“I , Manik malhothra here to receive best actor award of the year 2017 !!!Thank you so much people because no one ‘ll get this much love and affection in a year …. That’s really a short span of time !!!! Thank u so much for your love and support !!! Love u all !!! And I would like to say that behind every man ‘s success there ‘ll be a girl ‘s support and in my case yes !!! It’s my wife Nandhini manik malhothra who had tremendous faith in me !!! I would like to dedicate this award to her !!! Love u so much nandhini !!! with this I ‘m finishing my speech !!!  Once again Love u all guys and thank you for giving such an amazing opportunity to express my gratitude !!! ”

“Thank u so much sir for spending your valuable time with us !!!”

“It’s okay ma’am , I need to thank all of them !!! Without their support nothing would happen !!! With this I need to leave kindly excuse me !!!”

“Sure sir!!!”

With this manik swiftly left from that place .  He reached his house and went happily and opened his room only to find his lady love lying there with a ventilator support and many needles piercing her delicate skin. 

“You know what nandhini , today I won best actor award . I ‘m really on cloud nine right now !!! It’s all because of your love !!! ” With this he kissed her forehead and sat beside her caressing her hair and dozed off remembering his first meet with his lady love …. 


“Teju I love u , I really really love you !!!”

“I too love u varun !!!! Now no one can separate us !!!” With this teju and varun hugged each other  .

“Cut cut cut ….. Such a brilliant shot it was !!! Mind blowing !!! Keep it up both manik and nandhini”

“Thank u so much sir !!! ” Both thanked the director at the same time .

“Now let’s pack up for today !!! Tomorrow we ‘ll shoot by 5:00 am !!! Be on time !!!” With this the director left from there .

“Nandhini please listen to me !!! Why aren’t you seeing me ???”.

“Manik please leave my hand it’s paining !!!”

“Even my heart is paining nandhini !!!”

“See manik I ‘m Not interested in getting into a relationship with you !!!”

“Don’t lie nandhini !!! I can see love and affection in your eyes !!!”

“Leave me manik !!!” She freed her grip and left from there .

Nandhini sat in a bench and started crying , mukti , who is a close friend of nandhini neared her and nandhini hugged her in a reflex .

“For how many days will you hide your love Nandhu ??? It’s a year since manik proposed you !!!”

“What ‘ll I do muku ??? You know I ‘m a south Indian and manik is a north Indian and in my house they won’t allow intercaste marriage !!!”

“I don’t want to lose your love Nandhu !!! Think before you do !!!”

“Not every person in our heart ‘ll be there in our life !!! ”

“I can’t change you !!!”

“You can’t change dear !!!” Both hugged each other and laughed.


Nandhini reached home only to find out that all are gathered for her engagement . Before she could utter anything , her parents brought her down and asked her to exchange the ring with her groom .

After everyone left nandhini protested not to let her marriage happen without her permission.  Her father told that he saw her with a guy and he doesn’t want others to gossip because his daughter is a budding actress . Nandhini cried and ran from there .

Isha , Nandhu ‘s sister placed her hand on nandhini ‘s head and she bursted out . Isha hugged her and patted her back .

“Go to your love nandhini !!!”

“Akka ( dii )……!!!!

“Shhh !!! I know everything !!! I know u love manik sincerely !!! Go marry him and live happily !!! My blessings ‘ll be with you forever !!!”

“But appa (dad )???

“Naa samalichu kuren ( I ‘ll manage )!!!!”

“Thank u so much akka !!!! Love u !!!!” With this nandhini ran from there. .

Her father saw her running and followed her .

Nandhini took an auto and reached manik ‘s flat ….

Ding dong ding dong  ……

Manik opened the door and shocked to see nandhini there

“What are you doing here that too in this time ???”

“Please manik marry me !!! I really love you so much !!!! I was scared that my father won’t accept for this proposal !!! Now he fixed my marriage with someone !!! I don’t want to marry anyone else !!! Please marry me manik !!!”

“Don’t cry bacha !!! I ‘m here to take care !!! I ‘ll marry u !!! I ‘m really happy that I got my love !!!”

