Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 15

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New staff came towards Purab’s car and he was waiting for her by standing near the car. He felt as if a gentle breeze is blowing against his face as she was walking towards him with a wide smile.

New staff: Sir…
Purab was still in his dreamland of admiring her.
New staff shrieked: Sir!!!!
Purab came back to senses and New staff smirked.

Purab: Why did u shout?
New staff: To make u out of your imagination Sir…
She said as cute as he wanted.

Purab: Oh..ok shall we go?
New staff: Sure! Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the story.

With a lot of excitement she sat at the back seat of the car. Once again Purab was slightly disappointed that she is not sitting beside him.

Purab continued the story as he started to drive the car.

Abhi “ Finally you are here man!” Pragya “ You called him right?” She asked by looking at Abhi. Abhi “ Yes if not who will go for the meeting?” Pragya “ Oh right!” Abhi “ I had briefed him about the meeting details and also passed the files!” Pragya “ Files?” Abhi “ Haan the files that have the details…” He said casually. Pragya “ But they are in my luggage na….” Abhi grinned at her with a cunning look. Pragya “ What? U opened my bag without my permission!!!” She said angrily.

Purab “ Ms Pragya! Chill, this is not the time to get angry!” He said trying to calm her down but she couldn’t. She was keep on staring at Abhi.

Abhi “Come on! There was not any treasure that I have seen in your bag! It was all women’s stuff!” He said with a wink.

Pragya “ Stop it!” Abhi saw her breaking down into tears and running away from the ward. Abhi looking at Mithra and Purab “ What did I said that she is overreacting for this?” Purab “ You go and console her Abhi…” Abhi rushed behind her and she was standing at a corner near the pillar.

She was still weeping. Abhi “ Ms Pragya….”
Pragya never turned back and just said “ Go away!” Abhi “ I am sorry…I should have asked your permission but u were unconscious. I didn’t want to disturb you…” He said as genuine as he could.

Pragya “ Hmm…” Abhi “ What hmm?” Pragya “ It’s ok…I am always very sensitive about my belongings….I don’t like others to touch them or use them without my knowledge…..” Abhi smiled hearing that. She turned back and saw him smiling. Pragya “ Why are u smiling?” Abhi “ I am just wondering how would your future husband handle you! I mean by chance if someone touches him, most probably a girl with a casual hug then u will surely…..” Pragya “ I will surely kill her!” Abhi chuckled at her jealousy. Pragya “ Don’t laugh! I am very particular in this kind of matters! When a man is mine then he is only mine!”

Abhi “Okok Ms Pragya! I hope he will also be like u as it will make things better!” Pragya didn’t understand what he meant and walked away saying “ Let’s go back…”

New staff interrupted: She is very funny but I agree with her words.

Purab: You mean being very possessive about your belongings?

New staff: Of course Sir….not only my belongings but also about my man too.

Purab: Acha….point noted….
He said with a smirk and new staff quickly ask him to continue the story.

Mithra looked at Abhi and Pragya.

Mithra “ I am sorry because of me your work got affected….” Pragya “ Mithra, if anyone one of us got injured like you, we would not have continued the journey…” Abhi “ She is right Mithz…The fault is not yours na, I was the one who never drive properly….” He said sadly.

Purab “ Whatever happened had happened but now where are u all going to stay? And ya Pragya when are u intending to call and talk to Mithra’s parents?” Pragya “ She asked me to call in the evening as they are not at home at this time….” Abhi “ Ya but I never thought about where we will be staying!” Purab “ Abhi! I know my friend’s house is vacant, it will take a hour from here to reach there. Why not u all stay there?” Pragya with tensed face “ Stay with him?” She asked looking at Purab. Purab “ You all have no choice considering Mithra’s condition. You two have to take care of her until she recovers. Doctor said it’s not a fracture that will take very long to recover, if proper care is given to her”. Abhi “ Yes Ms Pragya…please agree to this…or u want to leave from here?” Pragya pondered for a while. Pragya “ Ok fine….I am staying as I know u won’t be able to take care of her alone!” She said directly looking at Abhi. It made Abhi feel annoyed.

Purab “Issue settled!”. Abhi still looked annoyed and simply nodded his head.

Abhi, I will teach u a lesson for underestimating me!

