Breaking my ties with you…. Part 6

Scene shows Riddhima and Anikka sitting at the cafeteria of city mall.
Anikka who was busy having her favourite delicacies,
Anikka: Riddhima ,you were so voracious. Why so much changed now?
Signing towards the lemonade Riddhima was having.
“Have you chosen a boy…dieting to impress him”?,said Anikka.
Vansh who just reached there listened to it and felt a jerk.
Riddhima softly smiled ,and said
“Ab man nahi karta….”
Anikka felt sad for her and then her sight got affixed on Vansh.
Riddhima turned to see.
Anikka went and clasped her arms around him tightly. Riddhima turned back.
“Riddhima I am sorry…sorry na jaan I know …I know I am late but …”said Vansh.
“No ! You are always so late. ,said Riddhima with childish expressions.
Vansh held his ears and did ups and downs .
Riddhima finally laughed .
Then they both went inside the same mall.”
Flashback ended ,back to reality she was seeing different Vansh.
After sometime as they were standing at the shopping place,
Anikka came out of trial room in beautiful white gown.
Swirling she asked Vansh if he liked that?
Riddhima could imagine herself at the same place when Vansh used to say words of love and praise to her.But how shallow those words were,she was realising today.
Vansh denied.
Anikka went with second dress to change.
Again she came out, Vansh again denied.
“Riddhima you help me yaar…”cried Anikka.
Riddhima went forward,”He dont like shimmers much. Keep it simple…(choosing a dress) try this one. This velvet design is what he loves the most”
Anikka was shocked while Vansh was smirking.
“How do you know”
Riddhima was stunned by Anikka’s question.
Glanced at Vansh . He was smiling.
Riddhima felt embarrassed as how she so easily fell weak in front of him.
Riddhima: ” I ..just thought any boy would like this.
Anikka:Do you like this Vansh?
Vansh:I love it.
Riddhima turned her eyes away from him.
Words were echoing with past words.
He said it earlier too.
When she was standing in front of him in bridal.
His words were same at that time too.
When they headed towards the groom section,Riddhima denied a lot but Anikka, she was stubborn.
But Riddhima stood with back facing them both ,trying to indulge herself in mobile.
Their laughs,their whispering talks,were stabbing her.
Anikka: “Riddhi or blue?”
Flashback showed Riddhima choosing black for Vansh and praising him that he looks best in black.
Back to present ,
“Blue” said Riddhima.
Vansh went for changing.
When he came back he heard Riddhima telling Anikka that she is shifting to US next month.
“You have your parents home here ”
Said Vansh loudly.
Seeing both girl’s eyes he understood he should not have said. But it’s fine for him. He was not at all scared about Anikka knowing it.

Precap: Anikka went in Vansh’s room with cake. She found Riddhima’s photographs all over the wall.

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