Bound To You – Chapter 3 – The Meeting

Thank you so much for all the love. Really glad that you guys are enjoying the FF. Someone had told me that she is not clear with the characters. So here it goes :

1. Roshan is Riddhima’s younger brother. He is engaged to Ronita.

2. Rhea and Reyansh are Riddhima’s 6 year old twins. Vansh is their father, but he has no idea about their existence.

3. Kabir is neither Riddhima’s brother or boyfriend. He’s just a good friend trying to help her out.

For those of you who have missed the 2nd chapter, here is the link :

When Riddhima returned back home, Roshan observed that she looked pale and terrified.
“What’s the matter? Are you down with fever or something?” he asked.

“It’s Vansh….he’s here in Manali,” she said barely able to contain her breath. “Ask Kabir to come here right away. We need to chalk out a plan to escape!”

Roshan understood the urgency in her voice and immediately informed Kabir about the matter. Within 20 minutes, he was there at their house.

Kabir said, “Riddhima, are you sure that Vansh is in Manali? It could be very much possible that you’re imagining things, because my informers had told me that Vansh was currently in Switzerland.”

“You really think I’m hallucinating! Then what the hell is this?” said Riddhima throwing the two gold-plated VR emblems she had found in his direction. “I was so scared to even drive back home alone. Thank God I met Dr. Sid who was kind enough to drop me home.”

Kabir grew confused. “But how is this possible? My men even confirmed that they saw him in Switzerland, then how can he be at two different places simultaneously?”

“Kabir, you need to sack those men of yours because they aren’t even doing their job properly! Did your ‘men’ even get to have a proper look at that person’s face in Switzerland who is supposedly claiming to be Vansh Raisinghania?”

When Kabir gave her a I-don’t-understand-anything-you’re-saying-look, she said, “The person in Switzwrland must be a body double! I did tell you earlier that he uses a body double for special occasions.”

Kabir threw his hands over his head in exasperation. Vansh was too smart, way too smart.

“Kabir, I don’t know anything, but you should make immediate arrangements for us to move to a new city,” said Riddhima getting panicky. “We cannot afford to stay here any longer.”

Roshan who was quiet for all this time decided to budge in, “How many times would you try to run away from him? You’ve already changed two cities, how many more would you change? You have done nothing wrong and there is no reason why you should be feeling afraid. Vansh on the other hand, brutally murders innocent people, illegally peddles drugs and takes part in all kinds of illicit activities! He should be the one getting frightened, not us or you. I never had the chance of meeting him, but this time I’ll tackle him for you, Di.”

“Oh! So you think you can tackle an underworld don, when our very own Intelligence officers were unsuccessful in doing so?” said Riddhima looking pointedly at Kabir. “Vansh is a monster. If it was only about me, I wouldn’t have even cared a damn. But I cannot let him harm you, Roshan. And I also cannot let a criminal’s shadow fall over my children, even if it is their own biological father.”

“Do you think all this is easy Riddhima? Moving to a new city overnight?” said Kabir irritatedly. “It requires so much official work which takes atleast a week.
Vansh already knows about your place of work, so don’t you think he already knows about your place of home as well? He knows it, in fact I’m 100 percent sure that he’s even keeping an eye on this house. But do you know why he is still in hiding and is unable to come in front of you? Because of this extremely tight security around you which he can’t get past! That is the reason why he’s playing these cheap games to frighten you, just to satisfy his own wicked ego.”

Riddhima slumped down into the sofa, trying to process all of this into her already worried mind.

Kabir said softly, “I’m feeling so guilty right now, because it is all because of me that you are stuck up in this mess. I had promised you seven years back, that no matter what, I’ll always protect you and your family. And an honest officer of law keeps all his promises unto death.

“Boss, the security around Riddhima is way too tight, especially near her house. It’s nearly impossible to get past it,” said Angre.

Vansh laughed. “Isn’t it weird that they are giving her so much protection even after seven long years? Hell, I hadn’t expected that. Perhaps I had really underestimated our Intelligence system.

Well it does seem that we cannot go to meet Riddhima, but I don’t think there’ll be any problem if she comes to meet me herself.”

