Bound To You – Chapter 5 – Denial

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“What? How is this even possible?” asked Riddhima in utter shock. “It’s absolutely unfair that you’re sacking me from my job for no fault of mine!”

“We’re really sorry Riddhima, but we have no other option left,” said Dr. Sid, the Chief Administrator of Apex Hospital, where Riddhima worked at. “Try to understand our predicament. It’s a matter of the hospital’s prestige and honour.”

Riddhima dug her head into her hands. “That patient is lying blatantly! I never happened to even see him, let alone treat him. Then how on earth can he file a case of negligence on me?”

Dr. Sid looked at her sympathetically. “I’m sorry Riddhima. I trust you but as of now, all evidences lie against you. We cannot afford a bad name to be attached to the hospital. I spoke to the the Dean, and he says it is in the best interest of the hospital that we are forced to sack you.”

Riddhima could not understand anything. Within a short span of three days, her life had turned upside down. She had lost her house and her job, both. And not only that, but she could also lose her medical license after which she would never be able to practice anywhere.

As she left her boss’s cabin, she realised who it could be who was doing this with her. The devil himself – Vansh Raisinghania. She knew that he could go to any lengths to exact his revenge from her, even if that meant trapping her in a false case.

She struck her fist on a wall in anger. Kabir had said that it would take at least a week to move to a new city. But how could she possibly evade Vansh’s wrath for a whole week?

Angre had never seen this side of Vansh before. Not only was he smiling away, but right now he was at a mall shopping for some toys!

“Ok, remote control cars and toy guns for Reyansh, and dolls and teddies for Rhea! And what else do we need?” said Vansh excitedly looking all around him. “Oh yeah, balloons of course! Uhm Angre, do you know what else do kids generally like?”

Angre scratched his head. “Sorry Boss, but I’m not married nor a father yet. So how would I know?”

“Never mind. But did you make all the arrangements I had asked for?”

“Don’t worry Boss. The house has been decorated and the bedroom for the kids has been arranged too. Chocolates, pizzas, candies, cakes, burgers have also been ordered. Anything else?” asked Angre.

Vansh glanced at his watch and got a little worried. “Rhea and Reyansh can be home any minute. It’s important that I’m there at home to welcome them.”
With a faraway look in his eyes he continued, “I just cannot wait to carry them in my arms and hold them in my lap. I will do everything and anything for them. If they were to ask, I would even lay down the moon and the stars in front of them. I’ll give them so much love, that they’ll never be able to even miss their mother.”

Rhea and Reyansh were back in the garden just like yesterday, but today they were playing a game of hide and seek. Their mother was also supposed to play with them, but she suddenly got a call and had to go to the hospital urgently. Their bodyguard was there in the garden too, half monitoring the kids, and half flirting with a random woman.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a piggy by the toe. If he hollers, let him go. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!
Reyansh, you are the ‘Den’ and I get to hide. Close your eyes and count till ten. And no cheating, okay?” said Rhea.

Reyansh never cheated. Nor did he ever lie. Those were part of Rhea’s antiques, yet she was the one lecturing about it to him.

“Eight, nine and ten, here I come!” said Reyansh opening his eyes and looking around him. He tried to look for Rhea behind every bush and tree, but she was nowhere to be found.
A little distance away, he saw an old dilapidated van. Even though Rhea was crouching inside it, he could still spot her signature ponytail.

He sneakily went upto the van and climbed into it. “Caught you!” he screamed and Rhea started giggling. As he said that, the door of the van suddenly got shut. And before they could know what was happening, the van started moving.
“Help, help!” The kids shouted, but the tightly shut windows did not let their voices reach the bodyguard, who cluelessly continued to flirt with his newfound ladylove.
When Vansh reached his house, he was in for a little surprise. There in front of him stood Anupriya, his stepmother, and his step-siblings Aryan and Sia.
“Surprise!” they said happily in unison.

“What are you guys doing over here?” asked Vansh looking visibly annoyed.

“C’mon Bhai, two days later is your birthday!” said Aryan. “So we thought why don’t we come all the way to Shimla to give you a surprise?”

