Bitti Business Wali 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sangam takes a stand for Bitti’s rights

Bitti Business Wali 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangam asking Pahelwan about Mahi’s marriage and asks if he got shagun. Pahelwan asks if shagun gets in such marriage. Suman reads Bitti’s letter that she is leaving the house to get answers from Mahi. Laddo Singh asks Bitti to leave. Sangam comes with Pahelwan and asks until when he will lie. He tells his mum that Mahi got married to Bitti and bau ji and bhaiyya got her married to Mahi on gun point, and then he left her. He says this all happened so that they can take revenge from her family. He says I am surprised how can Mahi do this. Pahelwan says Sangam told that you lied to him and got to know everything. Sangam asks Mahi to tell. Kashi says Bitti’s Dadi insulted us and says whatever Mahi did was right. Sangam says you are giving wrong teaching to your younger brother. Mahi says Bitti and her Dadi have insulted him. Sangam tells Laddo Singh that he did a big mistake by supporting Mahi and says you have lied to us and betraying us. Laddo Singh asks him not to give lecture and says we will talk late, not infront of Bitti. Pahelwan picks Dadi’s call and he tells that Bitti is here. Dadi asks what she is doing. Sangram says as Mahi married her. She is Mahi’s wife and our bahu.

Laddo Singh’s wife says she is not my bahu. Mahi says she is not my wife, I left her and have no place for her in my life. He asks her to go. Bitti says I will not go. Sangam says this girl will not go from here. He says Mahi has married her and I won’t bear injustice in this house. Mahi laughs and asks what was that which happened with me. Sangam asks him to realize that he did a big injustice than her Dadi. He asks his mum to accept Bitti and says if she leaves from here then we will also leave with her. Prema says even I will go. Kashi asks why will you leave? You are my wife and will stay here. Prema says when you was dancing, didn’t you remember then? Laddo Singh’s wife says she can stay here, but remember one thing, you are not my bahu. Mahi goes to his mum and says I don’t want to stay with her. His mum slaps him and says why did you do this kand? She says you are like Kashi. Laddo Singh says Mahi’s condition was sensitive. Kashi asks what shall be done? Laddo Singh’s wife asks Mahi to think.

Sangam tells Bitti that he can understand what she is feeling and tells that whatever happened was wrong, but we all will support you. Laddo Singh’s wife tells Mahi that they have to wait for right time. Mahi comes downstairs and ask Servant to keep her stuff in kitchen and asks him to rest in guest room. He asks Bitti to thank his mum for letting her stay here. He says I don’t care if you stay here and will think of you as a Servant. Sangam interferes and asks how is he talking? Mahi asks him not to interfere and asks Bhagat to keep her stuff in kitchen. Bitti stops Servant and asks Sangam where is Mahi’s room. Sangam shows the way to room. She takes her stuff and begins walking towards his room. Mahi is shocked. He runs behind her and says you can’t stay here. Bitti says I am your wife and will stay here.

Mahi reminds her that she made him sleep out when he came to her house. Bitti says we were not husband and wife then and says she will stay here only. She unpacks her stuff. Mahi says you can’t stay here. Bitti sees Dadi, Gayatri, Virender and Jogi coming there, and insisting to talk to Bitti. Bitti comes to hall and hugs Gayatri. He asks why did you go? Bitti says life has raised a question mark and asks him not to worry. Laddo Singh asks Dadi why did she come? Dadi asks him not to fly high and says I have seen your manpower. She tells him that she will burn her house. Laddo Singh shouts. Dadi asks him to stop it. Gayatri asks what is this? Dadi asks him to just watch and calls Jogi. Jogi brings kerosene oil cans. Dadi asks him to burn the house. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi tells Laddo Singh that she will make his Samadhi from samdhi. They pour kerosene oil in the house and lights on fire. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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