Bitti Business Wali 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Bitti Business Wali 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Marriage prepartion carry on in both families, but shrivastavs doubt will it happen.
Some goons enter at bitti house as decoraters and plan to kidnap Bitti and Kaushalya. Mahima gets happy that when Bitti and Kaushalya will die, her secret will be secret forever.

Mahi sister in laws tease Mahi and Bitti while they both are talking on phone. Goons come in bitti room and make her faint.

Later mahi call suman and she find bitti, and when goons are about to leave, Shrivatsav family stop goons and beat them.
Bitti brother’s appologise to bitti and they plan to expose truth.

Mahima is happy on her win, just than shrivastav family arrives and bitti says that there is room beneath storeroom, where mahima had hidden someone. They all go and find kaushalya tied up.

Bitti introduce Mahi to her and tell whole story, how Mahima took Mahi and make her stay there. Mahi get angry as well teary eye, he hug kaushalya. Everyone curse them and decide to leave, but kaushalya stop them and ask them to forgive Mahima and Laddo
Finally Mahima and laddo realise their mistake and ask for forgiveness from everyone and mahima handover house hold keys to bitti and ask her to keep family happy.

Police arrives and Mahima and Laddo accept their mistakes and decide to repent for their mistakes. Mahi and Bitti hug and take blessing from them and say they shall wait for their return.

No precap: it seems show ended, rest will be known on monday

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