The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 44 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN (EPISODE 43)

Hi my people..i hope you remember me 
Finally…finallyyy I am here…it’s just because of kudrat who chased me for 1 year and even now and also some other darlings…I am really sorry for making you to wait this much long…I was totally busy with my Master’s. I got admission and I am in USA now just because of your prayers. Thank you all and a special mention to kudrat. I really got my sister 
So I hope you will catch the flow…
Here it goes…
Bihaan comes to the home…vasundara and everyone prays and rejoices for nothing happened to bihaan.
At night,
Thapki came to the room and looks sad

Bihaan looks at her
Bihaan : oi Madam…kya hua?
Thapki : kuch b nahi
Bihaan : atchaa…but ur face tells me something
Thapki : I am not able to forget this day
Bihaan : why?
Thapki : I never been this much sad in my life bihaan. I was worried
Bihaan : but chuk chuk ghadi…m fyn…can’t u see that
Thapki tries to smile

Bihaan make her to sit in the bed and leans his head on her and looks at her sadly
Thapki : wat happened ?
Bihaan : I wont allow you to sleep till you smile from your heart
Thapki : Bihaan…
Bihaan : you have no option chuk chuk ghadi
Thapki smiles and taps gently on his shoulder

Bihaan : aaahnn…that’s the way girl
Thapki : okay now sleep
Bihaan starts to sleep on her lap itself. Thapki touches his head and thinks of every incident which made her to fall in love with him
She smiles and starts sleeps by leaning her head on the side.
After few hours,

Bihaan phone rings..
Bihaan wakes up and sees thapki…bihaan cuts the call and sees thapki lovingly.
He puts aside the phone and make thapki to sleep properly on the bed. He started to think how much she cared for him today.
He lies down next to her and hugs her and sleeps.
( Music plays….)

Precap : vasundra gets a letter in the name of bihaan. Babu ji comes and reads the letter and gets happier.

Guys I am really sorry. I just lost interest in Thapki pyar ki. I don’t know whether I am in the right track or not. SO please do comment whether it lost any interest or not. Just by your comments only I will proceed further.
Love you guys


    This is totally unbelievable
    Please someone please pinCh me
    Feeling unconscious now
    SUHANA didi
    Love you love you Love you sozoooooo much

  2. Navami

    OMG OMG OMG…….i cant believe my eyes… r back….oh God…thank u sooo much….sooo much for coming back….u know what….iam really exited…really…do u know something how much we missed u….really thanks to kudrat…my sis…iknow her efforts to bring back u….and always result for hardwork is sweetest thing in the word….suhana dii….we lv u sooo much………thank u for ur come back…..its my dream come true…
    I dont know how to expres my happinesss…..i just want to hug u didi…….u r too good…..Warm Welcome frommy side….pls do continue……we are intrested…..pls understand…dont go away from us….stay connected we need ur tallent…we need you….
    Nd didi congratz for ur acchievements….may Good GOD bless u…stay blessed my dr…pls write …pls continue….lv u soo much….lots of lv….

    1. KUDRAT

      Didi love you
      You are really very sweet ..
      God bless you too..
      You both are superb
      My south Indian girls ????
      Or I also want to hug her ..
      Go bhi bear hug tight wala..
      Be Blessed both

  3. Super…plz proceed with ur work…plz make it bigger…I was eagerly waiting to ur story….make it earlier…

  4. Aha!! Surprise come back?really huhe gap u know is story aur tmhy koi nahe bhula daily updater suddenly chali gaen th…by the way forget it…study is more important..but ab to nahe jana hahaha lmba ho gaya….
    Ary han ab to tpk bh khatam ho gaya?

  5. Please update soon its very nice tumne update nhi kiya toh bahut bura laga q k mujhe sach kahu toh original tpk ki story se jyada acchi lagi please pehle ki trah phor se story update ye tumhari story na hi tpk ki bs un caracter k naam thapki bihaan samjh kr hi apni story update karo please ab tk ka mera fav ff hai ye sach kahu aaj tk kabhi kisi k ff pr comment bhi nhi kiya sirf tumhari story k liye kr rahi hu tumhare story k caracter k name bhale hi tpk se ho but story was totaly different aur mujhe behad pasand hai khaskr bihaan aur thapki,ek idea doo aap khud ki story phir se padho phir dekhna pakka intrest jag jayega phir se q k main khud jb bhi bore hoti thi tumhara ff padh leti hu accha lagta hai mujhe, aur thank u itani acchi story k liye aur jaldi update karna please iss baar adhuri kahani chorke mat jana

    1. KUDRAT

      Didi love you
      You are really very sweet ..
      God bless you too..
      You both are superb
      My south Indian girls ????
      Or I also want to hug her ..
      Go bhi bear hug tight wala..
      Be Blessed both

    2. KUDRAT

      Anamika didi aap Y same thing English m keh Sakti h..
      Because she is not understand Hindi
      If we really want to her back then please say in English..
      Because your words are really very encouraging , really very beautiful words you say , Mene bhot mhnat ki h didi ko wapis lane m .. please English m this baat e kh do dobara please…
      Or thank you so much for your beautiful words ..
      God bless you Di ..
      God bless you with everything which you really want to fulfilled or deserve..