Saying this he dialled someone’s number. “I want this thing to be done by tomorrow morning at any cost. Or else, you know what the consequences would be.”

The next morning Riddhima was in for a rude shock when a notice waited for her at the doorstep. It read :

“What on earth is this? How can Chaudhary Uncle ask us to vacate the house at such a short notice?” Riddhima angrily grumbled to herself. Since he wasn’t lifting her calls up, she decided to personally go to his house and discuss the matter with him.

“Can we also come with you, pleeeeaase?” Rhea and Reyansh looked at her with pleading eyes.

Riddhima felt bad because she had shouted at them in the morning since they were pestering her to go to school. Until Vansh stayed in Manali, she had decided to not allow the kids to go anywhere by themselves, not even to school.

So, to make up for her stern behaviour, she decided to take Rhea and Reyansh also along. A bodyguard, assigned by Kabir, accompanied her too.

Once at Chaudhary Uncle’s house, he escorted her to a room while the bodyguard and the children stayed outside in the waiting area.

“We’ve been living in this house for 3 years, and never did we create any problems for you. We always paid the rent on time, and took great care of the house too. Then how could you do this to us?” said Riddhima.

Chaudhary, who owned Riddhima’s house, was an old man in his 60’s and spoke in a croaky voice. “It’s not in my hands actually. I sold that house to someone else, and the new owner wants that house to be vacated immediately. However, you can personally speak to him and try to convince him to give you some more time.”

She said, “Okay then. Give me his contact number and I’ll call him up.”

“You don’t need to. Because he is here itself.” Chaudhary pointed towards a high back chair facing away from them. Riddhima couldn’t see who was sitting on it.
Soon a tall, muscular man got up from the chair, but his back was still turned towards them.

When he turned around to face her, she realised that it was none other than Vansh himself! He smirked at her, and his eyes still had that devilish glint in them, just like how it was seven years ago.

Riddhima’s first instinct was to run away, but she was paralysed on seeing him and could barely move an inch. All the previous memories with him came back haunting her.

Vansh started inching closer to her, staring at her expressionless face intently. “Nice to meet you Riddhima, once again. How have you been doing? I wasn’t allowed to come to your house to meet you, so I thought why not make that very house as mine? Now, not even the smartest Intelligence officer can stop me from coming there.”

He waited for a reply, but when none came, he said, “Why are you so quiet now, sweetheart? Actually it’s good that way, because when a betrayer opens her mouth, she spits out nothing but plain lies.”

He continued, “What did you think? That you would decieve me and play such a big game with me, and I’d let you go off so easily? C’mon sweetheart! Say something, open that beautiful mouth of yours and speak to me GOD DAMN IT!”

Saying this he grabbed Riddhima’s hand, hoping for her to react. But she continued to stand still, still struck in stupor. Chaudhary tried to intervene but Vansh signalled him to keep his mouth shut.

Just then, the bodyguard and the children entered the room and saw Riddhima being intimidated by Vansh.

Reyansh reflexly came towards them and jerked off Vansh’s hand from Riddhima’s. “Don’t touch my Mumma,” he said angrily.

“Don’t trouble our mother, scary-looking Uncle,” said Rhea equally angry.

“Hey you better back off,” warned the bodyguard.

Vansh moved a step behind. He was shocked to see the children. And more than shock, he felt hurt. He started clapping his hands. “Whoa! So after making my life a living hell, you had the audacity to get married, and have kids too…..with that Kabir?”

Riddhima came back to her senses. Seeing how her children bravely supported her, she regained her lost strength. She also felt relieved that Vansh mistook the kids to be Kabir’s, and she decided to play along.

“It’s my wish whom I choose to marry and whom I decide to start a family with. Who are you to intervene?” she said sternly.

Vansh glared at her. “I want the house to be emptied within 24hrs.”

“Of course, I will. I myself wouldn’t want to stay at any place that is owned or in any way related to you.” Saying this, she grabbed Rhea and Reyansh’s hands, and walked away while the bodyguard followed her.

As Rhea and Reyansh were being led away by their mother, they turned around to look at Vansh for the last time. Vansh looked at them too, and felt something strange, but he could not explain why he was feeling that way.

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