Bitti Business Wali 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Virender throws Bitti out of house

Bitti Business Wali 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laddo Singh threatening to sell Bitti’s house if she don’t repay his money. Dadi scolds Bitti and says people were afraid of her, and is now threatening her. Bitti is silent. Virender holds her hand and throws her out of house, although Chandana, Shaurya and Suman try to stop him. He says this house door is closed for Bitti and nobody will open the door. There is no place for her now in this house. Gayatri comes back and sees Bitti fallen on floor. He asks her to tell what happened? He sees door closed. Bitti gets tears in her eyes. Gayatri asks her to tell. Suman and Shaurya cry. Virender asks them to go to their room and warns them not to open the door, but Pavitra walks towards door and opens it. Virender tries to stop her. Pavitra goes out and hugs Bitti. Suman, Shaurya and Chandana run out and hug her. Virender gets angry. Gayatri asks what happened? Shaurya tells everything. Gayatri gets angry on Virender.

He slaps him and calls him useless. Virender is shocked. He says this house is not of you alone, but of everyone. He asks how dare you to throw her out. Dadi scolds him and says you went to pay Shaurya and Suman’s fees when Laddo Singh came here, hurt Jogi and insulted her and went to Bitti’s room and took money with him. Bitti apologizes to everyone and says this will not happen again. She promises to return ladoo’s all money within 30 days. Virender tells Dadi that she is talking big and asks from where you will get the money.

Chandana tells Bitti that she is her nanand, but is like a sister. She says we get strength from you and asks her to follow her aim. Pavitra says we all are with you. Mahi meets Laddo Singh’s goons who tell him everything. Mahi gets shocked and runs inside house calling his father. Just then he gets Bitti’s call and she tells him that you might have known everything by now. She asks him not to tell anything to his father and tells that I did a mistake, and asks him not to tell anything to him. She asks him to promise. Mahi promises her. He asks his father what are you eating? Everyone looks at him surprisingly. Bitti talks to her mum’s pic and asks her to give strength so that she can win the challenge. Laddo Singh asks Mahi why you were getting angry? Mahi says no and tells that his voice is rough. Laddo Singh asks did that Shrivastav tell you anything. Mahi says no and asks if something happened? Laddo Singh says so much can happen. His wife asks him to ask Mahi about marriage. Mahi refuses to marry and goes. His wife tells that whenever they talk about his marriage, he gets upset.

Gayatri asks Virender to sit and says trouble will not go if you stand. Virender says if Bitti don’t return the money then Laddo Singh will sell our house. Dadi says how he will sell? Jogi says he has insulted us so much. Dadi prays to God to give her a chance to insult him. Bitti thinks of returning Laddo Singh’s money. She goes to the shop and sits in an empty shop. She talks to the nearby shop owner and tells that I have invited you for my shop puja and now you are laughing on me. Shop owner tells that he laughed at her idea and says he knew that shop will not work if run by woman. She asks him why girls can’t run the business. Jaiswal tells that woman can cook in the kitchen and tells that your shop couldn’t run. He says you thought that your shop will run, but it didn’t run. He says he sells pan and earns 2000 rs a day out of which profit is 1000 Rs.

Bitti tells Chandana that she is thinking what to do. Laddo Singh asks Gayatri to repay his money else he will do what he said on the 31st day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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