BrahmaRakshas 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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BrahmaRakshas 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini returns home shivering after Raina saves her from Brahmarakshas. Naina gives her water. Mohini says no. Rishab comes and consoles her. Mohini says if Raina would not have saved her, Brahmarakshas would have killed her. In the jungle, Yug fights with villagers for silly reason. Nalin interferes and stops Yug. Sarpanch says good he stopped these youngsters and asks how will they tackle Brahmarakshas now. Nalin says they have to consut Kanakarajj swamiji. Yug says they should spread kamal, rajgira, and holy ash around all houses to protect villagers.

Raina consoles Mohini and calms her down. They talk about brahmarakshas. Daadi bua enters and asks what about Brahmarakshas why everyone is talking about it. Kiara says she will explain. Daadi sees mangalsutra in her neck and asks when did she marry. Kiara says she married Rishab. Daadi asks what is happening in this house and calls Mohini and Rishab. Rishab comes and Daadi asks how can he remarry when Raina is presennt. He says he married to save maa/Mohini as Modi had a company and Kiara’s father had heavily invested in her company, company failed and maa has to repay huge debt to Kiara’s father, so Nalin insisted him to marry Kiara. Daadi asks how can he, if he does not love Raina. He says yes.

Aditya with vilagers and Ved distribute rajgira, kamal, and holy ash to villagers. They see a hut in jungle and ask Aditya asks what is it. Villagers say it must be hunter’s hut. Aditya asks them to give rajgira, kamal, and holy ash to them also and they leave. He sees a precious mobile on ground and thinks this must be his family’s member’s as villagers cannot have such a costly phone. He picks it, tries to switch it on and keeps in car thinking Ved may switch it on. Villagers call him and he goes to talk. Ved returns and Aditya shows him mobie. Ved asks why did he pick unknown mobile, it may blast. Aditya says must be their family member’s. Ved says let us take it home and recharge.

Rishab tells Daadi that he will go to city and work hard and repay maa’s loan. Daadi gets emotional and says he son used to speak like him and always used to succeed in his goal. Rishab wipes her tears. Daadi says he should convince Raina and never leave her. He says Raina does not listen to him at all, there is no use. Raina enters and hearing last sentence says she will go now. Daadi insists her to stay back as she came here just now.

Raina packs Mohini’s medicine doses in packets after each meal and gives it to Mohini and says she came back for her. Mohini emotionally says she wants her daughter and bahu to be with her always, if not for her sake, at least for Rishab’s sake Raina says even she does not want to leave Rishab, but he is already married to Kiara. She tells that she will stay with her only as her daughter. Mohini sees chandalier glass falling on Raina and on time pushes her away. Glass fall on floor and they both fall o bit aside. Rishab and Daadi gather and get worried. They ask how did it happen. Raina says Brahmarakshas must have done it. Daadi asks Raina to take Mohini to her room and let her rest.

A masked person meets Kanakaraj swamiji who gives her/him taweez for Brahmarakshas and this rajgira, kamal, holy ash will not work on Brahmarakshas, but if he looks into mirror, he will get afraid of his own image. He also gives her/him taweez and says this will protect her from Brahmarakshas. He/she leaves.

Raina and Rishab take Mohini to her room. Mohini gives her bangle to Raina and insist to keep it as her gift. Raina resists, but agrees finally. She walks to her room thinking if she should wear it or not. She tries to wear it and it falls down. Rishab comes and picks it and dorns it on her hand.

Shivam walks in jungle thinking if he kills Brahmarakshas, Rishab will leave this village and then he can he with Raina always. Few armed men search Brahmarakshas in jungle and tell villager that they want to catch Brahmarakshas as someone will pay them heavy amount and will research on him. Shivam hears their conversation and walks in front of them. Men holds gun on him. He asks villagers to tell who he is and tells he can catch Brahmarakshas for them and they should promise that they will take Brahmarakshas far away and only use him for research. They agree and take him to their boss Sheikhs who say same. He brings and fixes Kanakaraj swamiji’s trishul and says this is his guru’s trishul. He applies Brahmarakshas’ blood on trishul and orders Brahmarakshas to come in front of him. Trishul glows. Brahmarakshas wakes up and walks towards him. Raina on the other side sees Rishab missing and goes to jungle to search him. Brahmarakshas breaks tree walking on the way angrily. Raina walks on the same path and sees Brahmarakshas’ foot steps. She gets worried for Rishab and finds his watch on floor. She gets more worried and calls Rishab. Rishab comes and shuts her mouth and asks to calm down. She worriedly hugs him and says she got worried for him. Brahmarakshas walks in front of glowing trishul. Shivam asks vilagers to throw net on Brahmarakshas. They throw net, catch Brahmarakshas, and take him in a truck. Rishab and Raina see bright light and rush toward the spot and see lots of mirrors around. Raina sees Brahmarakshas’ blood on ground and shows it to Rishab. Swamiji’s parrot watches everything and flies to inform Swamiji.

