Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 10

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New staff was restless by looking at the time on clock.

New staff, Only now Radha Ma is gone to her hometown! Now who do I ask for help? How can he just say I love you to me suddenly and expect me to reply by tonight!!!

Getting more nervous she was feeling cold and covered herself with a blanket.

New staff was keep on looking at her phone and didn’t know what to do.

Building up her courage she took the phone and called him.

Purab smiled looking at her call and attended it.

New staff in a shaky voice: Sir….
Purab: I am listening!
New staff: Sir, you have told what is in your heart….but I….
Purab loudly: I love you!
New staff closing her eyes and tried to focus on what she wanted to say.

Purab: Are u there?
New staff quickly: Sir I don’t feel like what you feel for me! Then how can I love you? You can’t force me Sir!
She sighed saying that and was waiting for his response.

He without any reply ended the call making New staff shocked.

New staff, Was he angry? But I told what I felt na…How can I love him just because he loves me!

At Abhi and Pragya’s house,

Abhi was watching TV with his kids as for Pragya she walked into the room with a serious look.  

Abhi never looked at her as the trio were engrossed in the Tom and jerry cartoon.

Pragya: Boss! I need to talk to u!
Abhi: Wait wait! Jerry is planning something!
Pragya unable to wait patiently: Boss! We need to plan something!
Abhi was not listening to her as for Abhigya and Prabhi were getting disturbed of Pragya’s loud voice.

Pragya switched off the TV which made the trio to be angry.

Abhigya and Prabhi started to cry and Abhi started to complain loudly for disturbing them.

Pragya: Okok! I am switching on the TV!
She hurriedly switched on the TV before giving a deadly stare towards Abhi and left the room.

After watching the cartoon, the trio were feeling sleepy and Abhi called Pragya’s name loudly.

Pragya came inside the room and made the kids to sleep ignoring Abhi.

Abhi: Boss!
Pragya remained silent and sat on the edge of the bed with full of anger.

Abhi: Boss! We were watching TV na…
He said by trying to hold her waist but she moved away.
Abhi: Why are u so serious?
She glared at him and turned away.
Abhi: Sorry yaar…you tell me now what you wanted to tell just now…
Pragya: Ask your Jerry itself!
Abhi: Oh Boss! I said sorry na…why are you showing your grudge towards Jerry!
Pragya sniffed and was still not looking at him.

Abhi: Ok! Then I am going away!
He said with frustration.
Pragya: Wait…
She said softly.

Pragya: I also like Tom and Jerry….
Abhi: I know…
He said by sitting beside her.
Pragya: But I wanted to tell something very important!
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: It was about Purab!
Abhi: You mean his love?
Pragya: Haan Boss!
Abhi in an excited tone: What happened? Did she said yes?
Pragya: No Boss…
Abhi: She rejected him?
Pragya: No Boss…
Abhi: What do u mean? I don’t understand Boss!
He said looking at her with confusion.

Pragya explained to him and he smiled at her.

Pragya asked like a child: You are smiling?
Abhi: She don’t know whether she loves! So there is still hope!
Pragya: Oh ya…
Abhi: For this you were disturbing us just now…
Pragya: Boss, I didn’t know how to console Purab!
Abhi asked doubtfully: Console him?
Pragya: Yes, he is saying he shouldn’t have told what he felt to her! His voice was almost breaking down. I guess he was crying.
Abhi: He is so emotional for this ah?
Pragya nodded her head and Abhi: Pass me my phone!

Pragya passed his phone to him and he moved to the balcony to talk.

Pragya, Why is he not talking in front of me?

Abhi came back and looked at Pragya being puzzled.

Abhi winked at her and she frowned at him.

Abhi: Oh Boss! He is fine now! Silly boy he is, he considered what she said as love failure!

Pragya: No wonder he sounded very low when talking to me.
Abhi: Funny boy! Should have asked the Love guru!
Pragya: Love guru?
Abhi: Ya he is in front of you!
Pragya looked around and went beside him.
She looked behind him and gave a expression as if she can’t find anyone.

Abhi: Very funny Boss!
Pragya trying not to smile: Where is the Love guru?
Abhi looked away and said: I am going to sleep! Bye!
Pragya wrapping her hands over his neck: So my Boss is the Love guru ah?
Abhi gave a pout and was looking down.