    3. KUDRAT

      Anyone please translate this in English
      If anyone can please…????
      Please translate anamika cmt in English

    4. Juveria.ghalib

      Suhana here is the translation..

      Please update soon it’s very nice..I felt very bad n I was sad when u stopped updating…because I really love ur story more then the original tpk before update ur story..ur story is not similar to tpk story..its just the charector name..think that ur using only the charector name n write the story..please its my favorite ff of all time..n truthfully I never ever commented on any other ff..I only commented on ur ff..may be the charector name of ur ff is same as the original story of tpk but ur story is very different..n I love it soo much specially Bihaan n thapki..I advice u to read ur earlier episode n u will gain interest in writing..because when ever I feel bored I read ur ff I feel really good..lastly thank u for writing this story..plzz update soon n don’t leave the story midway like hamari adhuri kahani…..

      Anamika ur words r really very touching n encouragable suhana u have no idea of ur fan following plzz update n these words r from me too I feel the same..anamika do read my ff thahaan-a new start if u feel its intresting..

  6. Hai suhana I am priyal I read ur ff and was disappointed as you left it in middle I asked juviii tooo about ur whereabouts you don’t know how many times I read
    Ur ff I really liked it it’s superrbbbbb plzzz continueeeeeeee
    We are interested in ur story plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzwrite for us like before and yaahhh congrats for ur achievement


    SUHANA Di seriousl ??????
    For you …
    You are really very sweet..
    Etna Sara pyaar ..
    Didi your story superb..
    Means after one year also it’s not looking change ..
    Your language same..
    It’s really feel like that our SUHANA didi come..
    One more thing didi
    I know it’s difficult for you understand Anamika cmt .????
    But Di her words are really necessary to
    Reach you soon because she said same thing which your wants fans tell you but she say very strong , different and beautiful way
    Hope she write in English too soon
    Now what I day to you..
    It’s teariii moment for me..
    Love you didi
    Thank-you so much for continuation..
    Eagerly waiting for next episode..
    Or please don’t dare to finished soon

    1. i am also eagerly waiting for the next dearest sister ???????

  8. i can’t believe you’re back thank you soooooo much for updating your ff and plzzzzzz this time don’t left your ff in the middle plzzz you’re superb writer .plzzz continue this ff . I can’t tell you when kudrat tell me that you updated your ff i am become soo happy thank you very much . early waiting for next epi ????????????

  9. I am really happy because you are back. I really waited for your come back. Thank you for posting your fan fiction. Thanks for kudrat also. She is doing a great job. Thank you my little sister kudrat. And Suhana waiting for next update. Hope your studies are going you.

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello Rifa Di,
      How are you..
      Miss you so much..
      Di please take care of yourself because now a days mosam is not good..
      Love you too..
      Orr please don’t say thanks to me it’s
      All your wish too or SUHANA Di is really very Amazing writer that everyone wants to continue her ff..
      So SUHANA and you all are superb , I mean fans power ???
      Love you didi
      Stay in touch..
      God bless you..??

    2. Hlo, kudrat,how are you?. Take care of your self and studies. And stay in touch

  10. Fenil

    Awesome Chappy

  11. hello di oh i missed u so so soooooooooooooooooo much so finally u r back warm welcome di please di continue this ff we missed it so much and also excited .we know u r back becoz of kudrat a big thanks to her and also to u di . i am so happy di .God bless u .tc

  12. Oh god… Really i thot u vl come back.. But i am really happier today…i really missed u n ua ff… Alot….. It episode was short but.. Nice… Plz continue ua ff….. I am really loving it…. Don quit the ff…. Love u di…. N happy tat u cam back… N big congratulations fa getting good college in usa…. Happy fa u..

  13. Simrank

    Ohk finally we got it and i seriously love it too this story is amazing nd when i red it first time i was mesmerised but then u left it nd i was dissapointed ? but now m elated toread it do continue?

