Born for u….living for u (epi 29)

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Hai everyone ..thanks for u r support and love all these time…as I have said I am ending this ff in next episode..I never thought I would reach till here…and Aditi sorry dear I cant extend this ff any more ..i will complete this and then conecentrate on Dare
So here goes…

@ swalak
Laksh is seen waiting for swara when she comes with the milk..
Laksh comes to swara and takes the milk from her and makes her sit on the bed..swara shivers due to his touch…
Laksh: swara I don’t know how to say this ..i love ragu u know this
Swara looks at him..
Laksh: we married each other for ragsan..but I still love her ..i really want to give this marriage a chance..but it will take time hope u understand …
Swara: I know laksh ..i understand…
Laksh smiled and took bedsheet and went towards the couch…
Swara’s POV
I loved sanky but that was past laksh the way u loved ragu ..the way u tried to unite ragsan inspite of ragu being ur love it made me fall for u every minute….i am happy to get a husband like u…I will wait for u laksh.even for eternity..i love u..

@ ragsan
sanky is shown pacing waiting for ragu…
finally our princess came in white saree holding the glass of milk looking amazingly hot…
sanskar was completely mesmerized and was falling for her again…
he closed his mouth and turned towards the window..
ragini kept the glass on the table and went towards him and hugged him from back…sanskar smiled and took her hand towards his lips to kiss but remembered something and left her and started going from there ..ragini held his hand…
ragini: sanskar ..what happened?
Sanskar: what happened? U r asking me this…
Ragini lowers her eyes..
Sanskar cups her face
Sanskar: how could u do this could u think of going through the pain alone..Remember onething all my smiles r yours and all ur pains r mine.. don’t u dare to think of suffering alone ever..why am I talking to u…I am leaving…

He turns to go…
Sanskar (in mind): have I said too much…what if she doesn’t stop me…please stop me princess call me back..oh God I don’t want to spoil my first night..
He starts chewing his nails in nervousness ragini who sees this in the mirror smirks…
Ragini: sansku..u really wont talk to me..
Sanskar : no..(in mind)I am dying to talk to u..
Ragini : ok pora(kind of go to hell)..
Sanskar was shocked and turns around..
Sanskar : what did u say pora..i am ur husband ..u..u should respect me…
Ragini: that’s what ur my husband ..u should dance on my fingers…
Sanskar coming close with naughty expression..
Sanskar: accha in which book it is written..
Ragini taking backward steps
Ragini: in book called “ how to handle stubborn husbands” by pari bhabhi..
Sanskar who is now very close to ragini pins her to the wall and and rubs his nose with hers
He kisses her neck…

Sanskar: what else is written in that book..
Ragini started breathing heavily due to his closeness..
Ragini: wo wo..
sanskar smiled..he picked her up and placed her on the bed and came on top of her..he again started to kiss her neck..
ragini: ouch…
sanskar immediately got up and started looking at her worriedely..
sanskar: u okay na…
ragini: haa baba I am okay but u…these days u became a devdas..u have grown ur beard now it is hurting me …..
sanskar: this is because of u…u have to bear the punishment…
he overtook her in his embrace..and started kissing her… ragini was lost in him..and the moon was the witteness to the union of two souls…
(sorry I failed in this…)

Next morning our beautiful couple is shown sleeping in each other’s embrace taking the warmth of each other..covered in the blanket…
Ragini gets up and looks at the sleeping sanskar and kisses his lips…
Sanskar smiles in his sleep…
She is about to get up but sanskar tightens his grip around her waist..and pulls her into his hug…
Ragini: sansku ..leave na ..i have to go..
Sanskar : let me sleep princess…
Ragini: ok baba u sleep let me go..
Sanskar: I can’t sleep without u…
Tightening his grip..
Ragini rolls her eyes…
Ragini: then how did u sleep these many days..
Sanskar opens his eyes and pulls her more closer..
Sanskar: that’s what I am saying ..i couldn’t sleep properly these many days without u…I was just unconscious ..last night only I had a peaceful sleep knowing my heart is with me now..
Ragini: love u sanskar(smiling )

In the hall laksh and swara with their family was leaving ..
RP:.please stay for few more days na..laksh has become our second son..
DP: RP ji we have to leave….its sad for us to leave..
Ragini comes there..
Ragini: lucky..(with tears..)
She runs to him and hugs him tightly and cries like a small child laksh also starts crying…everyone has tears looking at them..
Laksh: pagal..why r u crying now..
Ragini: please don’t go na..
Laksh: don’t say like that..I won’t be able to go..
Sanskar : then don’t go..
Sanskar comes to them and hugs laksh..
Sanskar: laksh please don’t go..u r the only family of ragu..she can’t stay without u…
Laksh: but sanky..
Laksh: listen we will could be partners in our company and we all could stay together..please..
Swaragini also gives a pleading look..
DP: laksh they r right..u and swara stay here only..
Everyone smiles…
Sujatha: okay now no rona dhona..shona laado its ur first complete it..
Swara gulps in fear..

In kitchen..
Ragini is busy cooking while swara looks here and there..
She goes to ragini and starts scratching her shoulder..
Ragini looks at her..
Swara : ragu ..i don’t know how to cook…(with a pout face)
Someone jumps into kitchen at that time..swaragini look at him..its laksh..
Ragini tries to hide her smile..
Swara: what r u doing here…
Laksh: u don’t know cooking na that’s why I came to help u…bhabhi told me..
Ragini: don’t worry di I’ll cook for u..
Laksh: ragu..papa and bhai will identify it easily..
Swara: now what to do…
Ragini: idea..
She looks at laksh..
Laksh: no ragu don’t even think about it..
Ragini: come on laksh…
Swara: whats going on..
Laksh: ragu no..
Ragini: di laksh can cook well…and no one will even know it..because he cooks only for me…only I know this
Swara looks at laksh with puppy eyes…
So laksh gives up and cooks..

At dining table..
everyone is eagerly waiting to taste food…
everyone praise the food made by swaragini..

epi ends…thanks for bearing me..

precap: the happily ever after…

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