believe.
A:So what is all this marriage with Anikka
V: To break her. To break Riddhima to the core…(turning towards Angre,Angre could see the obsession in his eyes) that she will have to return to me.
Angre was dumbstruck ,
Vansh : You know…when you..fear…that you are going to lose something that is that time you realise…that you need that person to stay alive.It is at that time….when you…when you cry…you break down ..and every fragment just …just utter the name of your love. I want the same to happen with Riddhima . Just one call Angre…just one call from her side and I …I will make her Mrs Vansh Raisinghania again.
Dont think that I dont break seeing her pain ,her ever yelp, stabs my soul. But its needed yaar…its needed…

To be continued.

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