  14. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey suhana I missed u soo much..n first of all welcome back n secondly congrats do work hard n reach ur goals..n thank u for continuing..yes kudrat has a big hand in bringing u back..we all really missed u plzz tc n I loved this u suhana n the precap is exciting…n plzz do read my new ff-thahaan-a new start from u have

  15. Hi Suhana missed u nd ur ff so much nd I m happy tht u r back.. welcome back buddy.. U don’t hve any idea how much we all were dying for this ff nd finally u accepted all fans request nd continued it tht took us to cloud nine. Waiting for upcoming amazing chaps.. gud luck buddy

  16. Thank u kudrat per jitane acche se main hindi me apni baat share kar sakti hu english me nhi kar paungi sorry for that aur thank u juvi for traslating my commnt and sorry main tumhare ff padh chuki hu kabhi commnt nhi kiya,tumhe yakeen hoga ya nhi pr the royal love birds ye bhi mera fav hai jo mai kai baar padh chuki hu, aur new start toh padh hi rahi hu,sorry kabhi commnt nhi kiya janti hu jb humare mehnat pr koi apriciate nhi kare toh bura lagta hai,main abhi tk joh bhi ff padhe hai joh mujhe behad pasand hai,the blessed love,the royal love birds,thahaan new start aur you and me,pehle bhi bahut padhe jinke naam yaad nhi pr ye sabhi joh main kabhi bhi padh sakti hu bahut hi acche hai kabhi kabhi lagta hai kash tpk wale inse hi copy karke story aage badatey toh accha hota. Thank u everyone joh itna time nikal k ff likhtey ho and sory for each and everyone k kabhi bhi aapko commnt nhi kiya and suhana i am not able to commnt in english sorry for that but love your story thank u and tc

    1. KUDRAT

      Same here anamika didi muje bhi english nahi aati eslea mere dare cmt jyeda Teri Hindi m hotels h…
      M aap s shmatt hoon ki apni comfort language m dil ki baat or also check nickel k same aati h..
      Aap please Hindi m hii cmt kerna , but kerna jror , didi bhot moskil s wapis aae h ese m Hume some cmt s onhe likna hogs or visvaas Diana hogs ki she is best..
      Thank you didi , aap n such m bhot acha cmt kiss tha , please phir s kerna ..
      Stay blessed..
      Or please Merii NATO ka Bora mat man Na
      Please please please???????
      Do cmt..
      Take care Anamika didi


    Slam sis thank u so much for comeback.i m silent reader of ur ff from begning.i m very happy .


    Like others i also shocked and very excited .plz sis d’not stop plz

  19. OMG! Suhana dii…Is it really u? I just can’t believe.I really love yr storyline very very much.N yr writing is really superb.Actually I’m a silent reader of yr ff n a big fan of u.How we can forget yr storyline? Definitely a big no.In this long gap I always checked for yr updates n finally today I just can’t believe tat u posted. Thank u so much n all the best for yr studies. Rock there too.Waiting for next update eagerly.


    Asalam o aliakum everyone.hi guys every one is here in suhana sis ff like me.thanks to suhana sis for comeback and i request to simrank sis plz updates ur next part when u free plzzzzzzzzzz d,not stop plz and any body know where is rinka sis.

    1. KUDRAT

      Waliccum aslam Iqra aapa..
      Hope you fine ..
      Aapaa simran Di have board exams that’s why she late but don’t worry she come. Back after completing exams..
      And Rink didi nanii ma expired so that’s why she too not able to post but soon she post

      She tell me about that..
      So don’t worry..
      Now Our writers never go anywhere..
      M hoon Na , M didi ko Jane nahi dongii
      May Allah bless you..
      Take care..
      Or please do regular cmt or encourage Our Talented writers..


    Thank you so much kudrat for reply.sis ur name is very sad for rinka sis nani .l m fine .May Allah bless u .tc sis

  22. Your story……. OMG just amazing,good writer you are, keep writing ok nice storyline, love your story dear

  23. Oowoeooewow Di welcome back Di i can’t believe you’re back thank you so much for updating your ff……big congratulations for your achievements Di…..?????????????

  24. Hi Di I’m new here and your episode is Gajabbb and I’m happy that you come back and please update soon I’m eagerly waiting for next one.
    And thanks kudrat di jinki wajah se aap wapas aa gyi ap kamal ki writer ho please don’t stop writing. You know I miss manyasa alot aap Sab ke ff os ts pad kar aisa lagta h jaisa manyasa abhi bhi sath h. So please di don’t stop writing and update soon bye and tc.

  25. Wooooowww…i can’t believe this???my favourite ff..after a long time..really happy..thankyou somuch..plz post next part soon..
    And kudrat thankyou?because of you ..thankyou you remember me??

    1. KUDRAT

      Yes of course jasii Didi,
      I remember you..
      How are you..
      I really miss you sooooooooo much
      Hope you fine..
      Please take care of yourself Didi because now a days climate is not good ?

  26. Miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear, thank God u r back Suhana u dear Nd warm welcome back to tell updates, wish u all the best and plz ab daily episode dijiya ga..ab aur intezar nahin kar sakte hum…?

  27. Hi suhana…pls update the next part pls…

  28. Hi Suhana,please update next part….

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