“You can forget your birthday, but not us!” chirped in Sia. “You thought you could lie to us about being in Switzerland, but we are also one step ahead of you. We soon found out through Angre that you are actually in Shimla. Plus, Mom was also missing you a lot.”

Angre nervously rubbed the sweat off his forehead as Vansh stared at him furiously.

Anupriya looked at Vansh up and down and found balloons and gifts in his hands. “What are those for?” she asked skeptically.

Before Vansh could say anything, there was a screeching sound of a vehicle followed by the cries of children.

“Rhea and Reyansh…they are here.” Vansh mumbled to himself and headed outside hurriedly.
What he saw made his blood boil in anger. “How dare you raise a hand on my children!” growled Vansh.

The driver tried to explain. “I wasn’t hitting them, just trying to scare them off when they started beating me…..”

“Shut up and get lost!” said Vansh. The driver quivered away in fright.

The children tried to make a run, but Vansh caught them just in time.
“Where do you think you are going, sweeties?” he asked smiling.

“We want to go back to our Mumma,” said Reyansh. “That bad man forcefully got us here, so that’s why we tried to hit him.”

Vansh kneeled down to their level. “And what about your Papa? Don’t you ever want to meet him?”

Reyansh and Rhea looked at each other. “But we don’t know where our Papa lives. Mumma told us that he stays in some other city and cannot visit us since he’s stuck with some important work,” said Rhea.

Vansh clenched his fists in anger. So these were the lies that Riddhima had fed his children with. How dare she!

“But I know where your Papa is. And if you guys want, I can help you in meeting him,” said Vansh looking at them hopefully.

“Yes pleeeease,” said Rhea excitedly. “I never met Papa, and I don’t even know how he looks like. But sometimes, I really miss him a looooot.”

Vansh smiled and took a deep breath. “But now you won’t be missing him ever, because he is standing right in front of you. I am your Papa.”

Vansh waited for an answer but he got none. He had expected that both the kids would run upto him and pull him into a hug when he would disclose the truth about him being their father. But they continued to look at him in shock.

“You cannot be our Papa,” said Reyansh after sometime.

“Why not?” asked Vansh disappointedly.

“Because our Papa is Vansh,” said Reyansh.

Vansh looked at them joyfully. They knew their father’s name, they knew his name.
“Yes, my name is Vansh Raisinghania and I am only your Papa.”

“Nooo, you are lying!” screamed Rhea. “You are a very bad man. You snatched our house from us and troubled our Mumma a lot.”

Vansh felt very dejected. He had not expected such kind of reaction from his kids. “I am not lying. And I can prove it to you,” he said. “Just come with me inside for once.”

Saying this, he pulled the children by their arms into the house, and luckily for him, they did not create any tantrum.

“Angre, get me the wedding pictures ASAP,” ordered Vansh.

Angre nodded and went out of sight. Rhea and Reyansh sat on the sofa, side by side, scared of the new surroundings and unfamiliar people around them.

Vansh signalled Anupriya, Sia and Aryan towards a corner so that the children could not hear them.

“Vansh, what is going on? Those are your….your kids?” said Anupriya with tears in her eyes.

When Vansh looked up at them confused, Aryan put in, “Angre told us everything. I can’t believe that Riddhima hid such a big matter from you. But Bhai, are you sure they are your kids only? What if they are someone else’s…..?”

“Shut up Aryan!” snarled Vansh. “And next time keep that bitter tongue of yours in control. Or else, I won’t be able to keep my hands in control.”

“Vansh, just ignore Aryan. You know how he is. I am so happy for you.” Anupriya pulled Vansh into a tight hug. “They are Raisinghania family’s heirs. They deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Next it was Sia’s turn to congratulate Vansh. “Bhai, I’m so damn happy. I can’t believe that now I’m a Bua to not one, but two of them. And just look at them, how cute they are! I feel like eating those munchkins up!”

Anupriya signed Aryan. He apologised to Vansh. “I am really sorry Bhai. I shouldn’t have said all that. It’s just whenever I hear Riddhima’s name, all I can remember is her betrayal.”
Vansh flinched a bit on listening to this.
Aryan continued, “Anyways, congrats Bhai.”

