Bitti Business Wali 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi offers monetary help, Bitti refuses

Bitti Business Wali 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi coming to Bitti’s house and asks where is Dadi? Jogi asks him to go to terrace. Dadi acts seeing him and asks him to save them from his father and asks him to save Bitti from Laddo Singh. She says he has disrespected Bitti infront of market. She says we have taken loan, and have not murdered anyone. She tells everything (which was planned by herself). Mahi says how can you he do this, I can’t bear this injustice. Dadi smirks. Laddo Singh sits to have food. Akshata tells that Mahi got a call and he left. Mahi comes there and asks Laddo Singh to come to room. Laddo Singh asks him to talk infront of all. His wife asks him to talk and asks why you want to talk to him in secrecy. Mahi insists to talk to him alone and asks them to leave then. Laddo Singh asks his wife to calm down and goes to talk to Mahi in room. In the room, Laddo Singh asks Mahi to tell what happened? Mahi asks him why did you snatch money from Bitti’s hand and insulted her in the market. Laddo Singh asks are you gone mad and says this is my business. I know what to do? Mahi says it is surprising. He says you are using your strength on a girl. Virender tells Dadi that they shall not have enmity with Laddo Singh. Dadi asks him not to be a coward and tells that she has caught Laddo singh’s weak point.

Virender says we are crossing the line and shall stop it right here. Laddo Singh gets upset. Mahi says I didn’t stop you before, but you have become egoistic.. Laddo Singh says this is my work and you do it too. He asks him not to spoil their relations because of Shrivastav people. Mahi says it is your work which I do and asks why did he insult the girl. Laddo Singh says you are seeing mistake in me. Mahi asks him to agree and says I just don’t hope this from you, you have ruined your own respect. He opens the door and sees his mum standing. She asks why Mahi is upset.

Virender tells Dadi that they are playing with fire. Jogi says he has insulted us, it is time for payback time. Dadi says Jogi is right and they have to execute her plan. Pehalwan and Jetha take Sundar to Laddo Singh. Laddo Singh asks Sundar if Bitti is Mahi’s Sapna ji. Sundar says he didn’t know. Laddo Singh asks his men to beat him. Sundar gets beaten up by them and faints.

Everyone is having food. Pavitra says she will take change from Bitti. Virender asks her about the loan amount. Jogi asks about Laddo Singh. Bitti says she will return his money. Mahi comes there and keeps money on the dining table. He tells that this is his money and asks them to return to him when they have money, and asks Dadi to return money to his baba. Janardhan and Lal ji comes there. Lal ji says now we can’t give you stuff for the pan shop and tells that they wouldn’t have given her if known. Mahi asks them to continue giving the stuff for her pan shop and tells that he will give them money. Bitti asks him to stop exhibiting his money, and says she will take care of his business. She takes money from Dadi’s hand, gives to Mahi and asks him to leave. Mahi leaves. Bitti apologizes to Janardhan and Lal ji and says she will meet them tomorrow. Gayatri comes to her and asks her not to lose temper. Bitti says this is not business which is happening now. Gayatri asks her to be calm and have patience. Mahi is standing outside her house. She comes out and asks what are you doing here? Mahi says I am doing work and tells that he was standing out and talked to Janardhan and lal ji when they came out and apologized to them. He says they agree. Bitti is surprised and touched with his gesture. Mahi asks her to smile always.

Virender tells dadi that Mahi and Bitti are talking shamelessly outside in night. Pavitra takes a stand for Bitti and tells that it is a shame for a girl to work though she is having two brothers at home. Virender asks Bitti about her relation with Mahi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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