He thought to himself by looking at Pragya who was now talking to Mithra.

New staff: Wait! Wait! That means their love blossom at the house. Am I right?
She asked with excitement.

Purab: Yes darling…
New staff: Oh…
Purab: You are not saying anything when I am calling u as darling?
New staff: It’s okay…
Purab: It’s okay?
New staff impatiently: Ya it’s ok and how did they realize their love? How did that position happened?

Purab: Wait! Wait! Why are u rushing when I myself said to u before that I am speeding up the story?
New staff: Because we are reaching near my house!
Purab chuckling: Oh…
New staff: No Oh…Continue!!!

Purab: Yes but do u know Pragya had almost heart attack staying with him?
New staff: Heart attack? What happened? Surely Boss would have done something!
Purab: Yes he did…
New staff: What was that?

Purab smiled and continued:

Mithra was discharged and trio reached the house.

Pragya “ Your friend is also like you!” Abhi “ Why?” Pragya “ Look at the condition of this house! It looks like ghost house!” Abhi hearing that “ He said na this house had not been in use for few months…” Pragya “ Ya right but still are we here to clean when Mithra is in this condition?” Abhi “ Leave that to me, I will call people to clean it by today….” Pragya “ Do whatever u want we will be at there swimming pool there as only that place looks like clean enough”. She said by pushing the wheelchair where Mithra was sitting and Mithra “ Take care…”
Abhi “ So sweet of u Mithz…Take care too!”

Pragya “ First take care of this house!” She said sternly.

Abhi “ Ya ya and be under the shades as it’s quite hot outside…” Pragya smiled lightly at his concern and went off with Mithra.

Abhi looking around “ Purab! Is this how u help your friend???” He mumbled and was calling some cleaning service to have men to clean the house.

Pragya and Mithra were getting bored as time passed & Pragya decided to tease Abhi who was supervising the cleaning works of the men.

Mithra “’s a nice idea but then he will get irritated na…already he is busy and not even had anything until now…” Pragya “ Just for a while Mithra…for time pass!” Mithra tried to persuade her not to do this but she never listened to her.

Pragya called Abhi by signalling through the window. He never see her as he was busy in giving commands to the men to work faster and carefully. Her signal was wrongly misunderstood by one of the men there and he had wrong ideas.

Pragya was fed up as Abhi never noticed her and she went back to Mithra.

Mithra “ Did he got disturbed?” Pragya “ No! He never even see me! He is too busy in work!” She said with disappointment.

A while later, one of the men came towards them and said Abhi wants to see her.

Pragya believed him thinking that he is too busy to come and call her. She followed him and wondered why Abhi wants to meet her at the backyard of the house?

Man smirked and turned behind to look at her. Pragya cluelessly “ Where is he?” Man “ You called me just now!” Pragya “ What? I called u? When did I?” Man walking towards Pragya pulled her dupatta away and she shrieked “ What are u doing?” He covered her mouth with duppata and was trying to touch her in a wrong way and she was protesting for help. Just then Abhi knocked on his head strongly and pushed him down to the floor.

Pragya looked frightened at the sudden unexpected happening. She hugged Abhi and he asked her to stand aside.

Abhi pulling the man by his collar “ What is this ah? You want to touch her stomach right? First I touch u at u then we will see how u can touch her!” He said that and gave a punch at his stomach. Followed by kicks at the places he screamed in pain. By then hearing the sounds, the rest of the men and the supervisor had came trying to stop Abhi beating him more.

Abhi “ Hand over him to police! He was trying to misbehave with my wife!” He said it loudly making everyone startled and Pragya to be in shock.

They pulled him out from there leaving Abhi and Pragya alone.

Abhi “ Are u alright?” Pragya still looked shocked and he asked again loudly “ Are u alright??” Pragya in a low tone “ Haan…” Abhi “ Then let’s go….” He said and held her hands and brought her to the place where Mithra was. All the while Pragya was seeing him in a lost look.

New staff: Omg! There was action too! That was unexpected! But why does she have to be always face this kind of situation? Last time by the manager and now at the house…
Purab: I am also not sure about that but this time he saw the man misbehaving which made Abhi furious.