Pragya in a teasing tone: But tell me one thing Boss…which Love guru will be so scared to tell he is in love to his family?

Abhi never looked at her and was in silence.

Pragya lifting his chin up saw his eyes being moist.

Pragya: Arrey! Did I tell anything that hurt you?
Abhi: No…
Pragya: Then why are u looking like this?
Abhi shook his head and looked at their children sleeping peacefully. Pragya noticed that.

Pragya: Did they do anything to you?
Abhi giving a faint chuckle: Ya…
Pragya: I will scold them tomorrow for disturbing my Boss.
Abhi looking surprised: Acha…so you will scold them for me?
Pragya: Why not? How dare they disturb you? I won’t stand if anyone disturb u!
Abhi pulling her closely into a hug: Nobody disturbed me, now let’s go to sleep!

Pragya: You sure?
Abhi cheerfully said: Yes Boss…
Pragya: Hmm…
Abhi slowly breaking away from their hug said: Let’s sleep Pragya…
Pragya: Alright Boss…

Both lied on the bed with their eyes closed and thinking about each other.

Pragya, He is definitely disturbed! Why is he hiding it from me?

The next day,

New staff was locking the door before leaving her house.

She realized someone patted her back and was taken aback to see Purab smiling by wearing shades.

New staff: Sir….You are here?
Purab: Yes darling!
New staff: Darling???
She asked in utmost shock.

Purab: To me you are darling and for you I am Sir…it’s as simple as that….
New staff found it ridiculous and was walking ahead.

Purab catching up with her said: I respect you as my Darling…
New staff: Sir! I have told you that I don’t have any feelings like you have!
Purab: I know darling but that doesn’t mean I should destroy my feelings that I have for you…
New staff shaking her head continued to walk as fast as she could.

Purab: You can’t be with this much of cuteness when walking fast!
New staff stopped walking and glared at him.
Purab: Thanks!
New staff: For what?
Purab with a smirk: For looking at me…
New staff ignored him and kept on walking when she felt uncomfortable for him to walk behind her.

New staff: Sir…
Purab quickly came in front of her and looked at her with a wide smile.

New staff: This is not right Sir, you are in such a respectable job position and how can you follow me like this? What if others see this and badmouth about you? It will not only affect you but also the impression of the company we work for. So please Sir…stop this!

She said as convincingly she could and Purab melted in her words.

Purab: Okay! I respect your feelings too. But do me a favour in return!

New staff: Favour?
Purab: Listen to the story that I started telling you as I don’t want things to be left unfinished.

New staff: But Sir….
Purab: I know that you don’t want our Boss to scold us like that day for storytelling at office.
New staff smiled at his understanding.

Purab: But I can still tell that story to you!
New staff shrieked: Sir!!
Purab: On the way back to your house! It’s quite a long distance from office to your house and I can tell the story during that time.

New staff pondered on what to answer.

Purab: Trust me! I won’t delay what I have to tell!

New staff: I am sorry Sir…
Purab: That means you are scared of falling in love with me!

New staff: What? When did I say so?
Purab: Maybe u are scared that by listening to the story you would want to fall in love with me!
New staff: No way!
Purab: Then just listen! I will drop you at your home after work. On the way I will be telling the story. It’s as simple as that!

New staff looking away: Only after work!
Purab smiling inwardly: Yes only after work is storytelling!

New staff sternly: But don’t ever try to take advantage of me!

Purab: I should say that to you! Within your inquisitive innocence there is a big boldness too.

New staff gasped hearing that and he with a wide smile headed towards his car by taking off his shades.

After work, New staff looked around for Purab but he was nowhere to be found.

New staff, Thank god! He had forgotten about his favour! Now I can be free from him.

She thinking that rushed out of the office and saw him standing before her with a wide smile.

New staff gave a goofy smile and said: I thought you would have forgotten…

Purab: I always remember you darling..
New staff trying not to lose her cool walked behind him.

Pragya saw this from a distance and Abhi standing beside her was getting worried.

Pragya: Boss…you are scared of Mithra’s reaction?
Abhi nodded his head.
Pragya: She is a lovely girl na so she would understand!
Abhi: That’s the problem Pragya…
He said that and walked ahead of him leaving her to think of how to convince her Boss.

As for Purab opening the car’s door for her to sit in. New staff sat at the back seat instead making Purab to be slightly disappointed.

New staff: I said don’t try to take advantage of me.

