Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 8

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Pragya: Boss! You still want to play with them?
Abhi after lunch was playing with the kids again in the playroom.

Pragya by then had cleaned up everything and came back to check on them.

Abhi: Yes! They had lunch and I also had lunch so it’s time to play!
Pragya: Please Boss, they need to sleep now. If u keep on play then when will they sleep?
Abhi looked sadly at his kids who were waiting for him to pass the ball.

Pragya: Pass the ball na…what is stopping you?
Abhi: It means I can continue to play with them?
He asked cheerfully.
Pragya: No way! Just one more round and that’s it. They need to sleep now.
She said firmly.

Abhi finished the last round of game and Pragya brought Abhigya first to make her sleep followed by Prabhi.

Abhi looked very sad seeing both of them sleeping.

Pragya: Arrey! Why are you looking as if they gone overseas?
Abhi: I was playing with them and u spoiled it!
He said with disappointment.

Pragya sitting down beside him: That means you only want to play with them?
Abhi: Haan! Do u know how badly I miss them?
Pragya in a mocking tone: In one day?
Abhi: Haan Boss! 24 hours which is 86400 seconds that I missed them!
Pragya: Oh Boss! When did u become so mathematical?
Abhi: Due to time I have changed!
Pragya: Time? Matlab?
Abhi looking at her: During the meeting yesterday, one of the businessman said nowadays it’s tough to continue their legacy.
Pragya: So?
Abhi: So it means nowadays kids don’t like to continue the business as their parents do. That means we should make our kids mathematical from young!
Pragya: Like seriously Boss? They are not even 1 year old, and u are thinking of making them mathematical!
She said by chuckling and giving a unbelievable look.

Abhi: I am serious! We should do it from now itself!
Pragya: Boss, they should do what they like and not what u like!
Abhi: But Pragya….
Pragya: I have to remind you that we have agreed earlier that at home I am the Boss!
Abhi: I know and at office, I am the Boss!
Pragya: I understand your worry Boss, but don’t worry as time goes by everything will be fine….
She said by leaning against his shoulder.
Abhi: You sure?
Pragya nodded her head with a smile.

Abhi: Ok Boss! Then let’s go to our room!
Pragya: Wait! Let Dadi and Dasi come first.
Abhi: Why?
Pragya: To take care of our kids…
Abhi: Oh ya…I totally forgot about that…
Pragya: Meanwhile, u can tell me about Mithra….
Abhi looked away in silence.
Pragya: Boss, you looking away and avoiding telling what u know about her will not be of any help.
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: Then better tell now!
He asked doubtfully.
Pragya: Yes Boss now itself, I assure you that I won’t get worried whatever the matter is.

Abhi taking a deep breath was about to tell when Dadi and Dasi came inside the room looking for them.

They asked them to go to their room as both look tired.

Abhi shrugged his shoulder and looked at Pragya. Pragya said she will be in their room as she have to check on their kids and talk to Dadi and Dasi first.

Abhi understood the situation and walked towards their room with the thoughts of the incident that changed their lives.


Abhi sitting beside Pragya and looked at Mithra with admiration who is opposite to them.

Pragya “May I know what is happening here?” Abhi still looking at Mithra, “Adorable!”

Pragya “Huh? Who?” Abhi “Mithz! Then who else?” Mithra hearing that blushed and looked down. Pragya “Acha…then we are not here to have lunch ah? By the way, who is ordering the food?” She demanded. Abhi “Oh I totally forgot about my hunger in the beauty in front of me!”
Pragya “You will forget but not me! Order it now!” Abhi frustratedly “Meri Ma, I will get you all the food in the restaurant! Is that ok?” Pragya “Yes my child, please save this hungry Ma!” She said in a sarcastic tone. Looking at their fights, Mithra could only smile inwardly. Abhi called the waiter and ordered for the lunch.

Pragya was waiting impatiently for the food to arrive and looked at Abhi who was still looking at Mithra.

Pragya pinched his hand but still there was no response.

Annoyed of his ignorance she took the glass of water and poured on his head.

Abhi “ Is it raining? Why is my head wet?” Mithra “ No…She poured water on your head!” Abhi shrieked “ Are you mad? How can you pour water on my head?” He said by wiping his head with the napkins there.

Pragya “ Mr Abhi, firstly this is not a open restaurant for u to get wet. Secondly, you were not aware of your surrounding and thirdly I have helped you to be alert now.” She said proudly looking at him.

Abhi “ These women are always like that!!” Pragya “ Look! This is my final warning to you! Don’t talk about women wrongly!”

Abhi “ I will talk like that! What will you do?” He asked by standing up and by now Pragya stood up and huffed in anger.

Mithra looking at this was clueless on how to control them. Other customers in the restaurant were also looking at their argument and some were laughing at it.

Pragya looked at the table to grab something to attack him. Abhi unable to control his anger, took her chasma away.

Pragya “ My chasma!! Give that back to me! I can’t see!” Mithra “ Please give that to her, how will she eat if she can’t see…” She said pleadingly.

Abhi “ For you only, I am giving her… Here you go Chasmish!” Pragya unable to see touched his chest thinking it as his hand.

