Bondita’s Anger At Anirudh Is Justified

Barrister Babu shook its audience with its 345th episode. Bondita is seen lashing at Anirudh. She tells him he is no longer her happy Barristra Babu (a misspelled term she has been using instead of Barrister since childhood). He is simply Anirudh Roy Chaudhary. A man filled with enmity, a man who does not let his emotions change his decisions. This was a plot twist nobody saw it coming. Today’s episode was a power-packed one.

Some are happy to see the bold Bondita back on screen after acting like a lovesick puppy for so long. Some are confused about Bondita’s decision. Some think she’s just as much at fault as Anirudh. If you fall into the latter half categories, this article is for you.

As a literature enthusiast who analyzes everything she reads in fiction and dissects it for fun, the episode was wonderful. It did the characters justice. It didn’t water down the character’s personalities and behaviors. First, let us talk about Bondita. It is Bondita’s nature to not let go of her family, however toxic they may be. She believes everyone should be given second chances. When she came back from London, Anirudh’s ignorance and indifference to her existence hurt her. She admired him the most. She put him on the pedestal of God because he had empowered her to pursue an education, even if it meant risking his own life (which he did many times).

It isn’t easy to let such a person go. Especially for Bondita, who values family over anything else.

Everything she did post-leap was to regain the most important figure in her life (read: Anirudh). She cannot be judged for her fixation on getting the old Anirudh back.

She did her best to get the old Anirudh to resurface. Through the Vayanti and Sanyasini track, Bondita tried creating new memories with Anirudh and rekindle the old relationship they shared. In the Sanyasini track, she put in a lot of faith in Anirudh to end the enmity with her before she became a Sanyasini. And yet, he did not relent. He kept calling her a spy (but a human nonetheless). He put her down in front of everyone, his family members, and even Somnath. He refused to call her anything but a spy. Throughout his conversation with Sonmath, he said, “Bondita is a spy, but she’s a human first.”

Not only this, but Sumati got hurt too, which was an added fuel to the fire.

Bondita’s anger is justified because her trust in the relationship she shared with Anirudh was broken. She never believed that her Sakha Babu would be so cold, even if it came to Bondita’s life. The shocking realization that the relationship she shared with him when she was a kid, when she was Vajyanti, was all a waste, dawned on her.

She always believed she could bring back her Sakha Babu back if she tried hard enough, that love could heal anyone (which isn’t true).Β And this was a direct challenge to that opinion.

This is empowering. Considering how society considers women to rehab centres for broken men, women think it is their duty to heal men. And as a psychology enthusiast, I can vouch for this. It never works. Love wouldn’t heal problems. Society has conditioned women to break themselves apart to fix men up. By this episode, makers have challenged that notion.

Bondita decided she had enough. She wouldn’t run after a man who wouldn’t fix himself. She would live her own life.

And I believe this is a message we as a society needed.

P.S. Love doesn’t heal away all your problems. You cannot heal your partner’s problems. The only thing you can do is stand by them while they fix themselves and motivate them, but in the end, the decision is up to them. Now, the decision is up to Anirudh. Not Bondita. Barrister Babu is showing the truth and we should praise it for that.

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  2. Amazing!! I agree with you completely.

  3. Riya _ queen

    Yeah…..sis……I was expecting such a wonderful article………I was so angry…..when people called bon as mini……and much more angry when they told bon is wrong about the anger she has shown to ani…..but with ur perfect article u made them understand the truth that the makers are trying to show….thx for ur article sis

    1. Myrtle

      Thank you so much. And yes, I was a little taken aback at that, too. Like, Mini and Bondita are two different people. And Bondita was angry for the right reasons this time.

  4. S spoken the reality…and unexpected twist from the makers , breaking the usual norms..great going

    1. Myrtle

      Thank you! And yes, it was a plot point none of us saw coming. Sumati’s presence in the scene made it possible.

  5. This is one of the best articles I have read on this site. Many people consider women as rehab centres for men. Women are portrayed as very petite and easily forgiving. No matter how many mistakes men make they will forgive them and I just hate that so much. I hope they make Anirudh suffer as much as Bondita suffered. I hope they don’t show her as very easily persuable.

    1. Myrtle

      I hate the idea so much. Women aren’t a doormat where you can walk on them over and again. I hope for Anirudh to prove himself just as hard as Bondita did. Also, it makes me so happy you called it the best article. Thank you so much. *sniffles*

  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Excellent!! Thanks for giving your views, you are absolutely right! Thank you for giving me a new vision! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’— Our show is really better than others! I also learned something new today! Her words were very harsh but she actually wanted to make Anirudh understand that following enemity is not correct and that he should again start to listen to his heart and be himself! πŸ‘πŸ‘Another thing, Bondita is really a different female lead and also everyone is scared from her! 🀣🀣🀣

  7. Another thing I understood about Bondita when she accepted the punishment, she actually accepted it because she didn’t want to prove herself, she was like “why do I have to prove myself? ” And she was somewhere right because RCs knew how she was but still as they were blind in enemity they couldn’t see her goodness which actually very much hurt Bondita πŸ’” I stand with her! ✊✊✊

  8. A article that was perfect with it’s words, emotions and expressions. Loved it…great work!❀❀

  9. outstanding sis . keep doing these types of articles when your free and send the link there . your words express positive vibe

  10. Versi12

    true words and well said sis

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