Bitti Business Wali 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi permits Bitti to open a bank shop

Bitti Business Wali 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi permitting Bitti to open pan shop. Everyone is happy. Dadi requests Mahi to protect Bitti like he protected her today like sankat mochan hanuman. Mahi promises her. Dadi asks him to think again and says this is my house respect and responsibility. Mahi says he is serious and ready for this. He greets her. Dadi blesses him. Mahi leaves. Bitti is shocked. She tells Gayatri that Dadi didn’t ask her before asking Mahi to stay with her in the shop. Gayatri asked Mahi to stay with her for her protection. Bitti says I am not comfortable and tells that he likes me. Gayatri is surprised. He asks do you like him? Bitti says we have much difference between us and says I have no feelings for him. I just think of him as a friend and says if he stays with me in the shop then his

feelings will increase. Gayatri says you are right. Suman says Dadi never want us to talk to any guy and today she asked Mahi to stay with Bitti in the shop. Jogi asks Dadi why did she ask him to stay in shop and says I will go to check her stop often.

Virender thinks Dadi must thought something. Gayatri comes and says Bitti don’t Mahi to stay in her shop. Virender says Dadi agreed with her decision, so she shall agree. Dadi thinks Virender is her real grand son and understood without my saying. She thinks the matter is something else which he can’t think of even in his dream. She tells everyone that Bitti was attacked twice and says Jaiswal will come on bail and seek revenge on her. Gayatri says yes. Dadi says you know what kind of people come to shop and says people will be afraid of Mahi. She says he is Laddo Singh’s son and is dabang type guy and nobody will dare to misbehave with her. Gayatri says you are right, I will talk to Bitti. Bitti hears them.

Mahi tells Sundar that Bhabhi said right and says if we love someone with intensity then we will get it. He says her family members ask him to stay with her and says he can’t celebrate due to his family problems. Bitti and Suman come there. Sundar says Sapna ji came. Bitti asks Mahi to come for a min. She signs Suman to go. She tells Mahi that Dadi doesn’t know about your feelings for me and says I regard you as my friend and respect you. She says she don’t want him to get upset and sad, as she don’t want to give him false hopes. She says there is a difference in us, in our behavior etc. She says I thought you as a good man and my friend and you will always be my friend. She says she don’t want to hurt him. Mahi says he is happy for her honest thoughts. Bitti asks Suman to come with her. Mahi looks on and thinks he will make her realize love for him. Sundar asks what happened? Mahi says she played my band and asks him to come home.

Akshata shouts seeing Madhuri in their house with cameraman. She calls everyone here. Sangam asks what are you doing and asks cameraman to lower the camera. Madhuri says Kashi has raped me since many years and asks cameraman to record everything. She says it will go to media. Kashi asks if you are mad? Laddo Singh beats Kashi for ruining his family peace and house. He asks Madhuri to take Kashi with her. Madhuri gets shocked. Laddo Singhy says whoever have sympathy with him, shall leave. Madhuri and Kashi go with cameraman. Prema cries. Later his wife comes to him and asks him to find some solution.

Kashi tells Madhuri that everything is finished. Someone from college comes and says Bitti can come to college and she passed in the enquiry and that Dolly is the culprit. Pavitra is about to tell about Virender, but he stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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