Bond through HEART!!! Part 6

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Hai this is Lasya
Heading with next part and here is my previous episode link
Part 4

Gauri said she has to be with dadi and left
Now Om and Prinku are there in pool area
Om : So satisfied now
Prinku nodded head in positive
Prinku : Bhayya chocolate shake

Om : Atleast now it got fortune
Prinku : Enough now so actually I mean I mean
Om : uff tell me na what happened
Prinku : Bhayya I want to learn Pop art painting with classic colours
Om : Arey wahh!!! Suddenly ur interest has changed from chocolates, teddy bears, floral designs sooo soo to painting that too pop art
what is there any special purpose
Prinku : Haa actually yeah there is reason

om : What
Prinku : U know bhayya when ruhi and myself are at Australia she used to love these pop arts very much but due to some unexpected happenings she forgotten in fact she neglected everything and her birthday is also commencing I want to remember her our nice days
Om : Yahh!! many things happened in her life that in her early stage but still my sweetie remained bold tough enough to face everything

Prinku : Bhayya u love her soo much right
Om : My love towards her is uncomparible it’s like to infinity, to the extent of my madness. sooner we met she became soul of my heart she became so close to me that I can’t leave without her
Prinku : Haan bhayya she faced so much but still she never failed to make us happy
Om : Yeah!! Now it’s our turn

Shivay : Now it’s many days

Anika : What
Shivay : Should I say you or
Anika : Or…
Shivay held her hand and pushed her towards his side and wrapped his hands round her waist
Shivay : Atleast now will u clear my debt or shall I take it myself
Anika : Shivay (blushes)

Shivay : Oh my blushing Queen u know u will never loose a chance to make me melt towards u
Anika : Achha billuji ( moves closer to him and whispers in his ears)
Anika : U will never loose a chance to make me blush and they both had a passionate liplock then Shivay lifted and Anika and placed her on bead
Next day morning
Dadi : tej, shakthi, jhanvi, pinky come here


Tej : What happened Maa
Shakthi : Maa today is Ruhi’s birthday so
Pinky, jhanvi : Haa mummyji arrangements are done for surprise we forgot to say
Dadi : Haan where are Shiv Om Ru
Shivay : Dadi I am here
Om : U don’t worry about anything

Rudra : Bhayya first I will surprise Ruhi
Prinku : I will surprise her first please bhayya please.. please..
Rudra and prinku made puppy faces
Rudra : Prinku I am elder so I first to surprise ruhi

Prinku : u r always like this ( saying this she went and hugged Om and rested on his chest )
Rudra went to Shivay and gave a expression like to support him
Tej : Now will u both stop it. Behaving like kids and gave a look like to control the situation
Jhanvi : Haa Ofcourse they are kids even now for Om Shivay

Pinky : Oh my mata!! even if they have kids in future they will be babies for Shiv om right beta
Shivay : Even Ruhi is in this group
Om : However our lives may turn they would be our babies
Rudra to Shivay : and u are always my superman

Prinku hugs Om tightly and Om reciprocates the hug
Dadi : I wish God will shower his blessings on my family always

Shakthi : Haa Maa
Ruhi enters there
Ruhi : Haan haan family discussions without me (gives a naughty look)
Tej : Offo My Princess does this happen anytime
Shakthi : Come beta

Rudra,Prinku : Ruhi waiting for u
Rudra : Infact I even didn’t have my Protein shake just to complete this segment
All gave a deadly look towards Ru,while rudra gave an innocent look
Om : Duffer even now won’t you leave ur protein shake
Shivay : Hey not a word against my baby
Rudra gave a proud look while all smiled
Anika : Shall we proceed

Gauri : yaa we are excited more than Ruhi
Dadi : Haa but first we have to attend pooja
Haa we shall move said all
After completion of pooja all gathered at hall

Tej : My Princess here is your gift from bade papa and badi maa
Ruhi opened it and saw a diamond ring and smiled brightly
Jhanvi : So u liked it

Ruhi : Loved it
Shinky gave a BMW car as gift ruhi hugged them

Continuation tomorrow…

Author’s note : Sorry for long and boring update please mention how u felt .I’ll next one to be good enough

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  2. Nice one dr I love brothers love towards their babies……..Superb….

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  4. It is awesome dear..

  5. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr..

    1. Amayaa

      Maha di
      Where r u stuck now a days? ?????????
      Nd where is ur ff ???????
      I m waiting for it from many days
      I saw ur comment on this ff nd couldn’t resist myself
      Thank God u r back ??

      1. B.k.maha

        Sry dr for making u wait this much… My exams are going on dr that’s why I couldn’t post it… My parents didn’t allow me to use mobile but I using it without their knowledge for seeing u all… After my exam I will post it regularly… Till then don’t forgot me dr… Thank u dr for ur love towards me…

  6. Haridhra

    Nice yaar….

  7. Amayaa

    Amazing lasya
    Ur ff is awesome as usual
    I love it but forget who was ruhi
    I read many ( around every ) ff
    So I m now confused
    Can u please clear her role ??????
    I m waiting for de next
    Post it soon dr ???

    1. Hey, Amudear……
      I guess Ruhi is like shi omru ‘s sister…though not related by blood…sShe has a very special bond with them….am iIright LLasya dear?

      1. Lasya

        Yeah right ??

      2. Amayaa

        Thank u vivikhta nd lasya for clearing my doubts

    2. Lasya

      Thank you for loving it. Ruhi is prinku’s close friend and she in that way gradually became a part of Oberoi Family her past will be reveled in upcoming parts

  8. Awesome update dear…..

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