Nandhini ‘s father reached there and both were engrossed into the other that they didn’t see him .

Meanwhile here ,

” I ‘m really happy that u accepted my proposal !!!” He hugged her tightly .

“Now no one ‘ll separate us !!! Not even death !!!”

Nandhini ‘ s father took a rod nearby and neared them to smash manik ‘s head  . Nandhini sensed something and found her father there.  In a nick of time she pushed manik and that rod hit her head badly.

Manik couldn’t register anything at that moment . Taking this as an opportunity her father bet his abdomen with that rod. 

“Ahhhhh !!!! ” He screamed and then everything blackout.

He neared both and found them unconscious and sensing this he went from there. Manik  regained consciousness and neared her and placed her head on his lap and cried , “nandhini please don’t  close your eyes !!! See me !!!”

“Manik I know I won’t survive please marry me !!!”

Manik touched his abdomen and placed his hands on her hairline and filled it with blood.  “Now we are married nandhini !!!!”

“I couldn’t open my eyes manik !!!! Please promise me that u ‘ll be happy once I die !!!”.

“I ‘ll but before that promise me that u ‘ll never leave me !!!”

“Su…re……. “With this she closed her eyes !!!

“Nandhiiiniiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed his lung out  and turned unconscious.

2 days later manik woke up to find himself in the ward .

His muscles were in kind off  spasmic state   and he wasn’t able to walk properly.  With difficulty he neared doctor ‘s cabin and asked him , ” hello doctor !!! May I know what happened to nandhini !!!”

” How r u related to her ???”

” I ‘m her husband !!!” He replied instantly.

“I ‘m sorry to tell this !!! She slipped to coma !!!”

Manik ‘s world collapsed underneath.  He closed his mouth in shock . He couldn’t take that his lady love is brain dead !!! He nodded his head in no and limped towards her bed to find her lifelessly laid besides ventilator and those machines.

“Nandhini !!!!!!!!!! ” He shouted and hugged her and cried his heart out.

He woke up with a jerk and found nandhini standing in front of him with a million dollar smile that could melt anyone ‘s heart easily.

“Don’t cry manik !!! You told me that u ‘ll be happy nah ???”

“Yeah !!! Wait see !!! I wiped my tears !!!”

“Manik how long will u make me to suffer ??? I ‘m waiting for you and I ‘m here because of you !!! Only you manik !!!”.

He couldn’t gather words !!!!

She continued , “let’s go together manik !!! ”

He rubbed his eyes and couldn’t see nandhini there .

He then wiped off his tears and smiled loudly , “don’t think me bad nandhini !!!! I was so selfish nah ??? Selfish to your love !!! I was so addicted to your love that I didn’t leave you !!! I ‘m really bad nandhini !!!! You were there because of your promise not to leave me alone right !!!! Now even I ‘ll come with you !!!! I free you from this promise !!! Let us go together to heaven . Now let us leave from this cruel world !!! May be in next birth we ‘ll live in a place where there is no caste or religious craps etc etc etc !!!! I ‘m really sorry nandhini !!! ” With this he hugged his wife and laid beside her smiling remembering their marriage and love proposal and their happy times !!!!

Next day mukti went to their house and found both sleeping peacefully or to be precise both closed their eyes and a curve crept their lips. She didn’t find anything correct so she called cabir ,

Cabir ‘s POV ,

“I reached when mukti called me and I tried waking up manik when I found manik and nandhini cold. My stomach churned !!! I know they aren’t human anymore and we rushed and called doctor . Doctor examined them and announced them dead !!!”

End of his POV.

Mukti hugged him and cried bitterly.

Cabir side hugged her and whispered , ” I hope they live peacefully in heaven !!! Their love story ‘ll start there without anyone ‘s disturbance !!! Because true love never dies !!! All it can do is to delay it’s time !!!”


Uffff !!!! How was it guys ??? My first ever os on MaNAN !!! I have written many stories on -swaragini and kumkum bhagya !!! My first attempt on kaise the yaariyan and my MaNaN !!! Do tell your valuable comments and hit the star !!!

I got inspired from a short film and penned down my version !!!

Love u all !!!

Varshni .


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