Abhi “ Ms Pragya! That’s not my hand!!” He said that sternly and placed the chasma on her hands.

Pragya wearing it was at the peak of her anger.

Abhi sat down but Pragya didn’t. She felt like hitting his head but realized people over there are looking at her, which made her sat down as well.

Mithra looking at them asked “ How long do u know each other?” Abhi “ See Mithz, I am facing this torture from the day I join the company….” Pragya “ Same here!” She said by looking away.

Mithra “ That means it’s quite time u two know each other…” Abhi “ Yes but not long enough to stand each other!”

He said and then drank a glass of water to cool him down.

Pragya fumed in anger and said “ You tell me Mithra, how can he criticize women for whatever mistakes I do? Is it fair?” Mithra looking at Abhi “ Why do u do like that?” Abhi “ Don’t ask me Mithz! It’s just the way of me!” He said looking at Pragya.

Pragya “ Look how rude he is!” She said and frowned at him.

Mithra “ Well, the food is coming so please leave your fights aside now.”

Pragya’s face brightened and Abhi looking at that thought, How easily she forgets everything hearing about food.

Soon, everyone started to eat but Abhi was ogling at Mithra while eating.

Mithra was shy being constantly looked by him. She was keep on looking down and having her food with a smile.

Pragya noticing all this was finding it unbelievable.

Abhi “ So cute…” Pragya was now drinking the soup with a gulping sound. She thought he was talking about Mithra and ignored it.

Abhi placed his hand on her lap. Pragya was taken aback and looked at him with her eyes widely opened.

Abhi whispered “ You look cute when having soup! You face becomes like a balloon!”

Pragya whispered “ Take your hands off!” Abhi softly“ Why?” Pragya “ I feel like vomiting!” Abhi shrieked “ What?” He took his hands away and Pragya ran away to the washroom making Abhi and Mithra shocked.
Abhi looking at her running away, I still find her beautiful when she is running away from me!

He thought that and looked at Mithra who was standing up to leave.

Abhi “ Where are u going?” Mithra “ To check on her!” She said that and left.

Pragya in washroom washed her face and looked at the mirror.

Pragya, What is he thinking? Mostly he fights with me but now he is touching me! That day he grabbed my waist and then touched my nose but now touching my lap!

Mithra came in the washroom and asked if she is fine. Pragya said she is fine and they can leave by wiping her face with duppata.

Both came out and Abhi looking at them smiled widely.

Pragya, Who is he smiling at? At me or her?

Mithra blushed and looked down seeing him smile at her. Pragya seeing that was relieved that it was at Mithra and not at her.

With a bit of calmness, she faced him when he winked and she was surprised as Mithra was not looking at him that means he is winking at her!

Pragya, What is running in his mind? Anyways I don’t care as he is just my colleague!

By telling to herself that she came near Abhi and took her phone that was on the table.

Abhi with concern “ Are you okay?” Pragya just nodded her head and saw there was missed calls on her phone.

She excused herself and made a call.

Pragya after talking in phone came back to where Abhi and Mithra were.

Pragya “ Mr Abhi! We need to get back to work! And hope you remember that we need to leave this weekend to Pune for meeting!” She said sternly.

Abhi “ Chill! I know all that…we are going on flight right?” Pragya “ Yes!” Abhi pondered for a moment and looked at Mithra.

Abhi “ Why not we make it fun?” Pragya “ Fun?” Abhi “ Road trip! I have my jeep! All the three of us can go!” Pragya shook her head negatively and Mithra “ I have work! I can’t!” Abhi “ Please Mithz! I will pay the salary for the few days!” Pragya “ What are you thinking? We need to reach there on time, if not Uncle will be mad at us!”

Abhi “ I know…We can leave a day earlier than we are supposed to leave! It will be fun! Please Pragya!” Pragya corrected “ Ms Pragya!” Abhi “ Haan ya Ms Pragya please…Mithz also said she is coming with us!”

Pragya “ Did she said yes?” Mithra nodded her head as yes and Pragya found it unbelievable for her to trust him so fast.

Pragya remained silent and was thinking.

If I go with him alone then he might touch me again but if she is around then he will be flirting with her or talking with her. Even if we have fights, then Mithra will be there to calm us down. Only one thing is that he would irritate me by his constant conversation with her. That’s fine, I can somehow ignore it.

Abhi was looking at her and was hoping she would say yes.

Pragya “ Ok!” Abhi cheerfully “ Ok to road trip?” Pragya looking blankly “ Haan for that only, ok now let’s get going!”

Abhi “ Thank u so much!” He said excitedly but by then Pragya turned back and was heading towards the exit.

Pragya screamed: Boss!!!
Abhi came back to senses hearing her scream.

Abhi: What happened? Where are u?
Pragya: In the closet! Can u come in?
Abhi: Why you went there when I am here?
Pragya: Faster come in na…
Abhi: Ya coming!

Abhi tried to open the closet but it was locked from inside.