Vansh looked on resignedly. “But they don’t seem to believe me yet. Don’t know if they’ll ever be able to even accept me.”

Anupriya reassured him. “They will Vansh. Just give them sometime.”

On the other hand, Reyansh and Rhea looked very nervous.

“I am feeling very scared,” said Rhea anxiously.

“Don’t worry Rhea. I am there with you,” said Reyansh holding his sister’s hand in his. He was feeling scared too, but he had to put on a brave face for her sake.

Just then, Vansh sat beside Reyansh, carrying an I-pad in his hand.
“Look at these photos where your mother and I got married,” said Vansh.

Reyansh looked at the picture in front of him intently. It was his mother, sitting in a red bridal attire and the scary Uncle dressed as the groom. They both looked happy together.

Reyansh swiped up and got to see some more photographs, and all of them had his Mumma and this Uncle together. Rhea looked at the pictures too, but by keeping a distance away. She didn’t want to get close to Vansh.

“See, I wasn’t lying,” said Vansh closely studying the children’s expressions. “Me and your mom got married for real, and that is how I am your father.”

Reyansh looked up at Vansh. “That means you really are my Papa?”

“Yes,” said Vansh emotionally. He spread his arms wide, waiting for Reyansh to hug him.

“I missed you so much Papa,” said Reyansh finally hugging him. “Please promise me that you will never leave me again.”

“I promise you,” Vansh cried softly. He gently kissed his son’s forehead and pulled him into a hug again. Through the corner of his eye, he could see Rhea sulking at them. He tried to hug her too, but she backed off.

“I want to go to my mother,” she started crying. “Take me to my Mumma. I miss her a lot.”

“Rhea listen to me once….” Vansh tried to say but Rhea was in no mood to listen. Like a taperecorder, she kept on repeating the same thing over and over again, until Vansh had had enough.
“Enough of this,” Vansh shouted. “Behave yourself properly, and no I wouldn’t take you to your mother who kept you away from me for so many years.”

At this, Rhea started shouting uncontrollably and started kicking her feet into the air. Reyansh tried to console her but it was of no use.

Suddenly, Rhea started turning blue, fell down to the ground, and started throwing seizures. Vansh was aghast to see this.
“Rhea….what ….happened…. to you?” he stammered not knowing what to do.

“Whenever Rhea doesn’t get her way, she holds her breath and this is what happens,” said Reyansh.

Vansh quickly picked up Rhea in his arms and shouted for help. “Angre, quickly call the doctor right away.”
“What the hell do you mean you lost the kids? I had been away for an hour or two only, and this is what happens in my absence?” said Riddhima angrily holding the bodyguard’s collar. She knew she was absolutely wrong to manhandle a man like that with the excuse of being a woman, but anger and worry often made a person to lose his senses.

The bodyguard hung his head in shame. “I am really sorry Madam. But within a few seconds, they disappeared.”

Riddhima let go of him and said to herself, “Vansh Raisinghania! It’s you again, isn’t it? Till now I was quiet, but now it’s about my kids, and now I won’t stay mum.”

Saying this, she got into her car and drove off.

Rhea lay motionlessly on the bed while the doctor examined her. Vansh looked on like a worried father. “Doctor, is she fine? Do we need to take her to a hospital or something?”

“There’s no need of that Mr. Raisinghania. Rhea is absolutely fine. Just tell me if something like this happened before?”

Vansh said, “Uhm, apparently yes.”

The doctor scowled at him. “What do you mean by ‘apparently’? Being her father, this is the least you should know about her.”

Vansh stayed quiet. The doctor continued, “What you just encountered was a breath holding spell, and it’s pretty normal for kids in this age to have them. Whenever such a child gets very emotional or angry, he starts holding his breath. After a few seconds of the spell, he recovers on his own but till then we have to make sure that the child doesn’t hurt himself and take basic precautions. Also, you should know that Rhea is not doing all this on purpose. It is her brain that is making her act like this involuntarily. After few years, she’ll grow out of this.”