New staff: But last time she was able to beat and slap the manager na…
Purab: Now she was quite weak after accident and she was also clueless that something like this would happen…
New staff: Stupid men! Why always they have to see women in wrong way?
Purab: Not all men are like that!

New staff: Whatever! But I really feel most men are like this…
Purab: Hmm…Do u want to hear the heart attack moment?
He asked to divert her anger.

New staff: I thought Boss saying her as wife was the heart attack moment!
Purab: No yaar…he said that as he didn’t want to tell her as his friend in front of the men.
New staff: Why is that so?
Purab: I am not sure too…He said like this to me….
New staff: Strange…but what is the heart att ack moment?
Purab: It is when he…
New staff: When he?
Purab looked flustered of how to explain the scene.
Building up his courage he said: He hugged her inside the swimming pool.  
New staff jerked hearing that and just then both realized they reached near her house already.

New staff: Omg! Is it like kumkum bhagya where hero will save heroine from drowning together with the heroine’s sister?
She asked enthusiastically.

Purab smiling at her: No! It was an accident again. She slipped into the swimming pool.

New staff: Wait! U finish this part first then I will leave. No! Maybe u tell how she felt after hugged by Boss. I will hear the rest tomorrow!

Purab: Ok then fast forwarding a little in front.

Pragya restless by hiding inside the storeroom.

Pragya, How dare he!! How can he do like that? What if I had heart attack when he did that?

As she was thinking that Abhi opened the door which made her screamed and run around the room madly.

Abhi “ Will you stop! Mithz is resting!” Pragya was not listening and was continuously running around the room not to be near him. Abhi seeing that locked the door which made Pragya alarmed. Pragya “ What are u doing? How can u lock it? Open it now!”

Abhi “ Then stop running by pushing everything that u see!” She stopped running and was breathing heavily. He was walking towards her which made her scream “ Go away!” Abhi “ Listen I need to clear this out!” He said by pulling her towards him swiftly.

Abhi “ Look here!” Pragya was closing her eyes and protesting to leave her. Abhi “ Excuse me! I am not here to misbehave with u but if u never open your eyes then I have to!” Pragya gasped hearing that looked at him widely opening her eyes.

Abhi “ Look! U slipped into the swimming pool and I helped u by hugging to take u out from there! And ya I accidentally touch your….” He couldn’t complete his sentence and let her off. Pragya looking down “ You no need to tell that…” Abhi “ It was not at all purposely done!” Pragya “ I know…” Abhi “ Then why are u hiding inside the storeroom from the time the house had been cleaned up?” Pragya stumbled over her words “ I…keep on…” Abhi “ You keep on?” Pragya turning away “ I am keep on getting the visuals of the hug and touch of yours! I can’t get over it!” She said admitting it shamelessly.

Abhi looking helplessly “ Same here!” Pragya “You too?” Abhi ruffling his hair and giving a stressed look “ Yes…me too…” Pragya “ Then we should not see each other for few days to get over this thoughts…” Abhi “ Ya that should help us…” Pragya “ But Mithra…” Abhi “ I will give u a call when Mithra needs your help and then u come to her room…the same goes for u when u think Mithra wants to talk to me…Just text me will do…”

Pragya “ Ok…” Abhi “ I will go first now as I am thinking of that again…” Pragya “ Faster go!” Abhi “ Yes but u go to your room after I leave! Don’t stay here for too long!”

New staff exclaimed: I know!! I know!!!
Purab: What u know?
New staff: Now when they try to avoid each other, they will miss each other badly like in kumkum bhagya initial episodes!

She said in a dreamy tone making Purab to laugh.

New staff: Why are u laughing?
Purab: I am wondering why u try to relate most of the scenes with kumkum bhagya.
New staff gave a silly smile and was about to say something when Purab said: I understand as that’s your favourite show and u like the lead couple so much that u compare whatever I tell with them!

New staff: Yes sir…
Purab: Now go as…..
New staff: As it’s getting late…
She said very unhappily.

New staff half-heartedly got out from the car and walked keep on looking at him with a sad pout.

Purab looking at that, I wish to continue but I can’t as I need to see you more….

As this was happening, Abhi came back from office and saw his kids walking on the sofa.

He was amazed to see how Abhigya and Prabhi support each other while walking on it by holding their hands. As for Pragya she was looking tensed and was in the standby position of making sure they don’t fall.

