Bitti Business Wali 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh’s wife bursts at Kashi for betraying Prema

Bitti Business Wali 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti washing her face with rain water after a goon spits pan on her face. She goes to the shop and says the goon spits on my face in the name and tells that she will not back off and will not be scared. She will sell pan there in the shop. One of the shop keeper claps. Mahi and his family are on the Dhaba. His mum says you wanted a working woman, and this girl whom we are going to see is a teacher. Mahi gets upset. Laddo Singh teases him. Mahi thinks what to do. He asks the mechanic to do something so that their car can’t start till evening. Mechanic says ok. Chandana asks Bitti why did she come to home in the lunch, but didn’t have food. Bitti says she came to change her clothes as it was dirty. Electricity goes. Pavitra brings the candle. Bitti comes to the terrace to get the candle. She gets shocked seeing the man stalking her and planning attack on her. she drops torch shockingly. Man picks the torch and puts torch light on her. He then runs away after breaking the torch. Jogi comes home and switches on electricity. He tells Chandana. Pavitra finds Bitti tensed.

Mahi and his family come. His mum says we couldn’t go to Banaras. Kashi is dancing with the dancer. Everyone hear the song. His mum asks what is the sound? Kashi lifts the dancer and swirls with her. Dola Re Dola song plays…..Prema and others come there and get shocked. Kashi’s son claps seeing the dance.

Avdesh asks why the song is off. Kashi’s mum asks Servant to take Avdesh out. Dancer leaves from there. His mum asks who was she? Kashi says Madhuri. Prema is about to go inside. His mum stops Prema and says if you go today then will cry all life. She asks Kashi about Madhuri. Kashi says she is my close friend. His mum slaps him and asks him to apologize to Prema. He refuses. His mum apologizes to Prema on Kashi’s behalf. Laddo Singh asks why are you apologizing to her. Kashi’s mum says your son don’t want to apologize and asks he is not apologizing because of wrong values and arrogance and blames her husband for the same. She blames him for doing business and earning much which led to their children spoil.

She says when a person does job, then the person is kept under control. She compares her sons and says how is Sangam and how are Kashi and Mahi? Mahi asks what did I do? His mum says you have arrogance, attitude and anger and tells that Sangam has never done which you and Kashi do. She says this is the difference between a salaried person and businessman. Laddo Singh scolds Kashi for calling dancer here, and says if you want then you would have done outside. Kashi says house was vacant and asks him not to scold him. Laddo Singh says I am trying to make you understand and says whoever has money will enjoy with it. Sangam asks why you keeps silent infront of Amma and have two personality. Laddo singh says I was jobless when I got married. He tells that his business is established because of his wife’s money. He says I have her favors on me. Kashi asks shall I have an affair outside. Mahi asks how can you do this with my bhabhi. Kashi says your bhabhi will be yours only and says he is talking about outside bhabhi. Mahi asks Laddo Singh to tell that it is a sin to have an affair. Kashi asks him not to tension. Laddo Singh asks him to stop his affair and says you are caught now. He says you have to do just as your mum says. His wife/kashi’s mum comes there. His mum comes and asks Kashi to keep hand on her head and makes him swear that he will not have any relation with that girl.

Suman tells Bitti that they shall take Mahi’s help. She calls him. Mahi thinks where is my phone?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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