Bitti Business Wali 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh fixes Mahi’s marriage

Bitti Business Wali 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh’s wife ask him to do something. Laddo Singh says Madhuri didn’t return and asks her to say yes, and says you will not see Bitti again. His wife says Madhuri was lonely, but Bitti has a family. Dadi tells Virender that it is wrong to bear injustice and tells that Laddo Singh and his sons have ruined her respect in market and they shall be punished. Laddo Singh says you are taking your husband lightly. His wife says may be Mahi will get in trouble. He says I was not married to Madhuri, but Mahi is married to Bitti. Mahi says where is the proof? Virender tells Pavitra that Dadi’s plan is dangerous. She asks what plan. He stays silent. She says you are in her team, why you will tell me. Pavitra says whatever they are doing is right, and says didn’t you see what they have done with us. She says they have ruined Bitti’s life and if I could then I will hang them. She says you are supporting Laddo Singh and his family. Virender asks her not to forget that Bitti is there. Pavitra says I didn’t know why she went, but there might be some reason. Pahelwan comes to Laddo Singh and tells that he is very sad to see the happenings at home. Laddo Singh’s wife asks what he want to tell? Pahelwan asks them to get mahi married to someone else, so that everyone identify the girl as his wife and then Bitti will have to leave.

Sardar singh calls Laddo Singh and tells that he wants to talk about Mahi. Laddo Singh says ok. Suman asks Gayatri if they shall accept Bitti’s decision. Gayatri says no. He tells that he met her but Dadi and Jogi did the tamasha. Chandana says Bitti agreed to stay there as she is now married. Pavitra says I think she went with a plan. Shaurya says we shall go there and talk to her. Gayatri asks them to go and says I am her father and feel bad thinking about her situation. Laddo Singh tells his wife about Sardar Singh’s proposal for Mahi. Kashi says it will be good. Laddo Singh says Sardar Singh knows about me. Kashi says Sardar Singh is a bag man and we can’t betray him. He says Mahi is married to Bitti. Laddo singh says Mahi is not married and asks his wife to send Bitti and others out. Laddo Singh’s wife comes to Prema and asks her to take Bitti to present water in the temple. Bitti hears them. Pahelwan calls Dadi and says it is a good news, game started. Dadi says this is a bhawandar and nobody will know from where it started and where it will ended. Pahelwan says he is very excited. Dadi asks him to have patience.

Akshata comes to Bitti and asks if she knows Mahi went to temple. Bitti says he must have gone for work. Akshata says how can you be normal and asks her to come to temple. Bitti says she is ready. They leave. Sardar Singh and his wife come to Laddo Singh’s house. Laddo Singh greets him. Sardar Singh says you have become rich. Laddo Singh says it is because of you. He tells about his sons. Sardar Singh says so Mahi is bachelor. Laddo Singh and his wife looks on. Bitti stops the car and tells that we shall do puja at home and tells that there will be lots of crowd in the temple. Prema and Akshata ask driver to take them back home. Sardar Singh tells him about his daughter Gunjan’s marriage proposal for Mahi and says if the alliance happens, then I will be grateful. Laddo Singh asks him not to fold hands and says I agree to this alliance. Sardar Singh thanks him. Laddo Singh asks Servant to bring sweets. Sardar Singh asks him to call Mahi. Bitti comes there with Prema and Akshata. She brings snacks. Sardar Singh asks who is she? Bitti says she is Mahi’s wife. Sardar Singh is shocked and gets up from sofa.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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