Break up along with reunion

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I remember the last time we met,
Not even a single gaze of u I could get,
For once, I wanted u to look in my eyes,
To see if my promises were lies.

After scolding and saying goodbye u went,
Not thinking what ur presence meant,
My heart was wounded, it was a gift u sent,
Loving and getting hurt is a new trend.

I went on my knees begging u not to go,
U pushed me away and nodded in a no,
I looked at u with teary eyes,
My heart kept asking why u did so?

U said that my tears are fake,
Better don’t shed a lake,
U r a gold digger no one wants to take,
Go away for God’s sake.

With this I went numb,
For leaving me like this, I will prove u r dumb,
I wished u good luck showing my thumb,
My heart said u will again come.

Years passed by with this break up,
But the broken pieces of my heart didn’t patch up,
Not even for once I got a hiccup,
How did u so easily gave up?

Walking down the road I was going somewhere,
I saw u were standing there,
Meeting eyes with u was a dare,
This was something happened when I was unaware.

U said sorry and pleaded with your eyes,
Then I recalled all your lies,
Then I took a deep sigh,
I said don’t keep ur hopes high.

I tried to run but u held my hand,
And made me wear a friendship band,
U said if not lovers can we be friends?
I nodded in a no, my eyes were fully drenched.

I said do u know what leaving u meant?
Look in my eyes, these are the tears I held.
Somewhere these words made him melt,
He wiped her tears and knelt.

Forgive me, he said pleading,
Her heart again started bleeding,
She laughed sarcastically and asked what r u getting?
Go away and find a girl of ur matching.

He broke down hearing this,
He said do u know how much u were missed?
He hugged her cryingly for a while,
With this, she got a faint smile.

She hugged him back happily,
This moment felt heavenly,
They both went smilingly,
And promised to stay together loyally.

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  1. HEY
    The poem was awesome it expressed the story very wonderfully
    Post the next ff or something amazing like this again
    Take care

    1. Salley145

      Thnx dear, which couple do u like?

      1. Basically I am an fan of kabir and saanchi who were in sdch which and it’s last episode on Saturday
        Your poem was on the page of sdch forums so saw it and read but still the poem was amazing

  2. AyeshaMuniya

    ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I felt I’m seeing the scenes in front of my eyes. beautiful.

  3. asusual nyc di i am also kanchi fan write something in kanchi pair also di tc ???

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  5. AAYU

    The poem was very thoughtful and amazing
    Loved it dear

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