Bitti Business Wali 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhishek breaks off engagement with Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Virender to return the money. He refuses to pay to Laddo Singh. Gayatri tells Dadi that he has permitted Bitti to open a Pan shop. Abhishek comes and hears them silently. Dadi asks him to hear her decision. She gives Gayatri’s bank account documents and PF documents to Virender and asks him to keep it until she asks him. She tells Bitti that they will not give her any penny and asks her to show how she will open the shop. Bitti looks on. Dadi sees Abhishek hearing them standing outside and calls his name. Abhishek comes inside and says I came here with a complaint, but it doesn’t matter at all now. He tells Bitti that he doesn’t know that she has taken the loan from lafanga Mahi and says you know well that I don’t like him. Bitti says I have taken the loan from his father. Abhishek says the matter is big now and says now you are opening pan shop and I can’t marry a girl selling pans. Everyone is shocked. He removes his engagement ring and throws on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Virender and Dadi try to stop him and run after him. Abhishek says I don’t want to talk and says your sister is characterless and asks what do you think I will marry a pan seller guy. He says everything is over and leaves. Dadi and Virender get angry. Bitti runs to her room. Virender asks where is Bitti? Jogi says she went to her room. Dadi says everyone is over. Chandana and Pavitra think of Abhishek’s narrow-minded thinking and breaking off his engagement with Bitti. Suman and Shaurya come there, and say that Bitti wants to be alone for some time.

Bitti thinks she never liked alliance with Abhishek and felt suffocated with him. She says she agreed because of family members, but he broke up and raised the question on her character. She gets teary eyes while talking to her mum. Suman and her bhabhis come there. Suman says that guy was not good, whatever happened was good. Shaurya says Mama was right about him, that he was not good. He plays music and song Pajama party…..and dances with Suman, Chandana and pavitra. They all try to cheer up Bitti. Dadi and Virender get upset. In the morning, Dadi asks Chandana what was happening in Bitti’s room in the night.

Bitti goes to the pan masala shop and asks him to become her partner. He says I never saw pan wali seller before. Bitti says when a girl opens shop, everyone will buy from my shop. She tells that she doesn’t have the money right now, but she has the courage and tells that she will pay him in the evening every day.

Bitti brings mangoes and gives to the pan seller. He gets happy. Bitti says it is for your wife and family. He gets happy. Bitti writes her shop name as Bitti Pan shop. Mahi is happy for her. The neighbors gossip and give a mixed reaction, some accept the change and some don’t. Jaiswal gets tensed and thinks she will give competition to him. Suman asks what you are seeing. Mahi tells that he was surprised, but then thought why can’t this happen. He says this can be a shop for others, but matter of life and death for you. He feels bad and says I can’t help you. Bitti says it is not your mistake. Mahi appreciates her and says I know that you have taken a right decision. Bitti says she is trying. Abhishek says those who try will never fail and asks when you will start the shop. Bitti says she will open shop in 2-3 days and tells that she will make some known personality inaugurate her shop. Mahi says you can open shop whenever you want and gives her advance money. He gives her money.

Prema and Akshata get happy seeing Bitti’s pan shop pic as sent by Mahi. Laddo Singh sees pic and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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