Purab: Yes I know darling…
New staff: Stop this darling varling too!
Purab: I will try…
He said that and started to drive.

Purab was slowly beginning the story from the place he stopped abruptly and new staff listened to it silently and he was seeing her every single reaction from the rear mirror.

He felt like pausing the story and see what will she tell.

He paused for a while and she shouted: Why did u paused the story? To see how will I react ah?

Purab: Err…no….why should I?
New staff: Then what is that u are doing all this while? Adjusting the mirror!
Purab trying to divert her: Coming back to the story…
New staff: Sir if you think you’re smart then I am super smart!
Purab grinned and asked: Shall I continue?

New staff: Ya sure…so they went in a road trip to Pune?
Purab: They did but before that they had to go for a party…
New staff: Party?
Purab: Yes Abhi’s birthday party!
New staff: Romantic dance for sure!
Purab chuckled making New staff annoyed.

New staff: Why are u laughing? There was no dance?
Purab: I feel that u are really affected by kumkum bhagya.
New staff: Why do u say so?
Purab: Only in that they always have parties and some kind of romantic dances too.
New staff in a dreamy tone: Do you watch them? I will be totally in awe of their dances! Especially when he touches her soothingly where she melts soulfully…

Purab: Looks like you want really someone to do like that to u!
New staff sternly: Sir! I said don’t take advantage of me and my words.
Purab: Okok! Actually we are reaching near to your house already!

New staff: But it’s getting so interesting at least give me a teaser to the next scene.

Purab: Sure! Why not?

He started to say:
Host “Mr Abhi! Who do you preferred when dancing with? You danced absolutely amazingly with both the ladies, but who do you felt like dancing with again and again?” Abhi grinned and taking the mic looked at Mithra and Pragya standing beside each other.

Pragya, Oh god! Please make him say it as her! My brother is here and I can’t afford to get embarrased now.

Pragya then looked at Mithra who was looking down in shyness as if she was feeling that Abhi will tell her name.

Abhi mentioned the name and told something making both Mithra and Pragya to be in shock.

Pragya, I hate you God! How can he tell like that?
Mithra, I hate God for doing this!

Abhi walked towards to Pragya and Mithra and both were looking at all directions except at him.

New staff interrupted: Whose name did he said?
Purab stopped the car and she was still not ready to leave.

New staff: This is not a teaser, this is to tease my curiosity! Better tell me what name did he said! If not I will….

Purab: Woah! You are getting demanding darling! Are u taking advantage of me?

New staff biting her lower lip tried to calm herself down by closing her eyes. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to see him turning back and looking at her intensely.

New staff looked at all directions trying not to look into his eyes.

Purab smiled inwardly of her actions.

Purab: Well, I can tell the name….
New staff: Please tell…
Purab: Miya!
New staff: Miya? New entry?
Purab: No…Mi from Mithra and ya from Pragya…Miya!

New staff: What? He feels the same way when dancing with both the ladies!
Purab nodded his head as yes.

New staff: How can he? I mean he have to feel differently whom he feels special!
Purab: Right! Maybe he still haven’t to feel who is special to him…

New staff: Ok! I got to go now as it’s getting late.

She said it hurriedly and got down from the car. Purab saw her walking away and he looking at her “Special feelings will only arrive at special occasions darling…”

Pragya and Mithra falling on top of Abhi.

Abhi “ Excuse me Ladies! Do u all think I am a bed?” They both shook their head in denial and tried to stand up but were again falling over on him.

Abhi “ The two of you just stay where u are! I will try to move first!”

Both nodded their head and he tried moving in his ways when Uncle came in and saw their awkward positions.

Abhi “ Oh Shit!” Pragya seeing that buried her face in the crook of his neck feeling totally embarrassed. Uncle leaves scolding Abhi and Abhi “ Very Pleasant perfume!” Pragya whined “ It’s so embarrassing! Now how will I face Uncle?” Abhi “ Your perfume is also sweet!” Pragya “ I am telling it’s so embarrassing and u are complimenting her perfume!!!”

Abhi “ Wait! I complimented yours first!” Pragya looks puzzled as Mithra looks very shy of him touching her waist all this while.

To Abhigya- I would love to give fast updates but my brain system processes slowly, so please wait for my updates and this is the fast update that I could upload. Hope u can understand!
I have replied all in the last update and thank u once again for reading this FSC Shots!

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