Bitti Business Wali 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh visits Sardar Singh’s house

Bitti Business Wali 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh thanking Sardar Singh. Sardar says we will meet soon and decide, and asks him to make sure that the girl Bitti don’t come inbetween them. Dadi smiles. Laddo Singh is happy. His wife asks him to apologize to Bitti. Laddo Singh refuses. His wife tells that talking to you is like banging head on the wall. She goes to Bitti and politically apologize to her. Bitti gets up and asks Sangam to come. Laddo Singh’s wife asks her to go and talk to Sardar Singh. Kashi says we shall not call them here. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that they shall go there with sweets. Dadi tells Sardar Singh that they will leave now and tells that Mahi and Gunjan will marry now. They are about to go when they see Laddo, his wife and Kashi coming in car. Dadi says I didn’t think that they will come so soon. Dadi and Virender run inside the house. Sardar Singh asks what happened? Dadi says Laddo. They hide. Laddo Singh and his family come inside. Sardar Singh greets them.

Akshata and Prema come to kitchen and see Bitti serving tea. They stop her and says it would have fall on her clothes. Bitti says I am missing my family. Akshata asks her not to feel bad and tells that Maa ji apologized to you and says it is a positive step. She calls Laddo Singh’s wife. Bitti thinks they went to talk about Mahi’s alliance. Akshata asks when they are coming. Just then they hear Gunjan shouting on call. Laddo Singh asks who is she? Sardar Singh says neighbor girl. Bitti, and others hear on call. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that she will talk to her after coming home. Dadi goes to Gunjan’s room and keeps hand on her mouth. Someone gives her injection and she faints.

Bitti tells Akshata and prema that Laddo Singh and others went to Sardar Singh’s house to talk about Mahi’s alliance. They ask how did she know? Bitti says she understood hearing his accent and tells that she heard a girl shouting. They wonder who is she? Chandana, Pavitra and others return home and lie to Gayatri that Bitti is happy. Gayatri understands their lie. Virender tells Dadi that he thought their plan will expose. Laddo Singh, his wife and Kashi come back home. Mahi asks if they went to Sardar Singh’s house and asks them not to do Mahi’s alliance as she is married to him. Gayatri warns Virender not to do anything which will affect Bitti. Laddo Singh asks Bitti to move. Kashi is about to slap her. Laddo Singh’s wife stops him and tells Bitti that they went to Sardar Singh to apologize to him. Bitti understands that she is lying to her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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