Abhi: It’s locked!
Pragya: Wait!
She said that and unlocked the door.
Abhi: What have you done? Why is it so messy?
Pragya: Look at me!
Abhi looked at her being covered with saree and was looking scared.
Abhi trying not to laugh: Where are you going? What is this new fashion? Covering saree like duppata ah?
Pragya: No Boss, I came here to take this saree for going out dinner tonight.
Abhi: Okay then what happened?
He asked by taking away the saree.
Pragya: Then he came…
Abhi in shock: Who? Who is the he?
Pragya in a shivering tone: He…
She said by pointing at a direction and Abhi saw a lizard where she pointed at.

Abhi: So u got scared of him and dropped all the clothes while running away from him?
Pragya nodded her head and hugged him.
Abhi: Oh Boss, he is there like so far and you are here now!
Pragya: I got so scared Boss!
Abhi: Ok, let’s go out, later we will come in and clear this mess…
Pragya breaking the hug: No I am not coming in again! She said and picked the saree and blouse from his hand.
Abhi saw her running away from the closet and he smiled at her as usual.

Abhi came out of the closet and saw her packing her bags.

Abhi: Why are u packing bags?
Pragya: I want to go somewhere far from u…
Abhi looking puzzled: Why?
Pragya looking at him: I am going to Uzbekistan.
Abhi in confusion: What? Why there?
Pragya: I said somewhere far from u na…
Abhi: Is it because Abhigya was saying Uzz uzz that day?
He asked in a teasing tone which made Pragya to stare at him furiously.

Pragya: I am going with Abhigya and Prabhi too!

Abhi coming near her stopped Pragya from further packing by holding her hands.

Pragya: Leave me! You have forgotten me in one day!
Abhi: Who said like that?
Pragya: I know you only miss our kids!
Abhi: I missed you badly too..
Pragya: No! You are just telling to pacify me!
Abhi hugged her and said: Why are u saying like this?
Pragya protested in his hug and he broke the hug to look at her.
Abhi saw her sitting on the bed and looking away.
He sat beside her and asked: Why are you behaving like this?
Pragya: Then what Boss? You never even tell me how much u missed me! You played with our kids then mention about Mithra too. You are even lost in your own thoughts! But do u even thought of me? No u didn’t!

Abhi smirked thinking of the Possessive Pragya taking over Pleasant Pragya now.

Pragya: There you see! You are smiling thinking of something else!
Abhi: No I smiled thinking of you!
Pragya: No you didn’t!
Abhi pushed her to lie on the bed and looked at her closely being on top of her.
Pragya: Get up! I am not happy with you! I want to go Uzbekistan!
Abhi: What is there in Uzbekistan that I can’t give you?
He asked seductively and Pragya was still in anger.

Pragya: I don’t know but my friend is there! He will take care of us!
Abhi: He?
Pragya: Haan what’s the matter in that?
Abhi: He will take care of you like me?
He asked by caressing her face with his stubble.
Pragya was flustered and was loss for words.

Abhi: Do you know how badly I missed you?
Pragya: Tell me!
Abhi: I will show you that but I need to give you something before that!
He said by moving away from her and reaching out for his luggage.

Pragya wondered what he wants to give her.
Abhi opening the luggage took out a gift box.
Pragya: Gift?
Abhi: No it’s a lift!
He said by chuckling.
Pragya sarcastically: Very funny Boss!
Abhi passed her the gift and she opened it eagerly to see what was it.
Pragya exclaimed: Boss! You bought this for me?
Abhi: u like it?
Pragya: I love it! You know I like this kind of key chains a lot!
She said that and kissed on his cheek.
Abhi: I know…you always used to have handmade keychains on your handbag.
Pragya smiled widely and hugged him.
Abhi: Now are u satisfied that I never forgot you?
Pragya: Hmm..can say so Boss, as u bought my favourite keychains!
She said and was shaking the keychains near his ear to annoy him with the sounds.
Abhi: Stop it! You are behaving like a kid now!
Pragya continued to do so when he pulled her towards him and made her sit on his lap. Abhi in a husky voice: Now….
Pragya: Now?
Abhi: I will show how much I missed you…
Pragya looked away in shyness when he said that.
Abhi: So much of shyness ah?
Pragya kept smiling and asked: Why? I can’t get shy ah?
Abhi: Not like that but you get shy as if this is our first time!
Pragya: I think every time as our first time.
Abhi: Arrey Boss, you sound very romantic.
Pragya smiled again and that’s when she heard the kids crying.

She quickly got up and said: Wrong timing Boss! I am going to check on them and u rest first.

She said it hurriedly and rushed out of the room to check on the kids.

Abhi grinned and took her saree which was beside him and placed it over him like a blanket.

Pragya standing beside Abhi: He is not like you! That’s very good!
Abhi: Excuse me, I asked him to do like this!
Pragya: Really Boss? You have that much of senses?
Abhi: Not really if not I wouldn’t have married you na…
Pragya: Then are u saying u married me being not in senses?
She stared at him and he looked away to smile.

To be continued….

Thank you everyone for reading and hope u all like this update too. I think I have replied everyone in the last update except for Saranya sis. As usual loads of thanks and love to u Saranya sis for reading and commenting!If I missed anyone I am sorry

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