Abhi exclaimed: I am back!!!
Hearing his voice the kids looked at his direction and were jumping in happiness.
Pragya: You could have just said softly na…now u see they are jumping! How would I manage them?
Abhi: I will take care of them! U go and get me coffee! I am so tired!
Pragya: You go and bath first Boss!
Abhi: Please Pragya…I am very very tired…One cup of coffee….please…
He asked pleadingly and Pragya’s heart melted too.

Pragya: Ok! But wash your hands and then get hold of them!
Abhi: Okok!
He quickly rushed to wash his hands and came back in a lightning speed.
Pragya: So fast?
Abhi: Ya! Now u go and get my coffee!
He said by holding sitting on the sofa making the kids to sit as well.
Pragya shook her head of his impatience for coffee.

Pragya was boiling the milk in the kitchen when she heard the kids laughing very loudly.

Pragya wondered, Why are they laughing so much? And why is he also laughing?

She finished preparing coffee and walked out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

Pragya looking at the sight in front of her rushed to where Abhi was placing the coffee on the tea table.

Pragya screeched: What are u doing? What if they fall?

Abhi: I am here na…
Pragya: What here? U are also standing on the sofa with them!!!
They are standing in a row as if going to jump from the sofa.  
Abhi: Oh Boss…please don’t overreact!
He said by getting down from the sofa and the kids also were trying to do like him but Pragya get hold of them.

They looked sadly at Abhi of Pragya stopping them and started to whine.

Abhi: You could have let them do like me!
Pragya: What? No way!
She said by trying to calm down the kids.

Abhi: You move away, now they need me to pacify them.

Pragya frowned at him moving away and in a while the kids hugged Abhi saying Puppa loudly before calming down.

Pragya looking at all this scrunched her nose.

Abhi sitting down with them: Boss! You are very bad! How happily we were playing and u came to spoilt our time!

Pragya: Haan Boss! If they fall then all our time will be spoilt! Can’t u see that?

Abhi ignored her by talking to the kids.

Pragya fuming with anger walked away from there.

Pragya, He ignores me! How dare he? I will avoid him for sure!

Pragya restless by hiding in the playroom of kids. She was keep on scolding Abhi mentally and was staying in the playroom for hours.

Pragya, How could he do like that? What if I had heart attack at that moment? I was scared for them and why can’t he understand that?

As she was thinking that Abhi opened the door which made her scream and he rushed to cover her mouth.

Abhi: Why are u screaming now?
Pragya taking his hand away looked fiercely at him.

Abhi: Come out now! They are missing you…
Pragya: No! I won’t! They only like you and not me!
Abhi: Oh Boss…it’s not like that…they wanted to do something new but then u stopped them which made it upset for them..
Pragya looked down and frowned more.

Abhi: Oh Boss…you are acting like a kid now…come let’s go out!
He said by holding her hands.

Pragya: I am not coming anywhere!
Abhi: Don’t be stubborn!
Pragya: I said no means no!
Abhi carried her as he had no mood to listen to her.

Pragya: You can’t carry me like this without my permission!
Abhi: Excuse me, for you kind information you are my property and I have all rights on u to be used in my way!
Pragya gasped hearing that and gave a pout.

The kids seeing Abhi carrying Pragya and coming towards them cheered “ Mumma! Mumma!”

Abhi: There you see! They are holding onto your picture as if feeling for you…
Pragya seeing that was touched and said: Let me down! I want to be with them!
Abhi let her down and Pragya quickly went and embraced them.

Abhi smiled seeing them and joined them as well.

Abhi loudly: I love you!
Pragya in a shaky voice with tears: I…HATE….YOU…
She said by pushing him away and ran out of the room.

Dadi and Dasi looking at it were shocked.

Abhi running after her: Dadi, u take care of them…I have to catch her…
He said hurriedly and was ran after her.

Pragya was keep on running with tears. She then stopped to turn and see him.

Abhi with tiredness: Pragya…where are u running to?
Pragya: I don’t know…
Abhi: Then at least run towards me as our kids are there!
Pragya stood where she was for a while before running back towards him.
Abhi sighed: Thank god!
Abhi was standing there with his arms open expecting her to hug him but Pragya ran past him by pushing him away which made him almost fall!

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