Masked person meets Kanakaraj who tells Brahmarakshas cannot go far away from them and he will call Brahmarakshas back. His parrot comes and informs him about Brahmarakshas being kidnapped by people. He sits in havan to bring Brahmarakshas back.

Next day, villagers celebrate after getting rid of Brahmarakshas. Lakhan thanks Shivam and praises that Phuli did right by sending him to learn Brahmarakshas vidya/knowledge. Rishab comes and asks how did he catch Brahmarakshas. Shivam taunts if he is jealous that he did the think which he could not do. Rishab says Brahmarakshas killed his sister and he wants to take revenge. Shivam asks him to leave and let him enjoy his success party.

Brahmarakshas is seen in cage roaring, in lab. Researchers discuss how powerful Brahmarakshas is. Senior says he wants to touch and feel Brahmarakshas. Junior says Brahmarakshas is very dangerous. Sheikhs come and order senior to do his research on Brahmarakshas and give them results as they want lakhs of Brahmarakshas in their army. Junior tries to give injection to Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas holds his neck and lifts him. Senior gives injetion and Brahmarakshas gets unconscious.

Aditya tries to switch on mobile after whole night’s research, but it does not. Ved says he should not have brought it. Aditya says it must be their family member’s. Ved says he will ask family directly. Aditya says no. Ved says it is piece of junk now. Aditya throws it in dustbin. It switches on and plays a video where Rakhi tells masked person that she thought Brahmarakshas brought her here, but she was wrong. Aditya sees video and is shocked to see masked person’s face.

Precap: Kanakaraj gives taweez to masked person and asks to give to Brahmarakshas, it will get Brahmarakshas’ powers back and will be under his/her control. Brahmarakshas is seen roaring, but with taweez in his hand falls down in front of masked person.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 3veni

    the masked person is mohini…i dnt believe ittttt…….

  2. yes you are right.I also have the same doubt.

  3. Nice episode waiting for Rishaina’s union.

  4. 3veni

    why aren’t anyone commentinggg..??

  5. 3veni

    is anyone have any idea??whyy mohini is dng all dis….she alsoo kidnapped her own daughter…nd acted infront of alll….it’s reallyyy a very big mystery…nd i have a doubt..when sanjay brahmarakshas dead his soul was taken into one bottle byy someone..i think it’s mohini..den widout his soul how can he again woke up??

    1. Mona146

      guess what he used to vanish sometimes as well. But now they can catch him and experiment on him as well. Hillarious isnt it?

      1. 3veni

        hahahaha trueee…nd did u watched today’s episodee..all d mysteries are disclosed in todays’s episode…reallyy feeling veryyy bad for rakhi….

  6. Hi nazneen, 3veni,ronisha… hru all …. yea to 3 veni tht is very bad mohini doing it that way…..

  7. Hi gungun wru nt commenting…..

  8. Hi nazneen sry for late reply i didnt c ur msg…. i am from hyderabad …. am wrkng in MNC…. am a big fan of ekta kapoor actually ?… this might hv sounded weird ?… i love watching her serials…. this is all about me

  9. Yes nazneen dunno y naagin is on top brahmarakhas shudctop charts u know… naagin one was gud this 2 is so bad same story repeating….

  10. And also guys i heard a news saying brahmarakshas is going off air in february 2017 ???…. am so sad hearing it ABP news channel published it

  11. : Here comes a bad news for ‘Brahmarakshas’ fans! The show which has glued audience to their TV screens from day one is all set to go off air.

    According to the reports of Saas Bahu Aur Saazish, Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show might shut down in February 2017. Apparently, the cast and crew are working hard to wrap up the shoot by January.

    1. 3veni

      oh noo it’s reallyyy soo sad…why are dey closing d show….reallyy too bad….sooo pinku u r frm hyderabad iam frm vijayawada…nyc to see a telugu fan of brahmarakshas…hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      1. Mona146

        I dont like the serial much but like rishab-raina bonding. Im telugu too.

  12. This serial is very interesting now…..

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