“But Doctor, Rhea is still lying unconscious. Don’t you think it could be something serious?” asked Vansh.

“She is not unconscious. She’s just sleeping. With all that screaming and not breathing, she has become really tired. She’ll wake up after sometime,” assured the Doctor.

“Yes Papa, Doctor Aunty is right. After such a thing, Rhea always falls asleep,” Reyansh added in.

The doctor looked at the father-son duo and said, “Mr. Raisinghania, don’t mind me. I know you’re a very well known and busy person, but being a responsible father is more important than that. This little boy knows more about his sister than you do about your own daughter.
Anyways, I’m writing down this medicine which you are supposed to give to her daily at least for a month. And most importantly, always keep her happy. Make sure that you don’t shout at her or force her for anything too much. Even if she does some mischief or troubles you, you need to explain it to her with love and patience.”

Vansh asked a maid to look after the kids and went to meet Anupriya. “I don’t know anything about my daughter. What a horrible father I am!” said Vansh sadly. He put his head in her lap while she caressed it.

“It’s not your fault,” said Anupriya. “It is entirely Riddhima’s fault. How dare she keep the heirs of this family away from their own father? Don’t berate yourself.
But I’d also like to ask you to be calm with the children. You might be their father, but the truth is that you are nothing but a stranger to them as of now. They don’t know you at all. Give them sometime and allow them to get close to you.
Children are very sensitive, and we should ensure that we treat them very gently.”

Vansh nodded his head but just then he heard a voice behind him. “It’s Rhea. I think she woke up.”

When he went to see her, she was lying awake and Reyansh was offering a glass of water to her. “Here, take some Rhea. But drink it slowly like how Mumma used to say.”

“Let me help you,” said Vansh trying to make her drink.

“Please bring my Mumma for me,” Rhea said with tears in her eyes. “Please…..”

Vansh tried to wipe off her tears, but she didn’t let him touch her. Just then, they heard some commotion from downstairs.
He reassured the kids and went down to see what it was all about. There in front of him, stood Riddhima, her eyes blazing with anger.

She said, “Mr. Vansh Raisinghania! What do you think of yourself, huh? How dare you kidnap my kids and bring them over here? Where are they? Just tell me damn it!”

“Your kids, huh? They are my kids, whom you kept away from me for the past six years. Six years – do you even know how long six years is? My own kids don’t recognize me, don’t love, don’t accept me, and this is all because of you,” growled Vansh.

He stopped himself from saying anything more when he saw both the children running towards them.
“Mumma! Mumma!” The kids flung their arms around Riddhima.

Riddhima felt as if her life came back when she saw both of them safe and sound. She planted several kisses over them and said, “Are you both okay?”

When Anupriya saw Riddhima in front of her, she became very furious and wanted to intervene, but Vansh signalled her to remain quiet.

“Yes, but Rhea fell unconsus,” explained Reyansh.

Riddhima gave a short angry look to Vansh before turning back towards her children. “It’s not unconsus…’s un-con-scious. And Rhea, are you okay my child?”

“Yes Mumma, since you’ve come back I’m feeling very, very, very, very okay,” chuckled Rhea. Riddhima laughed softly.

Vansh looked at them. The kind of bond that Riddhima shared with her children, he wanted to have a similar bond with them too.
As he was lost in his thoughts, he felt a tiny hand hold his hand. When he turned around, it was Rhea.
“Sorry for speaking to you so rudely, Papa.”

Vansh could not believe what he just heard. She had called him Papa!

“And thank you Papa, for bringing my Mumma to me,” continued Rhea.

Vansh knelt down before her and caressed her face. This time, she let him touch her. “Anything for you my Princess. By the way, are you happy now?”

“Yes Papa, I am very happy,” Rhea said gleefully jumping around.

Riddhima cleared her throat. “Reyansh and Rhea, come on, it’s time to go back home.”

Before she could know it, Vansh held her hand tightly. “Not so soon sweetheart, not so soon. Let the kids mingle with the rest of the family, while WE have a talk in private,” he said with the same devilish glint in his eyes, that she used to fear.

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